Abnormal Cataclysm

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Escaping the Waterway

The black sports bike slowly rode through the small tunnel of the waterway. Its rumbling engine was quiet and the headlights of the bike were strong as well as steady. Amery twisted the handle of the bike pushing it forward. The helmet and the jacket vest were placed on the back of the seat. Ahead of him was his girl. He stopped the bike several inches from her and placed it on standby with his foot on the ground.

Fury was in the section where the tunnel split. She wore her undershirt sports bra. It revealed several more tattoos on her torso, shoulder and legs. Her defined muscles showed on her athletic broad feminine figure. She was typing in her tablet. A groan escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes and looked up while stretching her neck muscles. She moved her bulged traps up and down to smooth her tense muscles

As Amery got close to her, he grabbed her waist pulling her. It startled her with a fit of giggles. She slapped his hand speaking in her jovial Russian accent, “Stop it, love!”

Amery pulled her harshly back onto the seat with a grunt making her laugh. He responded with a smirk, “No! We gotta go. What are you doing?”

He kissed her. Fury calmed down and gazed back into his eyes. Touching his cheek, she stroked his face and responded, “Confusing the sensors. This waterway tunnels are massive, yeah? I figured that there will be a team not far from us, so we need time to get away. I know they can follow the energy signature from this bike, so I’m creating a fake one just to lead them away from us. It won’t last long and they will figure it out. By then, we will be gone!”

Amery grunted with amusement at her technical expertise, “And this was why I always liked you on the team. It was your expertise that saved our squad several times during the war. You were the brains and the brawn in one.”

Fury smiled and shook her head. She kissed him on the mouth before responding, “Not so much. I always preferred the brawn part. The brains were mostly Sergeant Sedgwick. Remember him? We called him Sedge. He was the one who helped me plan this escape, you know? The waterway escape was actually mostly his idea. He always had a brilliant mind. A bit dark and psychotic, but brilliant mind.”

She tapped the tablet and activated the sensors placed across the tunnel. With satisfaction, she placed the tablet on the bike. Touching the empty ashtray, her eyes narrowed as she muttered, “Where’s my cigar?”

Amery had on a thoughtful look as he started thinking about his team. He responded not hearing what she said, “Sedge? Where is he now? And the old team?”

Fury looked up at his scowling features and responded tapping his chin, “We haven’t formed it yet. It’s just Sedge, me and you for now love. We’ll pick up the others later. For now, though, let’s focus on getting out of here. I uploaded the specs from the helmet to this tablet so that you won’t be wearing the ugly helmet. I wanted to be able to see your ugly face.”

Amery smirked as he started the bike forward taking the right tunnel while increasing speed a bit. He responded teasing her, “Ugly? Speak for yourself, Marina. You’re the ugly one.”

He was referring to her gash across her right eye. Fury giggled grabbing the back of his head and sat on his lap. Wrapping her arm around him, she embraced him with another kiss. Keeping one hand on the left handlebar, Amery moved his right hand to hold her strong body closer. He massaged her shoulders and neck muscles. Fury moaned and moved her shoulders up. Grabbing his hand with her left, she moved her right hand to grab the handle bar and shifted in her seat to face the tunnel.

The female soldier rested her back against his cupped arm. The headlight shone brightly showing their way while the tablet displayed their current path. The tires left behind watery tire tracks that formed a shape before it was gone rode across the shallow water. It increased in speed and tempo toward its destination faster than before. However, the engine sound remained the same as to not be detected.

Skye ran around the corner of the tunnel, his boots making a splash on the flowing stream. The light beams of their flashlights illuminated the path. They were attached to the rifles they carried. The sound of the water flow echoed throughout the tunnels. Their heavy military boots made dull thuds on the damp ground to catch up with their team leaders. The long corridor they were walking had no end to it. The team XO, Sergeant Parker, spoke, “You sure we are going the right direction? This corridor continues on.”

As they continued across the corridor, the sound of flowing waters could be heard ahead of them. It was getting louder. Skye responded studying the map on his visor, “Yeah. We should be coming up to the fork following the energy signature left behind by their bike.”

“Good,” Parker responded while shifting his rifle to a better comfortable position.

They marched into the adjoining path before a large room. The continuous sound got louder as they noticed four other gated openings with the waters rushing down like a waterfall. There were small openings or ducts. Not big for them to get through. One of the officers, the female, mused as she shined her rifle flashlight over the dark hole, “What’s this?”

Parker responded straightforwardly, “No idea, Haas. Let’s keep the chatter to a minimum.”

“Yes sir,” she mumbled as she backed a bit looking at the opening again. Suddenly, something slithered in the darkness as she stared. Seeing only the water rushing against the bars, she refocused her attention to the doorway they were headed toward. Skye and her team was already ahead about halfway through the corridor. She increased her steps behind her group as they rushed through the large room and exited through the doorway, two by two.

A growl came out of nowhere as Haas suddenly turned back at the room they were previously. Her heart started beating quickly with fear. From a distance, another sound was heard. It was a heavy splash. She gulped backing slowly. A hand grabbed her shoulder. She yelled out of fear turning around to point her rifle at the man who scared her.

It was her only teammate. She breathed a heavy sigh and snapped, “Banks! What are you doing? I almost shot you!”

“Me?” Banks questioned her and retorted half amused, “What are you doing? Keep up! You want to get us in trouble?”

He turned and ran back to the group. Haas looked ahead and saw that the group was already ahead around the corner. She mumbled an apology and followed increasing her speed, “Sorry.”

Ahead of the corridor, Skye and Parker stopped before the fork in their path. The agent took a few minutes to scan both. However the sensors in his visor were confusing. He spoke getting Parker’s attention, “So, both paths before us but one is the right one. But which one because both according to my visor is the correct path.”

He stopped and pondered for a moment as the rest of his group caught up. They stood by including Haas and Banks. Parker looked into the right side of the path with the flashlight from his rifle. He inquired, “So, which one?”

Skye sighed and responded shaking his head scratching his eyebrow, “Not sure. The more we debate, the further they get so we need to pick the one we need to go through.”

Parker mused and responded as a thought crept to his head, “Maybe we should split up. I take Haas and Banks, and you take the rest through that tunnel? That ways, if one of us found the bike, we let the other know and back each other up as we meet up somewhere in the tunnels?”

Skye thought for a bit and nodded looking at him, “An excellent idea Sergeant. Let’s do that.”

Parker nodded and ordered as he started his run into the right tunnel, “Haas and Banks, on me!”

Both team members responded as they followed quickly, “Yes sir!”

Skye motioned the rest of his team to follow as he responded, “Let’s go.” The rest of the team stepped in line behind Skye as the visor led him into the path through the left tunnel system.

Outside of the tunnel system, sirens blared. Chief Steiner did his rounds walking back to his truck. He touched his radio, “Steiner to HQ. How are we with the search? Anymore tunnels entrances to be found?”

A crackle came through the radio as a feminine voice responded, “We found several more chief. It’s now up to about ten.”

“Any way to narrow it down?” He inquired.

She responded again, “We can try sir. We can compare the terrain against the landmarks. The tunnel systems underneath are large, so they could be anywhere by now.”

“Do your best. Steiner out,” the chief ended the communication and switched his radio to another station. He spoke a name, “Agent Cade, you there? Cade?”

There was static on the other end and he cursed silently as he twisted the knob to try to clear it, “Cade?”

Some words were being spoken, but he couldn’t understand it. He shouted, “I didn’t get that! Cade! You there? Agent Cade!”

Steiner continued his way to one of the police cars nearby. It was an SUV. More static were heard until it cleared. The man’s voice spoke, “Sorry chief. There is interference in the tunnels. The further in we get, the worse it becomes. However, since it’s clearer over here, it must mean we are close to the end. I can hear the water and some cars close by.”

The chief responded stopping before the passenger side door, “Good. We can triangulate our search from there. Might find them a lot quicker. In fact, you could be closer to them. How’s the team?”

Skye’s voice crackled over the radio, “We got separated at the fork back there. Sergeant Parker took Haas and Banks while I took the other group. I’m just about to radio them on their progress.”

“Alright, I’ll let you do just that. Keep to regular updates. Steiner out,” he ended the communication and opened the passenger side door. He entered and turned to the officer with an order, “Take me to the other island across from here and to the sound end. I have the coordinates here.”

He showed some numbers to the officer and the officer nodded starting the black SUV, “Yes chief!”

The officer pulled the car away from the side of the road and increased speed under the tunnel toward their destination. The chief had a grim look as he pondered on the next stage of events.

In the hospital, Sara stood by the balcony. She was in her hospital gown. In her hand was her radio. The agent listened to the police chatter. A worried frown appeared across her features. She wanted to be there. The sun was slowly dipping behind the building that she was facing. It was going to be a sunset. It would be a beautiful glow of the orange red color from the sun.

A knock sounded behind her. Sara turned to see the nurse carrying a tray. A frown turn into a scowl as Sara spat, “What?”

The nurse responded placing the tray down, “You need to eat ma’am.”

Sara uttered a slight growl crossing her arms and scowled at her. Her radio rested against her fourteen inch bicep. The nurse gulped and took one of the blue colored jello. She gently tore the top off responding, “There’s always jello if you don’t like the rest of the food.”

The agent made a scoff as she spat, “You call that food? Why don’t you throw the crap into a waste disposal and give me real food! You know what that is, right?”

“Well,” the nurse looked around checking to see if no one was looking and nodded pulling out a protein bar from her left pocket. She responded nonchalantly, “I’ll just leave the food here if you change your mind, ma’am. You still need to eat.”

Sara stared at the nurse with amusement but kept her scowl in. The nurse nodded and placed the bar under the napkin. Uncrossing her arms, she walked forward as the nurse bowed and turned ninety degrees to walking. Placing the radio down, she walked over to the tray. Taking the bar from the bottom of the napkin, she took it and removed the plastic. The nurse waited by the door for a few moments. Taking a bite out of it, Sara whispered softly toward the nurse, “Thank you.”

The nurse nodded with a smile and closed the door. Sara returned to the balcony and watched the cars below while listening at the radio chatter in her earpiece. She took another bite and let out a heavy sigh while crossing her other arm across her chest gripping her other arm. She let her elbow rest on her hand keeping her bar in front of her.

The bike zoomed across the tunnel as the water jetted from behind the wheels. Fury sat in front of Amery facing him and hugged him keeping her head on his shoulder as he turned the corner and went down the incline. Her long, braided blonde side cut hair hung from her right side fluttering in the wind. Fury was barefoot as her military combat boots was tied on the back of the bike along with the helmet and her armored leather vest jacket. A tattoo and a bracelet was around her ankle. A toe ring was seen as well.

Gazing upon Amery, Fury smiled at his stoic determination. Amery was focused on getting out of the tunnel. He followed the water sounds. The louder it got, the faster he went. Fury turned to see a large chamber coming up at the bottom of the incline.

The rumbling quiet engine was muffled by the loud machinery sounds. Fury gasped as Amery lifted his body from the seat to lean forward to hit the bottom of the incline. She held on as he grunted sitting back down while hitting the bottom to gain more speed into the chamber. However, Fury exclaimed gripping his torso, “Wait. Slow down, love. Stop here!”

Amery obeyed his love by putting on the brakes and skidded on the shallow water. His bike turned on its wheels horizontally. Water gushed out with force over the ledge to the bottom. A few meters from the entrance was the catwalk over the chamber to the other side. Looking at her, Amery kept his hand gripped on the handlebar and placed his other hand behind Fury’s back. He inquired, “What is it? You okay?”

Fury stared at him and smiled. Lightly stroking his chin with her finger, she licked her lips and spoke, “You would do anything for me anywhere, Bull? You are the only person in the world I trust. I feel safe with you, love. Everyone else can just screw themselves. Everyone except for my mother and father.”

Keeping the bike in place as he put the clutch and the parking brake on, Amery released the handlebar and caressed her head to lift her body upward. He nodded responding, “I would do anything for you, Marina. All you have to is say something. You want someone dealt with I will do it in your stead. We can talk about this later, but right now we have to get out of here.”

Fury smiled and nodded. She kissed him on the mouth and dismounted the bike responding, “In a minute, love. There is something we need to talk about first.”

Amery sighed and nodded watching her stretch her legs. Fury gently placed her feet on the water feeling the coldness of the watery ground. She smiled and approach the railing overlooking the ledge. The shallow water splashed as Fury kicked the water. Getting out of his bike, Amery lifted and moved it around to face the catwalk. He moved it forward toward the catwalk and pushed the bike over it across it. On the railing, Fury exclaimed placing her hands on the metal and looked around the large chamber.

The large chamber was like a cavern. It had two large pools below the catwalk, one on each side separated by another walkway on the ground. Water from the larger ducts around the walls poured into the large pools. They were loud like waterfalls. Amery stopped halfway and looked unimpressed as he observed what she was looking at.

Fury exclaimed gripped the railing with her muscular strength. She wiggled her toes in the shallow water and spoke, “Isn’t this place exciting? You do realize that we must be right under the lake right now!”

Amery uttered a scornful scoff. He wasn’t amused. Looking over the ledge, he gathered spit and spat into the large pool below. Fury’s expression changed as her demeanor turned to anger. She growled twisting the metal railing with her raw strength. The metal groaned under protest and bent. The furious young woman spat at her mate with irritation in her heavily accented tone, “You have something to say to me?”

Amery scowled back and shrugged. He responded, “Nothing, Marina. Tell me. Where’s Sedge? You said he was involved in this plan somehow. Mind telling me his part?”

Still furious, Fury took her braided blonde side cut hair and combed it with her fingers. She separated it into several strands and mused, “Sedge. Well, this whole plan was his idea. You know, he actually planned the whole thing from start. Planned your escape and planted the breadcrumbs for you to follow and end up here. He was the one who made it easy for you to overpower the border guards.”

Amery paused and responded thoughtfully, “Huh? I thought that was way too easy. Are you telling me that I have been blindly following the path that was already set before me? Sedge canvassed this entire tunnel and picked out this route for us?”

Amery watched Fury braid her side cut into a bigger and thicker ponytail straight to look like a braided Mohawk. The woman responded, “Yeah. He planned this for months following my escape from overseas. He needed me for this plan of his so he brought me over to Canada and told me to wait. To bide my time while he alone explored the old waterway tunnels by himself.”

Amery inquired curiously, “Where is he? He isn’t behind some video game console is he?”

Fury giggled shaking her head. She flipped her finished braided Mohawk and laid it across her right shoulder. Running her hands across her braided Mohawk ponytail, she spoke, “Nope. He’s actually here. Somewhere. Give me a second, love,” she paused tapping her earpiece while switching frequencies. Using her higher tone of voice, she blurted, “Sedgie!”

A light splash was heard from below as Amery leaned over with his bike to look down. He heard something and swore silently. Something was moving around in the pool below. A fin was visible for a moment before vanishing beneath. He raised his eyebrow with curiosity. The grating intermittent sounds of the waterworks machinery continued nonstop in the background.

Some distance from the chamber fifteen meters away, Parker stopped. His earpiece crackled with static. He stuck his finger into his ear and tapped it. Both Haas and Banks stopped before him. They faced a fork in the path. Haas spoke, “That’s the second fork, sir. You know where to go?”

Parker looked around thoughtfully. He responded, “Wait here. Let me go around this corridor to make sure it’s the right direction. Wait for me to call on you two.”

“Yes Sir,” they responded standing watch. Parker moved away quickly out of sight.

Banks stood watch. Haas suddenly turned pointing a weapon to the corridor. She heard another growling sound and a splash. Banks muttered inquiring at his partner’s odd behavior, “What is it?”

The female officer huffed, “I don’t know, dammit! I thought I heard something for the fourth time!”

He shrugged placing his hand on her shoulder and responded, “Well, your hearing is always good. Better than mines even, so I trust you. You warn me if something happens, okay? This place is spooky enough. Even spookier alone too, so stay close.”

Haas turned to him and smiled feeling better. She nodded before returned to her watch of the second corridor and responded, “You got it!”

Meanwhile across the corridor Banks was watching, Parker leaned back against the wall. Shallow water splashed softly against his boots. He turned around the corner and watched the two officers guard the corridor. Tapping his earpiece, he hid out of sight and whispered as the radio crackled again, “El-tee, you aren’t supposed to contact me till this mission is over, you understand?”

In the waterworks room, Fury stomped her foot on the catwalk making a splash. She growled into the radio, “Don’t talk to me that way, Sedge! I can talk whenever I want. Ball’s in my court.”

Parker’s voice whispered over radio to his commanding officer, “And it is, Lieutenant. I won’t argue or aggravate you because I know you. What do you want?”

Fury scowled and spat, “What I want, Sedge, is for you to listen! The room I am in, the waterworks. It is part of your plan right? Tell me!”

Parker sighed over the radio and whispered, “No El-tee, not yet. I got the plan in mind and I don’t wish to jinx it. You do your part and escort Bull out and I’ll meet you halfway. Do you trust me?”

There was a pause in her tone. She looked at Amery with a scowl. Amery crossed his arms and stared at her curiously. Fury responded ungratefully shaking her head as her irritated Russian tone clearly showed, “No I don’t, but whatever Sedge. You’d better not screw it up. See you on the other side.”

The radio ended as Fury approached her love. Amery grabbed his girl and inquired, “Was that Sedge?”

Fury nodded kissing him on the mouth. She got into his bike as he sat down. She responded, “Yes. He is undercover under a false name. Officer Adam Parker. Let’s continue on, love.”

As she sat on the second seat of the bike with her back against Amery’s back. Amery unlocked the brake and moved the bike upwards as Fury crossed her legs together. She held on with one hand in the back handle and twirled her freshly braided ponytail Mohawk with her finger. She was angry and kept her silence resting her head against his back. Amery revved the bike and drove it forward off the catwalk onto the other side of the long ledge. He drove it up the incline and turned the corner.

Sunlight glinted through the tunnel. Skye walked across the tunnel to the end reaching the outside. He spoke into the radio, “Chief?”

The chief’s voice responded, “Agent Cade? Are you there yet?”

Skye motioned the three members of the team to stand by. He replied, “Yeah. I’m outside right below the bridge. No sign of them yet. You?”

The chief responded, “I am above you on the bridge. No foot or tire tracks discovered. I think you got the wrong tunnel, Agent.”

“Damn,” Skye hissed turning back to the tunnel. He finished, “Well, at least Parker is ahead and on the right track. We’ll have to find another path and catch up. I’ll keep you apprised chief. Cade out.”

The radio call ended. Skye and his team reentered the dark tunnel. Tapping his radio again, Skye spoke, “Parker, come in! Where are you?”

Parker, Haas and Banks ran across the damp waterway. The radio crackled to life in Parker’s ear. He slowed to a jog and turned to his officers. Lifting his hand, he motioned for them to run ahead and spoke, “Sir, I am near the waterworks. I hear the rushing water. We are right under the lake.”

Skye responded as the radio crackled, “Excellent. The path we took is a no go. You’re on right path. Give me a shortcut.”

“Yes sir,” Parker responded as they turned the corner. He watched his officers run down the incline as their boots splashed against the running water. The large doorway into the waterworks cavern was ahead. Parker’s movement was slow as he referenced the map on his visor to look for a shortcut. Finding it, he spoke, “You should see a door to your right. Take it and go down a few levels. You should find yourself in a larger hallway. Run straight through and go up a large round staircase. It should take you near the waterworks. Look for a catwalk. Go up the metal stairs and go over it to the other side. It should be right there on your left, sir. Hard to miss.”

“Got it,” the agent replied. The radio communication ended.

Satisfied, Parker reached the end of the incline and stood at the doorway into the large chamber. He looked at two of his officers exclaiming with awe. He could understand their excitement as they have never been here before. However, they needed to go. He spoke, “Haas and Banks. Go on ahead. I need to check my map again. I’ll catch up in five.”

“Yes sir,” they saluted and ran across the catwalk. Parker waited until they were out of sight. Opening his vest pocket, he removed a block of explosive clay called C-4. He removed several pieces including some blasting caps and wires. Looking around the room with a blank expression, he calculated in his mind. There were plenty of places for max damage of an explosion, but max damage wasn’t what he was looking for. With the explosive in his hand, he stepped forward through the doorway.

Stopping before the door, Skye grabbed the lock and pulled. It unlocked. Opening it, he followed the path Parker set before him. Running down a metal staircase, their boots hit the metal loudly with each echo. They jogged down the steps. Reaching the end, their boots splashed onto the wet puddle as they took up speed and rushed ahead into a large room with tall columns.

He marveled at the sight, but knew it was no time for sightseeing. He responded to his group of three people, “Let’s go!”

They ran across the large area. The water was deeper. It came up to their knees as they splashed across. From the top of the area were raindrops. The ceiling was leaking. The raindrops pelted on Skye and his group making them wet. They were under the waterworks. The sounds of machinery rumbled. It was dark ahead with a few lights that lit their path. After several minutes of searching, they came upon the large spiral staircase leading up. There was water rushing down the steps across the metal.

Grabbing the railing, Skye and his group ran upwards around rushing to the top. Breathless and soaked, they reached their target. Looking up, he saw the catwalk. He pointed responding, “There! That’s our target. Let’s go back the other team up.”

They rushed up the metal staircase toward the final floor. Turning to his left, Skye was the first running across the catwalk. Something beeped near him. Skye slowed down to look around. The team stepped across the metal bridge. Another beep sounded. They stopped on the bridge wondering and looking for the sound. The beep sounded for the third time.

Skye stared at the supports of the bridge. Looking closely, his eyes went wide as he recognized the explosives packed around the bridge. They were on a timer. The agent assumed the time went off soon as their weight was added on the catwalk. He shouted a warning to his group, “C-4! Get to the water!”

He ran to the side and climbed over. The two officers stood at the catwalk and moved. The fourth member on the other side moved to the opposite side and climbed over. Both Skye and the fourth member jumped as the bomb went off the same time exploding the middle of the bridge killing the other two members. Explosion rang as heat seared both Skye and the other member who jumped off the bridge.

The metal from the catwalk melted and was torn apart. It went up in flames and crashed onto the bottom of the waterworks. Both Skye and the other member dove into two adjoining pools safely out of harm. The two unlucky team members were torn apart by the explosion. Nothing remained of them. The entire cavern shook with the force of the explosion that rumbled across tunnels in every direction.

The rumble of the explosion reached Parker, Haas and Banks. They stopped to turn toward the explosion. Haas exclaimed in fear responding, “What was that?”

“An explosion,” Parker responded straightforwardly. He tapped his radio and spoke, “Agent Cade. Come in sir! Cade?”

Banks tried his radio and growled in irritation shaking his head, “I’m not picking them up sir.”

Without a beat, Parker shook his head musing, “The electrical currents from the explosion must have shifted. We are still underground. It is possible that they can pick us up, but we can’t hear them.”

“Or,” Haas responded making a large gulp and finished, “They are dead.”

Parker turned to Haas and shook his head responding, “Let’s not be so quick to make assumptions. We will find them later, but right now we must push on. Our objectives are of importance. The takedown of two criminals. They must be stopped no matter what. You with me?”

They saluted with a shout, “Yes sir!”

“Move out,” Sergeant Parker ordered taking the lead. Haas and Banks followed their XO.

Amery grunted pushing the bike halfway across the sand. Fury kept her arms around his chest and started humming while feeling the sand between her toes. Something from behind her rumbled as an explosion shook the tunnel entrance. They turned with surprise as dust settled and sand blew out from the exit. Amery muttered locking the bike in place near the flat column below the bridge, “What was that?”

However Fury knew. She beamed proudly, “Sedgie did it! He must have blown up the waterway! With explosion! That is his signature, remember?”

“Ahh,” Amery mused. He watched Fury open the small compartment below the ashtray on his bike. Her ponytail braid Mohawk side cut laid on her back. She opened it to reveal a batch of cigars. An eyebrow was raised curiously on the soldier’s face as his girl withdrew one before closing the compartment.

Fury turned to face Amery and looked down as she reached into her pocket. Pulling out a cigar cutter, she clipped the end before placing cigar into her mouth and the clipper back into her pocket. Looking at him, she smiled and waited. Amery grunted digging into his pocket and pulling out the lighter. Flicking it once, he lit her cigar as she puffed a few breaths before inhaling.

Amery put away the lighter as Fury took the cigar out and exhaled the smoke. Grabbing Amery on the neck, she moved up for a kiss. Amery caressed his girl around her waist, took the cigar and kissed her. Fury took her time and broke the embrace as Amery placed the cigar in his mouth to inhale. Fury stared at him with love and smiled stroking his face. Amery exhaled and held it for her. Fury accepted it and put it in her mouth.

Amery spoke touching her braided Mohawk and stroked it, “We should go, Marina.”

Fury smiled taking the cigar out and exhaled. Placing it on the ashtray, she grabbed his chest with both hands and responded, “Not yet, love. We’re waiting for him. He has something nice for you, Bull. Something that I think you will enjoy very much. Freedom!”

Getting on her toes again, she reached up to kiss him on the lips. Amery nodded embracing her and responded, “Very well. We wait.”

Fury giggled and licked her lips. She felt aroused withdrawing with a seductive growl. Increasing her grip on his chest, she shoved him back. Amery grunted with surprise falling onto the sand. He heard her growl and stared back waiting for her. Fury growled clenching her fists. Raising her arms slightly, she moved her shoulders up and puffed her torso showing off her muscles. With an exhale, Fury pumped her arms down as her traps bulged. She bit her lips, approached and crouched on her toes before his leg. Touching his leg, she stroked it and leaned forward pressing on the sand with her other arm.

Her braided ponytail fell to her right as she crawled forward guiding her hand up his leg toward his crotch. Amery’s eyes was locked in Fury’s one eyed gaze as she slowly moved across his body. Sitting on his stomach, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the flap. Amery grabbed her hands as she licked her lips. He growled moving her up and placed her hands aside. Taking her leather shorts, he unbuttoned it as Fury moved her body forward and down to kiss him.

Under the bridge and near the lakeside, the couples had the privacy to themselves. Fury moaned gripping the sand above his head and placed her other hand on his chest. Amery kept his hand on her waist and his other hand close to hers. Fury grabbed his hand and gripped with her other hand on his chest pulling him with a grunt gritting her teeth. Her seventeen inch arms bulged as she lifted his weight. She arm wrestled Amery’s other hand and embraced him with a kiss.

Amery wrestled back with his hand and gripped her waist pulling her close to his body. He laid stretched on the sand and grunted in pain as Fury bit into his lip. Fury growled tasting his blood and moaned pushing him back into the sand as Amery wrapped her close to him. She giggled as they arm wrestled while matching their strength as their arm muscles expanded.

The bike stood pitifully leaning on its parking brake and waiting to ride away with them.

In the hospital on the bed, Sara rested her eyes. She was bored and tired. Suddenly, her heart twinge. The young agent felt pain as it woke her. Sara got up yelling and grabbing the gun from under her pillow. Reacting, she pointed it. Sweat poured down her face. The woman was breathing heavily. The door opened as Sara gasped placing the gun under the pillow. A concerned nurse shouted, “You alright?”

The frightened agent responded, “Y-yeah, I’m fine! Sorry. I just had a nightmare.”

The nurse nodded closing the door. Grabbing the sheets, Sara breathed to collect herself. The only time she felt this pain was when her brother was hurt. Between then, they had such a strong connection. Closing her mouth, she gulped and exhaled. Furiously, Sara spat, “Screw this. Skye, I’m coming!”

She tore the sheets off, grabbed the gun from under her pillow and walked to the chair. Her clothing and uniform was set. She felt it was time to leave the hospital. She is a government agent. Skye needed her and it was her duty to answer the call to come to the aid of her brother. Family comes first always.

In the waterway, the fires burned. The flames fell from great height and crashed on the wet ground. Sparks splattered out before dying. The metal floating on the pool burned. Several bubbles rose to the surface as Skye swam breaking through the water taking large gasps. He swam to the edge.

Pushing himself out of the water, Skye noticed that he was soaked. Wiping his eyes, he dried himself. The agent gasped looking around at the carnage. He was clueless. Someone created a trap on the bridge. Pondering in his head, he wondered if it was intentional or something left from the past.

Touching his ear, he stuck his finger inside looking for the earpiece. It wasn’t there. The radio was lost in the confusion. From the other pool, he heard a splash as a head appeared. It was Ori, the fourth team member. The agent shouted waving, “Over here!”

Ori waved with his rifle, “Sir! You alright?”

Cupping his mouth again, Skye shouted, “I would ask the same of you. Come to me!”

The agent beckoned him forward and Ori swam toward him. There was movement within the water. Skye stood there narrowing his eyes. Seeing a fin come out of the water along with more water movement, Skye shouted, “Come quickly. I don’t think you are alone!”

Ori stopped and looked around. He exclaimed with fear, “Something just brushed against my leg!”

Skye waved his arm again shouting, “Keep swimming, Ori. Come on!”

The man swam but let out a pained yell as a creature grabbed him, “Ahh! Something bit me!” Ori yelled as something pulled him under. Skye shouted taking out his sidearm, “Ori! ORI!”

Ori was pulled underwater as bubbles rose to the surface. Skye searched around the dark pool. He aimed his weapon and fired several times into the water. A few seconds later, Ori broke through the water scared. He started swimming toward him with a shout, “Sir! Something is alive down there! Sir!”

Skye holstered his weapon and knelt at the pool’s edge beckoning him forward, “Swim faster! Come on!”

Taking the rifle, Ori yelled, “Sir, get the rifle. You might need it!”

“Ori!,” Skye shouted as the member tossed the rifle. It splashed near him. Reaching over, he grabbed the rifle when something from beneath the waters growled. Skye’s eyes went wide as he saw something come out of the water. It was a scaly and lizard like monster. He shouted grabbing the rifle and pointing, “Ori!”

The monster was fast. It jumped out of the water, spun in a hundred eighty degrees and opened its sharp fanged mouth. It glistened within the flames. Water glistened from its scales and shot off in a spiral direction. Ori turned and was petrified out of fear. With jaws open wide, it went for Ori headfirst. His screams were muffled. Both the monster and Ori disappeared underwater as Skye screamed for his name. He was shaken and mortified as he pointed the rifle at the pool. Blood dyed the pool crimson red but both Ori and the monster was gone. He had recognized the mutated animal. It was leftover from the Great War.

Trembling and filled with fear, Skye ran for the other stairs and made his way for the top. He had to get out of the tunnels fast or he would be snack for the monster. The agent realized he was alone and his heart sped up in pace. Gripping the rifle, he wouldn’t let go unless he had to or until the monster was dead.

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