Abnormal Cataclysm

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Lay Low - Pt. 2 of 2

Several days passed. Amery laid low in the Briar Rose. It was mid afternoon. Around the city were several warrants for his arrest. The man assumed it was because of the small weapon Marina used on him to erase his identity and the officers were having trouble pinpointing him. He was exposed that one time when the coast guard identified him by his navy tattoo. Since then, he wore a hooded jacket from Sabine.

Sitting by the bar, he watched Ian walked over to give him his usual. Placing the towel over his shoulder, he bent over placing his arms on the counter and inquired, “What is our plan for the day, friend?”

Amery scowled at him. His cold fingertips frosted the glass mug. Ian noticed and observed Amery take the beverage. Taking a gulp, Amery noticed him staring. Placing the beer down, he swallowed and inquired, “Everyone in here is an Abnormal, right? What’s your power? I haven’t seen it yet.”

Ian backed placing his hands on the counter. He responded oddly, “I don’t. The boss recruited me for my skills in mixing drinks and my ability to pass info. I can keep secrets and share them to certain people. That’s as far as a normal ability for me, so Romanov kept me around. Apparently I’m still useful.”

Amery growled softly with a glare. Gripping his glass mug, he added, “I also noticed you’ve been looking at me for the past few days. You like what you see?”

A smile crept across his face. Ian blushed, “Well, I do admit you are attractive to me but I try not to show it. You’re not the only one as everyone who comes in to pay the tab, some are more attractive. I hope I haven’t been making you uncomfortable, friend.”

Amery snarled with annoyance pointing with his finger, “You are not my friend. You are only useful for two things. Information and keeping me sated with your drinks. Look elsewhere.”

Ian backed slightly hurt but recovered. Offering his open palms toward Amery, he spoke, “Alright, understood. I’ll back off. There is a courier mission I want you to do for me. It pays well.”

Amery finished his drink. Ian placed a tablet and a small bag on the counter. Amery snatched both the table and the small money bag. Leaving his bar-stool, he felt the money inside the bag, covered his head with his hood and exited into the back alley looking over the tablet. The location wasn’t far. Ian watched Amery leave. Putting his thoughts for him aside, he turned away to attend another patron.

Outside the bar, Amery walked through the doorway and bumped into a running girl. Her curled long hair had pink streaks. Her hand was on her bag she carried across her torso. Her lips and nails were hot pink. She had on sunglasses. A pendant hung around her neck and a bracelet was around her wrist. Her clothing consisted of a sports crop top with a bikini, shredded tight jeans and laced high heels.

The girl entered through the doorway as Amery stopped. Turning around with a snarl, he spat, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

The girl gasped stopping. Keeping her hand on the strap of her bag, she placed her other hand on the wall. Amery growled facing her with a scowl. The girl moved her head around looking behind her. A smile formed as her eyebrow rose. She turned showing her agile form. A piercing was on her belly button. Her physique was athletic. Her height nearly matched Amery’s. The girl appeared young in her early twenties.

Taking her finger, she put it in her mouth and chewed her nail. Taking her hand from her strap, she moved her sunglasses up placing it on her head. Her mouth started moving as she was chewing a bubblegum. Chewing slowly, she shifted her feet and cocked her head slightly.

Seeing her lonely hazelnut eyes, Amery paused. He stared unable to find the words. The girl approached Amery trailing her finger along the wall. She bit her lower lip. Amery watched as she touched his chest. She trailed her nail up his torso and touched his hood removing it. When she approached, she appeared an inch taller because of her high heels. Running her fingers across his shaved head, the girl placed her other hand on his chin and kissed him on the mouth. Her fourteen inch bicep bulged showing her strong grip.

Amery moaned feeling her strong embrace. She pushed. Taking her finger from his chin, she took his arm and wrapped it around her waist. She embraced with another kiss as Amery pulled her. Unlocking her embrace, the girl took a few steps back placing her finger in her mouth. Chewing her nail, she smiled and giggled offering her other hand. With her finger, she beckoned him toward her while backed into the corridor. She blew a kiss before turning and vanished into the corridor. Amery stared.

With a grunt, he turned moving his hood back on and bashed through the door. Biting down, he tasted something soft and chewy. It was the girl’s bubblegum. With disgust, he spat the gum wiping his mouth. Cold vapor escaped his throat as he exhaled walking along the crosswalk. The door behind him closed shut as he placed his hands in his pocket.

Amery walked the sidewalk of LA. The past few hours he had been walking biding his time before he met with his contact. He passed several people as sirens blared behind him. Turning his face the opposite direction, he placed his hand on his hood to cover his face. The police car honked its horns with its sirens flashing passing him, down the street and made a right into the intersection. Slipping into the intersecting alley, he jumped out of sight. Hands in pocket, the bodybuilder lumbered hunched over sullen and angry.

Stopping before the dead end with the two intersecting alley behind him, he faced the wall. Keeping his hood on, he raised his wrapped fists priming it. With a grunt, he punched the air between him and the wall as the soldier shadowboxed intensely. Keeping his feet apart and his knees bent, he moved his body weight around ducking his imaginary partner and counter punched harshly.

Cold mist scattered from his fists and feet as he ducked and weaved. Amery grunted keeping his strength and skills sharp. A low growl uttered from his throat as he scowled. Feeling nothing for others around him, coldness was in the pit of his stomach. Soon a sound of footfalls behind him made him pause.

Placing his arms to his side and clenching his fists, he growled baring his mouth into a snarl. Craning his neck, he looked behind. Someone carried a large package under his arm. The man asked, “You the one?”

Turning around, Amery placed his hand in his pocket. Removing the money bag from his pocket, he approached and tossed it in the air before it fell on his hand. The man spoke, “Good. Give me the money.”

Facing his contact with the intersecting alley behind him, Amery handed his contact the payment. A shout came from behind them as the tone of a commanding male spoke, “You two, stop right there!”

Amery growled taking back the money pouch. Sneaking it into his pocket, he craned his neck behind him. A uniformed police officer was behind keeping his weapon pointed at them. With his free hand, he toggled his radio and spoke, “Suspicious activity sighted. Requesting immediate backup.”

The contact kept his hand up while holding the package. Not wanting to get caught, he got scared and muttered backing up, “Screw it! I’m outta here.”

“Hey,” The officer shouted watched the smaller person with the suspicious package turn to run.

Amery scowled. Raising his hands, his power activated. Without flinching, he expanded his open palm. Cold ice shard shot out. It caught his contact by the ankle immobilizing his foot onto the ground. He grunted falling. Grabbed his foot, he yelled painfully. Seeing that, the officer shouted, “Hey! Put your hands up and turn around slowly, freak!”

Amery sneered. Slowly putting his hands up, he turned around while pulling down his hood. He revealed his face. The officer watched as Amery removed his jacket slowly. Recognizing the tattoo, the officer gasped keeping his weapon on him and spoke, “Amery Crowe! You stand there and don’t move an inch!”

Amery retorted with a shrug tossing his jacket aside, “Frozen in place.” Taking his arms, he moved his shoulder up and pumped his muscles exposing his twenty three inch biceps. His packed chest and rippled defined body hulked up as he growled baring his teeth at the officer. Cold steam expelled from his body.

The officer shouted pointing his weapon, “Keep those hands up!” With his other hand, he reached for his radio. Amery smirked primed his fist. With his open palm, he shot a shard of ice thrusting his arm forward. The ice shard cut the officer’s hand and froze his radio. He yelled painfully opening fire. It caught Amery several times on his torso. His ice armor solidified as his natural blue eyes turned ice blue. Opening his mouth, he exhaled with a snarl as a gust of cold vapor blew out.

Stepping forward, Amery faced the man. The officer opened fire. It caught the soldier on the shoulder pushing him back. He yelled flexing his arms and increased his stride. Several more bullets fired catching Amery on the chest. The soldier felt no pain. He felt nothing as his frozen skin was chipped from his deflecting ice armor. Grabbing the gun hand, he crushed the officer’s hand. The officer yelled with pain.

The contact behind Amery looked on with fear watching Amery overtake the officer. Amery punched the officer’s face while crushing his weapon. The officer grunted feeling the harsh blow from his cold hands. He yelled with pain feeling his hands growing numb. Amery grabbed him by the chest with a snarl and hoisted him up. Gripping him on his skin, Amery’s coldness froze the officer’s chest.

Cold rushed his body as he yelled. Cold vapor expelled from both Amery and the officer’s mouth. He whimpered with pain feeling his cold throat constricting. His bones became cold and frozen. He no longer moved his arms and legs. His cold breath exhaled. The officer yelled as his voice box slowly froze.

Keeping his hand on the officer’s chest, Amery released his frozen hands and grabbed his torso lifting him over his head with a grunt. Turning around, he faced the mortified contact. Breathing heavily, Amery exhaled another cold breath as he released a roar increasing his arm strength. As the frozen body became heavier, the strongman rammed the officer’s body down harshly shattering every bone in his body. The frozen officer died with his eyes frozen open. Icicles formed around the dead man’s mouth.

Scowling with anger at the contact, Amery pumped his arms bristling. He brought his shoulders hunching forward with a growl. Keeping his fists clenched tight, he raised his other fist and thumbed across his throat in a slicing motion toward the downed man. Stepping over the dead officer, the strong abnormal cold bodybuilder lumbered toward his contact.

Seeing his threat, the contact frantically raised his hand as he attempted to pry his foot off. He stammered, “Wait! No, wait. Let me go! You can have the package. Just give me the money and let me go!”

Amery snarled pumping his arms. He snarled, “You saw me. You know who I am? I won’t let you go.”

He stammered with fear, “No, I won’t tell anybody. I swear! I am just a messenger, a contact just trying to live by. I saw nothing!”

Amery knelt down beside him and placed his hand on his chest. With force, he thrust him down on the ground. The cold in his body evaporated. He growled with cold hatred feeling nothing for the man, “I don’t trust you and I don’t care. I leave no one alive. I don’t know you and I’m sure no one will miss you. You are nothing but a dirty lowlife. I don’t abide criminals like you running around.”

The man gasped fearfully. His body grew colder. He flailed with his arms against Amery’s strong grip. Amery put pressure on the man’s chest. Cold vapor exhaled from the contact’s mouth. He gasped as his eyes turned ice frozen. His heart slowed to a stop till his heart froze solid. Cold vapor escaped his mouth when he exhaled a final breath. Amery pushed down crushing his chest with the snap of his frozen bones.

Amery slowly stood to his five feet ten inches height. Grabbing his jacket, he put it on. Taking the package under his arm, he left the area as the reinforcements of police officers came to the scene to see two frozen dead people on the ground and no perpetrator in sight.

Amery entered the Briar Rose with the package under his arm. He looked up. Ian waved him over to the backdoor and excused himself from the bar. Amery followed him into the back kitchen and placed the box on the counter. Ian spoke, “Was it a success? Did you transfer the money?”

Amery nodded tapping the top of the package, “Yes. Where’s my payment?”

Ian exhaled shaking his head and replied, “Bull, I can’t believe you lied. I have eyes and ears from here to overseas. It didn’t go well. You got the police involved and used your powers. You murdered my contact.

Amery scowled at him and growled, “Why do you care? I got your package. Give me my money.”

Ian responded pointing at his pocket, “I believe the payment you pocketed yourself is ample enough.”

Losing his patience, Amery snarled. Clenching his fist, he thrust forward and grabbed Ian’s throat. Ian gasped startled as Amery spat, “You will give me what you owe. I did the job, so don’t f*** with me.”

Ian grunted and inquired, “You sure you want to do this? The boss won’t be happy you harmed me.”

Feeling a sudden cold, he grunted painfully breathing through Amery’s frozen grip. Amery growled, “You know what? I don’t give a damn. You make the mistake of crossing me and you will pay.”

Ian gasped. He gave in to his grip and spoke under protest, “Left pocket in my vest.”

Amery fumbled Ian’s vest and took out the payment. Letting him go, he replied, “Nice doing business.”

As the soldier turned, Ian muttered, “I don’t want to deal with you again. You are a criminal. I don’t deal-

Amery growled. Turning sharply, he dealt him a blow hitting Ian on the jaw. He watched angrily as Ian flew onto the counter. Several pots and pans clattered on the ground. Snarling, he grabbed Ian by the shirt and thrust him on the counter. Lifting him, he thrust him against the wall and spat, “Do not call me a criminal. I am not a criminal.”

Ian stared back into his eyes and responded stoically, “You are a criminal.”

Insulted, Amery raised his fist and aimed it. Ian casually placed his finger in front of him and stared into his eyes. He spoke, “You will take the money and walk away.”

“I-?” Amery hesitated with his fist still primed. Ian repeated, “You will take the money and walk away.”

Amery responded confused, “I will take the money and walk away?”

Ian finished, “You will let me go and leave me be.”

Amery grunted letting go of his shirt and backed. Shaking his head, he rubbed his head in confusion. He was in a daze. Taking the payment, he turned and walked leaving Ian alone in the kitchen. Ian sighed cracking his neck and adjusted his vest before returning to work.

The confused and dazed Amery walked outside behind the Briar Rose. He headed toward Sabine’s rental housing. Entering through the doors, he stopped before the desk and stared. On the desk, he saw a cat sitting staring at him. It meowed. Amery stared at the cat. Hearing a clutter from his right, he turned.

Seeing Sabine facing the bookshelf with her back on Amery, Amery regained his senses and uttered an aroused growl. He felt desire. Last night was great. Taking out the money he owed, he approached her from behind. Sabine was focused and unaware. Taking his chance, he got closer and grabbed her butt.

Sabine jumped making a startled noise. She recognized Amery as he wrapped his arm around her chest grabbing her from behind. Sabine giggled grabbing his arm and responded, “Oh! You gave me a little scare. What are you up to, dearie?”

Amery responded letting go of her butt and grabbed her shoulder. He kissed her on the neck responding, “I am going to bed and I need you again.”

Sabine gasped and moaned closing her eyes as she felt Amery’s breath on her neck. She shuddered from the cold vapor inquiring, “You have the money?”

Amery kissed her on the neck and pocketed her money into her clothing pocket replying, “Ahead of you. Come with me, now.”

“In a minute,” Sabine turned and wiggled out of his arms. She spoke to the cat sitting on the table, “Nyx, you’re in charge. Make sure you lock up.”

Nyx meowed as Amery stared with a confused look, “Are you talking to a cat?”

Sabine giggled responding, “Not a cat, dearie. Nyx is my second and just another abnormal. She just prefers to be a cat. Other times, she becomes a lion just to scare the shit out of my tenants. It’s all in the good fun though. Nyx be nice!”

Meowing, Nyx opened her canines and yawned stretching. She licked herself grooming. Amery stared as Sabine took his hand pulling him. Nyx ceased grooming herself to stare at Amery with her yellow eyes.

The cat mewed again. Sabine stepped on the stairs and walked up. Amery turned to her and inquired with curiosity, “Why is she a cat? What is her power?”

Sabine explained ascending the stairs toward the third floor, “Nyx is a Transformagus, dearie. She is able to transform into any beasts at will and she can also transform any object of her desire into any animals. She does it to people too, especially those who piss her off. She is a little like me, into dark magic. She is my student and someday, she will become my apprentice. She is still young.”

Stopping before Amery’s room, she turned to him and responded seductively, “But enough about her. Let’s talk about you. How was your day?”

Amery grunted unlocking the door and opened it for her. He replied, “I don’t need to talk about it.”

Sabine smirked watching him enter his room. She replied, “That bad, huh? Well don’t worry because I am here for you.” Closing the door, the dark emapth locked it.

Amery sat down with a grunt on the chair. Sabine approached. Taking his jacket, she peeled it off as Amery grabbed her wrist. She moved to kiss him on the cheek. Removing his jacket, she noticed several frozen blood and some bullets embedded into his skin. She gasped inquiring, “Aren’t you in pain?”

“Huh,” Amery wondered looking at his wounds and muttered, “I didn’t notice. I didn’t feel-“

Sabine sighed shaking her head. She replied, “Well dearie, I cannot sleep with you like this. Wait here.”

Sabine returned with the kit. Amery was undressed from his torso and legs. Seeing more frozen blood and wounds from the usual scars and tattoos, she sighed shaking her head, “Dearie, aren’t you just a mess? What did you do to piss off the world?”

Amery shrugged responding, “Nothing. I had to work hard. It’s not my fault they want a piece of me.”

Sabine scoffed opening the kit. Taking a cloth, she worked on the first wound she saw and cleaned. Staring at Amery’s eyes, she noted that he had something in mind. Curious, she inquired, “Bull.”

“Hmm?” Amery looked up and stared into her eyes. Cleaning his wounds, she inquired, “I sense you have something on your mind. Feel like sharing?”

Amery shrugged responding, “Well, since I am paying by the hour.”

Sabine scowled at him and retorted, ”Don’t be like that, dearie. I’m serious.” She dabbing at his wounds and removed the bullets with her tweezers.

Amery exhaled a sigh and grunted hesitating. He spoke, “Everyone is an Abnormal? No non Abnormal.”

Sabine responded, “Yes dearie. The boss, Romanov, specifically said no one without abilities allowed. So, there aren’t any here. Why?”

Still confused, Amery wondered, “So that makes your bartender an Abnormal too?”

“Ian?” Sabine wondered and explained, “Did he tell you he doesn’t have powers? Well technically, he doesn’t have any. He is considered one, but he doesn’t use his abnormality unless he’s threatened in a big way. The boss keeps him around because Ian is the main source of information. He has the passive ability to make people talk and spill their secrets without meaning to. Without him circulating information, Romanov’s enterprise goes down in a big way. So, don’t threaten or attempt to kill him because if you harm him in any way, Romanov will take it personal. Why? Did you do something?”

Amery looked at her and shrugged, “Nothing. I was just curious.”

Sabine scoffed as she put down her kit and snapped, “Bull, did you do something?”

Amery growl and waved it off by changing the subject, “Nothing, look are you done?”

Sabine sighed. Looking at her kit, she put it away. Amery snarled grabbing her wrist. He growled baring his teeth. Sabine closed her eyes, turned to face him and opened. A low growl was uttered. Baring her sharp canines, she moved close. Sitting in front of him, he grabbed her waist and pulled her. Kissing her neck, he exhaled his cold vapor making her shiver. She moaned moving her head back.

Sabine felt his tightened muscles and his touch. Her head moved up as she stared into Amery’s eyes and kissed him on the mouth. Amery squeezed her gently. They embraced while the sun went down.

The following morning, Amery woke to an explosion that shook the apartment. It was the fourth day of the week. He growled. Looking over to his left, he saw that Sabine left. Feeling peeved, he went to shower and dressed. Exiting his room, another explosion shook. The pictures on the wall rumbled. He approached the door of Sloan. The sign stated ’Do not disturb! Experiment in progress’.

Amery scoffed and banged at his door. Sloan shouted, “What? Who is disturbing me?”

“Disturb,” Amery snapped, “You-okay, this is not cool. You just woke me from my sleep.”

Sloan retorted sarcastically as another explosion sounded, “Oh boo hoo. What do you wanna do? Cry?”

Amery growled banging at the door, “Do you know who I am?”

Sloan made a taunting laughter speaking, “Do you think I care? I’m running an experiment. I cannot be disturbed. Go away.”

Amery growled clenching his fists priming it. Remembering what Sabine said about harming Romanov’s people, the soldier exhaled with disgust. Cold vapor escaped his mouth as an explosion boomed. Shaking his head, he ignored Sloan and walked to the stairway access.

Running down the stairs, he exited and headed toward the reception area. Looking to his right, he noticed a little girl with long dark hair seated. The girl looked up and stared at him. She had a mysterious aura. Curious, he inquired, “Who are you?”

The girl blinked and stared at him. Touching the paper before her, she pointed. The name Nyx was written. Amery exclaimed, “Ahh, you’re that cat from the other night. Wait-“ Nyx stared at him. He inquired, “Are you just an Abnormal little girl or are you a cat? I’m confused.”

Nyx remained silent and shrugged. She blinked. Amery studied her and wondered, “Can you talk? Say, have you seen Sabine?”

Nyx nodded and pointed up. Amery looked up perplexed by the girl’s odd manner. She didn’t speak, but understood him. Shaking his head, he turned and left. Nyx stared at him and blinked. Moving her hand up, she subconsciously started licking the top of her hand.

Amery walked to the Briar Rose bar and entered. Walking along the corridor, he found his stool near the counter and sat. Ian walked over and spat gruffly handing him a card, “What do you want?”

“The usual,” Amery replied looking at the card. Ian nodded preparing a glass. Amery took the blank white card and flipped it to the other side. On the front was the name, ′Aurora′ in giant cursive letters. The sub text wrote, ′Looking for love? The prettiest new girl in town will provide! Appointment only. Remember to believe in yourself and you will succeed in life!′ A marker was added to the side as the new text stated, ′Bull. VIP. Second door to the right behind the bar. Tonite. See you! With love, ~Aurora’.

The glass of beer was placed in front of him. Confused and distracted, Amery took the cold beverage. Taking a sip, he looked at Ian and inquired, “What’s this?”

Rubbing the glass with his towel, Ian responded point-blankly, “A card.”

Annoyed, Amery glared at him. Ian exhaled and responded, “Okay, look. You’re new here, so I’ll tell you this. Not only this bar is only for abnormals, Sabine also goes around and recruits new girls with odd abilities. She promises them a home to deal with their abilities. While they live here, they work for her by pleasing her clients. The girls are family to her, so she takes care of them well. Aurora, she’s one of the new girls. She is special as her services are expensive and highly sought for because she provides for her clients while they pay for her services. However, her services are appointment only.”

Amery nodded listening. Lifting the card, he inquired, “Okay. Why me?”

Ian scoffed and shrugged offering his palms, “Why not? You were chosen to meet her. Not many do on their first day of the job. This is a one a kind of opportunity, so if I were you, I’d take it now before she skips you over for another client. She comes highly recommended. Turn the card over.”

Staring at him, Amery sighed. Turning the card over, he expected to see it blank. However, instead it was a holo picture of Aurora. She was moving, smiling with her hand on her hip and blowing a kiss. The girl on the card was the same one. Looking at Ian, he exclaimed, “I know her. I bumped into her the other day.”

Ian nodded with wide eyes and exclaimed, “There you go! She chose you. Just go to the appointment.”

Taking another gulp of his glass, he exhaled responding, “Okay.” Amery turned and left the bar.

Back of the bar in the VIP suites, the pretty young girl sat in front of the mirror of her makeup desk. Her long curled blonde hair with pink streaks was tied back exposing her ears. Small earrings dangled. Her face was clean free of makeup. Her fingers had medium nails coated with hot pink. Removing her earrings, she placed it in her jewelry box. Taking the bracelet from the top of the box, she put it on as the door behind her knocked.

Aurora turned and spoke, “Come in! I’m decent.” Her accent was European.

The knob was twisted as the door was opened. Amery entered. Eyes went wide as Aurora smiled getting up. She wore laced sleepwear. Beckoning him in, she spoke, “Bull. Come in.” She was shorter without her heels. However she remained the same height as the soldier as she opened her arms and approached him, “I was hoping you would come. I know I sent you that card hoping you would, but I wasn’t sure.”

Amery watched her. He was unsure of her and yet he felt something familiar from her. Aurora smiled. Flipping her hair, she untied the knot and let it fall across her shoulders. Tossing it, she moved to kiss Amery on the cheek. Touching him on the shoulder, she spoke, “Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Aurora. Sabine had to leave and assigned me to you. You are my new client. This is only the introductory session. It is free. Come. Lay with me, sweetie. Let me attend to you for one free night.”

Amery stood unmoving. Aurora moved her hand to touch him on the cheek. Amery grabbed her wrist with a growl. She paused and blinked keeping her expression cool. Amery inquired, “Where is she?”

Taking back her hand, she moved closer to his cold body and responded lightly stroking his eyebrow with her painted finger nail, “I don’t know. As I do not freely share her current activities with my clienteles, I truly don’t know. All I can say is this though she will be back by the end of this week. Do not worry. I am sure she is fine. Does this answer your question? Are you satisfied?”

Amery looked at her and nodded. Aurora’s friendliness somehow put the Bull at ease as she kissed him on the lips. Her strength nearly equaled Sabine as Amery moaned when Aurora pushed. Taking his arm, she moved the arm around her waist and placed her hand on his cheek. Taking the ends of his jacket, she removed it revealing his rippling muscles. He let the jacket drop grabbing Aurora’s jaw. Amery kissed her mouth and lifted her waist. While being carried to bed, Aurora unclasped Amery’s camo pants.

Placing her in bed, Amery knelt on the soft bed as he felt his pants being removed. He had already taken his boots off. Aurora stroked his cheek and wrapped her arm around him as the lights dimmed. They lay on the bed with him atop her as Aurora provided Amery what he desired. She moaned as Amery exhaled his cold vapor on her neck before kissing it. She kissed his neck in return as they moved across the bed.

Several days passed without Sabine. Amery sat on the chair watching Aurora. The beautiful girl with long curled blond hair and pink streaks danced around the pole. She wore her crop top bra and short skinny jeans. She smiled at him while moving with agile grace to the music. Amery sat straight with his hands on his legs. While observing her dance, thoughts weighed heavily on his mind. They were having a private session in the VIP section of the bar in the top balcony out the room on the second floor.

Aurora let go of the pole and approached Amery. Taking his hand, she stroked his face and knelt on the chair he was seated on. Amery took her hand and pulled while grabbing her waist. Kneeling down, she sat on Amery’s lap. Kicking her high heels off, she moved for a kiss embracing him on the lips. Amery pulled her as she moaned.

Sitting on his lap facing him, she laid her arms on his shoulders and smiled. Amery remain silent taking in her beauty. She spoke touching his lip with her thumb, “I think I enjoyed our last few days, sweetie. It was the highlight of my experience. Thank you.”

Amery opened his mouth slowly and inquired, “Is this our last day?”

Sadly, Aurora nodded taking the card from inside her skimpy clothing and tucked it into his shirt. She spoke patting his shirt, “Uh huh. Romanov wants you back to work. The boss has something for you.”

Curious, Amery took the card and read it. Looking at her, he inquired, “Has anyone ever seen the boss? Does he have a first name?”

Aurora smiled with a light giggle. She spoke, “Of course sweetie. The boss’s name is Cyrus Romanov. Only Sabine and one other person sees him. He decides what everyone does and expects his people to do the job. The person in question you have to find for him is Ian Sedgwick. Adam Parker is his cover.”

Amery glared and growled, “Seattle? I have to go back there? Everyone’s looking for me.”

She nodded shifting her seat on his lap before replying, “I know, sweetie, but you gotta figure at some point you will return. Sedgwick hasn’t been updating his progress, so that is your mission. To find him, put him in his place and relay the information.”

Amery sighed as cold vapor expelled. He responded, “Alright. I will go find him.”

Aurora smiled. Moving in for a kiss as they embraced, she unlocked and left his lap. She spoke, “If you want, you can go find Sabine before you leave. She should be back and I know she would love to see you before you leave.”

Amery nodded. Taking the card, he stood and grabbed her waist. Pulling her in for one last kiss on the neck, Aurora moaned closing her eyes. Unlocking their embrace, she spoke, “If you do come back, come make an appointment to see me. Of course, you will still have to pay for our sessions.”

Amery said nothing. Picking the duffle bag, he placed it across his body and turned away walking. He could feel something for her, but he felt strongly for Sabine. Sabine was the one who stirred him deeply.

Sabine walked along the crosswalk to a different building. Different types of bruises were visible on her defined muscular figure. Behind her, a familiar shout came. Turning around with a grunt, she smiled watching Amery approached. Amery walked toward her and stopped. Seeing her bruises, Amery stopped. Taking her by the shoulder gently, inquired, “What happened? When you didn’t come-“

Sabine smiled interrupting him, “I appreciate your concern, dearie, but it is nothing you can do.”

Amery touched Sabine on the cheek, but she recoiled moving her head back and moving her open palm forward with a light gasp. Concern and feeling angry, he spoke, “Someone did this to you? Abused you? Tell me.”

She shook her head and spoke, “There is not-”

Clenching his fists, he backed her against the wall with a snap, “Tell me! I will deal with him.”

Sabine sighed touching him on the chest. She responded, “Dearie, listen. I haven’t told you everything.”

Pausing, Amery crossed his arms and glared. He spoke, “Sure you haven’t. We had a great couple days. You shared and I shared. You are everything I could ever want in a woman. We had something going on and then you vanish only to come back with bruises. I care. You’re my girl. No one messes with my girl.”

Sabine made eye contact with him and replied, “I know, but I am taken. I was already spoken for. I am hers alone and she-,” she exhaled turning away. Touching her bruise, she closed her eyes and sighed.

Amery hesitated. Seeing her in pain and sadness, he touched her chin and moved her to face him. He inquired, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

She stared at him and responded with another sigh, “Because I wanted the feel of sleeping with a man in bed and you showed me what I was missing. I do care about you. I love you, but I still love her. She is insanely jealous and possessive. I cannot leave her. To do so would make her snap. She will never stop hunting me down and she will not stop killing people if it means taking me back. She is dangerous and only I have control of her.”

After listening, Amery sighed and spoke, “So, you can’t just leave her? Are we breaking up?”

Looking down, Sabine responded with a sigh as she looked at him again, “Yes. She noticed my lowered body temperatures. Somehow she knew and she hurt me. She hurt me because she cares and does not want me with another man. She doesn’t want me with anyone or sleeping with anyone. This is why I have my girls take care of their clients. Their money goes to me and I share a part of the money to keep this place running. Romanov takes care of us.”

Amery shook his head and responded stepping forward, “Tell me her name. I will give her a piece of my mind. You do not deserve to be treated like this.” He placed his hand against the side of the building.

Sabine stood back as she hit the side of the building with her back. She stared at him and offered a half smile. Bending her head forward, she kissed Avery on the cheek and pulled back. Licking her lips, she responded, “I know you will, but I don’t want you to. Thank you. Romanov has a mission for you, so if you haven’t seen Aurora yet you should do so. I wish you luck.”

She turned away and walked off. Amery sighed watching her. Shaking his head, he was still angry. The soldier headed around the corner toward the front where his bike was parked. He carried his duffle bag and approached the corner. Seeing someone next to his bike, he shouted walking quickly, “Hey!”

The man between the car and the bike looked up startled. Raising his hands, he responded, “Amery Crowe? Hey, before you do something stupid, my name is Victor Sloan.”

Approaching him, Amery glared with a retort, “Who?”

“You don’t know me,” Sloan inquired with a gasp. Amery growled baring his teeth. Feeling his impatience, Sloan replied hastily, “Right, where are my manners? Forgive me. I am a scientist under the employ of Rasputin’s army. My rank is Major. I do know you and everyone. Why, you ask? It is because I study abnormal abilities. When the shockwave hit, I was sent to research what they are and their applications on subjects. Hence my experiments in the apartment. Romanov wants me to come with you. Nothing drastic. See, I study abnormality. I even have some myself,” he implied pointing at his head, “It keeps me going, makes me smart. I know everything about them and keep myself updated on the changes. He wants me with you because he wants me to make you an offer.”

Amery crossed his arms and glared. He grunted waiting for him to finish. Sloan nodded, “If you want, I can help you with your abilities. Make it strong or understand what they are for. I have the tools. I can either make it go away or make it stronger. What say you? Do you want my help?”

Keeping his arms crossed, Amery thought on it and exhaled with a growl. Taking his bike, he move it around facing the street. The soldier spoke getting on and starting it up, “If you can keep up.”

His word confused Sloan as Amery started the bike up and drove away. Sloan muttered calculating and exclaimed pointing his finger up, “Oh, yes! If I can keep up. I can keep up. Wait for me!” As Amery drove off, Sloan muttered getting into his car and followed him.
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