Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Convict - Pt. 1 of 2

Three days after the Shockwave

The Sun Spirit drifted across the sea far from the shore. Its engines was quiet. The boat was vacant and empty void of life. The white tarp covering the black sports bike remained tethered. Its rope was strong and sturdy. The sea remained calm. Around the boat, the sea lapping against the hull softly. It was still. A few bubbles rose to the surface from behind the boat. The door was open and unlatched.

Beneath the ocean following the bubbles, the heavy form of the heavily tattooed Navy Seal sunk. The dog tags floated upwards. He wore only his camo baggy short pants. His mouth was open as his breath escaped in the form of bubbles. The sea creatures and the fishes swam away to avoid collusion with the sinking body. After falling a long time, the body hit the bottom of the ocean. The sand settled after being pushed away by his weight. Amery finished his fall in the echoing silence of the sparkling underwater among the corals and other seaweed covered objects.

From a distance, a form swam toward him in a hurried pace. It was a shadow from a distance and fast. Several schools of fishes swam away in fear. The figure was big in size and strong. When the shadow came from behind a coral reef, it revealed human female. She was half naked wearing only her sports bra and shorts. Her side cut hair was dark blonde and floating in the water. One of her eyes was covered by a metallic eye patch. A small breathing apparatus covered her mouth. The necklace hung around her neck and her bracelet was on her wrist.

Seeing Amery lying on the bottom of the ocean, Fury swam into an upright floating position over him and observed. Standing only five feet four, her defined figure was strong as her arms were muscular. Her body was veiny and solid. Tattoos dotted her stocky frame including the navy seal tattoo with her nickname, ‘Fury’. Breathing through her apparatus, she motioned her arms upwards to propel herself down. Grabbing Amery on his shoulder, she lifted his heavy form and placed her body down under. He was lifted off the sea floor as she placed herself under and propelled upwards with effort.

Placing her feet together, she swam with her raw strength upwards while lifting the man she loved from the bottom of the sea. Bubbles escaped from her breathing apparatus as she swam with effort to push his heavy body toward the surface near her father’s boat. Reaching the surface, Fury gasped with breath removing her breathing device and swam closer toward the boat. Amery still unconscious and hanging from her broad shoulder.

Barely felt the weight of her unconscious mate, Fury grabbed hold of the back of the boat and grunted with effort pushing him onto the ledge with a thud. Her muscles twitched shifting while manipulating the size of it to help with her increased push helping him onto the ledge. Backing, she held her breath and dived under. Pushing herself out of the water with a gasp, she grabbed the ledge with her hands. With a roar, she pulled herself up. Water dripped and escaped pouring down her rippling muscular defined body.

With her knee first onto the ledge, she pushed herself forward and caught her mate as the boat dipped backwards sliding him down. Grabbing hold of the open doorway with one hand, she wrapped her strong arm around Amery’s torso and pulled him into the boat. The Sun Spirit leveled itself as Fury grunted with an exhale. Feeling his pulse, she noted he was unconscious. Worried, she cleared his airways from his lips and placed her mouth on his. Gripping his chin, she held his nose and breathed her own oxygen into his mouth clearing his lungs.

His body felt cold to the touch. It was a feeling he had been limp for a long time. She feared he was dead. Concern was on her face as she was determined to breathe life into him. After breathing more oxygen into his lungs without change, she yelled leaning back. Clenching her hands into fists, she clasped it together with one big fist and raised it over his chest. The soldier rammed it down onto his chest with force.

Amery arose with a loud exhale coughing. Water escaped his mouth. Opening his eyes, he felt disorientated grabbing Fury’s neck with a yell. Fury grabbed his wrist just as he grabbed her necklace. She felt the coldness from his wrist as it numbed her hand. Before she could speak, Amery thrust with his other hand against her chest. His hand became colder as ice as he yelled with confusion releasing the cold from his fingertips. She was thrust backwards as her necklace was torn off by Amery.

Stunned and growing colder, Fury fell into the ocean with a loud splash and disappeared into the waves. Holding her torn necklace, his senses returned. Amery realized what he had done and shouted raising his hand toward the sea, “Marina!”

Quickly, he rushed to the edge of the boat and shouted as the churning water ceased. Fury was gone from his sight as he yelled with grief, “No!” His dog tags bounded and hung from his neck. It tapped against his frozen solid, bare chest. Cold vapor exhaled from his mouth.

Falling to his knees, Amery held the open doorway and sobbed quietly. Coldness stayed in his body even as the warm current picked up around him. The soldier barely noticed. Another cold vapor blew from his mouth as he exhaled. He clutched the necklace he gave her for her birthday. Shaken by the new movement in the ocean currents, the Sun Spirit began to move.

Amery watched the ocean with regret. He had no scuba gear to call for or any way of diving to search for her. Marina was gone and he knew. The navy seal soldier was trained to search the open waters, but he didn’t have any deep diving gear. The yacht he is on wasn’t made for the open ocean. Amery knew it was a shoreline boat for short excursions to hop from one island to the next from the inland, but not deep sea.

Later, Amery rampaged around below decks. He searched the rooms. Filled with grief and anger, the soldier let loose a roar clenching his fist. Taking his foot, he delivered a well placed kick on the closed door before him. It crashed with a resounding bang onto the floor as the Bull charged through the doorway confused. He was lost and filled with rage. Destroying the boat was his only goal. Grabbing the dresser, he yelled pushing it down onto the floor. It crashed as Amery exhaled a cold vapor while moving his arms around stretching his shoulder muscles forward and pumped.

The tags hung around his neck. Turning to the wall, he growled and primed his fist. Letting go, he rammed against the wall punching a hole. Pulling his fist, he grunted punching another hole into the wall. Backing up, he roared with a charge ramming against the broken wall with his right shoulder. The wall broke as he crashed halfway into the kitchen. Debris settled when he withdrew exhaling cold vapors. Coldness enveloped his body as the cold air evaporated from his frozen body. His defined muscular figure was hard as cold diamonds. He barely felt the pain as he scowled at the broken wall with hatred.

Clenching his fists, cold mist rose as he snarled curling his lips. Turning to the small desk, he picked it up with a yell and tossed it into the broken wall breaking it completely through. The desk spun and stopped short of the refrigerator. Spinning around, he stormed toward the wall with the small oval window.

Taking his fist, he primed it and thrust his attack against the window with his hardened diamond like fist breaking it. Feeling nothing, he withdrew it leaving behind no blood. Curling his lips in anger, Amery felt coldness in the pit of his stomach. His desire to kill everyone and everything in sight was on his mind.

He exhaled sharply turning to the sound of a tinkle and saw a spherical object on the floor. It fell on the floor from its hiding spot where the small desk was. Curious, he approached the object and picked it up. Recognizing it as a holo device, he pressed the button activating it. A holo form shimmered. It was Fury.

“Marina,” Amery exclaimed dropping the holo and stumbled back onto the bed as he exhaled another breath of cold air. His feeling of anger soothed when he looked upon her defined form. Only her beauty and strength can tame the cold, frozen bull within him.

The Fury hologram spoke with fierceness as her Russian accent echoed, “If you are listening to this, then I am not here and possibly with my father. If that is the case, than stand and listen well, my soldier.”

Amery’s feelings were cold and yet, he felt warmth from his girl. Exhaling a cold breath, he obeyed her standing up. Keeping his fists clutched and shoulders forward hunched, the soldier listened to his girl, “It would be three days since the last you awoke. It was a necessary part of my father’s experiments. Because of the security and the fact that I am not here, I will not reveal everything just yet. Who knows whose listening? Bull, by now you have abnormal abilities or close to a feeling of one?”

Amery looked down inspecting his hand. He could feel the numbness and cold within his frozen skin. A cold mist evaporated when he clenched his fist feeling his muscles bulge. Fury resumed as he listened, “No matter. Come to the Santa Monica Pier. From there, go directly toward the City of Los Angeles. Find the bar named Briar Rose. The password is ’Power is Absolute’. It may take some convincing, but with you Bull, it won’t take long for the Bouncer to let you in provided that you leave him intact. I wholeheartedly trust you completely with all my life. Do not disappoint me.”

Amery stare at her with coldness in his heart. He couldn’t feel her presence solidified it, so his heart solidified. With the desire to feel her again, he approached placing his hand near her face. Her holo shimmered as his hand interfered with her face. She finished, “I wish I was here, but I know I will see you again, love. Forgive me. Please. I never meant for this to happen but it was required. I love you with all my heart. I wish I could tell you everything, but doing so will break the promise I made to my father. I love him too. When we see each other again, I promise I will tell you regardless of what my father warned me of. He can never understand the bond we share.”

Her form vanished. The holo shut itself down. Amery felt emptiness. Exhaling a cold vapor of air, he sighed turning away. Walking out of the bedroom, he traversed sections of the below decks and returned to the cockpit of the boat. Taking the ignition, he twisted it. The engine rumbled after a few failed starts. Looking out the sea, he searched one last time for Marina while placing his hand on the wheel. Seeing nothing, he exhaled sadly focusing his attention to the front of him and grabbed the handle. Turning it up, the Sun Spirit obeyed as it moved forward across the sea.

Half the day passed. The boat skimmed across the vast ocean. The sun set painting the sky a brilliant orange red. At the helm, Amery scanned the map and the horizon. The ship’s compass was broken. However, he had faith in his adept seaman training to survive in the ocean. Soon as he saw land, the navigator increased his speed.

To answer the coming of the Sun Spirit, two helicopters flew toward the boat. It was the coast guard. One of them signaled with the flare and spoke using his name, “Amery Crowe, you have been identified. Stand down and be searched. A warrant is out for your arrest!”

With anger, Amery spat. With his face contorted with hatred and rage, he shouted, “Go to hell!”

Amery took a detour guiding the boat around gliding away from the pursuing helicopters. One of the turrets from the heli opened fire. The bullet grazed Amery. He felt the impact as his body solidified shielding him. He felt more impacts on his back. Feeling no pain, he turned the boat around. The soldier was getting angrier when he turned to face the hovering pests. Stopping the boat, he turned and lowered his arms. Gathering his inner power within his hands, he scowled at the coast guards. One of them shouted, “Stand down! We will open fire if you won’t comply!”

Clenching his fists, Amery curled his lips in distaste and spat, “Come and get it!”

The coast guard officer opened fire with several warning shots. The bullets ripped the floor near him. Amery stood there and bided his time breathing heavily. The other officer opened fire on his torso and his leg. His cold diamond like armor solidified his skin deflecting the bullets. Cold pieces of ice fell off. The turret from the aircraft opened fire on his head with force causing him to flinch his head to his side.

Several bullets grazed his skin making huge grooves. The frozen skin reformed covering the grooves as Amery sneered coldly. Turning his head slowly toward his attackers, he grunted with exertion clenching his fists. With a yell, he shot his hands forward as a thrust of ice and slush expelled from his open palms toward the hovering pests.

The helicopters were hit as the coast guards yelled with the surprise attack. When the cold slush hit the heli, it froze the controls as they spun out of control. With their hands frozen to their controls, the coast guards screamed with fear and panic as their out of control aircraft fell from the sky crashing into the ocean with a thundering splash. It sank quickly as the weight of the growing ice enveloped the aircraft making it heavy. Large bubbles rose to the surface as the two helicopters vanished.

Satisfied, Amery turned away coldly from the turbulent waters and returned to his controls. Musing, he realized that reaching the port would be a mistake. Taking a different path, he drove down the coastline of California searching for an opening. The sun slowly went down as the sunset glowed across the horizon. Searching the coastline, Amery found a small lagoon within a mangrove forest. The sign was posted. It said, ’The Pier Bed and Breakfast’. Below it was another sign that said, ’Closed due to maintenance’.

Navigating the yacht toward the small lagoon, the Sun Spirit glided past the sign. Within the mangrove forest, he noticed the huge building boarded up and closed down. However, there were telltale signs of recent activity like the extinguished smoking fire, damp areas of the sand, and small traces of people’s footsteps as well as tire tracks. Amery pondered if the people who owned the place left recently.

Guiding the boat toward the hidden glade of mangrove forest, Amery anchored the boat in place. Making sure the bonds was tight and the anchor weighted down, he left his position and went down below to his cabin. Putting on his jacket and heavy steel toed military booths, he gathered his packed duffle bag from the broken closet. Carrying the heavy pack over his shoulder. he grunted with exertion.

His arms and torso muscles bulged with the weight as he felt abnormally strong. As his heavy steps crossed the broken hallway, Amery walked up the stairs returning to the open deck. Approaching his parked bike with the white tarp over it, he removed the ropes. He noted his bike helmet and his modified AK assault rifle locked in place.

Positioning himself, he wrapped his arm under the motorbike and lifted it with an exerted grunt as cold vapors blew from his teeth. Walking to the edge of the boat near the shore, he stood on the edge and jumped across with his strong legs. The soldier splashed within the shallow area of the water. Carrying both his bike and his duffle bag, he felt the strain of the weight. Turning toward land, he walked across the wet shallows to the gravel driveway.

Marks of tire tracks was visible as it was recent. Grunting with exertion, Amery crouched and placed his motorbike onto the ground. Taking the straps of his large duffle bag, he placed it across his shoulder and large torso. Taking the helmet, he grabbed the handle of his bike as he sat down. The skies grew darker. Placing his helmet on, he closed the visor and placed his hands on the handles to start up the motor.

Revving a few times, Amery kicked the parking brake off and moved forward into gear. The gate was closed. Keeping his hand on the handle, he took his other hand and primed it. Cold mist evaporated from his clenched hand as he thrust forward shooting ice at the gate. The ice shard broke the lock. His motorcycle roared past smashing the gate. The broken gate hung from its hinges as it opened wide allowing Amery to make his escape into the road against the raising twilight. His bike light flicked on.

Darkness enveloped the road as the hour passed. Amery rode his bike along the road. His headlight shone brightly as the engine rumbled. He zoomed into the exit toward the big city. Following the directions on his visor helmet, he found his way toward the big neon flashing lights and the huge buildings. His visor offered a new direction as he navigated into a small alley. The motorbike slowly rumbled across the small, broken pavement of the alleyway. Several homeless people scattered out for the passing motorist.

Stopping before a parking spot, he looked up to see the neon sign that. It said ’Briar Rose’. Satisfied, Amery locked his motor bike in place and removed his helmet. Placing it on the seat, he stood with the heavy duffle bag on his back. Amery approached the sidewalk and walked to the entrance. Several people waited in line and protested when Amery pushed passed them. Approaching the bouncer, he crossed his arms and stood while staring coldly at the security guard.

The guard stared back. They were both of the same immense size and strength. He inquired, “Password?”

Amery felt his increasing cold and scowled at him responding with enforcement, “Power is Absolute”.

The guard stared coolly and studied him. Satisfied, he nodded once uncrossing his arms. He stepped aside as Amery walked forward. The guard grabbed his chest stopping him. Amery growled at him coldly. The bouncer whispered a warning, “Careful you don’t step on anyone’s toes especially the boss. If you do, you won’t get out of here alive.”

Amery growled grabbing the guard’s wrist. Cold enveloped the guard’s wrist as he shivered. The guard gasped feeling the sudden cold. Removing his hand off his chest, Amery pressed with his other arm against his chest shoving him against the column and spat coldly, “Are you threatening me?”

The bouncer responded hastily, “It is advice from a friend-“

Amery snarled shutting him up, “I am not your friend. Why don’t you mind your own business?”

The bouncer gasped staring into Amery’s cold ice blue eyes. Amery snorted with disgust and let go. Brushing past the guard, he walked through the doors. The bouncer closed it behind him. Amery looked around. It was a club with music and people dancing. Amid the crowd were several tables and people eating while enjoying the music. Some of them had female dancers dancing for money or pleasing them. One of them was pole dancing on the stage. She moved with agile slim form and agility to the music.

Amery had no interest in them. Turning to the bar, he walked through the crowd sulking. Grabbing the strap of his large, heavy camo duffle bag, he lifted it over his shoulder and head. Taking one end of the bag with one hand, he hoisted and placed it against the bottom of the counter-top. Taking his place at an empty bar-stool, Amery watched a male bartender serve drinks.

The bartender saw him and approached. He inquired in a queer tone, “Drink? Or information?”

Amery nodded with a grunt, “A bit of both. Your best beer. Who is your boss?”

He responded surprised. Taking the clean class, he put several ices into it and poured his alcoholic drink, “You must be new here in the city if you don’t know the name.”

When the bartender finished, he placed the glass on the saucer Amery looked down to his hand. Noting the cold vapor rising from his open palm, he exhaled as cold vapor blew out. He was distracted as the cold glass was placed in front of him. Amery shrugged taking the beer. Unbeknownst to the bartender, the cold from the soldier’s fingertips frosted the beer. He replied, “Enlighten me. I was told to come here by a comrade of mines.”

The bartender bent close responding in the same tone over the loud music, “Romanov. Your comrade must be one crazy fool if he were to send you here.”

Amery scowled at him. Taking the frosted glass, he took a gulp from his beverage and replied, “She died. Her name is Fury.”

His eyes widened. Recognizing the nickname, he nodded placing his hand towel over his shoulder, “Ahh, her name is known here. I’m sorry for your comrade. Romanov is not here, so you will have to wait.”

Amery mused for several moments and spoke, “Do you have a room to rent? I could use some sleep. I have nowhere else to go and I need a place to lay low.”

The bartender nodded and leaned close to him. Placing his arms on the bar, he replied, “I can tell from your eyes. You’ve come to the right place. Lodging is next door. Look for Sabine.”

Amery responded finishing his drink and stood grabbing his duffle bag, “Good.”

“Ian,” the bartender responded offering his hand, “You can call me Ian. What shall I call you?”

Amery grunted silently accepting his handshake. Looking over to his tattoo, he remembered the slight pain of his body’s identity being erased as Marina gave him a new identity. He hasn’t received one yet but there was one thing that he could keep. The Navy Seal soldier responded, “Call me Bull.”

“Bull,” Ian nodded as Amery grabbed his hand. Not noticing his ice cold hands, Ian grasped his hand firmly and shook it. He finished smiling, “Welcome to the club. The boss will be back soon. I might see you again this week. Check back later if you are looking for work. Just say the word.”

Amery scowled lifting the strap of the bag over his shoulder. He turned away. Ian watched him go with a longing in his eyes. He desired bit of companionship with him. Amery headed out through the back door and bashed his way through the doorway exiting the Briar Rose.

Walking along the empty sidewalk in the darkness near the dim access way lights, Amery stopped before the door into a five story building. Walking up several steps, he clutched the doorknob and opened the door. The bell tinkled. Stopping for a brief second, Amery looked at the woman behind the reception desk. He also sniffed smelling some sort of musk or aroma.

The woman was dark skinned with tattoos dotting her strong form. She barely wore the clothing to cover her bare skin. Her clothing consists of a crop top bra and a medium skirt that covered her legs. A part of it was exposed showing her sturdy, thick leg. Her arms were thick with fifteen inches biceps. On one hand was a hard, small sphere that she was gripping. It was mashed as she gripped it.

Her other hand rested near the ashtray with her cigarillo holder. It was a long, narrow tube that held the end of her cigarillo. It burned as the smoke rose. Near it were several scented candles meant to kill the smell of the smoke. Both the candles and the smoke mixed gave off a musty smell. On the desk were several papers and placeholders in different places.

Focused on one of her papers, the woman spoke. Her heavy accented archaic Italia showed when she greeted him, “Hello Bull. Come in, dearie.”

Amery hesitated. The woman looked up with a short fanged smile. Her canines appeared sharper than the rest of her normal set of pearly whites. Her narrow face with close set eyes caused her to appear young in her mid twenties. Her eyes were amber. Her long, dark hair with red streaks wrapped around her right shoulder and over her breast. A septum piercing was on her nose as well as several other nose piercings. On her ears were other piercings including two obvious gaps that stretched her ear lobe.

More piercings were around her lips and brow. A pendant hung around her neck. A dark bandana wrapped around her head. She smirked with her cool, casual response catching Amery off his guard, “Surprised? Do not be, dearie. Ian told me you were coming. My name is Angelina Sabine. Come. I have the room ready.” She beckoned him with her manicured claw like nail.

Cautiously, Amery kept both his hands on the strap of his duffle bag to adjust the weight and approached. Sabine squeezed her sphere ball. Crossing her other arm across her desk, she bent forward making the desk creak as she put weight on it. Her amber colored eyes twinkled with a mysterious aura as she replied, “Then again, I foresaw your coming long before you even reached the shore. When I woke up from my three day and two night sleep, you were there by the door even in my waking state. It vanished however, but I knew and there you are.”

Stopping before the desk, Amery stares at the mysterious woman. The African/Italian squeezed the ball with her strength. Her mischievous smirk remained as she felt his intimidating presence satisfying. Seeing that she held no fear of his size, Amery spoke placing his hand on the desk, “Are you an Abnormal?”

Sabine scoffed placing her fingertips on Amery’s hand. Taking it, she placed his hand over with his palm upwards and stretched out before her. Placing it on her desk, she began drawing lines on his palm with her nails while speaking, “Yes dearie as is basically everyone in this building and the bar. Romanov spared no expense when open invitations were sent out to only the Abnormals. No non Abnormal are allowed to even step foot into the bar. You want to know my abnormality?”

Watching Sabine drawing lines across his palm and around his wrist with her nailed finger, Amery nodded. She spoke, “I am a dark empath. Basically, I draw on the powers from my psychic ability to dream and foresee the events even before it happens as well as change them. I am a great help to my boss as I offer my abilities. Just by touching your hand, I now know everything about you. I know your childhood, your hopes, love and dreams, your career, and even your despair. I know your birth name and the reason behind it as well as your nickname.”

Amery stared at her. Containing his surprise, he inquired curiously, “Why call yourself a dark empath?”

Another grip of her fist into the sphere ball mashed it. She scoffed turning away. Her strong fifteen inch bicep expanded. Moving her other hand up toward him with her nailed fingertip touching the bottom of his chin, she faced him with her golden amber colored eyes staring and responded, “I do not deny it. I dabble into the darkness, dearie. I am not proud of it, but it is who I am. I have the potential to change the destiny and fate of the person before me. When I touched your hand, I also sensed your end. If you wish, I will change it. I can make you avoid your fate even before you meet it.”

Sabine touched his cheek stroking it lightly with her fingers. A dark energy enveloped from her fingertips . Darkness formed slightly and sparked. Amery grabbed her wrist with a growl. His cold, frozen hands numbed her wrist. The mist surrounding her fingers vanished. Sabine gasped with a slight smile. He spat, “You will not change a thing and if you tried, you will be dead long before you touch me again.”

Her smiled turned into a smirk. Ripping her arm out of his frozen grip, she spoke shaking her head as her amber colored eyes twinkled with amusement, “Very well, dearie. It was worth a try. A room?”

“Yes,” Amery spat impatiently.

Sabine smiled. Bowing her head, she stood from her seat and took her cigarillo holder. Holding the tube between her nailed fingers, she inquired mischievously, “So soon? Impatient are we? I thought we were beginning to foster a friendship between us?”

The sphere ball creaked as she squeezed it. Putting the cigarillo in her mouth, she withdrew a key from the key holder and walked around her desk. Taking the cigarillo out, she turned while blowing a gust of smoke. Her height nearly matched Amery’s only by two inches. Offering a seductive smile, she beckoned him, “Come with me, dearie. Do not get too far behind.”

Amery cautiously made his way toward her and followed the woman along the small hallway. She turned to the stairs on her left and walked up toward the top floor. It was several flights up. Sabine squeezed her ball and smoked her cigarillo. Her long dark hair with red streaks rested over her broad shoulders.

Reaching the end of her steps to the top of the floor, Sabine’s led Amery to the closed door. Her smile turned into a scowl when she gripped the handle. A loud boom from the explosion shook the hallway as she opened the door. Her demeanor changed as she stormed along the hallway. Another explosion rang. Amery heard and was caught off guard by the sudden change in her bodily movement and her temper.

Gripping the ball, she squeezed the round shape of the sphere. The dark empath stopped before the door. Holding the cigarillo on hand, she banged at the door with her other strong fist and shouted angrily, “Stone! What did I tell you about the noise? Stone!”

There was silence aside from Sabine’s obvious snarl and growling. Her sharp fanged teeth was bared like a vixen. Wrinkled lines around her nose showed as her upper mouth wavered. Impatient, the furious woman placed the cigarillo back into her mouth and grabbed the knob. Twisting it, it was locked. With another growl, she banged her fist at the door harshly shaking the pictures on the wall around her with force. Taking the cigarillo out, she shouted, “Stone!”

A sliding eye-hole opened revealing the face of a young male. He inquired sharply, “What?”

Amery observed as Sabine growled baring her mouth with a snarl flashing her sharp canines. She banged the door shouting fiercely, “Don’t you ‘what’ me! I told you. Do not disturb my patrons! You may have gotten the room as of a week ago! However, you will not disobey me! You will-“

Stone interrupted her as he spat, “Romanov allowed me this room and for me to do whatever I want. You may kick me out, but what will the boss do to you if you do toss me out, hmm? You may have jurisdiction, but the boss control your budget and have the power. You could forfeit your life or worse.”

The sliding eye-hole closed leaving Sabine angry. Squeezing her sphere ball, she tried to calm down. With a final bash on his door with force, she shook her head and snarled. Turning to Amery, she snapped flashing her fangs, “Sorry you had to see that, dearie. I usually am much nicer than that as long as I don’t get pissed off. Come.”

She turned and stormed across the hallway. Amery stood at his place before the door and mused. Following her, he quickly caught up with the angry young woman and spoke, “You know, I could take care of the problem for you.”

A slight, but barely recognizable sound escaped her breath as she exhaled a huff taking out her key. Amused, she placed her cigarillo tube into her mouth and inhaled turning around to him with an angry glare. She smirked taking it out and exhaled a puff of smoke to her left, “You could do that. However, he is important to the boss. Doing anything would ruin what relationship I would have with Romanov and even I do not dare try the boss’s temper or patience.”

The door unlocked when Sabine twisted the knob. Amery admired her strength and temper. Something in her reminded him of someone he loved. They were nearly identical in temper and attitude. Lifting the duffle bag over his head, he placed it against the wall. Approaching Sabine, Amery touched her shoulder.

Sabine paused. The door was opened halfway. A smirk returned to her feature as Amery touched her dark hair. He moved it away from her shoulder and touched her arm with his hand feeling her muscle lines. Amery responded as Sabine shivered slightly in his cold touch, “You wouldn’t have to be involved or know. It would be quick and easy.” He gave her a kiss on her bare neck.

Sabine moaned shivering with excitement. Closing her eyes, she placed the cigarillo into her mouth and inhaled while she squeezed her ball. Amery grabbed her fist with the ball and squeezed it holding it in place while he stroked her dark hair. Amery was two inches taller and bigger than her in muscle strength. Moved her head back against his chest, he placed his cold hand on her stomach and trailed it across.

Sabine removed her cigarillo as Amery kissed her in the lips. They embraced lips as Sabine moaned aroused by his aura. She blew the smoke into Amery’s mouth. Moving back, Amery blew the smoke as Sabine turned to face him with a smirk. She spoke, “As tempting as that sounds, dearie, I am afraid it is not my place to decide whether you should or not. Granted, it would solve the issue, but my bosses will not be pleased if he is harmed or dead. He is a VIP.”

Tasting the smoke in his mouth, Amery exhaled responding, “I did not say he would be dead. I said I would deal with it so that he won’t bother you anymore. It would only require a certain dialogue and careful persuasion.” Keeping his hand around her waist, Amery stroked her cheek.

“Hmm,” Sabine wondered as she pondered with amusement. She finished, “I will think about it. Go on. Get some rest and I will see you in the morning, dearie.”

She pushed his embrace away, but Amery locked on as he pulled her waist. He kissed her neck. Cold vapors emanated from his mouth. His coldness numbed her neck making her shiver. She shuddered holding her arms out. Keeping her ball squeezed, she held the cigarillo holder between her fingers and crossed her arms around his back.

The dark emapth moaned with him rubbing against her muscles. She yelped with surprise when he pulled her toward the door. With a grunt, he lifted her. Placing her hand on his back, she held the cigarillo with a light growl. Amery grabbed his duffle bag and dragged it while using his back to open the door.

Sabine touched his face and stared at him with her amber colored eyes. She smirked responding while realizing his intentions, “There are other girls-“

She moaned closing her eyes and gripped the strength ball in her hand. Amery’s cold made her shiver. He kissed her on the neck and tossed the bag into his apartment. Dropping her on the ground, he shoved her against the door. He snarled, “I don’t want anyone of them. I want you for the night. You are available aren’t you or you haven’t been sending a signal?”

Sabine scoffed and rolled her eyes with a shrug. Placing her arms around Amery’s shoulder, she replied seductively, “I may have unintentionally. We just me-“

Amery interrupted her with a grunt, “You say you know everything about me by just reading my palm? It’s only fair you tell me about yourself. One night.”

Sabine smirked. She got close to his embrace and kissed him on the lips. Moving back, she licked her lips and spoke with a mischievous smile, “I foresee that it will be more than one night. I warn you, however. My history is a tragic one.”

Amery copied her smirk and retorted, “So is mine’s. I can handle it.”

Sabine stared at Amery and tilted her head. She noted Amery’s natural blue eyes turning white ice blue for a moment as another cold shift came within his body. With the sphere ball on her hand where her cigarillo holder was, her other hand rested on Amery’s shoulder and neck. Her fingertips and nails stroked the back of his shaven hair. Placing the cigarillo into her mouth, she puffed another billow of smoke and kissed Amery on the cheek. She whispered into his ear, “First night is free. Allow me to change into something more comfortable.”

Amery let her go and took his duffle bag. He carried it across the small hallway. Sabine casually turned. A sad smile was seen on her face as she looked across the hall noting Stone’s room on the far end. Another explosion boomed as the pictures on the wall shook with the shock-wave followed by a clatter and a loud curse.

Sabine’s sad smile was brief as she changed it into smile to cover her sadness before closing the door. Several locks were heard from the other side as the apartment was locked.

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