Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Shockwave

The rain stopped for a moment over the moonlit lake. Several lights shone brightly from the houses among the shore. A single lone yacht navigated through the lake. Its small engine rumbled quietly. The boat stopped and rested near the dock of a small lagoon as the engine was cut. Amery allowed the water cruiser to drift. Smoke from the cigar rose on the glass ashtray. On the side of the boat before the railing was the sport bike. It was covered and tied down by a white tarp to match the color of the yacht.

Amery knew the boat. The yacht was privately owned to Kasperski’s corporation. It rocked as the waves lapping against the hull. It shuddered with a slight thud as the driftwood scraped the boat. A single name, Sun Spirit, was painted across the bow in dark letters. Taking the cigar from the ashtray, Amery placed it into his mouth and inhaled. He exhaled as he left his position near the wheel to walk toward the bow. Smoke billowed and evaporated. Placing his feet on the edge, he leaned on it holding the cigar and watching the dark horizon. There was storm clouds ahead near the land as the rain poured.

“Love?” A voice inquired from behind him.

Amery turned to see Fury standing by the stairs into the cabin. Putting the cigar into his mouth, he chewed on the end. Fury was smiling sweetly to him holding two glasses of champagne. On her finger was a claw ring bracelet. Her long dirty blond side cut hair was braided into a Mohawk. A transparent nightgown was dressed over her black bikini. Chewing the end of his cigar, Amery removed it to spit over the railing and blew another cloud of smoke. He smiled crossing his arms and admired her beauty. Even if she had one metallic eye patch with the long gash, he felt something for her.

Setting one of the glasses down on the flat surface on her right, Marina/Fury took a sip out of her glass. She spoke, “Sweetie, come inside. We succeeded and escaped. Shouldn’t we sit down and celebrate?”

Amery shook his head. Uncrossing his arms, he held the cigar between his finger and moved forward responding while pointing his finger, “We can’t. Not when there are hounds nipping at our feet. They-”

“Love,” Marina interrupted keeping her calm tone level, “Don’t forget. I removed the bio transponder inside you. Don’t you trust me? No one is looking for us. Even my father’s yacht doesn’t register in their scans. It’s safe here. For the moment. Don’t you feel safe?”

Amery sighed gazing at her. Too long he had been on the run. He shook his head responding with irritation half shouting, “No. No place is safe. Not even here.”

Marina growled scowling at him. She was growing irritated and upset by his tone. She lowered her head and shifted in her weight. Placed her hand on the flat surface next to the stairway into the cabin, she tapped with her claw ring. Gripping the surface, her thick muscles flexed as her claw ring stopped tapping and bore a hole into the surface. She responded with anger, “Bull, don’t take the tone with me. We are safe here. This is a lagoon. It’s a private place. A safe haven. Besides, the search teams won’t be coming this way. I made sure. Now, come. It gets lonely out here. I sure could use someone to talk to.”

She had a lonely look in her left iridescent eye as she stared at him. The moonlight glinted off her only eye making the light dance. She took another sip from her alcoholic drink before turning away. Placing her hand on the banister, her clawed ring lightly scraped the wood as the woman walked down the stairs into the cabin. Amery watched her disappear below. Exhaling a sigh as smoke billowed out, he walked toward the wheel and placed the cigar down. Shaking his head, he knew her well. Her temper was a known element. He gave her that nickname.

Amery walked along the wooden floor of the yacht and grabbed the champagne on the wooden surface. With the glass in his hand, he took a sip and followed her down into the cabin. At the end of the small stairs, Amery looked across the small corridor. Fury stood before an open door with her back to him. Her long, braided blonde hair was braided into a single Mohawk line that ended below her broad shoulders. It rested on her defined back.

With her hand resting against the doorway on her right, Marina turned her head ninety degrees to the left behind her. She offered him a seductive smile. The dark brown arch of her eyebrow was raised above her iridescent eye. With her left hand on the door, she entered the room and closed it halfway. With a nervous gulp, Amery murmured taking another sip from his champagne and followed her.

On the shore near the pier overlooking a lake, Skye and Sara knelt on the grass. The rain poured dampening them. Hiding her pain, she shouted angrily at her brother, “Why did you let them escape! You could have shot them. My life means nothing as long as they roam or have you forgotten what they did?”

Skye shook his head keeping his hands on her shoulders keeping her calm. He responded, “Sara. Of course I haven’t forgotten. There will be a day that will come where we will see them tried for their actions and their crimes, but not today.”

Sara winced in pain holding her broken arm and hand while keeping her head down. She whispered softly with regret in her words, “It’s my own fault they got away. I wasn’t even there-”

“Sara-” her brother tried to speak.

However, he was interrupted when she looked up sharply and scowled. She touched him on the shoulder and spat fiercely, “Next time, little brother, you are taking the shot. Promise me? No matter what! Not even at the sake of my own life or so help me!”

Skye offered a belated sigh shaking his head. Little bro was a nickname given to him because according to the doctors, Sara was born first. He responded keeping his hand on her shoulders, “I promise.”

Sara nodded and whimpered silently looking away. The rain washed away a tear that streaked from her duct down her cheek. Skye noticed and hugged her close. He rubbed his thumb against her face to wipe her face. Sara accepted her brother’s embrace. She shivered getting cold. Skye hugged her gently offering his warmth as she wrapped her arm around his body.

Keeping her head on his shoulder, Sara whispered a curious question, “What happened Skye? I felt something back there in the hospital. A sharp pang.”

Skylar Cade was silent. After a few moments, he responded, “Nothing happened. I’m here, okay? Do you have a radio?”

Sara looked at him and shook her head, “No I’m sorry. I lost it when I lost my ride here. My earpiece must have fallen off.”

Skye sighed and shook his head dismissing it with a wave of his hand, “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the chief has his own hands full at the moment.”

Meanwhile across from their location toward the sirens, several police cars, and other emergency vehicles were parked across the road. The flashing lights illuminated the streets along with the lamplights. It was pouring down rain. The chief stood in front of the bridge with his finger on his ear where his earpiece was. He was shouting, “Anyone seen Cade? I need to talk to him! I need eyes people!”

One of the voices spoke back to him with an apology, “I’m sorry chief. We haven’t seen him.”

“Dammit!” He shouted banging his fist on the railing of the bridge.

He was having the time of his night. When he lost contact with Cade and the team, he grew concerned. Their sensors detected a massive explosion below the lake in the water works. The people around him were dead or dying, Steiner worked to find the answers, he felt most of them were bad.

When he heard that Sergeant Parker survived, his burden became lighter. To him, Parker had to survive to make this mess worth something. Looking across the bridge, he watched as the medical van blared headed toward the last location of Adam Parker.

One of the officers ran to him with the tablet at hand and saluted, “Chief!”

Steiner turned accepting the tablet. A smile crept over his features as he read it. In the tablet was the report about Skylar Cade surviving and was discovered in the park not far from his location with his sister. He nodded at the officer responding, “Take me there.”

As they headed toward a police cruiser, the officer replied, “Yes sir. Oh and the search along the shore is ongoing. Because of the tip, we are searching for their yacht they escaped on. It was the Sun Cruiser.”

“How was it,” the chief inquired approaching the cruiser.

The officer took the driver seat and entered. He responded shaking his head, “Taking a bit. The scanners were being blocked and sent along an alternate route. We have no idea where exactly, but it will not take long. We’ll have her by morning.”

The engine started as the doors shut. The wipers flicked on to wipe the water from the window. Sirens flicked on as the chief spoke, “By then they will be gone!”

“Sorry chief,” the officer mumbled. He turned the engine as the car sped down from the bridge toward the park with its sirens flashing. Steiner ignored him. The chief was focused on the carnage outside. It was already dark and yet when Seattle lit up in the night sky, he could see flashing sirens miles away from where he was. It was like a war zone.

The single medical truck barreled down the street. The wipers moved to wipe the water from the window as it poured in the darkness. Two medical technicians were seated at the front. One of them spoke into the radio, “Stay with me, sir! Are you there?”

There was a crackling silence in the radio. The driver responded turning into the corner, “Keep talking to him till we get there. Is he alone?”

The second technician spoke to the radio, “Sergeant Parker! Are you alone! Is someone with you?”

There was silence in the radio. A man responded weakly in a barely audible whisper, “No. I am alone. Where are you?”

He responded, “Not far from your location. What are your injuries? It will help us assess and respond to your wounds immediately. ”

There was silence in the radio. The technician grew concerned as he turned to his friend, “Drive faster!”

The driver increased his speed. All of a sudden a squeal came out of his radio as the technician exclaimed with a yell. The radio fell dead. He spoke again, “Sir! Sergeant! Sir!”

Meanwhile across from the road and under the bridge, Parker held the rock atop the sand. He held his left side with his hand clutching his bandaged knife wound. The heavy blood seeped through his wound. Lifting the rock, he looked at his broken earpiece radio. With a wince, he sighed tossing the rock aside and leaned back with a groan against the wall. He was safe under the bridge away from the rain.

His right hand rested across the sand with his palm up. His body was dying. He could feel death coming. Riddled with wounds and broken bones, he knew he wouldn’t survive. Fury and Amery made sure. He hated them with a newborn vengeance. They were his commanding officers. He had their back during the war. Now, he felt betrayed. They left him to die. To him, they had cheated him of his deserved reward.

Closing his eyes, he whimpered softly. A tear streaked down his face. It mixed in with his blood on his broken and bruised face. Blood caked his left hand as he clutched his knife wound. Blood trickled from his closed mouth. He breathed painfully through his broken nose and jaw. Sirens reached his ears. Letting go with one final exhale, his body went limp. He stopped breathing as his head rolled to his right side.

Across the shore, the Sun Spirit floated freely among the ebbing tide. The small yacht moved among the waves and hitting the dock softly. The dull thuds against the dock offered a haunting melody within the moonlight. The hull hit the wooden dock again. The tide started slowly receding. The Sun Spirit gently drifted away from the small lagoon.

Inside the cabin, Amery touched the handle and opened the door into the bedroom. He looked straight at Marina’s arched back. Tattoos dotted her broad back. Marina placed the glass on the counter and ran her fingers through her braided dark blond hair. Her nail ring finger was over her glass as it tapped the side. The sound echoed. With her other hand, she moved her Mohawk tail over her right shoulder. Turning her head to her left, she smiled. Sitting up, her average defined torso straightened up as she moved her claw ring finger over to her hair.

Amery moved forward toward her and placed his glass on the counter. He placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed massaging her bulged traps. With his other hand, he wrapped her waist and moved her close to his body as he kissed her neck.

Marina closed her only eye as a moan escaped her mouth. Placing her clawed ring finger on Amery’s hand, she lightly tapped it as she held him while she placed her other hand on the back of his neck. Amery nuzzled her neck with another kiss. Fury kissed his chin and licked her lips. Taking his hand from her waist, she moved it over her shoulder and on the strap of her gown. She moaned as he squeezed her shoulder muscles. Closing her eyes, she kissed his cheek.

Amery tucked his hands inside her straps and gently removed her gown from the top. She lowered her arms letting the straps fall down from her defined muscles. Gently, she turned around and touched his vest. She removed it as Amery removed her gown letting it fall onto the floor. Only her under bra remained. She smiled removing his vest and placing her hands on his defined chest. In comparison to her stocky size, her mate looked stronger. He was well built as she cooed feeling his strong muscles. Dog tags rested on his sturdy pecs.

Amery kissed her lips as he wrapped his arm around her waist and cupping his hand below her chin. Marina unlocked the embrace and bit her lower lip. Taking her clawed ring finger, she placed it on her lip scraping it first before placing it on his cheek. She trailed it down scraping his cheek. Amery moved her closer to his body and kissed her mouth as she moaned. With her other hand, she unbuttoned his pants as he moved her forward onto the bed.

Her long braided side cut Mohawk hung over touching the bed first as she laid down with Amery protecting her back by holding her up. His dog tags hung and laid on Marina’s breast. With her other hand, she grabbed Amery’s arm as her ring finger dug into his eighteen inch muscle. It pierced it. He barely felt the pierce as he gently placed her on the bed with him following along with his mouth still kissing hers. Marina managed to remove his pants as they laid themselves to rest.

Fury let out a giggle watching Amery. Dropping her on the bed, Amery pulled the cover over both of them. As Amery laid his head on the pillow, he faced her. Marina reached over under the bed and pulled out a medium black box. Picking it up, she sat against the pillow on the wall and held it for him.

Curious, Amery sat up on the bed against the wall and accepted the box. She responded, “I got your stuff they were holding in the lockup. It’s all in there.”

“Ah,” he exclaimed opening the top and looked inside. With his finger, he sorted through the objects. There were several weapons like knuckles and knives. He spoke, “It still has all my stuff in it. You know, Marina, what you did on the dock against the Cade sister. That was pretty crazy.”

Marina responded indifferent, “Yeah it was. You know, I’ve been called many things by other people. Psycho, Psychotic, Sadistic Murderer, Torturer, Mutant Freak as well as some other. You know what? It hurts. They don’t know me! Whatever people think screw them. I do whatever and however I want. They got a problem? Screw them! Don’t come to me whining because I will make you pay for crossing me.”

Marina scowled at the wall with anger. Amery placed his arms around her shoulder and moved her close. He kissed her cheek. Her furious temper calmed when he whispered in her ear, “and I will kill them all.”

Marina smiled and faced him. She gazed at him with her eye. Placing her claw ring hand on his chest, she wrapped her other arm around his waist and moved closer as he pulled her. She pecked him with a kiss. Keeping his arm around her shoulder, he kept the box on his chest. Placing his finger inside the box and moving the metal brass out of the way, he withdrew a picture. On it was Fury and himself.

Marina looked at the photo and smiled. On the photo, they held their rifles, wore their military BDUs and stood next to each other. In it, Marina still had her scar over her right eye. She still had her big, strong figure, but smaller in size than Amery. Their Navy Seal tattoos were printed on their shoulders.

Fury took the picture and looked over it. Amery kissed her on the forehead as she exclaimed remembering that day. She turned it over to read the written words, “Amery + Marina, ’Bull Fury’, 2075”

Her finger stroked her own image on the picture as she listened to Amery, “Remember that day we were sent for our first mission? You were the armory officer then, but you grew in ranks quickly and gained the respect of your squad with your strength and intelligence. You were only nineteen and on the fast track to become the squad’s XO. You were my second and my number one.”

Fury gazed upon Amery’s features and stroked his chin. Handing back the picture, she responded, “Let’s talk about what just happened before. When I reset your bio tracker, it also repaired your eye giving it back its blue color.”

Amery stared at her. Marina looked at the box and removed the mirror. She showed him the reflection of his eye as he responded noticing his two blue eyes, “Really? I never noticed. So, I am no longer Amery Crowe and you’re no longer Marina Kasperski, daughter of Vladimir the CEO of Kasperski Corp.?”

“Mmhm,” she nodded while tapping his chin with her nail ring. Kissing him on the lips, she replied, “But we can talk about making our own identities later. Right now, I just want to lay in here with you close.”

Amery nodded saying no more. Turning his focus on the box, he sorted it with his finger. Taking out a charm bracelet, he remembered and spoke, “Marina.”

Marina looked at him wondering what the bracelet was for. Soon, it dawned her as she gasped displaying her wrist. He took her wrist and wrapped it on explaining, “I took it from a store just for you a couple years ago for your birthday. Never got a chance to give it to you, but yeah. Tomorrow you turn 27.”

Marina gasped touching her new bracelet and moved it around her wrist. She noted the words Marina as well as several accessories stringed into the chain. Amery took out a matching necklace from the box to go with the bracelet. Marina cooed sitting up. Moving her hair out of the way, she gazed at her love adorningly. He unhooked the necklace and placed it around her neck. Touching her necklace, she didn’t care how he got them. Kissing him on the cheek, she replied, “Thank you, love. It’s beautiful.”

Amery watched Marina played with her bracelet and touched her necklace. Suddenly she had a thought. With a gasp, she turned over to him and stroked his chest muscle responding, “Let’s elope!”

Amery looked at her with a quizzical expression and asked, “Now?”

Fury nodded fiercely, “Yes. Screw my father’s sermon on destiny and fate. As of tomorrow, we have no names and no identities. When we make em, let’s make us engaged couples about to become married. No one knows us, but we both have our experienced profile. We can figure out the details later!”

Amery offered her a smile and nodded. Fury gasped and cooed hugging him. She moved her body closer with a snuggle. He stroked her dark blonde hair and kissed her forehead. The waves shifted rocking the yacht further from the lagoon into the sea. The moonlight shone its path guiding them into the sea.

The police car blared its siren as the law enforcement vehicle barreled past several barriers. The wipers worked overtime on the window. Several cars were parked to the side to allow the speeding car by. Strong hands gripped the wheel as the driver focused on the road. Chief Steiner was listening to the emergency radio in his earpiece. It crackled as another officer updated him on the events. His voice carried a commanding tone when he spoke, “Keep me appraised Kelner! We need that bridge repaired soon. While you do that, create a temporary road on the water to around the damaged sections of the floating bridge.”

“Yes chief!” Kelner responded as the communication ended. The rain poured outside.

The driver pulled up to the parkway. Several police cars were surrounding the parking lot. They were there for the escapees. The standing officers directed the car with a glowing energy baton. Pulling the car up to a parking spot, both the officer and the chief got out. The officer pulled out his gun and flashlight. He walked out onto the grass. The chief walked the opposite way toward a sergeant. The sergeant spoke pointing, “Chief, Agent Cade and his sister is over there by the shore. The boat Crowe and the girl escaped onto are gone.”

The chief nodded responding, “Got it. Stand by!”

Taking out his weapon and flashlight, he followed his driver. They ran across the park with their weapons drawn following the signals in the dark along the park to find their way through the downpour.

Meanwhile across the park, the sirens were distant. Skye looked up a moment. The rain pattered on his face. Sara knelt in pain remembering what Fury did to her. She groaned squinting her eyes and damned her weakness because she felt too much strength from the woman. The fighter felt the Navy Seal’s punishment on her. Seeing her tattoo and her eye patch, it burnt the memory on Sara’s mind. She muttered with a growl, “Fury, the next we meet, you will pay a thousand fold for the deaths and you will die.”

Skye grabbed his sister’s shoulder alerting her. She looked at him. He spoke, “We gotta go.”

Sara hesitated but nodded. Taking her arm, he helped her up and moved it over his shoulder. He responded, “I need to find the chief and give him a report. You need to get back to the hospital as well.”

Sara allowed her brother to help. She grunted with pain holding her broken arm close and coughed a little. Blood trickled down her lip as she replied facing him, “No, Skye, please don’t take me back to the hospital. I discharged myself. Take me home. All I need is a bed’s rest.”

Skylar sighed looking at her pleading face. She hid her pain really well. Giving in, he spoke helping her across the grass away from the shore, “Alright. We’ll go home after, then.”

The medical van pulled up near the bridge. The flashing lights revolved as the two medical techs came out into the downpour. One was of husky build and middle aged. The other was shorter, young and athletic. They rushed to the back of the van and opened it. Light flickered on showing them what they should take. A medical bag, a medical scanner and a stretcher was removed. The husky one carried the medical bag and the athletic one carried the scanner. The stretcher was carried by both as they rushed downhill across the sand toward the bridge.

They wore vision eye-wear that helped them see in the darkness. On their hands, they carried flashlights to illuminate their way down the path toward the underpass of the bridge. At the bottom of the sandy hill, their light beams shone across the beach. When the light hit several forms on the beach, one of them spoke in a husky tone, “Over here Tom!”

Tom, the athletic one carrying the scanner, responded as they carried the stretcher over, “My god. Adrian, are they even alive?”

Dropping the stretcher, each of them checked the pulse of both Haas and Banks. Their visor scanned their body but there were no life signs. Tom sighed responding, “There is our crime scene. We need to call them in. They are dead.”

Adrian flashed the light toward the trail of the sand prints. There was blood dragging along. The light followed the path toward third man lying against the wall. In his visor, a slight vibration was detected. The unconscious man’s heart was slow and irregular. He shouted rushing toward him, “Tom! Get the scanner. I found Parker!”

Adrian set the bag down and checked his pulse. It was slow. Tom set up the scanner and waved it over his body. Turning the scanner on, he checked his body for damage. Adrian took out a small case from the bag. He opened it to see a tube. Tom finished his scanning and responded, “I see broken bones, bruised organs and basically damage in his abdominal area. He has a knife wound on his left. His skull and jaw is fractured. He has massive blood loss and requires a blood transfusion stat. We need to stabilize him. You ready on the resuscitator? We may need to do a tracheotomy!”

“Yeah. He’s O neg. Get the stretcher ready,” Adrian responded taking out the pillow from the bag and handed it to his mate.

As Adrian prepared the tube, both technicians gently moved Parker onto the stretched and placed the pillow under the man’s head. Adrian made a small incision with his surgical knife across his neck and placed the tube into his throat. He applied the resuscitator into the tube. He applied the breathing apparatus over his mouth and laid it there. It started pumping air into his lungs. Tom began compression maneuvers to the man’s chest while timing each sets.

Adrian pressed Parker’s neck for the pulse. Suddenly, the sergeant woke up and weakly looked at him. He removed the sterile bandages and cloth out of the bag for him. Placing his hand in the bag again, he withdrew several cold bags of blood in them. Sorting through the numbers, he found the one with the O-negative on it. Taking the end piece of the tube and the thin needle, Adrian removed the cap. Rubbing Parker’s arm, he tried to find the vein. Once he found it, he injected the needle into his vein and allowed the blood transfusion take place.

The sergeant moaned trying to fight. However he couldn’t speak. Tom finished tending to his wounds with new bandages and responded, “You’ll be alright now. Allow us to help you. Hang in there.”

The adrenaline of the action around him kept him alert as he watched the medical technicians save him. However, he felt weak as he could feel his broken bones jabbing against him. His body was in pain and all he wanted to do was give up and go to sleep in this eternal night. He found himself looking to his left shoulder and watched the dark horizon. From a distance, he expected something to happen.

Amery and Marina rested on the bed. The yacht rocked gently among the waves. The moonlight hit their window in the dark room. It began to rain outside the window. Amery kissed her on the crown. Marina looked out through the window watching the rain patter against the window with a concerned expression. Her mate moved down to her neck and inhaled her scent. He kissed her on the neck and spoke, “Once we elope, any idea of what island we can take over? We can take this boat and sail anywhere in the world.”

Amery paused waiting for her to speak. Seeing no response, he tried again, “Marina?” Distracted, Marina turned to him with a grunt.

Amery looked at her and sat up. He inquired, “What is it? We can still do this, right?”

Marina stared at him. Touching him on the cheek, she responded with sadness, “Love, umm, before we do this. We need to talk.”

Before Amery could respond, something hit the side of the boat. The yacht suddenly rocked hard. He looked up concerned. Fury spoke getting his attention, “Love?”

“Huh,” he wondered looking at her. He stroked her cheek and inquired, “Talk about what? If it’s about your father, I can handle him. No worries. Don’t worry. We got this.”

Marina shook her head responding a bit irritated, “No, it’s not that. Its-” she exhaled and growled with irritation. Shaking her head, she inquired, “Bull, do you love me?”

Amery stared at her. He had on a confused look and opened his mouth replying, “Mari-” The yacht rocked again distracting them both. Amery looked up and snarled irritably, “Now what is it?”

He got out of bed when Marina grabbed him. She pleaded, “No! Stay with me! Please, love, stay!”

Still annoyed, Amery spat back trying to remove her hand off his arm, “No, I have to check this out. Look, what we have to do later is talk, so whatever it is, just hold it. For a bit longer, okay? I promise.”

Marina look at him with a pleading look. Another violent shudder was felt from the boat as it knocked Amery out of bed when he was halfway out. He collapsed onto the floor with a grunt and growled unpleasantly. Marina gasped crawling to the other side of the bed and shouted, “Bull!”

Getting up, Amery growled scowling at her, “I have to check this out. Wait here.”

“No!” Marina shouted reaching for his arm, but he shoved her off and turned away. She mumbled sadly feeling her eyes wet with her tears, “We might not even get this chance because I know what is going on.”

She touched her bracelet and rubbed it around her wrist while reading the six letters of the word Marina on it. Her necklace bumped against her breast as she moved to the side of her bed. Removing the sheets, she got off the bed. Taking the transparent nightgown from the floor, she dressed herself. With quick strides, Marina made her way out of the bedroom, across the hall and up the steps out of the cabin.

Amery looked around outside the boat with exasperation as he mumbled, “Where is the lagoon?”

Marina had nothing to say. Suddenly she gasped looking at the horizon. There was a blue energy glow from a far distance that seemed to expand across the horizon. It was followed by what looked like a lightning storm. She pointed with a shout, “Bull look!”

Amery turned to see what she was pointing at. He saw it himself. The shock-wave of blue energy currents was gliding across the ocean and whipping up mists from the waters. The ocean around the boat was becoming rough as the Sun Spirit rocked harshly. He yelled running toward the wheel. Twisting the key, he tried to turn on the engine. It wouldn’t start.

Marina walked toward the edge of the boat watching. She listened to Amery trying to start the boat. Looking at the horizon, the woman felt both fear and worry. In her mind, she expected it to happen but it was too soon. The female soldier responded, “Forget trying to start the boat, love. It’s already started.”

Amery stared at her with a puzzled expression inquiring, “What started? What are you talking about?”

Marina turned to her love and replied, “The Apocalypse. An end of a world and the start of the new. A new world order. Call it what you will love. This is the end and the beginning.”

Still confused, Amery left his place behind the wheel and approached her. He took her hand and she touched his face. She spoke sadly, “When we awake, I promise I will explain everything. Against my father’s wishes I will tell you because I love you so. If you love me, then you deserve the truth.”

Amery considered her words carefully and turned back to the blue energy lighting storm heading toward them slowly. The waves rocked harder now as the yacht shook with each violent tremors from the storm itself. Turning to Marina, he kissed her lips and spoke holding her close, “I love you.”

Marina smiled and placed her hand on his chest. She rested her head against his neck as they hugged. Amery kissed her crown holding her close and looked at the horizon. The blue light energy was closer. The downpour soaked the couples as Amery watched over her protectively while the yacht rocked against the rushing, rising currents.

On the grass, Skye helped his sister across through the downpour. Looking up across the park, he saw two lights headed toward them. It was hard for him to make it out. However, the recognizable tone of the chief shouted as Skye waved back, “Chief!”

Both the officer and the chief stopped before them. Steiner responded acknowledging the hurt Cade sister, “Agent Cade. Ma’am. Will you need medical assistance?”

Sara muttered shaking her head, “Oh god no-”

She winced when Skye sharply shifted his arm across her shoulder and cleared his throat, “Chief. Lost my radio back there. No earpiece. Short story? We were trying to track them in the tunnels when something bad happened in the tunnel. The catwalk we were trying to cross in the waterworks was booby trapped. It exploded killing two of the officers. The other, well, the rest will be in my report. Suffice to say, I was the only one to make it out. I saw Haas and Banks dead. However, Sergeant Parker lives but requires aid.”

The chief nodded waving his hand, “He is being cared for. Forgive me. I didn’t mean to make you talk. I expect a report on my desk tomorrow.”

“Mmhm,” Skye responded.

The officer walked past the group seeing something in the sky. Looking closely, he saw the blue streaks on the sky as well as the rising water. Widening his eyes, he responded in his British accent, “Sir! Chief, look at the sky!”

The three of them looked and saw the blue ribbon like lightning energy coming toward them. They stood there frozen and petrified.

Under the bridge, the medical technicians worked to keep Parker stable. The adrenaline was wearing off and he was getting color back to his body through blood, but he was still out of it and weak. Parker moaned turning to the horizon. He noticed the blue lighting energy heading toward them. Still delirious and unable to speak because of the tube, he murmured softly toward the ribbon shock-wave energy, “Death, I welcome you with open arms.”

On the Sun Spirit, Marina grabbed his hand and led him to the deck area of the ship. The back part of the yacht was facing the storm. The wind increased whipping against Fury’s dark blonde hair and ruffling her transparent gown. Thunder struck as the rain poured on the couples and the deck of the yacht. Stopping on the middle of the deck, Fury turned and embraced her love with a kiss. She smiled at him sweetly with a question, “Are you ready, love? Do you trust me?”

Amery responded stroking her cheek and kissed on the forehead, “Completely with all my life, Marina.” The dog tags remained hung over his neck and rested on his bare chest.

Fury smiled and responded helping him onto the floor of the deck, “Then come and sleep with me. It will be a blessing, I promise. It is the end of a war and the start of a new life.”

They rested on the deck watching the energy come closer. The waves got rougher as the boat rocked against the rising current. It poured rain. The tide moved the boat up. The blue ribbon like lighting shock-wave reached the boat. It went through and Amery felt it feet first. It went across his body and put him into a shock where he couldn’t move or budge. As the blue lighting energy finished waving over their bodies, both lovers fell unconscious.

On the shore across the park, the blue energy continued. They four people backed from it. However, the ground started shaking with each tremor as the shockwave hit land. The shocking wave energy hit their bodies, enveloped them with a burst of energy and they fell on the ground into a deep sleep.

Under the bridge, Parker watched the energy come closer. Tom looked up and noticed the shockwave expanding across the horizon. He could feel it. With his mouth open, he tapped his friend’s shoulder and pointed. Adrian looked behind him and gasped. He murmured curiously, “What is this?”

There were no words from Tom as he didn’t have anything to say. However, Parker had something to say as he murmured again with only several unspoken words, “Punishment from God.”

Adrian looked at him with a puzzled look hearing his murmurs, but shrugged figuring Parker was still out of it and delirious. Turning to the shockwave, it was close enough so that they could feel the tremor of it and the rising waters. The blue energy hit them, waved over their bodies with a tingling sensation and they fell unconscious. Adrian slumped over Parker and Tom slumped over the opposite direction. Parker remained at his position as he lost conscious.

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