Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Escapees

Haas and Banks rushed toward the exit of the tunnels. They exclaimed with exhilaration. Parker/Sedge came through the exit casually. He stared at them with coldness as his mind calculated. His hands rested on the knifes he pulled from his two pockets. It was well hidden inside his vest. Unlocking the sheath, he slowly pulled his military kabar knives by the handle. Keeping his distance, he waited for his moment. His rifle was clipped and hung from his BDU.

The horizon was orange red. The sun had set and it was nearly twilight. As the two partners stepped into sand, they looked around and noticed two couples on the sand near the bike. Recognizing them, they drew their weapons instantly. Haas shouted first, “You two stand and be identified!”

Amery and Fury ceased their locked embrace and turned to see three officers approaching . Two officers pointed their rifles. The soldiers on the ground growled as their eyes narrowed. They scowled at them and shifted. Fury placed her hand on the sand and gave them a little stare down. She raised her arms. Tattoos were visible on both Amery and Fury.

Banks responded jerking his rifle forward at the woman and to the man beside her, “Slowly! Amery Crowe. You finally get caught! How does that feel killing all those people before we took you down?”

Amery smirked. He spat with a sneer, “It felt good. Go ahead. Shoot. You know you want to.”

Banks growled at him and spat, “Be silent!”

Haas turned behind her. Seeing Parker, she inquired, “We got them sir. What should we do next?”

Parker nodded toward them and responded, “Keep your eye on them. I’ll call it in.”

Staring down at the rifles pointed at them, Fury suddenly giggled. Seeing Parker, she was excited and nudged her mate gently with a whisper, “Sedge is here. Keep them distracted.”

Moving her hand further up, she responded at them with a well hidden mocking tone, “Alright, you two caught us fair and square. We lay down our arms and-”

“Shut up,” Banks shouted moving forward. He disliked her tone. Haas held him back and responded, “Easy. Don’t let them get to you. Keep them in your sights.”

Taking his chance, Parker withdrew his kabar knives. He twirled the handle around his ring fingers. Parker’s expression changed to cold anger. Grabbing the handles, he plunged the knives into their backs.

Feeling a sudden sharp pain on their backs, they gasped losing their grip on their rifles. He pulled his knives out as they turned to him with mortified glances. One of them muttered, “What?”

Parker coldly spat responding, “It’s nothing personal. It’s just a necessity.”

They stared at him frozen. Parker jabbed his knives horizontally slashing their throats and plunged onto their chests. With an angry yell, he pushed them with his strength and let go of the knives. Haas and Banks fell onto the ground dead with the knives sticking from their chests. Clenching his fists, Parker breathed with anger watching them. For a moment, he stared at their dead open eyes. Closing his eyes, he looked up and reopened it with scowl at the two soldiers who made him do this. He felt nothing for his dead compatriots as his psychotic mind pondered. With an exhale, he stared at his two commanders.

Meanwhile, inside the tunnels of the waterway, Skye ran. He scrambled across the watery shallows carrying his rifle. His heavy metal boots slipped. The lost agent tumbled with a yell and fell face flat onto the watery path with a splash. The rifle slipped from his hands. A snarl came from behind with a splash. Fearfully, he gasped turning around. Darkness loomed beyond him. The only illumination he had was the flashlight attached to his rifle and his visor.

Gripping his hands, he splashed at the current stumbling to his feet and grabbed the rifle. Running again, he turned the corner gasping. Stopping before a dead end, he cursed in rage and screamed falling to his knees, “NO!”

The same roar came from behind. Skye gasped with a turn. Feeling lost, alone and scared, the only thoughts streaming in his head was his sister. He wanted to see her again. Finding his courage, he grabbed the rifle and took an alternate path to find his way again.

Standing under the bridge with the orange red glow of the sunset behind them, Amery stared at Parker and nodded. Fury exclaimed with glee clapping her hands. She skipped with her legs cooing at him, “Sedgie! Oh would you look at that! That was a very dramatic finale don’t you think, love? High praise!”

Amery gave a shrug responding, “I’ve seen better. What now?”

They both watched as Parker/Sedge walked over to the two dead officers. He knelt down. With his hands, he covered their eyes and closed their lids. Still angry, he kept control standing, stared at them and placed his fist across his chest in a salute. He bowed his head and responded with cold resolve, “I am at your service, El-tee and Major. Allow me to join you. My ideas will revolutionize the future.”

Amery crossed his arms and grunted while staring at him. Before he could open his mouth, Fury raised her finger and spoke, “Ah!”

Amery closed his mouth and stared at his girl with curiosity. Getting the attention of her men, Fury smiled coldly and spoke, “Not just yet, loves. There is one other thing. Sedgie, remember that thing you were gonna give him?”

Parker nodded unzipping his BDU vest. Reaching into his hidden holster, he pulled out a small, blocky kind of weapon. It fit into the sergeant’s hand like a handgun. However, it was the size of a big revolver. It had one long muzzle and a small cylindrical case attached above the long pistol just below the trigger. Feeling the weight of it, Parker moved it to one side and opened the case to check inside. Satisfied, he closed the case, locked it and tossed it to Fury’s waiting hand. She caught the heavy weapon with effort. Spacing his legs, he placed his hands behind his back to stand by for orders. His cold eyes watched them.

Fury stood inspecting the weapon she held. Her braided blonde side cut ponytail rested over her right shoulder. Her only iridescent eye stared as her right eye gash was covered by a metallic eye patch. Carrying the pistol to her side, Fury walked to the bike and took her cigar. Placing it in her mouth, she took a few puffs and inhaled. Smoke billowed through the air as she exhaled turning around taking her cigar out. Picking the heavy, blocky pistol with a grunt as she grimaced, Fury placed it over her shoulder and walked toward her love. Amery stared at her with wonder and inquired, “What is that?”

Placing her cigar into her mouth, Fury chomped down on the end and placed her finger on his lips. She smiled coldly and spoke, “Shh. You’ll see, love. It is something that will help loosen the chains that bind you to this society. You want it?”

Intrigued, Amery grabbed her hand and kissed her finger. Taking the cigar from her mouth, he responded, “Can I? Don’t keep me waiting Marina.”

Fury flashed her teeth and blew a smoke at his face. She giggled kissing the hand that held her finger. Taking her hand back, she stroked his chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist. Placing the cigar in his mouth, he bit down. Bringing down the weapon to her side, she trailed her fingers down his chest and rubbed his left abdomen. The strong soldier cooing with a response, “You’ll feel this, love. Forgive me.”

“Huh,” Amery wondered. Fury’s expression became cold as lifted the pistol and pressed the cold muzzle against his skin. Not giving him much warning, she clenched her teeth and pulled the trigger. The muzzle flash was seen as she fired the weapon into his skin point blank. Amery felt extreme pain feeling his body seize up. He couldn’t yell as he bit down on the cigar. The cigar kept his teeth from grinding and his tongue in place. His gurgled cries of agony reached her ears. She looked at him with concern.

It took thirty seconds. As Amery remained frozen, his body underwent a dramatic change. In the heavy pistol, Fury looked down and watched. The canister pushed itself forward into his skin and cut into it. The canister sucked in a weird metal like cylindrical substance. Taking the pistol, Fury placed the heavy weapon on her shoulder. The smoke rose from the muzzle. Amery groaned falling to his knees. With anger, he growled grabbing her throat. He spat as Fury grabbed his wrist, “What the hell was that?”

Fury snarled. Not liking the feeling of being strangled by her love, she spat, “Get your hand off my neck, love. You won’t want to regret the next that comes. I freed you from your bounds.”

Amery released not wanting to hurt her. Looking down to his new scar, he touched it and exhaled in pain. The cigar was in his other hand. The soldier inquired painfully, “What was that? It hurt.”

Keeping the heavy pistol resting on her shoulder, she cocked her head and mocked his pain with a pout, “Aww, baby. Want a kiss on your boo-boo?”

Amery looked up and shot her a glare with a growl. Fury’s expression changed. She giggled stroking his chin responding, “Sorry love. It was necessary. The pain that is. Look. I got it too. See?”

Looking down as her braided blond ponytail side cut hair hung from her right shoulder, she lifted her left vest showing that same muzzle scar and burn. The female soldier responded with a coo, “We have matching scars! Now we are even.”

Her mate studied the mark and touched it. After stroking it, he kissed it. Fury stroked his hair and held his head close to her abdomen. Moving her heavy pistol down on her side, she replied, “What I did was for us. I erased our identities. Now we can live the world however we want under a new persona. I disabled the tracking device that was given to you by birth via a cylindrical substance and reset your entire skeletal system. No one knows who you are. Not even me. That is how no one knows about me either. According to them, I died in the camp. We are both ghosts to the world. We are blanks now, but we will be refilled with new identities.”

Amery gasped with surprise. He laughed a little. Kissing her scar, he hugged her and mumbled calling her by her full name, “I’m sorry Marina Kasperski. Forgive me.”

Fury gazed down at her love adoringly. She scratched his head with her nails and stroked his hair. Bending down, she kissed his crown and grabbed his chest. With her strength, she hoisted him up and spoke, “It’s okay. You didn’t know. Get up on your feet, soldier! We have one last thing to do.”

“Of course,” Amery mumbled placing the cigar into his mouth. Getting to his feet, he stared at Parker.

Fury turned to Parker/Sedge and smirked coldly with a smile. Placing her finger in her mouth, she bit on her nail and walked toward him. The sergeant shifted his weight and stared not into her eyes, but at her figure. He awaited her command. With the pistol on her hand, she tossed it across. It pounded the sand next to Haas. Taking the finger out, she got close to him and trailed her finger across his strong chest.

Fury questioned him while moving her finger up to his chin, “What will I do with you, Sedge?”

Parker/Sedge responded like a soldier, “I am at your command, ma’am.”

“Without question,” she inquired raising her eyebrow.

He replied, “Undoubtedly. Allow me to join your ranks once more and serve.”

Fury turned to Amery and asked, “What do you think, love?”

Amery shrugged crossing his arms, “Up to you, Marina. Ball’s still in your court.”

The woman turned with a cold smile and smirked responding placing her hand on his shoulder, “That’s right. Sedge, you have served me well. However, the time isn’t ready for you to join us. You must remain behind. Continue being the Sergeant Adam Parker as you will. I desire one thing most of all besides my comrade. Information. You will provide me this, so you will have to stay undercover a little longer.”

Sedge nodded. He shifted his feet clicking his heels and spoke, “As you say, Ma’am. I shall endeavor to explain myself how I lost you two and why there are two dead bodies.”

Fury made a grunt. Letting go of him, she backed and stared coldly. She responded, “Mmh. We shall do more than that. As we say in every campaigns together. The thing that requires sacrifice will know pain. And pain you shall know.”

Sedge’s pupils dilated with fear. He gasped staring at her. Fury clenched her right fist. Her arms bulged showing her seventeen inch biceps. The sergeant stood there frozen unable to move. He knew her well. Behind them, Amery kept his arms crossed and observed.

The female soldier opened her mouth with a furious yell. Thrusting her fist forward, she hit her sergeant. Sedge broke his stance with a stumble back. Fury growled as she breathed with anger. She shouted, “Fight me! Defend yourself!”

The shaken sergeant stumbled and caught himself. Wiping his mouth, he tasted his blood. Obeying her, Sedge growled closing his fist and launched forward. He swung his fist at her, but she ducked and countered with her jab. Grabbing his head, she pulled him across and kneed him harshly. Pushing him, she watched him stumble onto the sand. Baring her teeth, she snarled stretching her shoulder muscles and pumped her defined arms with a roar showing her defined built physique, “Come on!”

Meanwhile across the bridge and across the lake, Sara stood outside of the hospital. She was dressed. It took a bit of work but the agent convinced them. Walking over to the police section of the hospital, she flashed her badge across the machine. The compartment flipped open showing a fingerprint scanner. She pressed down with her thumb. It scanned her. Sara was atop a landing pad near the flying aircraft.

The machine beeped. The message displayed, “Good evening Agent Cade. What you need?”

Sara touched her wounded side where her knife scar was. Looking at the parking space with police cars and bikes, her mind picked out one. To her, it looked fast. She responded clearly with enforcement, “I need to commandeer a police bike.”

The machine responded, “Very well, agent. Take the ARC. It is faster and easier to use. Please return the bike when you are done with it. Have a nice day.”

Sara rolled her eyes and placed her badge into her pocket. Walking over to the bike, she touched the handle. A sounding click of the lock being released allowed her to remove the bike. Taking the handlebar, she moved her agile body over the seat. The pain from her abdomen arced across her chest.

Sara cringed with a gasp. Taking the radio, she placed it in front of the bike. Opening her vest pocket, she took out her visor and placed it on her face. It activated. Taking her gun from the holster, she opened the cartridge to check making sure it was full. Closing it, she ticked the side of her Beretta turning off the safety. Grabbing the top slider, she pulled the trigger charging it before placing it back into the holster.

Gripping both hands on the handlebars, she muttered revving the motor, “Hold on Skye. I’m coming.”

The bike zoomed across the landing pad. Sara lifted off with the front of her bike. She activated the hover booster with a yell over the top of the building. Her wheels activated sliding horizontally as it turned into a hover bike. Staying in the air, she leaned forward gaining speed across the street and the city. Her brown hair fluttered madly in the air as she rode toward the bridge to where the last location of her brother was.

Sedge was on his knees. Warm blood streaked across his bruised features. His jaw was broken. Fury scowled at him. Blood trickled from her features, down her neck and dripped from her jaw. Gathering spit, she turned to her right and spat blood. Her clenched hands was caked with blood and dripped onto the sand. Facing her sergeant, she cruelly responded with a scowl, “You had enough?”

Sedge spat blood and several of his teeth with a groan. He mumbled growing dizzy. Impatient, Fury snarled clenching her fist. Storming several paces toward him, she grabbed his head and raised her fist. Flexing her arm, she pounded his face harshly. Blood flowed from his mouth as he opened his mouth. She cut him off with a shout pushing him back, “I said you had enough, soldier?!?”

Facing her, he shouted feeling the drill instructor coming out of her, “Yes, sir!”

Wiping her mouth free of blood, Fury scowled at him. Satisfied, she turned to Amery and inquired, “What do you think, love?”

Amery shrugged blowing smoke from his cigar. He responded with coldness, “I’m not satisfied it’s enough. It needs one more thing.”

Placing the cigar in the ashtray of his bike, he unclipped his sheath and withdrew his kabar knife. Sedge stared at him and mumbled in fear, “No-”

Fury exclaimed with a nod, “Alright! Let’s do this.”

She moved toward him and grabbed his neck. Sedge protested grabbing her wrist as she hoisted him up from the ground. Her biceps bulged. Unsatisfied, Fury shook him up harshly and spat venomously, “What did you say? Do you want to give up? Is that it? Give in? What?!?!”

Amery walked toward Sedge with his knife downwards. Touching his girl on the shoulder, he flipped his knife around by the handle. Moving the strand of her hair aside, he kissed her neck. Sedge groaned with a strangled yell as Fury increased her strength on his neck. Blood trickled down his open mouth as he shouted, “I meant by your will, El-tee. I live and die by your command!”

Fury responded with furious energy, “I hope you can forgive this, but sometimes sacrifice requires the thing that will make this count. You cannot come out of this without feeling pain. They need something concise and believable. This is the only way. If you survive this and succeed, only then will you come back and serve us. We will reward you handsomely and that is a promise from one soldier to another.”

Amery stopped flipping the knife and primed it. Fury stared coldly as she stroked Amery’s jaw line. Keeping him hoisted in place, Fury walked around him and placed her arm across his neck. Letting go of his neck, she grabbed her wrist with a grunt strangling her loyal soldier. Sedge gasped under Fury’s strength as he responded, “I live and die for Rasputin. For the Crimson. I shall be resurrected by blood and serve ever faithfully till the end of life.”

Fury gritted her teeth and growled increasing her strength. She responded staring at Amery, “Such a faithful little soldier. Can you kill him already?”

Obeying her, Amery gripped the dagger and thrust it into the sergeant’s abdomen. He withdrew as Fury released her grip. Sedge gasped with pain. Grabbing his mouth, she responded, “You have served us well, but you still have a long way to go.”

Kissing him on the mouth, she released and spat his blood as he started coughing blood onto the sand. Amery growled and clenched his fist. As Fury backed, she watched her love punch her sergeant on the face. It broke his jaw as Sedge cracked under his pressure falling to his knees. Clutching his bleeding side, he fell forward in pain and gasping for air.

Fury saw it and giggled holding her hand out toward Amery. Amery accepted it as she cooed, “You put in the last blow. Did you do that for me?”

Amery snarled grabbing her hand and pulled her close. Grabbing her waist, he pushed her up and wiped her mouth free of blood before responding, “You kissed him. He touched your lips. No one but me is allowed to this to you.”

Fury’s heart fluttered. She cooed wrapping her arm around him and touched his chin, “Aren’t I the lucky girl?”

“You are mine. You belong to me. No one else is to kiss you,” he grabbed her by the neck. She gazed lovingly into his eyes and kissed his mouth. Satisfied, they unlocked their embrace and walked away from the dying sergeant toward their bike.

Taking the helmet, Amery took the cigar and placed it on the ashtray. Placing the helmet on, he grabbed the handlebars and got on the bike. Ignoring her boots, Fury took her armored jacket vest and put it on. Grabbing the assault rifle, she unlocked it, flipped her flipped her braided hair out of her shoulder and scowled at Sedge. She pointed aiming for his head and spoke, “Let me just kill him.”

Parker/Sedge crawled slowly as he grunted painfully. He was bleeding and dying. Taking his arm, he thrust it forward and grabbed the sand hoisting himself across. The foot of the bridge was in front of him. Knowing that he was in Fury’s cross-hairs, he wanted to lay against the wall and die with dignity.

Meanwhile in the tunnel, Skye ran across the waterways. He knew he was close as he felt the wind. The sound of an animal roared from behind. He turned with a gasp and pointed his rifle. Shouting he opened fire, “Come out there and face me you coward!”

The muzzle flash from his rifle illuminated the dark waterways. From a distance he could see an animal slithering from one shadow to the next. He ceased and waited. Finding his feet, he backed several more steps before turning and took off in a run. Running into the corner, he stopped as another roar came from the side of him. Turning around, he shouted and opened fire.

The mutated aquatic reptile slithered toward him as the bullets deflected from its scales. It lunged toward him getting close. Skye ceased firing and took his rifle by the barrel. It was hot in his hands. He rammed the butt of the rifle across its jaw. The aquatic creature was knocked away as the rifle broke. Dropping it, he grabbed his Beretta from his holster and pointed at the slithering creature. Without the light to guide him, he opened fire. The creature hissed slithering toward him.

There was silence as he ceased his firing. The creature slithered somewhere. Touching the side of his eye wear, he activated it turning it into night vision. Looking around, he watched for the mutated creature. The hairs on his back rose as he felt a spine tingling cold feeling of being watched. Lowering his weapon, he put it to his side and clipped his knife sheath opening it.

Hearing the slithering sound behind him, he turned just as the lizard roared jumping at him. Taking out the knife, he slashed up toward the lizard’s gullet. He rammed the knife into the throat of the creature piercing its scales. The creature roared in pain as Skye flipped it over and onto the wet ground. It squirmed to get away. Skye kept his knife down and moved his side arm across its body and opened fire point blank. Muzzle flashes illuminated the darkness as the creature squirmed with pain. It stopped moving and died as the creature’s blood poured out dying the clear, shallow waters with a different color.

Breathing a sigh, he took the knife out. Wiping it clean of blood, he holstered it into his sheathe. Using his night vision eyewear, he ran across the waterway toward his exit. Taking the side arm, he holstered it and ran across the watery shallows.


Amery turned to her. He grabbed her arm and spoke, “We don’t kill our own. You know this. Your blood lust has already been sated. Leave him be to his job. Let’s get out of here. Start fresh. Let’s elope.”

Fury turned to him and gasped inquiring, “Elope?”

Amery nodded grabbing her waist. She giggled as he pulled her close. Stroking his face, she kissed him. Amery unlocked the bike and twisted the handlebars to start it up. Fury turned to Sedge and watched him crawl. She looked at him pitifully responding, “He looks like a wounded dog. We need to put him down.”

Amery spoke, “Leave him alone.”

Fury thought for a bit as she aimed the rifle toward the sergeant. With a grunt, she shook her head and put away the rifle. Amery revved the bike moving it forward. Fury grabbed his torso with her arm. She hugged her mate close kissing him on his back. Amery rode off as the sun disappeared behind a building. It was growing darker.

Parker refused to quit. He was strong enough to fend off the pain. Crawling toward the wall under the bridge, he sat up with a pained grunt watching them leave him to die. He felt nothing but vengeance for them for them. He knew they trained him to survive this situation and prove himself stronger.

Against the raising twilight the sun ducked under the horizon behind the buildings. The police bike’s headlights shone strongly through the darkness. The flashing lights and sirens illuminated the dark sky as Sara’s hovering police vehicle zoomed through the air in high speed. Cars and trucks slowed down as the blaring police vehicle blazed past. She flew straight across the road and over the bridge while on the air. A determined look painted her features.

When Sara saw a single lone motorcycle fleeing from the bridge toward the port, she yelled withdrawing her side arm. The agent opened fire with prejudice at both Amery and Fury. They both looked up and noticed a police bike with the occupant shooting at them. Amery’s helmet visor scanned the body and identified it as the agent. He muttered cursing her, “The Cade girl. Why can’t she just die already?”

Fury cackled aiming her rifle at the cruiser. The pelting bullets fired from the agent’s gun had no effect. However, as Fury opened fire with her armor piercing rounds, they streaked toward the oncoming cruiser. A few taps made holes in her bike including the tank. Sara gasped as her engine burst in flames. Still in high speed, she released the handlebars and jumped up with her agile back flip. The out of control hoverbike flew away. Sara flipped in the air and fell toward the ground making a graceful descent as the bike crashed into a tree. It exploded in flames.

Hitting the ground feet and hand first, she recoiled allowing the shock of the falling to leave her system. Her BDU armor protected her. The tree groaned in protest, cracked under the pressure of the engine explosion and fell onto the ground with a shattering crash. The flames burned.

Fury smirked and cackled as Amery stopped the bike. She handed Amery the rifle and spoke getting off the bike, “I got this, love. Go to the dock.”

Sara stood. Withdrawing her weapon, she pointed at the woman and shouted, “Stop right there!”

Fury scowled at her and let out a roar. Moving her shoulders up, she pumped her arms flexing while bashing her fist against her vest and shouted, “Come and get it!”

The agent stepped forward and primed her weapon with a shout, “Get down to the ground both of you!”

Ignoring her, Amery backed away with the bike toward the boat near the pier. Fury scowled. She tightened her muscles and spat, “You can’t take me, can’t you? Why don’t you go home and cry or face me if you got the balls? I ain’t holding back, ya know!”

Sara shouted angrily taking another foot step forward, “I won’t repeat myself!”

Meanwhile under the bridge next the wall within the falling darkness, Parker sat against the wall. He leaned painfully and took out his bandages. Ripping it apart, he bandaged his knife wound. It soaked up a lot of his blood. Wincing in pain, he laid back at the wall. Ahead of him, he heard footsteps leaving the waterway. It was Skye. Parker gasped in surprise. He had made it out.

The sergeant shouted painfully, “Sir! Over here!”

Skye ran over to him and tended to his wounds. He spoke, “Sergeant! What happened?”

Parker grunted in pain coughing blood. He responded painfully, “I would ask the same of you sir, but it was them. They killed Haas and Banks. They had no chance.”

The agent replied, “A little explosion won’t stop me. Someone took out the catwalk in the waterworks. Killed everyone in my group. I was the only one who made it out.”

Parker was relieved. He responded, “That’s good, sir. You need to stop them. They tortured me and left me for dead. However, I am not dead yet. I still have some strength left in me.”

Skye placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and Parker touched his wrist. The agent replied, “Hang in there, Parker. You’ll make it. Where did they go?”

Parker pointed. He unlatched his rifle and handed it to him, “This way. Here, take this. You’ll need it.”

Skye accepted it. Keeping his hand on the sergeant’s shoulders a little longer, the agent studied him. Parker groaned with a cough. He shouted straining his voice, “Go!”

Skye nodded, turned and ran leaving him. Parker groaned wincing in pain. Blood trickled down from his mouth. Watching the agent disappear against the darkness, the sergeant started losing conscious.


Fury shouted pumping her arms showing her hulked figure. She sprinted forward catching Sara off guard. The female agent felt intimidated by the bulked female soldier.

Sara opened fire on the charging soldier with her non-lethal rounds. It caught her vest several times. The bullet grazed Fury’s Navy Seal tattoo. Fury shrugged it off moving her arms forward. Another bullet strayed into her traps muscles and shot through it. Fury rushed forward as her blonde braided ponytail side cut streaked. As her strong arms and legs moved, Fury was an unstoppable charging bullet. Sara’s eyes went wide. Pointing her weapon, she aimed for the soldier’s legs and opened fire.

The bullets hit her legs and bounded off as Fury lifted her knees in running motion. She felt nothing. Grabbing Sara’s gun, she twisted it out of the way. The metal crunched against Sara’s hand. The agent yelled painfully. Fury rammed a punch across her head, but Sara countered connecting her fist against Fury’s jaw. The soldier felt nothing as she increased her grip on her gun hand crushing it.

Sara yelled with pain feeling her bones being crushed. She gripped her wrist to remove her hand. Fury twisted her wrist upwards and pulled the twisted metal away. Fury pushed Sara and roared pumping her arms, “Come at me, bitch!”

Holding her wrist, Sara gritted her teeth and growled scowling at the cruel women. Using her good hand, she dealt a round punch at Fury’s side. Fury blocked it and wrapped her strong arm around Sara’s outstretched arm. She pushed up with a yell causing Sara to scream in pain. Moving her close, Fury dealt her with several blows from her fist. Blood trickled down Sara’s face. Keeping her arm locked, Fury grabbed her neck and rammed a head butt. It collided with the agent’s skull harshly.

Letting go, Fury watched Sara fall in one knee onto the ground in a daze. She spat blood on the ground and hugged herself feeling pain. The stronger soldier growled keeping her body primed as her hands was clenched into fists. Sara groaned looking at Fury. She gulped and shouted, “What are you waiting for?”

The angry Fury growled as she snarled showing her teeth. Grabbing her throat, she lifted her as Sara struggled grabbing her arm. Fury clenched her fist priming it. It started to rain. Behind her, Amery was watching. As he placed the bike into the boat, he came to the front holding the rifle and spoke, “Kill her, Marina. You should know. This bitch shot at me and tried to kill me. What do you say?”

Fury’s cheek muscles twitched when the left side of her mouth bared showing her teeth. Clenching her fist, she spat thrusting her fist against Sara’s chest, “I will kill you!”

The female soldier let go and kicked her onto the ground. She growled watching Sara stumble on the ground. Taking a step forward, she grabbed Sara from behind on her neck and pulled. Sara groaned painfully grabbing her neck. Holding her in place against her chest, Fury raised her clenched hand. It was primed into claw like. The rain dampened her hair and started washing the blood.

Out from the darkness as light shined through, Skye came charging through with his assault rifle. He shouted, “Stop right there!”

Fury scowled at him and pulled her harshly up. Flexing her arms, she pointed at him and shouted, “You shoot and my love will blast you away into bits while I snap her neck! Who has the advantage now?”

Skye hesitated pointing the rifle at Amery. Amery kept his modified assault rifle trained on the agent’s head. The agent was in his cross-hairs. He was waiting for a word. Sara yelled in pain as Fury lifted face harshly while putting her arm around the agent’s neck keeping her close. Fury spat, “You let us go and you have your sister back! It’s a done deal. Take it or leave it.”

“Shoot them, Skye!” Sara shouted. She grunted in pain struggling against Fury’s strong arm. Sara felt her neck being pressed.

Fury responded, “So what’s it going to be? Our freedom for your sister or you two die while we get away? You can’t have both. It’s nothing personal. We’re just trying to survive.”

Skye kept his rifle trained on Amery and hesitated. Two choices was being offered to him and he felt he could take them both. However, he feared missing his chance and his sister will die. Skye gasped feeling the sweat pouring from his brow and his hand as heat washed over him. Raindrops splattered on his rifle.

Fury was growing impatient. Increasing her grip on Sara’s throat, she spat, “Taking too long! A few more seconds you waste your sister’s life. All I have to do is say the word and my mate will take the shot. You don’t wanna know what that feels. Five seconds! One...two…three.”

Skye shouted placing his rifle aside and raised his hands, “Okay stop! Don’t hurt her! Just let her go.”

Fury smirked responding, “Good boy. First, toss the weapon into the bushes. Slowly! Keep your hands where I can see them!”

Sara protested, but Fury silenced her with a jerk as Skye tossed the weapon into the bushes. Slowly, he raised his hands offering his surrender. Satisfied, Fury let Sara go and turned her around. She spat, “This is for hurting my lovely.”

Clenching her fist, she rammed a punch across Sara’s jaw breaking it. Sara yelled in pain spitting blood and fell to the ground. Amery trained his weapon on Skye to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Fury turned and ran toward the boat. She spat pointing her finger, “Let them go! Start up the boat.”

“Whatever you say,” Avery muttered ignoring the agents and followed her.

Skye rushed to his sister. Sara cried out in pain. With her good hand, she hit him on the chest with a shout, “Why did you let them go! You could have killed them!”

Skye argued, “Because I value our lives more. We will catch them, I promise this. For now we need to recuperate and tend to our losses. Don’t lose hope, sister. We will live to fight another day.”

Sara wept quietly. Skye hugged his sister. She mumbled in the pouring rain, “I’m sorry. I screwed up and they got away. If I was stronger-”

As the rumbling sound of the boat pulled away, Skye rubbed his sister’s back and responded, “Do not blame yourself. I only have myself to blame. If I was faster, I would have caught up with them.”

Skye remained on the ground allowing his sister to get her breathing back. He stared at the horizon watching as the yacht got further away. The moon rose as its image rippled in the waters. The rain pattered on the water seperating the moon image.

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