Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Firestarter

Four days ago before the shock-wave event

Kensen Shu walked along the sidewalk with his female escort. Her hand was wrapped around his sixteen inch bicep. Glasses rested on his face and a dark, well cut hair covered his crown. He average sized and five feet nine inches tall. The Asian was at his mid twenties.

Smiling and humming to himself, he led her along the city exploring. His female escort had her nimble hand and arm around his arm. She was English and speaking in her accent, “Mr. Shu, how are you enjoying your tour of our city?”

Kensen looked at her and smiled speaking in his Chinese accent, “Excellent, Miss. Wonderful steak sandwiches! I like your Root Beer! This is a vacation for me compared to home. I am glad to be here!”

The woman smiled and nodded repeating his use of the word, “Excellent, Mr. Shu.”

“Kensen,” he spoke tapping her hand, “Call me Kensen. Mr. Shu is my father.”

She nodded and responded courteously, “Of course. Kensen. When will you return to Hangzhou?”

Kensen sighed walking along the sidewalk. Stopping before the intersection, he rubbed his nose and pushed his glasses up before speaking, “Oh not for another week at least. I am glad to stay longer. I like America! It is excellent!”

The woman nodded and smiled enjoying his company. Kensen looked up as his smiling features turned to curiosity. He saw a blue shock-wave. Pointing at it, Kensen inquired, “What is that? Is this part of a tour?”

“Umm,” the woman exclaimed staring at the shock-wave. The ground around her started trembling. Shaking her head, she led him away, “No, it isn’t Kensen. Come on. Let’s go inside one of the buildings.”

“Uh huh,” Kensen responded backing away. As the blue energy approached and hit them, both of them lost conscious falling on the ground. Kensen’s glasses fell off to its side

Three days later.

The morning wind picked up. Kensen was on the ground unmoving. The woman beside him groaned. Stunned, she attempted to get up. Seeing Kensen laying down, she crawled over to him, “Kensen?”

Kensen groaned arising from his sleep. He opened his eyes as the woman touched his arm. Suddenly, she felt a sharp burning pain on her hand and yelled. Kenson woke up shouting, “Are you okay, Miss?”

His body was warm. Touching the woman on her arms, he helped her up. The woman screamed in agony feeling the heat searing from his hands. Her fabric was set on fire. Kensen was startled by the flames on his hands as the woman stumbled back. He stepped over his glasses crushing it. She screamed as the flames engulfed her.

Kensen shouted as everyone got up and surrounded them, “Someone get the water! Help! My English friend is on fire!”

The people surrounding the Asian and the burning woman pointed and backed away. They saw his arms engulfed in flames. Kensen looked at his arms and gasped in surprise seeing himself on fire and not feeling the burning pain. He shouted rushing at them “Help me! Get the water!”

They scattered when Kensen pointed his hand and shot a torrent of flames at them. They screamed. Surprised, Kensen shouted rushing at them, “No, wait!”

Turning back to his female counterpart, he watched the flames died down leaving behind a burnt husk. She was dead. Feeling hotter in his body, he screamed with fear as flames engulfed half of his body burning his clothes. Turning, he ran across the road to another sidewalk.

Stopping before a store, he squinted his eyes at the sign reading it. He couldn’t see well. Getting closer, he read the giant words, ‘Guns n’ Ammo.′ Running toward the store, he grabbed the handles and pulled. It was locked tight. Looking through the window, he saw the sign. It said closed. Backing up, he held his hands out and increased the flames in his arms. It burned the fabric off exposing his defined arms. With a grunt, he thrust forward shooting the flames at the door.

The door exploded. Kensen yelled as he was thrown back by the explosion. The air around him got hotter. The Asian felt the heat as sweat poured from his brow. Flames died down from his body as the man returned to normal. He was still smoking. Getting up, he rushed into the store.

Kensen browsed the gun store. Looking in the locked case, he saw the gun he wanted. Taking his hands, he bashed at the glass. The glass frame shattered cutting into his hands. Yelling out in pain, he removed the glass and grabbed the gun. The sirens blared. Turning around, Kensen saw the police cruiser hurtle by. The police chief was shouting for people to get moving. As the cruiser passed, the sirens got quieter. Checking the gun cartridge, Kensen checked the ammo inside.

Clicking the casing, he rammed the cartridge inside and rushed outside. He ran the opposite of the sirens and ahead a few more blocks. Crossing the streets, he stopped before the auditorium. His blurred as he squinted. Hot, boiling sweat poured from his crown, down his defined muscled torso and down his defined arms. It sizzled with sparks of flames. Groaning, he kept his gun close and rushed inside. Sirens blared getting closer.

Running through the large entranceway, Kensen rushed through the huge doors into the stage and closed it. Facing the door, he backed and touched his hair. His breathing was quick and heavy. Something sizzled on his crown as the smell of burning reached his nostrils.

Feeling hot on his crown, Kensen looked at his hand and saw several burned strands of hair. Yelling with panic, he touched the flames on his head as his burned hairs sizzled falling off. The Asian screamed as his hand engulfed in flames. Thrusting it at a chair, he shot a torrent of fire toward it. The chair exploded as the heat wave made him stumble back with fear.

Taking the gun, he whimpered placing the muzzle against his crown. Closing his eyes, his finger wavered on the trigger. His phone rang causing him to yell pulling the trigger. It clicked. Gasping with breaths, Kensen opened his eyes and checked his gun. He had it ticked to safety. Exhaling with relief, he toggled it off as his phone rang again. Taking the phone from his pocket, he checked the screen. It was from his father. Stepping back, he sat on the stage and activated it with a few thumb pressing.

Holding the primed gun on his knee, Kensen put the phone on his ear and spoke in his native Mandarin Chinese, [Father?]

The concerned tone of his father inquired, [Son? Are you okay? Something bad happened.]

Kensen sobbed. Tears fell and sizzled on his burning skin. With a moan keeping his hand on his gun, he trembled as volatile hot sweat poured. The Asian responded, [I’m scared, father. I want to come home!]

His father replied in his Chinese, [It is okay, son. Come home at your-]

There was static as his phone went dead. Kensen shouted in Chinese, [Father! Father!]

There was a loud squeal from a speaker. One of the SWAT team members shouted, “You are surrounded, Kensen Shu. Put down your weapon and come peacefully. This doesn’t have to end in bloodshed!”

Kensen yelled angrily as his upper torso went up in flames. The cell phone melted in his hand. He shouted with fear and rage, “You will not come in! It is too dangerous. I’m a danger and I must kill myself!”

The engulfed flames burned away his fabric leaving him naked and showing his defined muscles. The flames licked his hair and burned leaving his scalp naked. The loudspeaker squealed as the officer replied, “Please calm down, Kensen Shu. A negotiator will be along to talk. Please don’t shoot.”

There was silence. Kensen yelled thrusting his arms forward. The flames from his upper torso escaped through his arms and incinerated the long row of chairs. The flames was gone from his body leaving behind smoke. Whimpering with fear and panic, got up on the stage and started pacing back and forth while tapping his crown with the muzzle of his hot weapon.

Thirty minutes passed. Kensen waited and paced back and forth. From the side of his blind spot, a door creaked open. With anger, he pointed his weapon and shouted, “Who’s there? Come out and face me!”

The agent slowly entered the doorway. Kensen scowled and yelled angrily. Pointing the gun to his own head, he shouted, “Don’t come any closer! I will shoot!”

With a hand on his weapon, the agent offered his other hand and spoke calmly, “Alright. No one will shoot anyone. I just want to talk.”

Kensen fumed at him with distrust. Going through the motions of pointing the weapon at Skye and himself, he pointed the weapon at the agent with fear and spat, “Stay right there! Who are you? Tell me or I will shoot!”

“Skylar Cade,” the agent responded calmly making eye contact with Kensen, “but call me Skye. I am here to talk. What is your name?”

Kensen breathed heavily. Unsure of the agent, he responded gripping his gun, “K-Ken-Kensen Shu. I was just walking along, you see? Minding my own business. My father owns the Kensen Skiritas. My father runs a paper company. Paper! As if we don’t use them anymore cause most people use tablets for writing. I was here for a business meeting when all of a sudden this shockwave hits me and I fall unconscious. Someone woke me up, but when. When I. When we touched.”

Kensen sobbed shaking his head and knelt down. Both his weapon and his hand were covering his head as he responded with grief, “When she touched me, she burst in flames. I killed her! My god I killed her! I didn’t mean to. I was only here on a business meeting for my father. For the paper! Should have been tablets. Then I wouldn’t even been here the first place!”

Kensen openly cried. His tears vaporized into a steam. The agent spoke getting his attention, “Kensen, I am here for you. I want to help you, but first I want you to put down the gun. Slowly.”

Skye moved forward. Kensen saw it as a threat. Letting out a low, angry growl he burst in flames as his body engulfed with a torrent. The agent exclaimed jumping back. Kensen spat angrily, “You’re not here to help me! You’re here to put me down. Well, I will make it easy for you. I’m pulling the trigger!”

Kensen stood back up and pointed his weapon again against his temple. Skye shouted, “No wait! There is no need for that, Kensen. Let me help you! You’re not lost.”

The Asian spat angrily, “Liar! I am a danger to everyone and its best I pull the trigger on myself to save others from me! I can’t control this! I can’t!”

The door behind Kensen made a sound. He heard it and yelled turning. Thrusting with his hand, the torrent of flames on his arms increased speed and rushed across. It jetted from his arm toward the officer. It shot out like a huge fiery inferno. Skye yelled out, “Jake! Take cover!”

Immediately, Jake jumped into a roll out of cover barely missing Kensen’s flame. It caught a part of his BDU on fire as he yelled out. Kensen was distracted watching Jake get set on fire. Gasping suddenly, he felt an electrical surge on his back as his entire body seized up. Twitching involuntarily, Kensen lost his handle on his weapon and fell to his knees as his flames died down. Falling face down, he fell unconscious and stunned by the agent’s sudden attack.

The slow rumble of the SWAT truck engine woke Kensen. His world was still dark. He felt the blindfold around his eyes covering his vision. He moved, but he was chained and handcuffed. Feeling the pull of his bounds, Kensen felt immobilized and vulnerable. Cold, frozen nitrogen kept his temperature down. The firestarter snarled quietly becoming angrier. He felt his internal core temperatures grow hotter.

His rage was fueled by his abnormal ability. It was slow and gradual. The heat expelling from him made the inside of the truck hotter. The water hissed and leaked from behind him as the cold nitrogen started melting by his heated core temperatures. The truck hit a speed bump shaking the vehicle. It stopped. The sound of the door was opened as two officers exited by command.

Kensen sat with rage and listened. Loud voices were being spoken outside. The voices were angry as the heated words were exchanged. Eventually, it ceased as one ordered his FBI agent to retrieve Kensen. The Asian listened as the footsteps of the agents approached. Removing his blindfold, Kensen’s vision blurred as light hit his eyes painfully. He was hoisted to his feet, his cuffs were unlocked and exchanged to his front before being locked again. Taking his arm, the agents pushed him out of the SWAT truck.

Kensen scowled with hatred. He was being treated like a terrorist. Entering the FBI truck, he was forced in and bound to his seat by the agents. The firestarter was locked into a seated position. Looking up, Kensen scowled at the two FBI agents sitting there as the truck started up before driving. Inside, he felt his fire grow heated as his anger fueled his rage. His muscles expanded and shifted.

After fifteen minutes of being in an compromised position, the coolant maintaining his temperature melted away. Kensen released a roar breaking his weakened bonds and pumped his arms. Torrent of flames exploded on his body as it expanded catching the slow agents on fire. They screamed in agony as Kensen exploded his body ripping apart the truck in half.

Kensen gasped waking up from his dream. Tasting sand in his mouth, he gagged. Going to the side of his bed, he spat it out. Groaning, he sat up to the edge of the bed and rubbed his forehead. Opening his eyes, his vision blurred. He could barely see. Without glasses, he couldn’t visualize the words. Looking at his arms, he noticed the size of his biceps. Curious, he touched he flexed his arms and watched it bulge into nineteen inches. Crossing his arms, he grunted pumping his muscles feeling his strength.

A light tap on the window was heard. Kensen gasped turning to the sound. Narrowing his vision , he focused to see the same woman who stopped him. She was white haired with magenta colored eyes. The girl waved at him and smiled responding, “Avery Stone, remember? Kensen Shu, you are safe here. You are among friends.”

Looking around his confined little room, fury returned to him. A heat wave generated from within and shot out. He stood to face the girl. She couldn’t be older than sixteen years of age and she was five feet four inches tall. Her smile changed when she noticed the increase of his temperatures. Waving her hands, she cautioned, “Kensen, please do not get angry. You are safe. Keep your temperatures down! Please!”

Kensen snarled as flames engulfed his hands. He spat, “Get me out of here! I want to go home! Now!”

Avery spoke concerned pressing her hands together while pleading him, “Please, you can’t! Calm down and I will explain.”

“NO! Take me home!” The firestarter screamed forcing his hand forward toward the window. Torrent of flames shot out and hit the window as Avery stepped back in shock. The field shimmered. Throwing another torrent of flames, Kensen yelled approaching, “Take me home!”

The temperature notifier beside Avery was blaring at red. It reached over five hundred degrees hot. She felt sweat pouring down her forehead. It burned. Sighing, she shook her head and smacked the button on the wall beside her. The cryo activated hitting Kensen with a full blast of cold. Kensen yelled as the thrust of the streaking cold waves shot down at him. He stumbled back and fell to the ground yelling. His core temperatures became colder as his muscles shrank.

Looking up, Avery noted the temperatures of the room falling rapidly. Satisfied, she nodded approaching the window. Watching Kensen screaming with the cold blast keeping him down, she shuddered with sadness. Her heart was torn seeing him in pain. The white haired girl spoke with concern, “Kensen, please, do not be angry anymore. It is not good for your body. You are putting too much strain on it.”

Avery watched him wriggle on the floor moaning with pain. She noted his muscles reducing due to the cold temperatures. Sighing sadly, she turned away and gave him time for himself. The girl will keep the room will cold until he can be trusted to not get angry.

Kensen woke up with a gasp as someone picked him up from the floor. He was thrust onto the bed. Reacting, he grabbed the man on his arm to burn him. However, his power was ineffective. Feeling a sudden cold in his body, he stared at the six feet five inches tall Mortar. He stared back and snarled keeping his hand on Kensen’s shoulder to keep him seated.

“Kensen,” the girl’s voice spoke. He turned to face the same white haired and magenta colored eyed girl and listened to her sweet, concerned tone, “Mortar won’t hurt you unless I ask him to. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you misbehave. Will you behave?”

Kensen growled at the girl with anger, but said nothing. Sitting down before him, Avery replied, “Now, as I said before, you cannot get hotter than a thousand degrees. We have a doctor. Her name is Oona Akela. The day when we woke up with powers, she was there to gather us. In a short day, she gathered so few of us with powers and abilities. I was one of the first to be saved. With my power of the portals, I helped her retrieve the others just like you and Mortar. Like Mortar, I hope I we will become fast friends.”

Kensen scowled with anger. He curled his lip with disgust, but said nothing. Avery could feel his seething rage toward her. With sadness in her tone, she shook responding, “You are among friends. Whatever anger you have toward me, please, direct it elsewhere. Now, you are wearing a small device that will keep your core temperature under control. As long it does not go over 500 degrees, we will be fine but you will no longer be able to set anything on fire. Until I trust that you won’t damage anything or get hotter than 500 degrees, I will release the device.”

Kensen responded with disgust, “So, I am a prisoner in my own body, then?”

Avery shook her head and spoke, “No, you are not. It is simply a precaution. Trust me-“

“Trust you?” Kensen snarled gathering his spit. Spitting at the floor next to him, he snapped, “At this point, I don’t trust anyone. All I want to do is go home. Let me go home.”

Avery shook her head and responded, “No-“

Kensen shouted with rage getting up, “Let me go home! Let me go home!”

Avery was startled taken aback by his sudden jolt. Mortar reacted quickly grabbing him by the throat. With a growl, the big man lifted Kensen by the throat and smashed him against the bed. With his other hand, he covered Kensen’s mouth to muffle his screams as he struggled against Mortar.

Avery whimpered saddened by his reaction toward her. Turning away, her eyes became wet as she ran out of the room leaving Mortar to deal with Kensen. Mortar stifled Kensen’s rage with his ability of sand and put him to sleep.

The dull footsteps of the female’s flat heels sounded along the freshly waxed floor in the dimmed hallway. It was worn by the doctor with white smocks, dark pants and dark scrubs. She was in charge. On the nametag was Oona Akela, Chief Medical Doctor. The young woman looked to be an Islander with tanned skin and dark hair. Glasses rested on her nose. Her eyes were dark brown and wore piercings along with a necklace around her neck hidden beneath her scrubs. She was at her mid twenties.

Oona carried a tablet on her arm. Stopping before the door to her lab, she grabbed the knob and twisted it. On one of her fingers was a ring signifying her marital status. Pushing the door open, it creaked when she entered the dark room. Flicking on the switch, the lights came on as pushed the door open. Walking across the laboratory toward the tables, she took the tablet and looked over the data on the screen. Pressing a few buttons, she brushed the screen upwards to the other computer screen and activated it.

Placing the tablet down, she paused. Hearing a small shuffle and a sniff from under one of the tables, Oona curiously touched the surface of the desk and looked down under the table. She noticed a foot halfway within her sight. Bending down as her long dark brown hair reached over her shoulder, she saw the white haired girl sitting under her table. She spoke with concern, “Avery.”

Avery sniffed wiping her tears and looked back at the doctor with her sad magenta colored eyes. She mumbled hugging her knees close, “Oona.”

Oona moved her hand from the table and crouched down to her eye level. She inquired in a soft tone of her Hawaiian accent, “Are you okay?”

A sniff was heard as Avery rubbed her nose with a shrugged responding, “No.”

Oona looked at her with sadness offering her hand. Avery accepted her hand as the doctor responded, “I’m here for you, you know that. Talk to me. What’s wrong?”

Avery accepted Oona’s comfort squeezing her hand. With a sign, she inquired, “Why are we doing this? Why are we trying to save the Abnormals? If they want to be left alone, we should leave them alone. Why should I even bother to save one if-“

Avery paused and shook her head with a sigh. Withdrawing her hand, she rubbed her face trying to calm down. Oona noticed she was fighting her tears and replied, “Avery, they don’t know how to control these abilities. It was given to them against their consent, against their will. We need to help them understand.”

Looking up at her, Avery spoke sharply, “But why? I know we are supposed to help them, but if it costs their freedom, then why should we even take them away? They are better off on their own!”

Oona shook her head and sighed moving forward toward her under the table, “You don’t know that. I already told you all this stuff including the reason why. What prompted this line of questioning?”

Oona sat back against wall and placed her arm around Avery. Avery accepted her comfort. She sniffed responding placing her head against her shoulder, “Kensen Shu. The latest Abnormal we rescued before he caused a lot of irreversible damage to himself and the people.”

Keeping her close, Oona touched her chin and looked at her sad magenta eyes with a concerned question, “What did he do? I understand he is under a lot of pain and stress.”

Avery stared at her responding, “He yelled at me. Screamed at me. Said he didn’t trust me. He keeps trying to hurt me. I want to help him, but I don’t think he likes me anymore.”

Oona sighed stroking her cheek. She spoke with a soft, motherly like tone, “He is only afraid. From my observations and reviewing his profile, he masks his fear in such a way that his heating abnormality only causes him to be irrationally angry. It is unintentional.”

Avery sniffed and rubbed her eye. She spoke, “He said he wants to go home. I think we should let him go. It might be best.”

Oona shook her head. She stroked her white hair and replied, “That is a bad idea, Avery. I reviewed my scans of his interior. He is still at a volatile state of rage that we cannot let go. Only if he calms down to a point of being docile, then we can let him go. However, we are too early at that stage to even consider letting any of the Abnormals go home because they can never go home.”

Avery listened and remained silent pondering. Oona finished, “There are two types of people in this world, those who are willing to help no matter what and those who simply use others as a means to further their agenda. Don’t be afraid, Avery. You have the potential to become stronger and be willing to go through the many obstacles in your path. Help him as you helped others. Don’t let one thing stop you from doing what you can accomplish.”

Avery slowly nodded feeling better. Wrapping her arms around the doctor, she hugged her and responded, “Thanks Oona. I feel much better.”

Oona smiled accepting her hug with a squeeze. Giving her a kiss on the crown, she replied, “If you like, I will go see Mr. Shu later when he is awake. It will give me a chance to introduce myself.”

They sat under the table as Avery huddled close to Oona. Oona leaned her head against the wall and combed Avery’s white hair with her fingers like she would do to her little sister. Her other hand laid on the floor. Moving it up, she looked at the ring around her finger. Touching it, she studied it with sadness.

The small prick of a needle pierced his shoulder. It was withdrawn drawing the orange red liquid from his muscle. It woke Kensen. He gasped seeing a strange dark haired woman in front of him. She took the needle and checked the canister. The liquid was orange red. Kensen shouted jerking at his bonds to the table, “What did you do? What did you inject in me?”

The doctor shook her head and responded in her Hawaiian accent, “Calm down, Mr Shu. I did not inject you with anything. Rather, I am withdrawing your blood. This,” she showed him the canister and flicked at the red orange liquid inside, “Is your blood in its dormant state. As you get hotter, it becomes heated and active. You need to keep your temperature down. Now-“

Kensen snarled forcing himself forward pulling at his chains. He growled with anger at being bounded as he listened to the Hawaiian accent of the doctor, “I am Oona Akela, your new doctor. I have to figure out why you are so angry, but you need to keep your temperature down. When you scared Avery, she shut down immediately. I had to talk to her to calm her, but she was mortified. She is only a teenager, so I have to ask you to not upset her, okay? She is very sensitive.”

Kensen growled with anger feeling his abnormal strength bristle. Pulling against his chains, he felt it bend. Oona spoke, “You have to listen. As Avery tried to explain, you cannot increase your internal temperatures too much. I have checked over my results from scanning your body and I have come to this conclusion. When you reach over a thousand degrees, you have the potential to go nuclear. You will explode and you would have if not for Avery and Mortar’s intervention.”

Kensen paused. Still angry, he listened to the doctor, “You would have killed thousands of people in Seattle if you continued like this. It was the reaction of both police and the FBI that cause you to be like this. They were scared. The good thing about your first interaction with the agent is he did not fire to kill you. He would have set you off. As you were at your vulnerable state, like a bomb you would have blown if he had opened fire. Stunning you was the best thing to do. However, it would be the last time because later when you got stronger, your armor got stronger. Now, let me ask you this. Do you want to die?”

Kensen growled lightly shaking his head. He was calming down. Oona replied, “Good. Your powers and abilities come from your raw emotions. It is how it becomes active. If you are inactive, then your abilities do not work as well as it should. However, because you are angry, your core temperatures become heated. The more you become heated, the more you get rage. Keep it under control, or your core temperatures will rise. You will go nuclear.”

She paused letting him process and added, “I will leave you in this room. Believe it or not, but your body will get weak if you do not get enough exercise. It is part of your abnormality. It must be kept active or you will extinguish. Like all flames go, it will die out.. As long as you keep moving and working out, the fire inside of you will not extinguish. So long as you keep your temperatures at a minimum, you will be fine. The heat that boils your blood makes you look stronger and massive. As long as you don’t go over the maximum, you will keep to your daily workout. I’ll keep you monitored.”

Reaching into the pocket of her white jacket, she withdrew a pair of glasses. Kensen looked at it as Oona placed it on the table. She finished, “Same thing with cold. It will shrink your muscle. As long as you heat your core temperatures, your muscles will be active. Now, I took the freedom of making you new glasses. It is fireproof and will not be destroyed easily by your flames. I actually have the technology that will help you see better without your glasses. Your vision will be sharper, but I needed to ask first.”

Kensen nodded. Oona smiled and responded, “Very well. I will work on getting you an appointment for that. Till then, this room is yours. Don’t forget to put on your flame retardant suit. It will help resist being burned away if you get too hot.” The doctor finished and pointed out the clothing on the chair next to her. Satisfied, taking out a device, she pressed the button and turned away toward the exit.

The bonds holding him back released as Oona left the training room. Rubbing his wrists, Kensen lightly growled getting up. Taking the suit, he put it on. Looking around, he noticed some training equipment. A realization dawned him that she was right. He wanted to keep his strength up and get stronger. Approaching the barbell, he lifted it and placed it over the hooks locking it in place.

Taking the heavy weights, he placed them through the bar making it around six hundred pounds. Taking his seat on the bench, he placed his hands on the bar and pushed up with a little effort. Feeling the strength within him, the firestarter resumed his workout. From the other side of the screen, Oona monitored him and took notes.

Several days passed. It was nearing the end of the week. Kensen worked his strength exercises to build up his muscles. It grew bigger and thicker with defined ridges. The holster he wore monitored his core temperature. It was stable. His hairs including his facial beard and mustache started growing. He wore his suit. With a grunt, he placed the heavy barbell onto the hooks and sat up from his bench. Taking the glasses, he placed it on and looked out the window. Avery was seated before the door with her arms hugging her legs together. She watched Kensen.

Not liking to be stared, he sat up closer to the edge of the bench and growled lightly. With a flex while moving his shoulder muscles forward exposing his bulged traps, he hulked up and stared at the magenta colored eyes of the white haired girl. His nineteen inch biceps bulged another inch. Avery stood and opened the door. She approached Kensen cautiously and sat on the chair. Pulling her arms and legs in, she was deep in thought. Kensen offered a derisive snort as he spat, “What do you want?”

Avery replied, “I’m thinking.”

Kensen stared at her with fury in his eyes. It was burning with vengeance. His upper lip curled into a snarl baring his teeth. Avery sensed his hatred and inquired, “Do you want to go home?”

Kensen growled curling his lip into a snarl. He intimidated her with his huge posture, but Avery spoke unnerved, “Well, I’m willing to let you go home if you can promise me something. Will you promise me that you will be more open minded about my offer to you?”

He stared at her without saying a word. After pondering her words, he shrugged and nodded. Avery smiled and stood up offering her hand. She spoke as Kensen looked up, “Come. Take my hand.”

Taking the hand, Kensen stood as he reached his full five feet nine inches height. He was a titan compared to Avery’s small size. She looked up and spoke beckoning him, “Kneel down. This power of mine, it acts like a transformer of minds as I transfer my energy to yours. You tell me the name of your home and you make the picture in your head. It activates my ability as it will take both of us to your location. Where is your home?”

Kensen knelt to her size and spoke a single phrase, “Hangzhou, China.”

Avery nodded touching the back of his head. Closing her eyes, she tapped her forehead against his and whispered, “Hangzhou.”

Kensen closed his eyes and imagined his home. He felt the portal activate. It enveloped him and the girl. It pulled at his body. Somewhere across the ocean in another country, a portal formed. They appeared near Kensen’s home. He gasped opening his eyes and looked around. He recognized the smell. Forgetting about Avery, he ran off shouting for his father in Chinese. Avery watched him bound off.

The girl observed as Kensen ran over the fence and toward the house. He exclaimed in his native tongue as the door opened and an elderly man turned to see his son approaching him. Exclaiming in Chinese, the father opened his arms as his son ran into it. Avery smiled but felt sad. However, she was happy as long as her new friend was happy.

Kensen interact with his father as the embraced with joy. His mother joined them. They spoke in Chinese. As Kensen motioned with his hands of what happened to him, the air became tense. Avery heard him tell them about his ability of fire and destruction.

The father scoffed brushing him away. The mother turned away and headed back into the house. Kensen pleaded with them, but the door was shut on his face. Avery felt great sadness. Kensen yelled with fury as he turned and ran. Avery felt her eyes getting wet watching Kensen run far away from her up the hill. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and bowed. The girl vanished as the portal engulfed her.

Kensen ran up the hill. He shouted with confusion and rage. Stopping before the tree, he knelt and started weeping. Avery appeared beside him. Kneeling down, she touched him on the shoulder offering comfort. Kensen gasped turning away. He snapped hiding his face, “Go away.”

Avery shook her head responding with firmness, “Not until I know you will be okay.”

Kensen sniffed and uttered a growl as he spat looking at her, “You saw what happened. They are scared.”

Avery spoke, “I know. They don’t understand.”

Kensen snarled shouting angrily, “I’ll make them understand!”

The girl added with concern, “Don’t say it like that, Kensen.”

Kensen sighed shaking his head, “I have nowhere else to go.”

The girl responded facing him. Taking his chin, she spoke, “Actually you do. Come with me, Kensen. I promise you will have a home. You will have a place where you will belong. You do have a family and they all are waiting for you back at home.”

Kensen looked at her magenta colored eyes. He finally saw who she was behind those and sighed. Giving in, he nodded. Avery smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Taking his hand, she touched the back of his head and connected her forehead. With a bow of her head, she closed her eyes and imagined her home. A portal enveloped them both as they disappeared leaving behind the trees. Their leaves started falling from the branches.

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