Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Mysterious Woman

After the second long passionate embrace of the shared kiss between the two couples, Fury grabbed Amery’s chest and pushed him back. She shouted, “Now get in, love! We are not out of this yet!”

Amery nodded as he placed his helmet on and took his place at the back of her bike. He wrapped his arm around his girl’s waist. Fury let go of the handlebar to grab his fingers and interlaced it. Squeezing it, she showed her love.

Turning around suddenly, she watched as Skylar appeared from the corner. He opened fire with both Berettas from his hands. She smirked as she grabbed the handlebar of the bike responding, “Kill him, my sweet.”

She twisted the handlebar with a yell while grabbing the other handle. The cycle lifted from the ground before bashing back down. Her cigar was shot off as the bike pushed forward. She also felt a brief sting of her arm being pierced with something metal and hard. Amery gripped Fury’s waist hard as the bike peeled off. Turning around, he aimed the rifle at the agent and opened fire. The bike skidded denting the damaged black sedan and peeled off out of the alley onto the street.

The speedometer on the sports bike showed a hundred miles per hour. Both occupants leaned forward against the wind. The biker’s side cut braided blond hair fluttered in the wind. Fury controlled the momentum of the bike while passing the cars. Sirens weren’t far as the police gave chase. A helicopter followed them watching the black bike make its way onto the bridge. They were crossing the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge across Lake Washington. It was the longest bridge across the lake. Without the helmet, Fury knew her destination. Amery watched her current destination through the closed visor.

As some police cars caught up with the bike, Amery turned with his assault rifle and opened fire. He was laughing at them as his armor piercing rounds ripped through the metal of the cars. His assault rifle was modified with some kind of bullets he never saw before so he shouted, “Where did you get these?”

“A black market off the coast of Queensland. It’s worth it,” she shouted.

Fury kept her focus on the driving. Car horns blared. Most of them veered off as the bike weaved in and out in the middle of the road before veering onto oncoming traffic. Amery laughed when he pelted the last police car behind them into the wheels with his piercing round. It forced the car to flip and crash onto the railing before dipping over the bridge. He fired at its tailpipe near the gas tank. The car exploded in a fury as the flaming debris crashed into the water.

Fury shouted again, “Car!”

As she moved back into another lane while leaning the bike, Amery turned back around pointing the assault rifle. Several more police cars were coming toward them as he opened fire. His bullets sprayed across the glass shattering it. The driver was hit while pushed the brakes, turned and flipped over. Fury ducked out of the way as the car crashed. Amery followed through with several more bullets. The ricochet of the bullets bounded and tore through the bottom of the car hitting the tank. The car exploded forcing several other cars off the bridge and into the water.

The assault rifle clicked. Amery removed the cartridge and saw it was empty. He shouted, “I’m out!”

Fury kept her focus on her speed driving. She shouted over the gale and the rumbling sound of her engine, “Back compartment, left side!”

Tossing the empty magazine, he looked back and grabbed the back compartment of the bike. He opened it and saw several magazines holding a surplus of clips for his modified assault rifle. Grabbing one, he closed the top and jammed it into the chamber of the gun. Pulling the trigger, he loaded the ammo. Fury shouted as she put on the brakes, “Hold on!”

Ahead of her, several more police cars made a blockade for her. Amery shouted as he quickly grabbed her waist to avoid falling off the bike. He nearly lost the rifle. The soldier was strong that he could have easily taken people down, but his girl was stronger in her sturdy frame that she barely budged an inch when he pulled on her waist. The officers fired at them trying to hit the bike. The bullets pelted off the bullet proof bullet frame as Fury weaved sideways in evading motions to avoid colliding with them.

“Make a hole!” Amery shouted. Aiming the rifle forward, he opened fire with his fresh supply of ammo. His military training made him an adept marksman as he took them all down. The windows of the cars, the rubber tires and the metal each took a hit as the windows exploded and the tires were pierced. Suddenly he clutched Fury’s waist again pulling her as she lifted the front of her bike to gain more speed.

Twisting the handlebars, her muscles flexed as she thrust the bike back down. Moving her hand from the bar, she turned at the key and flipped open the small plastic covering. She pushed the button and shouted, “Hope you’re ready for this, love!”

Amery smirked. He hugged her close squeezing her body with his upper body strength and shouted, “Always! Give it all you got!”

“Okay, yeah!” Fury shouted as she leaned forward and took a quick left.

Twisting her handlebars, she lifted her bike hitting the side railing. The rubber tires activated. The technology within helped her bike glide across and onto the car barrier. Amery fired at the SWAT team as Fury rode her bike easily over the car barrier. She lifted her bike and sped up as the back tire hit the pavement. Still in momentum, they drove over the bridge. The cars were still lined up on either side but it was easier for her bike to ride through the middle.

At the end of the bridge, she saw another barrier from the distance. This barrier looked sturdier. They were packed with several miles of trucks. Amery saw it and shouted, “Barrier ahead!”

Fury shouted scornfully, “No shit? Get me a path now! We are getting off this damned bridge!”

Letting go of her waist, he leaned his body against her strong back to steady him and tapped his visor to draw a new path. He was scanning the bridge ahead of them. They were running out of road. Near the barrier on the left side of the bridge was a big truck with cylindrical metal planks attached with straps. He shouted as he aimed his rifle and grabbed her waist, “I got it! Wait for it!”

Fury risked a look behind her staring at him through her dark specs. She stared at the man behind the helmet with fierce resolve and shouted, “I’ve been waiting all my life for you to make the move, love!”

She turned back staying focused on her driving. Amery muttered while training his rifle at the back of the truck from a distance, “Good point.”

He pressed the trigger and opened fire. His marksman training paid off as a couple straps holding the cylinders in place snapped off. As all the heavy metal objects rolled down, he shouted, “Now!”

Blindly, Fury obeyed him. She lifted her bike. Amery grabbed her waist while shouting with glee. The rubber tires hit the smooth surfaces of the round objects. Using her momentum, she thrust her bike up over the back of the truck using the round surfaces as a way of climbing up over the bridge. Pressing the button, she shouted as they rode off the bridge, “Here comes the tricky part. Hold on! Gonna get rough.”

As they glided across the air, Fury quickly flicked another button and the bike wheels continued moving but shifted to its side as the bike itself became a hoverbike. They hit the water and glided as the small air cannons from the bottom of the bike thrust the water aside. They glided across the water. The landing was rough as Amery exclaimed with an unpleasant surprise.

Amery turned back at the bridge at the officers shooting at them. He laughed at them and pointed his rifle. He noticed a tanker truck not far from them. He opened fire hitting the fuel line as he yelled back, “Eat this, you bas-” The truck exploded from the back as it muffled the rest of his words. It destroyed half the floating bridge. All the people went screaming over the bridge to escape the fumes and the flames.

The hoverbike plowed across the water. Fury’s hair fluttered in the wind as she crossed her eyebrows and thrust the bike faster over the water. Crossing back toward the bridge, Fury looked for the docks into dry land. Finding it, she lifted her bike and pressed the button. The wheels shifted. Water sprinkled from the wheels as the hoverbike made a smooth transition to a regular bike. In one rolling motion, she lifted the front of the bike up to increase speed plowing through several people. They scampered out of the way.

Amery shouted firing the rifle at the sky, “Get out of the way!”

Her bike made the other under pass barely swerving onto the traffic. They honked at the speeding motorist, but she shouted angrily while sticking her middle finger, “Watch the road you assholes!”

Amery cackled madly as Fury rode her bike up the bridge increasing her speed. She veered off, lifted the front and bounded over the railing leaping the gap. She flew it across the road into another bridge and skidded. It was harsh making a tire track across the road. Her strong body shifted in her own weight as she skidded to a halt nearly flipping the bike over. Amery grabbed her waist just barely to avoid falling off again. She stopped the bike and looked ahead. Sirens were coming her way from the front. On her left was another exit, but right now she was resting for one quick moment. Taking Amery’s hand, she grasped it and moved it up to kiss his hand. Above her, an aircraft hovered without the rotating blades.

Amery held his rifle and squeezed her hand as he whispered, “Why we stopping?”

Fury responded her Russian accent finally showing as it replaced her American one, “Cause I’m lost love. Not my usual playground. Got turned around. Check the visor. Where am I going next?”

Amery took a few quick checking of the path laid out on his visor and responded pointing the rifle behind him, “Back there down the road we hit the tunnel. Why are we going there?”

Fury smirked as she turned her head down letting her hair fall over. She flicked her long, curled blonde side cut while combing it with her fingers. She twirled her hair to her right shoulder as she turned behind her remembering. She responded keeping her old native accent, “You’ll see. Hold on!”

The average framed strong woman shifted her weight on the heavy sport bike shifting it into high gear while making a hundred eighty degree spin. She turned it around as the wheels worked overtime while burning rubber on the gravel leaving behind tracks and a burnt tar smell. Amery added his weight shifting her into gear easily and lifted the front of her bike. Amery grabbed her waist to avoid falling off as she yelled out thrusting the bike forward, “Yeah!”

The sport bike thrust itself forward in a half arch before it banged back down and sped off leaving a trail of smoke. She made her way off the bridge as Amery kept an eye out for more police and swat teams. Around them, the police gave chase as Fury barreled down the road toward a tunnel.

Several cars pulled up beside the speeding motorist. After taking a breather, Amery opened fire at the patrol cars. Amery gripped her waist when she suddenly swerved leaning against the wind. The gravel scraped the tailpipe giving off a little spark. She avoided a collision of an oncoming car as it spun on its wheel flipping over. It neatly missed the rider and her occupant by the skin of their teeth. Setting the bike back up, Fury lifted the front to gain more speed.

As she hurtled toward the tunnel, Amery opened fire taking out the driver of the patrol car. The car skidded as it spun into a ninety degree angle hurtling toward them. When Fury banged the bike back down entering the tunnel, the spinning ball of metal stopped before the tunnel blocking the entrance. Amery smiled at his own carnage. The tunnel got darker as the lights flickered for a moment. Fury flicked the bike headlights on.

Turning back to the front, she saw another patrol car headed toward them and skidded gliding the bike sideways in a horizontal angle. Fury’s accent showed for a moment as she shouted, “Bull, shoot the car! We’re taking a detour.”

Sparks flew as the bike went into a halt before a small access way. Amery stared at it with surprise at their new path. Staring at the oncoming car, the angry Russian female screamed with rage as her adrenaline pumped, “What are you waiting for, idiot? The bell? Move your ass, soldier!”

Kicking himself into gear, Amery pointed with his assault rifle and fired. Fury twisted the handlebars with all her upper arm strength. Her back tires squealed under punishment leaving behind a rubber burn. The car was hit several times on the engine and below the bumper. It exploded flipping over. Amery held on leaning over on her body ducking as they entered the small passageway. The car landed where her bike used to be while blocking the passageway.

The tunnel incline had a small water stream heading down. Giving them a few more meters down the wet tunnel, she stopped at an intersection of the tunnel and skidded another ninety degrees. The water splashed away from the bike hitting the wall. Turning off the cycle, she activated the small stand and stood letting the bike lean. Amery turned at the blocked entrance of the tunnel removing his helmet and yelled, “Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Fury! Where the hell have you been all my life?”

Fury stood to her five foot four inches height and turned facing him with a smirk. She was still at her late twenties. She was both younger and shorter than him. Tapping the side of her spec on her right side, it shifted folding itself from the left. The folding momentum revealed her left iridescent colored eye. Her dark spec folded into a small, metallic eye patch covering her right. Her long gash like scar on her right eye was obvious. The eye patch was the only thing protecting her right socket. With a coo, she stroked the side of his face where the white scar was and responded, “I’ve always been here, love.”

Amery gazed at her and spoke noticing that her Russian accent returned, “Missed your accent.”

Fury let out a giggle as she combed her side cut hair with her fingers. Setting both the helmet and the assault rifle down, Amery grabbed her waist and pulled her forward. She hugged his average, muscular torso and kissed the scar above his white eye. Keeping his arm around her waist, he touched her chin with his other hand and directed it down to his lips. they embraced with a kiss. Fury moaned feeling his hardened strength and kissed down to his neck as she sat on his lap.

Amery stroked her hair and trailed it down her shoulders as he felt her defined muscles. He massaged the pressure points on her bulged traps as she moaned again before kissing his mouth. He unlocked their embrace and ran his fingers through her hair with a response, “How long has it been since? How did you escape?”

Fury gave him a sad, lonely look and she responded, “Two years and a half love. I was missing you something terrible while I was in an enemy camp overseas. I kept to my wits and barely escaped the damned insurgents.”

Amery offered a smile as he responded stroking her seventeen inch biceps, “I see you also kept your strength up. You gotta be stronger now than the last I saw you. You’ve been training?”

Fury nodded cocking her head sideways, “To pull off your escape, yeah. It was tough going for a while there, but afterwards it was easy. It was just a matter of letting you loose on the animals.”

Amery gazed upon her with love and responded grabbing her neck above her bulging shoulder muscles. Fury smiled back grabbing his wrist as he took the zipper of her armored vest. He unzipped her jacket with one motion down and removed her sleeveless leather armored vest jacket. He responded, “What would I do without you?”

Fury moaned closing her eyes and allowed him to remove her vest jacket while she stretched her arms straight. She smiled opening her eyes and grabbed his neck. An undershirt sports bra covered her upper torso. Amery looked down to her shoulder and responded seeing her obvious wound, “You’re hurt.”

The jacket was forgotten as it fell on the watery ground. Fury looked down and finally noticed the wound as she spoke, “Huh? I never noticed. Must be the adrenaline in my system. I barely felt it.”

He responded looking back at the bike compartment for the first aid kit, “We’d better clean it first. We can’t leave the trail for them to follow.”

She mused touching the wound and muttered, “Yeah. I barely felt it though. Doesn’t hurt.”

Digging her fingers into her wound to remove the bullet, she yelled out in pain, “Oh yeah, that smarts.”

She grunted finding the bullet and pulled it out. Her wound started bleeding. Amery took the alcohol and poured it over her wound. It was whiskey. She yelled again biting her lips from the pain. Amery responded teasing her as Fury took the alcohol, “Aww, don’t be such a baby, Fury. It’s unbecoming.”

“Shut up and bandage me, love,” Fury muttered darkly as she took a gulp from the whiskey.

The furious woman scowled at the bloodied flattened bullet she pulled out of her arm. The bullet stopped right in front of her bone and was flattened on impact. She grunted softly as Amery bandaged her arm before tying it off. The Russian growled at the little metal with anger. It gave off a little spark of blue energy.

She responded, “The agent shot me with this? This is one of their energy bullets. They have the capability of tracking us unlike other bullets. Even though their signature decays over time, this one seems a bit stronger. More different than the rest.”

As he finished wrapping her arm and rubbing her thick, muscular shoulder and seventeen inch arms, he responded looking at the bullet, “Get rid of it then.”

She took another gulp from her whiskey and scowled at Amery with her sexy pout. Handing the bottle back to him, Amery accepted it as she responded removing a small container from the pocket of her tight ripped leather shorts, “About to, love. Observe.”

Opening the container, she dropped the bullet in it and closed it. Pressing the container hard, it activated as the metal inside started boiling and melting. Amery stared at the container as he drunk a huge gulp from his whiskey bottle. Exhaling, he closed the top and put it away. Feeling bored, he slapped the container out and grabbed her torso. The container landed from the bike. Fury let out a gasp and giggled while being pulled in close to kiss him on the lips.

Fury wrapped her strong arms around mate’s strong waist as he hoisted her up while standing on his legs. With a grunt, he lifted her built torso with his strength as his arms bulged. Fury removed her arm and wrapped it on his shoulder to position herself in front of him while kissing his face. She took her other hand and wrapped it around his neck to keep her embrace longer. Keeping his arm around her waist, Amery supported her back with his other hand. She was heavy, but he barely noticed it.

Feeling spent, she groaned and rested her head on his shoulder while wrapping her legs around his hips. Amery stroked her hair and gazed into her eyes calling her by her first name, “Marina. What is it?”

The woman replied with a sigh, “I’m tired and worn out, love. Can you take over? We are almost there.”

Amery stared at the love of his life and nodded stepping out of the bike. He carried her around and set her down as she kept her hands on his arms. She never let go of him and grabbed his back as he sat back down. She hugged him close and kissed his bulged shoulder traps. Amery grabbed the rifle and locked it in place behind her and grabbed both the helmet and her armored vest jacket from the watery ground. Placing the jacket on her lap, Amery took the helmet and placed over his head. He grabbed her hand and gripped it.

Amery kissed her hand as Fury smiled increasing her strength as she hugged his back and snuggled. Amery grabbed the handle bars and gave it a little jerk to rev it up. Marina gave him a kiss on the neck as he snapped the bike stand back inside before unlocking the brake. The bike headlights flicked on as the bike slowly moved forward. His visor activated showing their path deeper into the dark watery tunnels under the lake.

Skylar Cade stood before the hospital where his sister was in. Concerned was clear on his face. Taking a step, he walked through the sliding doors into the building and flashed his badge at a nearby nurse. He spoke, “My sister is staying here. Her name is-”

The nurse pointed at a reception desk responding politely, “Sir, they can help you with this. Sign in and the doctor will be with you shortly.”

“Alright, thanks.” Skye responded turning from her and approached the desk.

Before he had a chance to talk to the person at the desk, someone called his name, “Mr. Cade?”

The agent turned and responded, “Yes?”

The doctor waved him forward responding, “Ah, I’ve been expecting you. When your sister was brought in, her profile was available immediately. I knew you would be coming. Come this way.”

“Thanks,” Sky responded as he approached the doctor. He paused and inquired, “Who are you?”

The doctor responded offering his hand, “Doctor Kates.”

The agent nodded shaking his hand and inquired as they both walked across the hall, “How is she?”

The doctor responded, “She is out of danger for the moment. She had a bit of a break in her leg. She must have fallen from a great height especially after being stabbed in the right abdomen. We stopped the infection and reduced the swelling, so she is sleeping off her pain meds. She’s this way if you wish to see her. We put her in the ICU for a bit before we transferred her to a new room.”

Skye replied as he continued to follow the doctor around the hall, “I would like to see her, doctor.”

The doctor opened the door and showed him in, “She is still resting. You can go see her if you want but you probably won’t be talking to her soon.”

Skylar nodded and responded dismissing the doctor, “That’s alright, thank you.”

Soon as Skye entered the room, the doctor closed the door and moved on across the hall toward another room to see his patient. The agent saw his sister lying in bed with her eyes closed. Her medium cut brown hair was up to her right shoulder. She wore her hospital gown. Stepping up to the foot of the bed, he grabbed the chair and pulled it up before sitting down.

Taking her hand, he whispered, “Sara?”

He received no response. There were signs of her breathing but she seemed to be sleeping. Stroking her hand, he spoke, “We almost got the guy but the girl helped him get away. When he comes out, we’ll get him and the girl. I was concerned for you. I wish you were with me because I sure could use you.”

Grabbing the hand, Skye placed his hand on her palm and squeezed it. He inspected her fourteen inches bicep and compared it to his own identical arm muscle. He continued, “You and I, we are a match. Twins. I get strong and you fight to get as strong as I do. When I get strong, you get mad at me and drive to match it as well. I didn’t want you to fall behind, so I kept my strength for you. Where you go, I’ll be there. Without you, I don’t know where I will be.”

After gazing at her some more, he grunted in surprise as her hand gripped his own. Her mouth opened as a word was being spoken once, “Dead-”

“What?” Skylar exclaimed painfully as her sister increased her grip on his hand. Her arm muscles bulged.

Sara opened one of her eyes and kept her grip on his hand. She whispered venomously with a cold response, “-as you will be if you don’t get your butt moving, mister. The longer you waste your time moaning, the further the sons of bitches get, Skye.”

“Ah,” Skye exclaimed whispering while trying to wring his hand free, “You were supposed to be asleep-”

As Sara released her grip, Skye exhaled a breath while she moved his hand close to her. She moved up the bed to get a better look at her brother and changed her tone with a shrug, “I cut off the meds a couple hours ago. I can’t sleep. Not while they are out there. The pain is still there but bearable. I can handle it.”

Skye nodded touching the top of her hair and responded, “Of course. You always could. What is it that dad said? Before he left for war?”

Sara looked at him oddly. It had been fifteen years and she was only eight when he was taken. Her brother answered it for her, “Believe in yourself-”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. She touched his hand and responded shaking her head, “That’s a lame quote. You sure he said that? We were eight-”

Skye shrugged and responded almost pitifully,” Well whatever he said then, he said something and you listened. You worked hard and achieved it. To say that you feel pain but you’re hiding it. That makes me proud. You need to get better. That’s an order or I’m pulling your lazy bum off this bed.”

Sara let out a small giggle rolling her eyes. She replied, “Even if I could leave, they haven’t discharged me. I’m just using this time to rest. Don’t make me eat hospital food. God knows what they put in there.”

Skye mused a bit with his response, “Good food for diet?”

Sara giggled softly while shifting in her bed lifting her body with discomfort, “Oh God no. Ugh. I don’t know what they prepare in the kitchens, but it can’t be good. I don’t want my body to shrivel up. Next time you are actually here to pick me up, bring me real food. Okay?”

He nodded responding, “Sure. Hey, what do you mean by that? I’m here aren’t I?”

Sara shook her head and touched his nose. She squeezed the nose between her fingers and his image shimmered slightly. She responded with a point, “Don’t lie to me. You aren’t very good at lying. You’re actually not here. I mean, why would you visit in person if we still haven’t caught them? You’re using the eyewear prototype, aren’t you?”

Skye shrugged as his image returned to normal, “Well, it’s still in the beta testing stages. Not available yet to everyone but who knows? Someday everyone including law enforcement and the military will be using it. For now, though, I’m still working out the glitches. Like that shimmer that happened a while ago. Damn. I have to write that up into the report.”

Sara shrugged and responded, “It’ll happen once in a while even when it does come up.”

Skye nodded and stood giving her a kiss on the forehead. He responded, “I gotta go. See you. Love you.”

She nodded responding with a simple phrase, “You too.”

Skye moved his hand up to his eyes and pulled at something. He vanished as the image shimmered off. Sara laid her head on the side still looking at where her brother was before. She looked sad. Closing her eyes, she tried to rest. Inside the covers were her hand held radio device she rescued from her pile of things when no one was looking. In her ear was her spare earpiece she got from the radio. It was tuned so that only she could hear what was going on. Listening to the chatter, she was hoping to hear word about the now two culprits they were hunting. Bull and this mysterious woman with no identity.

The iridescent color on Skye’s eyewear shimmered when he touched the button on the right side. He removed it and let out a sigh leaning back. Folding his eye wear, he placed it into his left vest of his BDU military uniform. He was seated in the car. A knock on the window alerted him. Turning around, he saw the chief looking at him. Opening the door, he responded point-blankly, “If you are done calling the hospital about your sister, I could use your help.”

“Right,” Skye muttered as he got out of the police vehicle and responded, “What do we got?”

The chief pointed toward the crash scene, “Over here. By the way, how is your sister?”

Skye nodded. He knew the chief meant well and responded, “Fine. Better. She’s resting now.”

The chief let out a sigh and nodded, “We all could use some rest too after all this is over.”

They were near the tunnel where the final chase was. Some debris were removed from the tunnel. The officers worked hard to find what happened. Sirens blared as all emergency vehicles were parked. All the firemen, medical technicians and crime investigators were here to discover, recover and put out the fires.

Skye turned around from the tunnel. He noticed the broken bridge and the flames that were still being put out. Turning to the chief, he ran a bit to catch up and inquired, “How many casualties?”

The chief responded with a slight anger, “Too many. The woman had the resources to fight a small war. What kind of a weapon she was using? The bullets looked like some kind of modified version of the one they used during the war before we switched to a less lethal kind.”

As they stopped before the crime scene truck that was parked halfway between the tunnel line, the chief picked up the bullet from the ground. He showed it to the agent. Skye took it and gave it a little inspection before responding, “Looks like the armor piercing ammo rounds they used in an AK assault rifle. They are banned from commercial use. If we had the rifle itself, we could track it easily. Was the rifle found?”

The police chief shook his head, “Not yet. We keep looking, but it’s not promising. The bullet itself, however, we tracked the purchaser. It’s Kasperski. We called, but they denied it. Said they stopped shipping it since they switched to a less lethal round. It could be black marketed. They have loads of those old armor piercing rounds.”

Skye exhaled a sigh tossing the bullet in the air and caught it. He dropped it to the ground before asking, “Where are we with the suspects? Where have they gone?”

Before the man could respond, an officer approached calling his name, “Chief Steiner.”

Steiner turned to the female, “What?”

She handed him the tablet responding, “The team is ready sir!”

Skye gave the chief an unusual look but Steiner responded with a single finger beckoning him toward the tunnel, “Follow me a second. Thank you, officer. Agent Cade, there is another old tunnel system that we don’t use much anymore. It’s inside this passageway. We just had to clear some debris and I called for a team to infiltrate the tunnel. It’s long, a bit confusing and has several exits.”

Skye nodded following them. He saw a team of five waiting. The female officer joined them and waited on the chief’s orders. They stood before the small tunnel. There was a small stream flowing from the pipes leading into the tunnel itself. There was a constant running water sound coming from it. Steiner responded handing Skye an eye wear, “I formed a team to search the tunnels. You got the first group with Parker. Here’s the updated spec containing the old tunnel plans. It will give you the general direction of where you need to go. I thought you would want to be there to catch them.”

Skye nodded accepting the clear visor, “I do. Thanks. You’re not coming?”

The chief shook his head replying, “No. I’m the chief. I have to coordinate so I’ll meet you on the other side once we figure out where they went. They can’t have gone far and the exit can extend for ten miles from here. Who knows? The tunnel was added there years before I was born so it’s an old system not used much nowadays. It used to be for processing sewage and cleaning them so they don’t pollute the waterways.”

The agent nodded responding as he placed his visor on and took his weapon out, “Ah, good to know. I’ll keep in radio contact.”

Steiner nodded pointing at Skye as he backed away from them, “You do that.”

He turned to the team and responded as he motioned toward the tunnel, “Alright, let’s go. We have two criminals to capture. Parker! Up front with me. Move out!”

“Yes sir,” Parker responded joining him before the entrance. They were all carrying the usual squad assault rifles. Only Skye was using his Beretta. Taking it out of his holster, he checked the cartridge and clicked it before holding it with both hands. He moved into the tunnel down the damp incline. The water flowed free down the tunnel and split in two ways.

Scanning with his visor, Skye’s eye caught something on the ground. Bending over, he picked up a small container. There was a melted metal of sorts inside. His visor detected trace of metal and emanate some kind of energy similar to the kind of bullets he used. He muttered, “So, you found the bullet and pulled it out yourself. Genius. I will figure out who you are eventually.”

Parker moved up and responded as the team stood by, “Sir?”

Skylar shook his head pocketing the container. The agent responded making a hand signal to the left path, “Nothing. This way. There are traces of energy being left behind by a motorcycle. I’m sure they didn’t count on that, but stand on your guard. Expect anything. On me.”

His team fell in line as they followed the agent along the flowing waterway. The visor on his face painted him a path as it showed him the map of the tunnel entrance and calculating possible routes for him. There were a lot, so his visor programmed possible routes for him.

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