Abnormal Cataclysm

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Three Weeks Ago

“Amery Crowe.”

The name was spoken aloud in the middle of a dark, illuminated room. It had several windows with closed blinds, a small rectangular desk and a huge, empty white board. The room was occupied by several people around the desk. They were all wearing the SPD uniforms of the Seattle Police Department. The only person standing was a man of an average sized with broad shoulders in his fifties. He was the only one talking and he pointed at the projection of the man he was talking about.

The people watching the presentation studied the detail of the floating projection of another man in his mid-thirties. He was of average size with a muscular body filled with tattoos. He had dark hair and facial hair. This right eye was blue while his left eye was white with an obvious white scar across his left face. The image shimmered as it was rotated 180 degrees nonstop.

There was another man at his early twenties in the room. He was leaning against the window listening to the chief’s presentation. His clothing was a different uniform as he was not of the SPD. He was staring at the rolling image with clear vengeance for the man.

The chief continued, “Only 5’11” and 35 years of age, this man escaped from confinement in a prison within Alberta, Canada. Someone aided in his escape, but we do not know who. He is to be considered dangerous. Even during his stint at the prison, he killed a man with bare hands. He is strong and cannot be stopped alone because he can kill you without much effort. That is why we need to work together to bring him down. He murdered two border guards before crossing into Washington State, so here to join us is Agent Skylar Cade. He transferred from the office at Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Agent?”

Their attention was focused on the agent as Skye approached the group and nodded at the chief, “Thank you. I was brought here to oversee the capture of this man. He escaped from the prison only a few months ago. Even before serving in World War III, Amery was already an accomplished marine sergeant. He joined the service as early as sixteen as part of the SEALs. From a young age, he always liked being the soldier. His father was in the marines and died in the service of his country. Amery followed in his footsteps. He started his seal training at the age of nine. Eventually, he joined the boot came and was nicknamed bull because of his strength and aggressive nature.”

He continued the presentation as the image animated the changes Amery Crowe experienced through the ages, “However, when he joined the SEALs, he started to change. Slowly there and here it began with several temper tantrums. He injured his fellow man with friendly fire thinking he was an enemy soldier. His attitude quickly changed when he went through some kind of berserk rage and killed another soldier. He strangled him with his strength and killed him by snapping his neck. He received a dishonorable discharge for that. Immediately after that, he was charged and sent to prison. He was only nineteen.”

Skye kept clicking through the images and finished his presentation talking about the Great War, “He was only in prison for about a year. When the war came, he was watching through the television of the news. As usual, even prisoners needed to know what was going on outside. When the agents and government officials knocked on the doors, some of them even recruited prisoners like Amery Crowe. He rejoined the Navy Seals under a different branch along with the other discharged marine personnel. For the worst half of his life, he led his seals during many campaigns that involved capturing, torturing and killing the enemy.

He cleared his throat once finishing as he clicked the projector off and the lights returned to normal, “Just recently several years before the war ended, Crowe and his seals were eventually stopped from killing and sent back to prison. He is dangerous and he has SEAL training to evade capture. This is why you cannot face him alone. He will capture and torture you for information before killing you.”

His cell vibrated in his pocket. Taking out his phone, he pressed the new notifications button. The officers watched him. Skye read the text he received from his sister. It read, “Bull discovered in area. Bring backup now.”

Skye whispered to the chief showing him the text, “We need to go now. Bring a SWAT team.”

As the agent left the room, the chief turned to the rest of the officers and declared, “We have to go now! You have your mission! Take him down quickly before he leaves this city.”

In the streets of Seattle, Washington, a single lone five feet five inches tall well built young woman in her twenties ran across the streets carrying her weapon. Her brown hair was tied into a bun behind her and she wore the battle dress uniform of a border patrol. The sleeves from her BDU were folded within her upper arms showing her medium fourteen inch biceps. A Beretta handgun rested in her hands. It was charged. Her eye wear was activated guiding her through the crowd.

The crowd dispersed quickly when she shouted, “Get out of the way!”

She was focused on a runner before her eye wear and shouted when the section in the front of her was cleared of people out of harm’s way. The agent stopped and pointed her weapon, “Stop right there Bull!”

The man stopped with a turn. A bullet proof vest covered his torso. He had that same blue eyed scowl with the scar across his left eye and the same rippling, battle-hardened muscles of a soldier. An old tattoo with the image of the Navy Seals and his nickname ‘Bull’ was printed on his shoulder. His biceps were bigger as he clenched his fist showing his seventeen inch arms. Several more tattoos dotted his exposed muscles including the barbed wire tat around his biceps. He carried no firing weapons and he only had his kabar knife on his sheath. Not wanting to stop, he ran into the alley on his right as Sara opened fire. The people around her yelled taking cover from a safe distance.

She let out an angry shout and ran after him. She was fiercely determined to take him down. When she entered the alley following his steps, a radio buzzed in her ear. She growled with irritation, “What?”

“Sara!” a voice spoke into her ear. It was her brother.

Sara shouted back into the radio while running down the alley, “I’m busy!”

“Fall back,” Skye spoke into her radio as if he was tracking her, “You are getting too close to him and you can’t face him alone. Wait for backup!”

The agent watched the man in front of her ran toward the wired fence and jumped halfway up. He climbed over. She increased her tempo into a full run as she shouted back, “No time! I can’t let him get away this time. Not when I am too close.”

“Sara!” her brother shouted again.

Sara gave an annoyed grunt as she removed her ear piece and tossed it. During her run, her heavy military boots crushed the radio. It set off a static toward her brother. Coming a few feet away from the tall fence, Sara went from her full sprint to a long jump grabbing the wires and climbed over.

From across the alley, Skye let out an annoyed grunt as his radio sent off a static. He shouted again, “Sara! Dammit! That’s the third time for crying out loud! Take a left here. I’ll meet her halfway!”

Skye lost his radio connection to his sister. In the car, which was a black sedan with flashing lights and siren, Skye sat in the front passenger directing his driver while examining the tablet. On it was several dots and one of them was his sister. She was the one in a green dot chasing a red dot which was the person she was chasing. Nowadays, bodies can now be tracked through the markers they receive. Those are invisible markers cloaked by a bio tracker which can take place anywhere in their bodies and were hard to remove.

As the car sped across the road, Skye studied the tablet while concerned for his sister. He had on his battle dress armor. Suddenly he shouted looking up and pointed, “Stop here! I can go most of the way. Go around the block and meet at the south end!”

“Yes, sir,” replied the driver as Skye got out. The black sedan drove off.

Skye placed his eye wear on and took out his Beretta. Placing both hands on it, his eye wear activated giving him the uploaded directions to take. Gripping the weapon, his arm muscles flexed as he ran into the opposing alley while being directed by his eye wear. He had to find his sister and back her up. She was in trouble. All the training and exercises they took together during the academy still couldn’t stop him from worrying about his twin because without her, he was nothing. They were connected and if they were separated or cut off, the other end would be lost or left astray.

Sara ran into the corner and saw her target disappear into the side window. With another burst of energy, she ran toward the side of the building and noticed a broken window. Cautiously, she pointed the gun into the dark room and took out her flashlight. She crept into the window and looked around while beaming her torch into any direction of the wall or door. Taking her foot, she entered through the window carefully while pointing her Beretta out of the window.

All of a sudden a hand shot out and grabbed her weapon. The strong hand gripped the barrel of her weapon and her hands not letting her any movement. Sara yelled as she was forced through the window. Another hand grabbed her back as Amery shouted pulling her harshly across the room. Sara lost her weapon as it was kicked aside. She yelled as he tossed her across the room hitting the wall. It cracked under pressure as dust was disturbed. It settled onto the ground as Sara went into fetal position to protect herself from hurting herself as she fell onto the ground with a roll.

Rolling to her side, Sara flipped herself up as Amery faced her. He armed himself with the kabar knife and taunted her with his hand stretched out beckoning her toward her. The man responded with a growl continuing to scowl at her with hatred, “Don’t you ever get tired of chasing me bitch?”

Grabbing the side of her belt on her uniform, she pulled out her energy baton and whapped it to her side activating it. Placing her fists up with the baton downward, she spat back with anger, “Never! You’re going down!”

She rushed forward with a ferocity that shook the dusty floorboards. Her metal boots made a resounding bang against the wood. Amery ducked her swing and slashed with his knife. It cut across Sara’s BDU as her armor deflected the sharp metal of the serrated blade. She grabbed his wrist as his knife hand was diagonal toward her left flank. Flipping the baton over upwards, she rammed the energized weapon at his hand disabling his weapon.

Amery clenched his free hand and rammed his fist at her face catching her eye wear. It caught her as she painfully reeled back with a stumble. She lost her visor and tasted blood from her left lip. Snapping her energy baton down again, she collected herself again as she charged with her weapon slamming it downwards. Her opponent backed several spaces as he blocked with his right. The energy sparked from the tip of her weapon as he felt the power surge.

With one final effort and a yell, Sara slapped his arm down. Amery dropped to his right and delivered another punch. She ducked his blow and charged her weapon at his face. It made a hit and she thrust downwards to his leg making him drop onto the floor. Amery went down to his knee. Looking up to her face, he noticed and felt the anger emanating from her. Sara rammed her baton again toward his face but he caught her wrist.

He responded with a smirk, “Anger is very unbecoming of you, Cade. It makes you unattractive.”

She clenched her teeth and yelled with furious energy trying to pull back from his grip, but he pulled her wrist to one side and rushed up with a punch on her abs. Her armor caught his ramming power as she stumbled back. He let go with a push and rushed for his knife. On his feet, he rushed at the stumbling agent and didn’t give her a chance to react as he plunged the knife onto her right side.

It cut through her armor as Sara yelled out in pain staring back at Amery’s cruel features. He pulled his knife out as Sara grabbed her wounded side. Through her searing pain, she twisted on her feet and delivered a kick onto his stomach. The armor deflected her kick as it sent them both back. Sara yelled in pain as she stumbled onto the floor. In front of her eyes, she spied her Beretta.

Blood dripped from Amery’s weapon as he wiped his mouth with his other hand. He watched her with hatred and spat, “Stay down! I will end this for the last time!”

Wounded and down on the floor, Sara looked back as she squinted her eyes to fight back her pain. She watched the soldier flip the dagger and catching the handle as the point aimed downward. He made a step forward her. Quickly, she grabbed her gun and pointed at him opening fire. The vest caught the bullets but one grazed his side as Amery quickly made his exit right into a doorway. He barely felt the pain. However, Sara was in complete pain as she groaned grabbing her side to keep the blood back.

Opening her left pocket, she took out her bandage, ripped it open with her teeth and applied it onto her side. She gritted her teeth fighting against the pain and bandaged her open wound. Soon, the blood stopped while soaking her bandage. Banging her fist onto the ground, Sara clenched her sidearm and groaned as she tried to get up.

Several meters from her position, Skye continued running through the alley searching for an exit. He was looking for another way to the other side of the building where his sister was. Through the visor, he watched as the green dot fought the red dot. The green was her sister and the red was Amery. The green flickered for only a few moments as it flashed showing her in distress as the red dot got further from her. Concerned for his sister’s life, he finally found an exit.

Not far from the red dot were several more blue dots. It was one of the team. Raising them on radio, he responded, “Blue team, the target is in your area. I repeat, the target is in your area!”

He continued sprinting along one long alley getting closer to his goal.

The blue team carrying rifles and wearing BDUs stood together watching their backs. One of them pressed the radio and responded, “Yes sir. We are on the lookout!”

They were guarding a three way alley. He nodded at them and moved away from the group leaving the other two guys watching down across the alley looking for the target. From above them, Amery walked along the crawlspace from the open window. Holding his knife at one hand, he grabbed the rail and silently jumped over. His military boots hit the gravel as he jumped in between two surprised officers.

The trained Navy Seal stabbed the officer through his vest and pushed him aside as he withdrew his blade. The other officer raised his rifle and fired but missed as Amery thrust the rifle aside and slashed his throat. The officer made a few gurgles as his windpipe was slashed. He fell back dead. Turning back to the third officer, the last officer made one final turn as he pointed with his rifle with a shout, “No!”

Amery flipped his knife again catching the tip of his blade. His strong seventeen inch arms moved with enforcement tossing his bladed weapon with precision toward the officer. The officer opened fire with the attack, but Amery’s armor continued deflecting the bullets. However, another bullet grazed his arm as the blood splashed out hitting the side of the wall. The SWAT officer yelled in pain as the knife was plunged onto his right shoulder. It went straight clean through. He stopped firing losing his rifle, backed a few steps and grabbed the handle of the knife.

Amery yelled charging toward his enemy. The officer managed to pull the serrated knife out with a pained yell. He thrust the knife forward as his target got close. Amery grabbed his wrist twisting it and with his other hand grabbing the officer’s wounded area. The officer let out a pained yell as he was brought down to his knees. Taking his weapon back, he pointed the knife downwards and rammed his fist several times on the man’s face with fierce blind rage while breaking his nose.

Stunned, bleeding and in pain, the officer was kicked down by the soldier’s boots onto the ground. The officer stumbled and crawled away as Amery scowled back with anger and hatred for his enemy. He walked forward and knelt before him grabbing his head. Wrapping his muscular arm around his neck, he pulled back his head against his shoulder while strangling him. The officer struggled as he fought for his breath. His legs and arms made flailing motions as his life ebbed away quickly. Seeing that he had enough, the soldier made one quick jerk making a brief snap of his spinal cord killing him.

From behind him, a feminine shout rang out, “Hey!”

He dropped the dead officer and turned to see Sara on the crawlspace. His eyes narrowed in anger as he let out a snarl, “You?”

He could see that she was wounded by her clutching on her side. Making a pained grunt, Sara jumped over from her position and landed on the ground. She let out a pained yell dropping to one knee. Taking out her weapon, she stood and pointed, “Stop or I will shoot.”

Quickly, the soldier grabbed the officer’s sidearm and turned to point at the agent. They both fired at the same time as another person came barreling out from the third alley. Skye yelled out rushing for his sister, “Sara! Get down!”

Gunfire ensued as the agent’s bullets missed the kneeling soldier, but the soldier’s bullets hit Skye on the back of his armor as he pushed his sister out of the way. The brother covered his sister as their enemy yelled firing several more bullets. Skye looked at his sister and responded, “Stay down!”

Sara yelled back painfully, “I almost got him, Skye!”

Taking out his weapon, Skylar spat back angrily, “No you didn’t!”

He turned toward the soldier and rushed forward to cover firing back several times. Sara grunted in pain as she crawled backwards toward the wall. She grabbed her side at her bandage testing to see if it held. The bandage itself held as it was sort of a self healing type of bandage. Skye continued firing back and taking cover. Not wanting to stay around longer, Amery ceased firing and tossed the firearm. He took a few steps back, placed his knife back into the sheath and turned toward the nearby fire escape. Grabbing the ladder, he pushed himself to climb up.

Looking from his cover, Skye noticed him getting away and swore silently. Turning back to his sister, he responded, “You’re injured. Stay down!”

Grunting with pain, the dedicated female agent got herself up gripping her Beretta and held her wounded side. She shook her head responded, “No way. I can do this. Go after him. I’ll take a shortcut.”

Taking out his eye wear, Skylar tossed it to his sister responding, “Take this then. I’ll meet you on the other side. Cut him off!”

“Got it!” Sara shouted placing the glasses on.

They rushed forward sprinting across the alley passed the dead officer. While Sara took the shortcut, Skylar made his way up the fire escape. He followed the loud footsteps of the enemy’s boots hitting the metal bars. As he made his way to the top of the five story building, he exited the ladder and pointed at the retreating back of his target making a shout, “Stop running!”

Without a look back, Amery ran across the rooftop and jumped from the edge of the tall building to the next building below him. He disappeared from sight. Skylar swore and started running fast across the rooftop not wanting to lose sight of his target.

Below the building, sirens continued blaring as the police cars blared. Several other members of the SWAT team continued swarming. Across the street, a lone black sports motorbike sped past in high speed. It weaved in and out of traffic. The rider was female with a broad torso. She had broad shoulders showing her average sized back. Her figure showed that she was in her late twenties. A dark armored vest protected her torso. Her arms were muscled with seventeen inch biceps. The strong hand gripped the handlebar as she flexed her muscles making a turn into the alley. An modified assault rifle was locked on the back of her bike.

The woman wore a protective dark helmet with a closed visor. On the front of her bike, a cigar rested atop it. It was still burning. She looked up to see someone jumping across the alley. Several pebbles fell free from the roof and hit her broad shoulder. They bounded off her tattoo. It was of Navy Seal with the nickname ‘Fury’ printed on it. Her seventeen inch muscles flexed again as she zoomed on her bike into another alley while following her target in her visor.

From above the biker, Skye continued chasing his target. He was catching up with Amery as Amery made a barreling turn onto a corner. Grabbing the fence, he climbed over and onto the crawlspace. Skye stopped before the fence and opened fire on him. Metal sparked against the crawl-way as Amery ran toward the edge of the building. In front of him were several boards being suspended from the air.

Skylar grabbed the chained fence and climbed up. Reaching the top, he crawled over and watched his target jump across the gap. He continued along the suspended board and made a final leap to another building. Getting to his feet, Skye continued chasing him nonstop.

As Amery made his leap, he turned to watch as Skye jumped after him. He growled with irritation. The agents were hard on his heels. He needed an exit soon. Turning back around, he rushed to the stairway and ran down. It didn’t take long for Skye to follow his steps down. Amery jumped across the banister again and through an open window.

As Skye reached halfway down, he jumped across into the open window withdrawing his weapon. He rushed through the occupied room as he apologized to the family, “Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m hunting a suspect. Stay down.”

The agent exited through the open door and rushed through the hallway into another fire escape. At the bottom of the last building, Amery jumped down from the top of the large metal crate. He looked to his side as the female agent appeared from around the corner. She yelled opening fire with her weapon. The bullets missed and ricocheted from the metal around his head. Amery cursed and ducked out of sight.

Stopping her attack, Sara groaned catching the wall with her hand and vomited blood on the ground. She was still in pain. The strong young woman winced. She stumbled forward toward her target. Amery ran across the ground but stopped as the black sedan drove up blocking his exit. The officer exited the vehicle and pointed his weapon at him shouting, “Stop! Get down to your knees!”

Amery cursed under his breath as he turned around. Seeing Skye exiting the window and down the fire escape, he finally raised his hands and knelt down to his knees. The officer walked forward toward him while taking out the handcuffs. Out from Amery’s right, a sound of a motorbike came barreling past. It cut across his direction as the soldier watched the woman on her bike control her skid.

The rubber burnt on the gravel as the woman skid across the ground taking out her assault rifle from the back of her bike. She opened fire at the officer not giving him a chance to react. The bullets streamed across the air and hit the officer as well as the car. It killed the officer as he was thrown back a bit with the impact of her bullet-piercing ammo hitting the officer’s armor. He fell onto the ground dead.

The woman turned back at the man as he rose to his feet. Taking her helmet off, she revealed her long, curled blond hair and her dark specs covering her eyes. A long gash scar was revealed across her right eye. Amery muttered recognizing her, “Fury.”

Fury shouted tossing him the helmet, “Come on, Bull! You gonna stand there gawking like an idiot?”

Catching the helmet, he shook his head approaching her and responded with a smirk, “Took you long enough. I thought you would be halfway across the country by now.”

They met each other as Amery grabbed the back of her head. Fury grabbed his waist and they embrace with a kiss. Taking the rifle, she unlocked the kiss and thrust the rifle onto his arms with a shout, “Let’s get out of here, love.”

Fury watched from behind him as Skylar jumped from the large container. He pointed his weapon and opened fire. His sister slowly walked toward him around the corner. She turned to the couple as Amery turned with his rifle. He had on an evil grin as he trained his assault rifle at Sara. Skye saw and immediately shouted rushing for his sister, "Sara!”

Amery opened fire as Skye grabbed his sister out of harm’s way and gently placed her down against the wall. She groaned coughing several times. Blood trickled down her mouth. Amery cackled with glee as he finished firing his weapon making holes in the wall with his ammo piercing rounds. He stepped forward for a kill shot when Fury grabbed his belt and pulled with her muscles, “Come on! We need to go!”

Amery snarled with irritation lowering his rifle and clocked it. He ejected the magazine to check on his bullets. Satisfied, he placed it back while turning back to her. They kissed again with an embrace.

On the other side of the wall, Sara groaned and coughed painfully. Skylar was concerned as he checked her over. Taking the visor, he clicked it to another channel and placed it on. Through the eye wear, he scanned her body. He noted a foreign object still embedded into her wound. The eyewear reported that she needed medical assistance soon. The serrated blade of Amery’s kabar knife did most of the damage to her flank and left behind some metal. It was attached to her bones as the knife was pulled out.

Sara grabbed her brother’s chest and spat angrily, “Skye! Get them! Go!”

“I’m not leaving you,” he argued.

She argued not wanting to hear him, “Go you idiot! I’ll be fine! Stop them!”

She thrust her side arm at her brother’s hand. Taking both weapons, he turned from his corner and spun around aiming his weapon at the duo. Amery had already placed the helmet in place and sat behind Fury. Fury ran her fingers across her blonde braided side cut hair and combed it to the side of her broad shoulder. Turning around, she smirked at the agent with the two guns.

“Kill him, my sweet,” Fury responded coldly as she revved the bike again twisting the handle several times with her muscles.

Skye opened fire as his bullets hit the cigar butt on her ashtray as well as grazing her arm. Fury didn’t feel the bullet as she swerved her bike around. She shouted gleefully lifting her bike in the air, “Yee Haw!”

Amery quickly grabbed her waist to avoid falling off the bike, aimed his weapon and opened fire as the bike sped away. The bullets missed Skye several times as he ducked out of the way and fired back. The bike vanished around the alley. Returning to his sister, Skylar touched his radio and shouted, “Agent down! I need medical assistance. Now!”

Sara was unconscious. Her body went limp. Blood dripped from her mouth. Skye ran to her and wrapped his arms around her body. Lifting her, he rushed toward the sirens. For now, he would have to catch Amery later. His sister was the one who needed saving. Approaching near the damaged black sedan, sirens reached his ears as he watched two trucks getting close. It was a SWAT team truck and a medic van. The medic van pulled up first near him as the SWAT truck veered into the large alley where he was.

The medical technician pulled out a gurney and Skye placed his unconscious sister on it. They rushed to stabilize her as one of them scanned her inside. One of them spoke, “Don’t worry agent. We will take care of her. She will be fine.”

Skye nodded and watched as the medical tech returned to the truck. The truck sped away. He turned as the chief approached him with the radio. He responded into the radio, “You see them?”

“See them?” A voice crackled in the radio as the officer shouted, “We are chasing a black motorcycle with two occupants on it. One of them has a weapon.”

There was background chatter and noise. They listened on bated breath as the radio crackled, “He is shooting at us! Armor piercing rounds! It smashed through the window! We lost the driver!”

The officer yelled before the radio went dead. The chief switched comms and shouted, “Anyone have an eye on them?”

Another voice went through the background noise of a helicopter hovering, “We are over the tunnel. The cycle disappeared into a tunnel. We are waiting on the other side. They, umm-” There was a long pause and the voice finished, “I don’t see them! We lost them!”

“Damn,” the chief cursed as he finished, “Alright, all teams pull back and regroup! We need to retrace their path. They can’t be far!”

Skye walked from the chief and headed toward the scene. The chief rushed over to his side and offered his hand on the shoulder getting his attention, “Your sister will be alright. We have some of the best hospitals around. She is at good hands. We will find these two and we will stop them. I promise.”

He turned to the police chief and nodded accepting his words, “Thanks.”

Walking passed the damaged black sedan and the dead agent on the ground, they approached the spot where several officers were canvassing the scene. One of them showed a cigar butt as well as some blood responding, “We may have the identity of the woman soon.”

“Good,” Skylar responded following them to the back of the truck.

The officer placed the evidence on the scanner on the back of the truck. The device activated and the scanning processed. After a few minutes, the results came back zero. They were astonished. The officer ran it a few times to be sure. Skye growled responding, “She’s not in the system. Who is she?”

The chief responded, “Well, whoever she is, we can still track the one that is with her. Amery. We got her! It’s only a matter of time before we discover her identity.”

They returned to the truck. Skye opened his tablet. He scanned for Amery’s signature, but it was blocked by some sort of a cloaking device. He exhaled with frustration hitting his tablet.

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