Abnormal Cataclysm

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Hidden Threats

In the hospital, the nurse entered the room occupied by Sara. She was carrying fresh towels for the table. Walking over to the agent’s arm, the nurse felt her pulse timing it. Letting an exhale, she looked over Sara with the hopes she would wake. Bending over her body, she tugged at the towel above the sleeping agent. Suddenly, a hand shot up. The agent awoke and grabbed the nurse by the arm.

The surprised nurse cried out and shouted, “Agent! You’re awake!”

Confused, Sara yelled grabbing the nurse, “Who are you? Where am I? What is this place?”

Under protest, the nurse replied, “Ow! You’re hurting me agent! I’m Nurse Dowel assigned to this room and to your care! You’re in the hospital! You’re safe!”

Delirious and scared, Sara didn’t recognize her and pushed her. There was fear in her tone when she spoke, “No! I don’t trust you! I have to get out of here!”

Sara got off the bed and removed the sheets. She ripped the tubes and the needle injected into her skin and stood in her hospital gown. The nurse protested getting up and rushed toward her, “Agent, wait! You’re safe here! You can’t leave!”

The paranoid agent yelled as she was tackled by the nurse. Turning on her, she grabbed her chest, pushed her back, and punched her harshly with her fist. Yelling, she used her newborn strength to lift her off the ground. Her fourteen inch arms flexed as she thrust the nurse back against the wall.

Dowel was knocked unconscious as the back of her skull impacted the wall. It bled. Turning around, she rushed toward the exit from her room. Opening the door, she saw the officer on the phone. Seeing the gun on his holster, she rushed for it. The officer put down the phone and spoke offering his hand, “Agent Cade, I notified your brother. He’s on his way!”

Sara angrily shouted rushing toward him, “You’re in my way!”

The officer took her approach as a threat and responded, “Hold on!”

Sara grabbed his extended hand and twisted it. The officer’s wrist snapped as he yelled painfully getting to his knees. With her other hand, she grabbed his holstered pistol. Turning the safety off, she opened fire point blank on his vest. The other doctors from the corridor watched with horror as Sara turned on them. Placing both hands on her Beretta, she opened fire as the officer collapsed unconscious from his wounds. The hospital staff and the patients scattered out of the way yelling with fear and terror.

She wounded a few personnel. As the agent walked across the corridor, the unconscious officer was left behind. Turning the corner, she fired more rounds as the innocent victims scattered. Reaching the waiting room, Sara walked toward the exit. It remained locked as she pressed against the glass door. With a growl, she backed, raised her weapon and opened fire. The raised field shimmered deflecting her bullets.

The doctor’s voice spoke from behind as she turned to point the weapon at Kates. He spoke, “Agent Cade, please stop shooting and scaring my patients. You need to return to bed to rest.”

Sara shouted angrily raising her weapon and stormed toward him, “No! I need to get out of here!”

He raised his hands pleading with her, “Please agent, you are among friends. Put the gun down.”

Hearing the sirens behind her, Sara turned and glared her eyes in anger. She watched the police cars get close to the hospital. Turning back to the doctor, she snapped, “You called them? They will kill us all!”

As Sara walked toward him, she grabbed him and pointed her weapon behind his back. The doctor protested, “Wait, agent! You don’t understand!”

Turning the doctor around, she placed her strong arm around his throat and aimed the weapon at the door. She watched with anger seeing the police exit the cars and approach the door with weapons drawn.

From the other side of the field, Skye looked through the window and noticed his sister taking the doctor hostage. He shouted knocking on the window, “Sara!”

Sara opened fire pelting the window. The officers including Skye duck as the field shimmered. Muttering a curse, he watched Sara disappear taking the doctor as hostage, “Damn! Someone get the door open!”

As per his order, the field surrounding the door dropped. The door unlatched. It opened. Turning to the officers around him, he motioned them to follow his lead. Abbey took his place next to the door and waited for his order. Skye nodded whispering, “Go!”

Jake pulled the door open as Skye entered first. He followed suit as the rest of the officers fell in step two by two. They followed the agent as Skye led them along the path searching for Sara. Reaching the first hallway, they noted several people on the floor stunned and injured. Cautiously, they crept over to them. Skye turned to the other corridor and saw Sara still pulling the doctor away. She opened fire at Skye.

“Shit,” Skye muttered going to cover. He made several hand signals motioning the officers to take up position. Jake was first crossing the corridor. Sara opened fire as the Englishman jumped clear into a roll.

Sara backed across the corridor keeping her weapon aimed. Her next bullet fired soon when an officer crossed the threshold. Her bullet hit him square on his vest. Another bullet winged him on his arm. He grunted in pain falling. Reaching the end of the corridor, she turned the doctor and thrust him forward.

Kates stumbled forward into the room and as he protested, “Agent, please!”

Sara shouted waving her gun, “Shut up! I will hear no more of your lies! Now get me out of here!”

Kates stood his ground responding, “No!”

With a growl, she rushed at him and raised her weapon. The agent smacked him squarely across. Kates stumbled in pain holding his jaw. She shouted, “You will comply with my demands or I will kill you where you stand. Now move!”

The doctor groaned tasting blood. Turning him around, Sara pointed the weapon toward his back and pushed him across out the room to a new corridor. Back at the first corridor, Skye cursed silently. Jake pulled the downed officer out of harm’s way. He rendered aid to hold his bleeding arm and shouted, “Nurse! I need a nurse! Officer down!”

Several nurses came out of hiding and tended to the downed officer. The agent exhaled a sigh thinking. “This isn’t Sara,” he muttered. Turning to the officer, he whispered, “Jake is the corridor clear?”

Jake took his position and carefully peered around. Seeing the corridor empty, he responded. “Yes sir.”

Skye spoke making another hand signal, “Go, go!”

He and Jake rushed along the corridor first guns drawn as the officers fell in line behind them.

Parker/Ari remained asleep in the Janitor’s supply closet under the guise of Ari Rizzoli. There were REM eye movements. His head twitched. He grunted as his face clenched in pain. A phone rang. It jerked him awake. With a gasp, Ari sat up rubbing his face. He noticed his shaven beard. Looking across from him, he saw the blackened husk of what used to be. The ringing of a cell phone came from that direction.

Rushing over to the form, he dug into his pockets and found the phone. Opening it, he placed it on his ear and spoke, “Hello?”

Not recognizing his own voice, he cleared his throat and stood to look at himself in his reflection on the broken window. He remembered who he was and the voice on the phone confirmed it as Josef shouted, “Rizzoli! Where are you? You’re ten minutes late!”

Ari sniffed rubbing his nose and responded in his Italian accent, “Sorry sir. I’m on my way. I didn-”

The man with the accented Czech accent shouted, “No excuses! You come now or I will be looking for your replacement!”

Collecting himself, he responded clearly and straightforward, “I’ll be there in five, sir!”

The phone conversation ended. Ari grunted taking the phone from his ear and stared at it. He muttered a snarl swearing. Giving himself a few seconds to think, he put away the phone. Looking at his torn uniform and the form before him, he had an idea. Looking to his right, he noticed the hamper used for the laundry. Grabbing it, he removed his clothes and tossed it in. Walking over to the blackened husk, he removed the forensic scientist’s clothing and dressed himself in the white smocks of an scientist.

Taking the body, he wrapped it with the sheets he found and placed it inside the hamper. Picking up the phone, he placed it in his pocket. Checking his other pockets, he found Ari’s sunglasses. Taking it out, he placed it on and covered the hamper. Pushing it out, he unlocked and opened the door. Closing it behind him, he pushed the hamper across the underground parking lot toward a dumper for hazardous materials marked for incineration.

Finding it, Ari opened the hatch and lifted the heavy hamper with ease. He barely noticed his own strength as he dumped the entire content into the dumpster. Closing the hatch with a lock, he pressed a few buttons and activated it. The hazardous materials dumpster started moving grinding the wastes. Checking his watch, Parker inadvertently swore as he rushed pushing the hamper aside next to the elevator. It opened and he stepped in. It was almost time and he was late.

The elevator activated when he pressed the button. It moved up. His phone rang. Taking it, he activated it and saw the name. It was Ari’s girlfriend. Seeing the picture of a beautiful brunette model, Parker/Ari groaned closing his eyes and rubbed his head. Flashes of memory rushed at him as he remembered who she was. Monica Serra. Parker had to remember it was Ari’s memories he was accessing.

The phone buzzed again. Opening his eyes, he brushed his dark curled hair with his fingers and stared at his own image from the reflection of the elevator wall. Activating it, he spoke in Italian, “Pronto?”

Catching himself, he just realized said hello in Italian. He can understand and speak Italian. His girlfriend responded in her native tongue, “Ciao, amore mio.”

With a sigh, Ari opened his mouth to say something but hesitated. The memory he had of her was confusing. He couldn’t differentiate them from his own. His girlfriend sensed his hesitation and inquired concerned, “Ti senti bene, amore mio?”

Quickly, he responded to ease her concerns in his fluent Italian, “Devo andare. Ci vediamo stasera.”

Basically, he said he had to go and will see her tonight. His girl responded understanding his position, “Va bene. Ci vediamo stasera.”

Quickly, he ended the conversation and put away the phone. With his hand, he rubbed his head and muttered a curse, “Shit.”

The door opened as the elevator reached his floor. Placing a finger on his sunglasses to push it in, Ari placed the phone back into his pocket and exited. He walked down the corridor. Several officers looked at him as they passed, but noticed his name tag. Realizing he was new, they offered their greetings. Parker stopped before the locked door.

There was an officer behind the security check out. He inquired, “Who are you?”

Parker/Ari cleared his throat and showed his tag replying, “Ah! Ari Rizzoli. I’m the new forensic intern.”

He nodded scanning his card and unlocking the door. He responded, “Ah, Josef told me you were coming. You’re late. He’s waiting for you.”

Ari nodded walking through the security checkpoint. Walking around the corner of the long corridor, he found the door and knocked. A man’s voice inquired in his accented tone, “Who is it?”

Ari opened the door and entered while taking his sunglasses off. Josef recognized him as the new intern. The Italian placed his sunglasses in his pocket as the Czech exclaimed, “Rizzoli! Just the nick of time! Come in! Ready to meet your new team?”

Josef smiled offering his hand. Ari accepted his welcoming handshake as Josef clapped him on the back. Leading him across his office toward the laboratory, he planned to introduce him to the team.

Agent Kasidy leaned against his sedan. Smoking his cigarette, he was angry and fumed at the police cars. He wasn’t able to recapture the Abnormal. To him, the firestarter was gone. He noticed the chief talking to his officers. Taking the cigarette out, he blew smoke from his mouth and tossed it. Gathering spit in his mouth, he spat with distaste. He was furious. Stepping onto the sidewalk, Kasidy shouted, “Steiner!”

The chief turned to see the FBI agent approaching him. Letting out a growl, he turned from the officer to face Kasidy. The officer felt the tension, so he saluted and walked away quickly. Steiner pumped his arms, spaced his feet and prepared for him. Kasidy spat, “You lost the Abnormal!”

Steiner scoffed pointing his thumb toward his chest, “Me? What about you? What happened out there? You were supposed to have it under control, agent! Where were your so called resources,” he retorted with vengeance finishing it with the air quotes.

Kasidy shouted motioning toward him, “We had it all under control! You must have done something and let it get away. You could have put it down!”

Steiner narrowed his eyes and spat, “And there it is. You just want someone blame for your own incompetence, is that it? If you had let him in my hands, this whole mess could have been avoided! You also could have let me have that data!”

Kasidy crossed his arms and spat back angrily, “And let you lose the information? We have far better filing systems than you do and better computer techs. You can barely key in your own password, let alone use a computer! If it were me, I’d have let myself handle it. You didn’t, so you fail this one. It’s on you!”

The FBI agent turned and walked back toward his black sedan. The chief of police fume scowling at him. His face was beet red with anger. With a derisive scoff, he turned and headed toward a nearby tech van. Taking the handle, he opened the back and noted three officers. He shouted angrily, “Get out!”

Two of them obeyed their chief and immediately got out. The third one was about to get up, but Steiner raised his finger and motioned him to wait, “Kellner, stay for a moment.”

“Y-yes chief,” Kellner responded nervously.

Steiner exhaled a heavy breath to calm down. Entering the back of the van, he closed it shut and locked it. Kelner was watching him. He was trying to figure out what’s going on. After a few moments of pause, Steiner looked at him and spoke, “Kellner, I want you to do something. Will you do something for me?”

Kellner nodded quickly. The chief motioned the computer and the tech equipment speaking, “We have some resources as little it may be. How are you with data retrieval? You’re the computer tech, right?”

Kellner nodded responding, “Yes chief, as well as an engineer. I was repairing that bridge a while ago. I monitor all data waves and translate codes as well. Would you like me to do something, sir?”

The chief nodded replying, “I would like you to do something that is against my judgment. I will take responsibility for it, but I have no other choice. I would like you to hack into the FBI database and retrieve the information they stole from me. It has all the data and information about the Abnormals Doctor Kates put together for my task-force.”

Kellner’s eyes went wide with surprise and stuttered, “S-sir is this wise? I would get in trouble. It’s the Federal Bureau-”

Steiner waved his concerns off replying, “I will take the fall. You can do this, right?”

Kellner nodded, “Yes, sir. Just tell me when.”

The chief nodded. Kellner turned on the laptop. He began typing inputting codes and started accessing the mainframe. Steiner watched as his young officer kept busy in a quick pace to bring back the data for the chief’s new task-force.

Sara ran through the corridor pushing her hostage forward. Kates stumbled as they reached the end of the corridor. They stopped before the locked exit. Exhaling a sigh, he moved his hands to his pocket. Sara watched and shouted, “Hey! Keep your hands where I can see them! Where’s your keycard?”

The doctor raised his hands as Sara kept her weapon pointed at her hostage. With her free hand, she moved the doctor around and shoved him against the wall. She felt his pockets, but found nothing. Grabbing his shoulder, she spat inquiring again, “Where is your keycard?”

Jeremiah Kates responded, “I must have left it in my office.”

Sara growled letting out a scoff. Turning to the locked exit, she fired at the lock several times. Kicking it open, the door alarm blared. Kates covered his ears cringing from the loud noise. Sara grabbed him and shoved him through the doorway to the stairway access. Kates turned and looked at her torso. He noticed blood and remarked, “You’re bleeding.”

“What,” Sara snapped over the blaring alarm.

Kates pointed at her torso. She looked down to see the blood soaked hospital gown. The stitches from her knife wound torn. Touching it, she barely felt it as she fingered the blood on her fingers. Kates spoke, “The fact you didn’t feel it is cause of the morphine in your system. You need stitches again as you must have torn your bandage. Let me-”

“No,” Sara shouted. She focused her attention on the doctor and trained the sidearm on him threatening him, “I will shoot you. Now, you will take me out of here! You can bandage me then. Go!”

Not wanting to argue with the agent pointing a gun at him, Kates led her down the stairs toward the underground garage. The alarm blared. Sara scowled with fury watching the doctor. She followed him. Her medium cut brown hair covered half her face as they rushed down the steps.

Not far from their location, Skye and Jake were following Sara’s trail. Jake looked down and noticed several splotches of blood. He remarked, “Sir, blood. The hostage might be injured.”

Skye sighed shaking his head, he replied, “No. She wouldn’t do that.” As they entered the adjacent corridor, they heard the alarms blaring. Walking toward the alarm, as they found the door ajar. The agent spoke, “She went in there. Can someone turn off the alarm?”

The alarm blared. Jake missed the question as he focused on the door. Touching the broken lock, he replied, “The lock was blown to bits. We should continue. She went down the stairs.”

Skylar nodded signaling his small group of officers to follow, “So it seems. She’s trying to leave the hospital. Let’s go.”

They rushed down the stairwell. Their boots echoed following Sara’s path. Soon as they reached the first floor, Skye noticed his sister trying to escape through the door. He shouted, “Sara!”

Sara turned and growled pushing Kates out of the way. She pointed her weapon. Kates stumbled across and hit the door painfully. Sara opened fire as Skye skipped out harm’s way. One of the bullets hit his vest. Sara turned back to the doctor and grabbed the nape of his neck. Hoisting him up, she kicked the door open and shoved him through the doorway. Turning back around, she pointed the weapon and fired off a few more shots.

The bullets hit the wall and clattered harmlessly onto the floor. Several were embedded into the wall. Jake turned and pointed his weapon down the stairs. He was about to fire when Skye stopped him, “Stop, you will not fire at my sister. Not unless it’s a last resort!”

Jake sighed and nodded. Rushing down the steps as Sara left his eyesight, Skye responded, “Let’s go!”

With the weapon pointed and ready, Skye and his team rushed through the doorway into the underground garage. They ran up the small incline and stopped before Sara and Kates. Sara was pointing his weapon at the doctor while holding her bleeding side. Kates was kneeling on the floor with his hands on his head.

“Sara!” Skye shouted pointing his weapon at her.

Keeping her weapon trained on the doctor, Sara turned toward Skye and responded pointing with her finger, “Don’t call me that! I have your doctor hostage! Let me go and he will live. Refuse and he dies!”

Keeping his weapon aimed, he offered his free hand responding, “You are surrounded! You have nowhere to go. You are in no position to make demands, now let him go and surrender yourself!”

Sara scowled at him testing the agent. She was feeling dizzy and weak. Her blood soaked her gown. Opening her mouth, she responded, “You will not shoot me! I am too valuable to you.”

Skye shook his head replying, “I will if I have to, Sara. You know this! You’re endangering civilians.”

“I-,” Sara started stumbling a little. She half shouted, “I am not-”

The agent watched. Sara moaned in pain gripping her bleeding side. Her weapon wavered in her hand. She released her trigger finger and began to lose consciousness. Her hand holding the weapon became weak. Murmuring again, the female agent responded weakly, “Sara.”

The weapon fell from her hand as she spoke stumbling a little. The sidearm clattered harmlessly against the concrete. She seemed to recognize her brother when she inquired, “Skye?”

As Sara fell to one knee, Skye shouted rushing forward toward his sister, “Sara!”

Putting his weapon away, he rushed to catch Sara from falling. Caressing her, he felt her pulse. Sara’s eyes were closed. He shouted, “Damn! She lost conscious. Jake, request for medical assistance! Doctor!”

Just as Jake turned on his radio to call, Doctor Kates rushed forward automatically speaking, “Get her on the ground, now! One of her stitches torn and she’s still bleeding. Get me a med-kit stat!”

Skye shouted pointing toward the officers, “Get me a med-kit from one of the emergency stations now!”

The officer nodded rushing for the emergency station. Skye carefully laid Sara down and caressed her head. Kates peeled back her hospital gown. He noted the bandage soaked with blood. The officer returned with the med kit. The doctor opened the kit. Taking the gloves, he put them on and removed the soaked bandage. He cleaned Sara’s wound and bandaged her as Skye watched with concern for his sister’s life.

As Josef led Ari into the lab, he offered his hand toward the three other members of the team, “Ari Rizzoli. Meet Jacob Kale, Rhonda Pils, and Jessica Sylva.”

The new intern spoke with his fluent Italian accent, “Hey guys. Good to be here.”

Three of them stopped their work for a moment to acknowledge the new intern. Josef explained, “We will be investigating the recent deaths for the past three days including the crime scene surrounding the dead officer, Haas and Banks as well as the waterway explosion killing three others. We have since gathered the evidence and categorized them. You will be working closely with me and the team as we try to find answers to their deaths.”

Ari nodded, “Yes sir.”

He followed Josef toward the forensic scientist with glasses. He was at his station looking over the knives he retrieved from the crime scene. Josef spoke, “Jacob. What did you find?”

Jacob looked up and nodded at Ari. He responded to his team leader, “Sir. These two knives were withdrawn from both Haas and Banks. I found some fingerprints that matched with Amery Crowe.”

Ari recognized these two blades. They were his knives that he received as a gift during the war. Upon hearing that it was Amery who killed them, it made him slightly perplexed. He never had a chance to clean the scene as he was very much dying from his wounds inflicted by his former comrades. He mused and pondered the possibility of someone wanting him to keep his cover.

Josef spoke as the new intern to listened, “I see. What about the knife. What kind is it?”

Jacob snapped his glove off and adjusted the screen above the knives. There were several pictures of the knives in different angles. He responded, “Well, they are made of Damascus steel. The steel is European. See this insignia on the handle. It’s Kasperski Corporation. They were a big company responsible for the construction of everything from guns, knives and military equipment. For a time, they funded the war before they ceased operations just over a year and a half ago. Now they are just a business corporation working toward diplomacy and peaceful relations.”

Josef responded, “Keep up the good work. Rizzoli, come with me. I have something for you to do.”

Ari followed him to his own station. He replied, “Yes sir.”

Josef led him to another station. On the table was the huge, clunky hand held weapon. Ari recognized it. Josef spoke, “We found this weapon lying next to Haas. We don’t know much about it, but we presume it has something to do with the two criminals. We found at least several fingerprints belonging to a woman who used it. However, we found no such information on file when we checked it within the system. From Lieutenant Adam Parker’s report, he confirmed it was from Marina Kasperski. However, the record stated that she died over a year ago in one of the camps when she was a prisoner of war. This is your homework. I would like you to gather information you can find on her and bring it on my desk when you’re ready.”

Ari nodded watching him leave. Turning to the gun, he sighed closing his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He now has a choice. Betray her and give him every single information he can find or keep her secret. Taking the gloves, he put them on and grabbed the weapon.

Back in the tech van, Kellner typed in his laptop while Steiner watched. He inputted several new codes and connected several data nodes. Steiner checked his watch and noted the time. He spoke, “It’s been ten minutes. Do you have it?”

Kellner responded focused, “Almost there sir. This is complicated stuff. Hacking into the FBI for Abnormal data.”

Steiner replied with a slight disrespect for his work, “Complicated? I thought you geniuses can do this in a matter of minutes.”

Kellner scoffed at his remark and muttered, “How little you know.”

Steiner changed his expression and stared at him. Kellner risked a brief look at him and gulped adding, “Sir. I mean, well, this isn’t exactly easy. I won’t bother to explain this whole thing, but it’s more than just a few random codes, chief. So with respect sir, be patient.”

Steiner exhaled a sigh as his young officer returned to the screen and finished off his final few things. With a smile, he responded, “I got it sir.”

“Everything,” the chief asked with hope.

Kellner nodded, “Yes sir. Everything you asked for. I even left a little surprise gift for the FBI techs at home that will wipe out evidence that I was even there.”

Steiner moved around as the laptop screen was moved for his eyes. Seeing all the data on the abnormals there including Kates notes made him smile as he responded, “Good job officer. There might be a promotion down the line for you.”

Kellner smiled as he beamed with pride. All of a sudden, his screen started fitzing. The young officer’s expression changed to concern as he shouted at it, “No! No, no, no, No!”

He watched as everything in his screen crashed. Typing a few commands, he frantically tried to restart and recover the files. However, the only thing that appeared in his screen was a few words that scrolled across. It said, “Better luck next time, bud.”

Steiner scowled at it and inquired, “What happened?”

Kellner groaned typing a few more keys and responded, “I lost everything! Dammit!”

Steiner stared at the screen and looked at his officer. He muttered a snarky comment, “Not so smart, huh? The FBI geeks got you?”

Kellner moaned burying his face with his hands. He shook his head and responded, “No! Not them. It’s someone else.”

Steiner pondered as he responded irritability, “Who then if not the FBI?”

Kellner sighed and replied half heartedly, “An outside source. A different hacker. He swooped in just before I could even put the barriers up to protect the data and then he just wiped everything. He took the date and wiped every single trace. I can’t even track him anymore. The data is gone sir and neither the FBI has them.”

Steiner pondered some more. He was getting angrier by the minute, but he hoped for a good news so he inquired, “Do you know who those person is? Where did he go?”

Kellner shook his head and responded, “I don’t even know. I heard a rumor mill though of a genius computer hacker who can access even the highest security vault and leave no trace. He even has his own signature that is the three interlocked triangle called a Valknut that represented some Norse god but it’s just that. A rumor. Nothing more. I’m sorry chief. I wish there was good news.”

“Grr,” the chief of police snarled clenching his fist. Suddenly, he raised his fist and banged at the wall behind him. The metal bent with a dull thud by his forceful power. Taking the laptop, he yelled as Kellner fell back. With rage, Steiner bashed the laptop onto the table two times breaking the expensive piece of tech in half. Getting up, he stormed out of the van and slammed the door.

Kellner gulped fearing the wrath of his chief. Taking the broken pieces of his former laptop, he sighed with sadness at it. He listened to the muffled screams and waited till he was gone. The young officer muttered, “So, I guess that’s a no to that promotion?”

Meanwhile, as the unmarked black sedan of the FBI agent drove home while leaving the outskirts of Seattle, Agent Kasidy was enjoying his beer and a cigarette. The other agent was on the laptop working when he cursed, “Shit!”

Curious, Kasidy inquired, “What is it?”

The agent looked at him and gulped responding, “I lost the data on the Abnormals.”

With eyes widened, Kasidy placed his alcoholic beverage down and removed his cig. Blowing out the smoke, he snapped, “What? How?”

The agent sighed and responded shaking his head, “No idea. Just a signature that I recognize from somewhere. Valknut. He’s back.”

Kasidy growled and sighed sitting back. He muttered, “Dammit. Any chance of bringing the data back?”

As the agent shook his head, Kasidy poured himself another glass of alcoholic drink and took the glass. He drank a gulp and resumed smoking his cigarette.

Skye sat in the chair next to Sara’s bed in the hospital. Touching the bonds holding her in place, he stroked her arm muttering, “Sara, I hope when you wake up, you’ll be okay.”

Kates entered through the door as he spoke, “Agent.”

Skye turned to him and nodded inquiring, “Doctor. Any news?”

Kates sighed responding walking toward Sara to tend to the medical devices, “Not much. She is just sleeping off the meds, but at least she’s not in a coma. She is breathing on her own but I won’t be giving her anymore meds. Not like what I did last time.”

Skye asked again, “You have any idea what caused her to act like this?”

Kates shook his head and shrugged. Touching Sara’s wrist to feel her pulse, he replied, “I would have to investigate a little more before I will make the judgment.”

Skye pushed for more as he inquired, “but you know what’s going on?’

Kates sighed and nodded, “Aside from her obvious abnormality, I also detected small traces. Small traces that I almost missed. Evidence of another abnormal trace that was not of her own. It was as if she was sleepwalking but I don’t know. I would know more if she wakes up.”

“Sleepwalking,” Skye mused as he spoke, “Well, when I tried to call her Sara, she said she wasn’t Sara. If it wasn’t her, then who was it?”

Kates shrugged and started tugging at her bonds, “If I knew, I’d tell you. Agent, are the bonds really necessary? I mean, I know she’s your sister and all that.”

The agent shook his head replying, “After what happened, wouldn’t you be safer if she was bound so that if she wakes up, she won’t be going anywhere? We don’t know if she will wake up and be coherent.”

The doctor sighed and explained, “Well, I don’t think it’s necessary. I cut off her medication, so she should be coherent enough when she wakes up but we’ll see.”

As he turned to leave, Skylar asked again getting his attention, “One more thing. How are your staff and the patients? Especially those that were shot by my sister. Nurse Dowel and the guard?”

Kates responded with a smile, “I’m happy to report that Nurse Dowel will be making a recovery soon as well as the guard assigned to her room. We got to them quickly. We all are fine. Surprisingly, there were no casualties. Just some ruffled feathers and bruised egos.”

Skye replied, “See, that’s my sister. She wouldn’t intentionally harm people. She isn’t that person, so she technically had control. Partially. She is a trained border agent.”

The doctor nodded and left the room as Skye sighed turning back to his sister. Looking out the window, he noted the sun coming down. For him, it was going to be a long night if he stays with her overnight. He wanted to be there when she wakes up.

The police car pulled up. Steiner was alone. He was angry and brooding. Stopping before the entrance into an underground building, the chief turned the ignition off. Getting out, he slammed the door. Approaching the building, he noted the sign. ′Seattle Crime Lab Mortuary’. It was behind his station. His medical examiners kept the bodies to be investigated by the forensic team in the basement.

Taking his keycard, the chief slid it on the lock. The device holding the doors clicked as Steiner opened the door. Entering, he walked across the cold corridor toward the elevator. The door closed behind him locking in place. The elevator opened allowing him to enter. Pressing the button for the ground floor, it shuddered as it went down to the underground. It stopped with a chime and opened.

The chief exited and turned the corner into a room. In the room where kept the bodies in slabs and locked in storage, it was empty. Looking around, he shivered slightly calling out a name, “James?”

Rubbing his arms, the short stout police chief approached the single table with the body covered by a white sheet. Touching the cold, steel surface of the table, he turned to his left to see the empty desk of the Medical Examiner. A computer, several files and a calendar was arranged in a neat order. On the wall was a plaque of the Chief Medical Examiner with the picture of an grizzly old man with a white beard and a mustache with thick frames.

On the edge of the desk was a saucer. On the saucer was an unwrapped piece of sucking candy. Confused, Steiner inquired, “James, since when did you have a sweet tooth? Where are you,” he asked turning around calling out for the old man.

There was silence. With a sigh, he walked around the table and picked up the tablet hanging from the hook. Looking over it, it displayed the stats of the sheet covered body in front of him. It was Mike Anderson. Scrolling down, he noted the autopsy was incomplete.

The chief also noticed several information was missing. With a sigh, he muttered, “James. You didn’t finish? This isn’t like you. You are usually a stickler for details.” Putting it back on the hook, he exhaled taking the sheet and uncovering him. A thump was heard from his side as the chief looked to his right.

“James?” Steiner inquired wondering if it was him. A shiver went up his spine when he all of a sudden felt he was being watched. Hearing nothing, he exhaled turning to his friend on the table. Taking the covers, he moved it down. Gazing Mike’s features, Steiner noted his eyes were shut, his brown hair was cut and his brown beard and mustache trimmed.

Steiner spoke with a sigh, “Mike, I’m sorry. I should have been there but I had been swamped with reports. We were busy. I was busy I missed your call somehow.”

The chief studied him and touched his chin. He inquired, “What happened out there? What did you see before your death? Who killed you? Please tell me.”

He sighed. A gust of wind rushed past behind him. Turning with a startle, he scanned the room. Looking at the desk, he noticed that the sucking candy was gone from the saucer. Touching his holster, the chief shouted, “Anyone in here? I’m armed!” He waited a few seconds and muttered shaking his head, “James where are you? Oh Mike, if you were alive, you’d have a laugh at my expense.”

The chief chuckled turning to Mike. His expression fell when he saw him and muttered, “Why am I talking to a dead corpse? I must be going crazy.” Steiner placed his hand on Mike’s body. Touching the torso, he paused feeling it. Mike’s body wasn’t crushed. The man who reported the death said he was crushed. Steiner felt nothing. It didn’t feel right. Examining the body, he checked under his chin.

Something caught his eye. Grabbing the pen from his pocket, he lifted Mike’s chin. The chief saw a single cut through the throat. To him, it looked like a murder. He shook his head speaking, “Oh Mike. What happened that got you killed?”

Taking the pen, he backed from the body recovering him with the sheet. He left the morgue. Moments later as the elevator closed, something in the empty morgue shimmered. A figure of a young blonde girl in her twenties appeared from nowhere. She held the end of her candy in her mouth. On her face was thick rimmed glasses. Her ponytail was curled and blonde. She wore the tattered shirt and shredded tight leather shorts. Her t-shirt had a rock on icon with a huge thunderbolt through a heart. It was torn with a hole on the side. Her feet was bare.

Looking behind her to make sure no one was here, she skipped past Mike’s body and toward one of the cold storage cupboard. Opening it, she pulled the slab, popped her candy out of her mouth and uncovered the dead body of an old man in his seventies. It resembled the man on the Chief Medical Examiner’s plague. Studying the old man’s body, she licked her red sucking candy, cocked her head and stroked the man’s forehead. It was cold to the touch. The girl started humming.

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