Abnormal Cataclysm

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Vague Visions and Night Terrors

The midnight blue Ferrari convertible streaked along the road in ninety miles per hour with the top down. It drove along the mountain range outside of Seattle against the falling sunset. The rumbling pristine car engine vibrated the road as leaves and dirt flew. Ari’s curly dark hair ruffled in the wind. A smile crept across his features. He finished his work and his boss dismissed him. Sunglasses rested on his face.

From the memory of Ari, Parker drove to the end of the road. Without signaling, the car skidded on the road making a left turn into a narrow gravel driveway. His speed slowed with a squeal turning into the forest with a bump. The trees passed as the convertible made its way along the drive, up a hill and around the corner before the small path ended into the giant glade. The house behind the gate was visible.

Ari gasped looking at the house. It resembled a mansion. The car rumbled along the huge driveway and around a huge fountain before stopping by the gate. It activated when it detected the car and recognized the passenger. The gate opened. Ari drove along the small path toward the garage.

The garage automatically opened. The Italian drove into the big garage and put the Ferrari in parked. Musing, Ari figured he had had deep pockets because of his descent and his family’s business overseas. The yard was well trimmed and in pristine condition. Ari took out his sunglasses. The car door opened.

Getting out of the car, Ari slammed the door shut. Looking around, he observed the big garage and noted he had many other collections of nice convertibles. With conclusion, the forensic scientist lived a fancy lifestyle with no goal of keeping his money for something important. The man scoffed with disgust.

Walking to the end of the garage, Ari twisted the doorknob and pulled. A trail of rose petals laid before him. He remembered that his girlfriend is in the house alone. Clearing his throat, he shouted, “Monica?”

His voice carried among the empty house like an echo. Soon, a female’s accented tone carried as she shouted back, “Venite a letto, amore mio

Ari smiled closing the door locking it. Opening his mouth, he uttered a quiet snarl. His fangs protruded. Licking his fangs, he cut his tongue and tasted his blood. Removing his jacket, he crouched on the floor. Picking up one of the petals, he sniffed. Uttering a moan, he sensed an aroma. It was a mark of a woman’s scent mixed with the petal.

Dropping it, he stood, walked down the small hallway and entered the large living room. Tossing the jacket aside, he followed the petals on the ground. Approaching the stairway, he gripped the rail and walked up toward the second floor. His footsteps echoed with each thuds.

Reaching the top, he turned left following the trail and opened the door. It creaked. Across the room was Monica in the bed waiting for him. She stared back with her yellow cat like eyes. The path of the rose petals ended before the doorway and the rest of the petals were scattered on the bed. Monica uttered a snarl moving her finger up and beckoned him forward. She responded, “Venite a me, il mio amore.”

Ari raised his finger and responded in his accented Italian, “Speak in English?”

Monica gasped. Bashfully she touched the tip of her lips and inquired, “English? You want me, no?”

Ari nodded closing the door behind him. Locking it, he asked, “Remember your lessons?”

The brunette giggled as a low purr escaped her throat. She crawled across the bed toward him. An abnormal cat-like tail was seen wagging from behind her. Her long curled hair fell across her naked shoulder. She was wearing her shirt and tight shorts. The girl purred, “Whatever you want, il mio amore.”

Ari smiled approaching her. He removed his cuffs and unbuttoned his shirt exposing his chest. Monica knelt watching him approach. She snarled seductively and lifted her claws. Priming it, she licked her fangs staring at his chest hungrily. He noticed her as an abnormal, but she looked different in the picture of her phone. The man hesitated.

Monica noticed his hesitation and cocked her head with a purr. She responded concerned, “I woke like this morning, love. You saw, you like. You no like?”

Ari exhaled a sigh as an image flashed. He remembered sleeping with her this morning when they woke. Shaking his head, he dismissed it out of hand and approached her, “It makes no difference, Monica. I’ve known you since we were little. A little abnormality doesn’t bother me. I still love you.”

Monica smiled purring. Fangs hung over her lips. Getting closer, Ari touched her face as she placed her claws on his bare chest. Priming her claws, she lightly scratched him across the chest. Ari hissed in pain as his chest bled a little. Placing his knee on the edge of the bed, he moved forward stroking her hair. Monica gripped his neck and moved up with a kiss.

Ari felt her strength while embracing her kiss. Accessing a childhood memory, he felt the love between him and her. They were friends since childhood. Monica touched the top of his shoulders. Removing his shirt and tossing it, she moved in closer and rubbed against his muscles. They embraced on the bed.

Ari touched the strings keeping her shirt tied together and unlaced it. Monica snarled. Grabbing his shoulders, she pulled him across. The surprised Italian was caught off guard falling across the bed onto his back. His head hit the pillow. Looking at the girl’s form, he noted some muscles on her agile figure.

Monica bared her fangs with a seductive snarl. Taking the string on her shirt, she pulled it loose exposing her torso. Her curled hair covered her face as she stared back with her piercing yellow eyes. Flipping her hair back, she purred snarl removing her shirt and tossed it aside. Crouching down, she slowly crawled across his form and unbuttoned his pants. Moving her claws up across his torso, she arched her back and bent down for another kiss.

Ari touched her agile, small back and neck. He moved her over to his side embracing. The creature within Ari snarled baring its fangs and sniffed her aroma. She was marked. Biting down onto her neck, it drank. Monica moaned with surprise stroking his curly dark hair. She purred moving his head back. Cocking her head, she inquired, “Are you Abnormal too?”

Parker nodded baring his fangs. His eyes shifted turning yellow and beast like. She gasped reciting an Italian grace before responding in English, “Oh Ari, why did you not tell?”

Parker responded stroking her face, “I was afraid, il mio amore.”

Monica shook her head with a coo. Her eyes became wet as she responded, “You need not be afraid, Ari. We know each other.”

As her cat like tail wrapped itself around her mate’s leg, Ari nodded stroking her hair. He noticed her cat like ears hiding beneath her curly dark brown hair and responded, “I know.”

She purred pulling him closer to her allowing him to sniff her aroma again. Opening her fangs, she bit down onto his neck causing Ari to moan. Releasing her fangs, she licked his wound with her abnormal cat like tongue. Ari snarled giving her a tight hug. The creature hungered. He inquired, “Does anyone know you are here, Monica?”

Monica responded, “No, il mio amore. I come in secret.”

“Good,” Ari smiled as his voice altered slightly finishing his response, “Thank you.”

The unsuspecting brunette paused. She moaned in pain when Ari dug into her neck. Gripping him on the neck, she whispered, “Ari, what you doing? Ari.”

Her body was squeezed. She opened her eyes and yelled out in pain. Her insides burning as the creature attacked. She yelled pushing him off and scratching with her claws, “Ari, get off me! Ari!”

The creature resumed its relentless attack draining her of the enzymes it required for survival. Monica screamed struggling in vain against the abnormal creature that she believed was Ari, her childhood friend.

The very next morning, Ari woke up with a gasp. He sat up as the covers fell down exposing his chest and a hand. It wasn’t his. It was feminine with claws. The man sat a bit confused from this dream he had last night. Monica from his side sat up and inquired with concern, “What is it, my love?”

She stroked his chest with her claw lightly scraping his skin. With a smile, Ari shook his head. He moved over and offered his kiss with a response, “It is nothing. Go back to sleep.”

Monica smiled smacking her lips and licked her fangs. Stroking his unshaven beard, she responded, “Si, il mio amore.”

Monica laid back down onto his pillow and purred loudly with love for him. Ari gazed upon her face studying her. Removing the covers, he got out and placed his feet on several fallen rose petals on the floor. His girl gazed back with her yellow eyes. A part of her exposed tail flit back from under her cover.

Getting up, Ari headed to the bathroom and closed the door. Looking at himself at the mirror, he checked his unshaven beard. Moving closely, he noticed his mouth was wet. Licking his lips, he snarled exposing his fangs before they retracted. His yellow beast-like eyes glowed before its return to the normal color.

Turning the faucet, the water rushed. Putting his hand under, he splashed water on his face and opened the cupboard for his shaving cream. Taking the cream, he applied it on his hand before pasting it on his unshaven beard. Taking the razor, he groomed himself. Ari Rizzoli was about to start the day as the new intern for the forensic team as well as Lieutenant Adam Parker of the Seattle Police Department.

Skye rested on the chair in the hospital room. Sara was still prone on the bed in her bounds. She arose suddenly exhaling a breath. The agent muttered with her eyes half closed, “Skye?”

Her brother woke up from his nap when noticed his sister moving. He moved forward responding, “Hey Sara. Wake up.”

Sara grunted noisily pulling at her bonds, “Skye? What’s going on? Why am I bound down?”

Skye sighed explaining, “You were a bit rowdy the other day. Do you remember anything?”

“Umm,” she responded squinting her disorientated and eyes feeling pain, “I don’t. What happened?”

Skye touched her arm and responded, “You held the entire hospital in siege and took Doctor Kates hostage. You sure you don’t remember?”

Sara gasped. She grunted pulling at her bonds harshly, “What? Oh my god, Skye! What did I do? Is he alright? Was anyone hurt badly?”

Skye squeezed her arm gently speaking, “Calm down, Sara. Everyone is alright. Nurse Dowel went down for a concussion and you shot Officer Juarez. He’s alright and is expected to make a recovery soon.”

Sara groaned sinking back into her bed. She watched her brother stand up and approached her side. Shaking her head, she replied, “I’m sorry Skye. You know me. I didn’t-“

Skye interrupted her, “Shh, it’s alright. I know you. You sure you don’t remember anything? Any small detail as to why you did this?”

Sara grunted shaking her head trying to remember, “No, I don’t. Oh, wait-“

Skye sat down on her bed and inquired, “What?”

Her face wrinkled into a pained frown as she recalled the events, “I remember it was dark. I felt cold. I woke up, but couldn’t move. There was a presence, but I didn’t recognize it. However, I felt its emotions strongly. It was afraid. I had no control over my body as it moved. I couldn’t see anything.”

Skye exhaled a sigh and nodded explaining, “The doctor did confirm remnants of another abnormal presence in your body. I just had to be sure it wasn’t you in control.”

Sara gasped. She whimpered responding, “Oh Skye, is this why you have me bound? You were worried I wouldn’t be myself? I promise you, little brother, I don’t feel the presence. It’s gone. Do you trust me?”

Skye studied his sister and unstrapped her bounds. He nodded, “Of course, Sara. I just had to be sure.

Sara smiled and grunted moving her hand back. She undid her other bound and rubbed her wrist. Skye watched his sister sit up. Her face cringed in pain and gasped touching her side.

The door opened. Skye turned to see the doctor. Kates exclaimed seeing her, “Ah! You’re finally awake! How are you feeling?”

“Ugh,” she groaned touching her side. Approaching her, the doctor slapped her hand away and responded peeling back her gown to expose her bandage. He scolded her, “Don’t touch it, agent. You might just tear it again. You need to let your scar heal.”

“Scar,” Sara inquired with a grunt looking at her bandage.

“Aye,” the doctor responded with a huff, “It was a bad knife wound. I stopped the bleeding and mended your skin. I apologize but you will have a scar and the lingering pain. The blade chipped your rib bones and left behind its mark.”

Sara grunted with a shrug and inhaled sharply from pain. She muttered, “It hurts.”

Skye watched with concern as Kates checked over the bandage. He replied, “I know it does agent, which is why I want you to take it easy. The other day when you woke up, the strain you pushed on your body tore the bandage I worked hard to patch together. You need to let it heal for a couple days. I would give you pain meds, but I’m concerned it might make you succumb again.”

Sara nodded replying, “That might be best. I can handle the pain.”

“With therapy,” Kates offered his finger. Sara turned her eyes on him with protest. He finished, “It’s an order from your doctor. You’ll start in the afternoon when I can move you.”

Sara sighed and grunted lying back. She watched Kates leave the room. Skye offered his sister a smile and touched her arm. Sara copied his smile and touched his arm and squeezed. Skye turned away to leave when Sara grabbed him and inquired with concern, “What is it Skye?”

He shook his head, “It is nothing. I have to return to Canada for a bit. It’ll be a week before I’ll get back.”

Sara stared at him and inquired, “What for? What’s going on?”

Skye exhaled a sigh and responded, “It is a bit of a long story. I want you to rest.”

She shook her head and spoke, “Nuh, uh. You tell me now, little brother. What happened?”

Skye sighed and replied, “Okay, it started the other day while you were in a coma-“

Sara listened to the events as described and in detail from her brother’s own memory. Even through her pain on her side, she was attentive and determined to not miss a detail.

The shower in Ari’s mansion was hot and rushing as Ari cleaned himself. It was fifteen minutes. The heat was bearable for the creature inside. He exhaled a moan as the steam rose. Putting away the soap, he rinsed himself off with water before turning the shower off. Taking the towel, he dried himself and exited.

With the towel wrapped around Ari’s lower torso, he approached the door and opened. Looking around the bedroom, he noticed empty bed. Ari’s clothes were already piled up. He figured his girlfriend chose what he should wear today. Using his tenor voice, he shouted, “Monica?”

“Cooking breakfast,” his girl shouted and finished with a question in her English, “What you want eat?”

Keeping the towel around his waist, Ari smiled shouting back, “Surprise me!”

“Okay! Dieci minuti,” she shouted.

Ari mused silently to himself, “Nice acoustics here, Ari. Really brilliant,” he muttered shaking his head. Seeing the clothes on the bed, he approached it.

Down in the kitchen, Monica was cooking breakfast for her and her mate. The long, curled dark brown hair went down below her shoulders. Her two pieces of jewelry was on her ears. A choker necklace wrapped around her neck and a ring was around her finger.

Humming to herself, she held the pan over the stove. Some steak bits, eggs, potatoes, onions, and peppers were being cooked for a tortilla that was being warmed up in the oven. While she had her claw on the handle, her other claw was beside her body with the tip her claw in her mouth. She chewed on her claw.

Her tail wagged in rhythmic motion as she hummed and purred. Suddenly, she sniffed the air and cooed with happiness recognizing the smell of her mate. Shaking the pan, she turned down the stove and turned before headed across the open kitchen. Ari approached the bar as Monica giggled.

Ari smiled as they grabbed hands. With his free hand, he touched the back of her tight shorts and pulled her close for a kiss. Monica smacked her lips and cooed speaking, “Mattina, il mio amore.”

He smiled and embraced her with a kiss. Monica’s tip of her claws lightly tapped the back of his hand as he clenched her claw. Moving back, he took her other hand and noticed a ring around her finger and stared at it. Monica giggled and responded, “You proposed several days ago. Did you forget? This why you asked me to come in secret.”

Ari closed his eyes as another swirl of his memory came back to him. Opening it, he nodded responding, “Right, I remember.”

Monica smiled showing her fangs and spoke, “Do we have set day to marry or no? I don’t mind.”

“We wait,” Ari responded. He sniffed the air and murmured, “Is that steak and potatoes?”

She nodded turning around and let go of his hands. Walking toward the stove, she spoke, “I making breakfast sandwiches for us. Head outside. I serve.”

Ari nodded watching her walk away with gracefulness. Her tail wagged brushing against him. His other hand held her claw. Unwilling to let her go, he grabbed hold and pulled her back with a snarl. Monica giggled as Ari kept his arm around her waist. Bending down, sniffed her aroma and opened his mouth. Flashing his fangs, he sniffing her neck.

Unaware, she cooed happily stroking his chin and moved her face up to kiss him. Turning around, she snarled and lightly pushed him away with a smirk, “Outside, il mio amore. Now.”

With a seductive growl, she turned and returned to the stove. Ari watched her with hunger. Turning around, he headed back out to the patio. Monica grabbed the oven handle and opened to removed two plates with the tortilla. Placing them on the countertop, she served the food and folded the tortilla into breakfast sandwiches. Opening the fridge, she removed two bottles of Italian beer and carried them across the kitchen toward the patio where her mate was waiting.

Ari looked out from the patio behind the house. The sun was rising behind the mountains. The yard was large and expanse. A large fence among the trees marked the territory around the mansion. Ari figured he valued his privacy when he had his property gated. It was perfect. Not far from the patio on his left was a large pool. A small cliff allowed the pool to overflow into another pool below.

The door clicked open. Ari turned watching his girl move toward him with grace. He was mesmerized by her beauty. Monica purred approaching him and carrying a plate with two breakfast sandwiches wrapped in a tortilla. She carried two bottles of Italian beer and handed him one of the bottles when she moved close for a kiss. Ari accepted the beer and stroked her face. He kissed her.

Taking the cap, he twisted it off before taking a sip out of it as his girl placed the plate on the banister. Ari paused tasting the beer. It was distasteful and bland. There was no alcoholic feel because it didn’t settle. Coughing, he placed it aside and took the tortilla. Taking his other arm, he wrapped it around his girl’s waist as she twisted the cap off and took a sip out of her beer.

Monica looked out to watch the sunset with her yellow eyes. She spoke with loneliness in her tone, “Is the sunset pretty, no?”

Ari nodded taking the bite out of his tortilla. Looking at it, he gagged. The food was bland. Monica looked at him and tapped his chin with her claw. She inquired, “You like, il mio amore?”

Lying under his teeth, he nodded and took an bland morsel before placing it on the plate. She cooed offering her smile and kissed him on the chin. Wrapping his arm around Monica, he moved down to her neck and sniffed her aroma. She sighed with happiness laying her head back onto his chest allowing him to kiss her on the neck. He squeezed her embrace. The sun rose as they enjoyed the cool breeze.

Sara laid there on her bed deep in her thoughts. Skye waited for her to speak. He finished explaining everything for the past thirty minutes. Clearing his throat, he got her attention, “Sara?”

“Skye,” Sara looked at him and responded, “I’m sorry. I need time to think about it. It’s too much for me to handle. The fact that I seem to be one of them too is a bit over the top.”

He nodded speaking, “I know which is why I wanted you to rest first to recharge.”

She shook her head and grabbed his arm, “Skye, I don’t need the rest. Take me with you when you get back home. I’ll figure it out along the way.”

Skylar sighed responding, “No Sara. The doctor said you can’t be moved just yet. You need to rest and recuperate before you even make any travel plans-“

“Skye-,” Sara shouted and groaned squinting her eyes in pain while holding her side.

He spat, “Sara! You were stabbed, shot at, jumped from a high place, broke your bone, suffered from blood poisoning and fell into coma. You may be an Abnormal, but you’re not Rasputin. I’m going. It will take at least a week before I’ll be back. You can still talk to me over the phone, but you’re staying.”

Sara tried to find another way to retort but sighed giving up. Realizing he was right, she nodded and groaned before speaking, “Okay, you win little bro. Keep me updated.”

Skye nodded smiling. Squeezing her arm gently and touching her crown, he kissed her on the forehead before turning away and walking.

Sara laid in the bed for a while till Doctor Kates came back in. Carrying the tablet, he looked over her stats and greeted her, “Hello again, Agent. How are you feeling?”

Sara scowled at him and muttered, “A bit betrayed.”

“What’s that?” He looked up inquiring.

She sighed shaking her head dismissing that thought, “Nothing. I’m fine.”

He shook his head inspecting her bandage. He spoke, “Sure. I know you’re in pain, agent but the fact that you’re hiding it is not good. I need to check your scar and replace your bandage again.”

Sara scowled at her doctor and retorted sarcastically, “What do you want me to do then? Pick daisies and sing about them with you?”

Kates gave her a look and responded lightheartedly, “At least you still have your sense of humor.”

Sara groaned in pain shifting in her bed. Turning away from him, she muttered, “What makes you think I’m even joking.”

The doctor checked her bandage and scar making sure stitched properly. Satisfied, he applied a new white bandage over it and responded, “You haven’t torn it yet. Just remember to not push yourself. You need to at least give your scar a chance to heal.”

Sara turned to him with a stare and muttered, “Whatever you say, doc. How’s the nurse?”

Kates nodded applying the finishing touches on her bandage. Covering it with the gown, he spoke, “Shaken, but resting in her room.”

Sara was in thought and wondered, “Can I see her? I feel like-“

She trailed off with a grunt laying her head back down. Kates nodded responding with a smile, “I’m sure she’d like that. Hold on. Let me get you a wheelchair.”

“A what,” Sara replied turning to see Kates pull up a wheelchair with the IV hook. It had a place to hang her IV pouch. She groaned dismayed, “I don’t need the wheelchair, do I Doc? I can walk just fine.”

Kates shook his head. Motioning her to sit up, he replied, “Hospital policy. Besides, walking will put too much strain on your bandage. Come on. Stop complaining. Think of it as a way of relaxing.”

Sara scowled at him. With a growl, she muttered, “Don’t tell me to relax.”

Kates helped her sit up, but Sara pushed him off. She moved her legs across to the edge of the bed. Getting off, she stumbled losing her balance. Grunting painfully, she held her side as the doctor helped her into her wheelchair. He responded, “Looks like you don’t have control of your legs yet.”

Sara growled shifting in her seat, “I was walking yesterday. What gives?”

The doctor sighed transferring her IV to the hook, pushed her across the room and replied, “It could be this. You were possessed by an Abnormal that caused you to walk without regard for the use of your legs for the past few days. You were in bed for a while. With enough therapy, you’ll be able to use your legs, but for now. Wheelchair. No complaints.”

“Whatever,” Sara muttered with a growl. She fumed with anger because she hated to appear weak. Exhaling an hot breath, Sara was pushed into another corridor toward a different room. Placing an elbow on her armrest, she buried her head in her hand.

Turning the corner and stopping before another room, Kates knocked on the door and inquired, “Kris? Agent Cade wanted to see you.”

“Yeah? Come on in,” the feminine voice of Nurse Dowel spoke.

Kates opened the door. Sara changed her expression getting calmer. She noticed Dowel in her wheelchair next to the window with a bandaged head. Moving her hands, she pushed the doctor speaking, “Thanks Doc. I got this. I want to be alone.”

Kates looked at Dowel. She nodded dismissing him with the wave of her hand. He shrugged responding to Sara, “I’ll be nearby if you need me, Agent. If you’re ready to go back, one of my nurses can take you back to your room. You still require assistance.”

Sara exhaled a sigh taking control of her chair. Propelling herself forward to the seated nurse, she stopped short of the wall. The silent agent offered a small smile. Getting close to her, she let go of the wheels to let it glide. Resting her arms on the rests, she inquired, “Are you okay? I’m sorry for the other day.”

Kris responded with another smile and nodded touching her on the knee, “It is okay, Sara. I heard from the doctor what happened. You weren’t in complete control. I appreciate the visit.”

The agent nodded and sighed looking out the window. She stayed to give her company. Nurse Dowel smiled feeling better comfortable. The sun outside the window rose as it shone its rays through the bars.

The dark blue Ferrari convertible rode down the mountains. Ari was driving back to the city. His lunch was on the passenger seat. Monica made him lunch. He uttered a snarl of distaste. The food was turning bland. The creature required nourishment to sustain him. He needed to feed. However, Ari took it to not upset his fiancé or make her suspicious.

The sun rose among the mountains near the city of Seattle. Ari’s home was an hour drive from the police station. In his mind, Ari pondered on how to pull off being two people at the same time and figured it would be tricky. Looking up, he noticed a sign for Seattle as it came to view. The speeding Ferrari pulled into a different lane taking the exit, its engine rumbling.

After a few minutes of driving, Ari pulled into the underground garage. Parking it, he got out as his phone buzzed. Taking his lunch, he opened his cell and saw the text from his girl. It was a picture of herself with a message professing her love for him. He smiled and snapped his own picture. Walking over to the trash, he tossed the lunch. Picking the phone, he texted back his own message professing his love.

Without a care, he pocketed his cell, took out his keys and locked the car as the top moved over covering his convertible. Walking to the back of his trunk, he opened it and pulled out his clean police uniform. Closing the trunk, he looked at his mirror and noticed his face had already shifted to Parker’s face.

Keeping his sunglasses on, Parker picked up his uniform, tossed it over his shoulder and closed the trunk. Pressing his key again, he locked it as the car alarm activated. Turning, he walked his toward the doors of the police station.

Approaching the first door, it slid open. Walking toward a security check, the security officer held a fingerprint scanner. Parker pressed his thumb on the scanner. It beeped with an error sound. The officer spoke apologetically, “Sorry Lieutenant. We’re updating software since the Abnormal incident. It says you’re not identified.”

Parker nodded removing his sunglasses and placed it into his pocket. Looking at his thumb again, he watched the skin shifting. Beckoning the scanner forward, he replied, “Understood. Let me try again.”

“Yes sir,” the officer responded handing him the scanner. Taking his thumb, he pressed it against the scanner. It beeped confirming his identification as Lieutenant Adam Parker. Clearing his throat, the security officer spoke, “It worked. Sorry about that sir. You can come through.”

The checkpoint opened. Parker shifted his uniform over his shoulder and nodded, “Thank you.”

He made his way toward the changing room to change into his uniform. Parker knew it was time for him to start forming a taskforce. He realized that his duties as Ari comes second but he will come at a moment’s notice when his team leader calls for him.

It was dark. A cold wind rushed through the mirage of images that swirled. Several faces floated as well as buildings, skyscrapers and other objects of interests. Several people in the swirling images tossed abnormal abilities. Some were ice cold while others were fire. They raged across the city. It was a battleground. Skyscrapers burned and fell as the powers combined rampaged throughout the cityscape.

One image stood out most of all. It was a six feet nine inches tall blonde haired woman of immense power and muscular strength. This woman was watching them. She had on an eye patch over her right. Anger was clear on her features. Anger, wrath and hatred all in one face as she was breathing heavily hunched over and fists clenched. As she turned away, an explosion was heard as the entire city erupted in flames.

Sara yelled in pain waking up. Finding herself in the bed, she breathed heavily as sweat poured down her face. Pain hit her like a freight train as she groaned touching her side and rubbed her face. Someone stood by her bed. A woman’s voice spoke startling the agent, “Agent Cade. It’s okay. You’re safe.”

Sara scowled at her. Not recognizing the woman. She muttered her inquiry, “Who are you?”

The blonde haired woman with an athletic form responded approaching, “I’m Sandra Perks. I will be your Occupational Therapist.”

“What,” Sara growled narrowing her eyes, “I don’t need a therapist. I can handle things on my own.”

Sandra ignored her attitude. She responded touching her back, “Oh come now agent. Can I call you Sara? Sara, I’m sure once you get to know me, we’ll be best of friends. Now this is an order from your doctor. You can’t say no to it. Come on. Up you go.”

Placing her other hand on her chest, she removed the cover and helped her out of the bed. Sara’s growling didn’t matter much to the therapist as she ignored her obvious anger. Moving the wheelchair closer, Sandra moved Sara closer to the edge of the bed. She responded moving her hand up her back and touched her arm, “Put your arm around me. That’ll help support you as I move you to the chair.”

Sara scowled at her. Placing her arm around her new therapist, she allowed Sandra to help into the seat. Making sure she was comfortable, Sandra pushed the wheelchair. The IV was removed from Sara. Sandra spoke pushing her along the corridor, “You have a big day today. For the next couple weeks I will be at your side helping you regain the use of your strength and begin walking again. I understand you have a wound on your side. We won’t do anything to tear the bandage as it’s just an introductory session. I’ll be introducing you to a few basic exercises to get your muscles moving and your strength back.”

As Sandra spoke while pushing the wheelchair, Sara bore her in silent anger. She hated everyone including her brother. The agent felt abandoned and in a vulnerable position. The wheels of her chair squeaked as Sandra pushed her into the elevator. Pushing a button, the elevator moved down as Sandra started talking. Sara was distracted as Sandra’s words were muffled. The agent started to think about the nightmares she was having for the past few days.

Officer Antonio Juarez was seated by the bed. Doctor Kates looked over him and nodded with a smil, “You seem to have recovered well. You may go, officer!”

Juarez responded, “Thank you doctor.”

He got up and walked out of the room. Looking down, he checked to make sure his weapon was clicked on safety and holstered. He felt safe with it. Walking down the corridor, his eyes made movements side by side. The officer was feeling twitchy and paranoid since he was shot by Agent Cade.

Antonio was new and straight from the academy. His training instructors assured him this will be an easy assignment. However, no one told him that he would get shot by someone he was responsible for guarding especially if it was a certain border agent straight from Canada.

Finding his way to the waiting room, he checked himself out through the door and stood by the doorway. He was listening to the sounds around him. A horn blared near him. The officer gasped as he jumped and jerk reacted placing his hand on the handle of his sidearm. Confused and sweating, Antonio wiped his brow with his hand and inquired with fear, “W-what?”

Antonio turned to focus on the police car in front of him. The driver got out from his seat. He was in his full police uniform with the hat and sunglasses. Opening his arms, he shouted toward him, “You coming or not, Antonio?”

Juarez sighed shaking his head and shuffled toward him. He responded rubbing his face, “Coming.”

His friend shook his head and went inside slamming the door. Opening the other door for his friend, he watched as Antonio entered. He responded with concern, “You okay bud?”

“Huh,” Antonio turned to him and nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just nervous. Let’s go.”

He nodded turning on the car and drove out, “Okay.”

Officer Jaurez exhaled a sigh rubbing his sweaty brow. Looking through the window, he watched the skyscrapers of Seattle while keeping his hand close to his gun. He might need it.

In the street near the alley, Steiner stood in the middle of the road looking down. The gate was on the other side of the street. Beyond it was the bridge. Several trees were between the bridge and the gate. Several cars parks on the street. Several graffiti was seen on the building walls. The police car was parked next to the chief. In the driver seat was Jake. Opening the door, he got out and inquired, “Chief?”

Steiner closed his eyes and sighed. Crossing his arms, he opened his eyes and turned to his driver, “Abbey. This is where Anderson died, right?”

Jake nodded responding, “Yes chief. Crushed and left to die. Like it said on the report.”

The chief exhaled shaking his head, “Not crushed, Abbey. He was murdered. I saw his body in the morgue. There was a cut mark through his throat.”

“Hmm,” the Englishman touched his chin and replied, “I thought the report was weird. As there was no glass shards or reports of a crash, I suspected it was more than that sir. Foul play?”

Steiner shook his head and nodded once inquiring while placing his hands on his hips, “What else can you tell me about the person who reported it? Why didn’t he stay around? Who is he?”

Jake stepped out of the doorframe of the car and closed the door halfway. Crossing his arms, he spoke, “Crime scene reported someone in a dark robe walking away from the scene. He was covered, so it was hard to make him out. He also looked bandaged.”

Steiner’s brow creased into a frown as he responded, “That looks suspicious. We need to put a lookout for him. Fliers. Anything, but keep it on the down low. We don’t want to frighten the people. We don’t need another mob with fires and pitchforks.”

Jake nodded, “Yes sir. Anything else?”

Keeping his hand on his hip, the chief pointed with his finger, “Keep it between us. There is no reason to stir up a panic. As far as we know, Anderson was crushed and left to die in a hit and run. As his body is in the morgue and under the care of the Chief Medical Examiner, its only between the three of us. We’ll reveal the foul play only when the time is right, but for now. We need to find that man. He is the key.”

The officer nodded opening the door. He responded, “Yes sir.”

The chief returned to the passenger side of the police car as Jake turned on the engine. Turning the wheel, he pulled away leaving the crime scene.

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