Abnormal Cataclysm

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Brave New World

Skylar entered the police station. There was a bustle of activity as officers hurried across the hallway and into the rooms. For the past hour they had been answering calls for help. Skye walked along the hallway past the officers. Ahead of him, one of the officers turned and shouted waving him across, “Agent Cade!”

Pushing one of the officers aside, Skye brushed passed and responded to the Englishman, “Jake! What’s going on? Where is the chief?”

Jake approached him and placed his hand on his back. He led him to an corridor to the left while explaining in heavily accented English, “The chief wants to see you in the office. I was just doing some paperwork for him. This way.”

Jake led the agent to the room directly from Jake’s right. Grabbed the knob, twisted it and opened the door.

Jake led the agent to the room directly from Jake’s right. Grabbed the knob, twisted it.

The chief sat back down to his desk. Opening the drawer with one hand, he touched the picture with his other hand. Picking it up, he stared at it. It was the picture of Mike and himself fishing. Mike had brown hair and a facial beard. He looked to be in his mid forties. Steiner felt friendship with him and will miss him. The chief decided later when all this over and they do a proper accounting of the casualties, he will look at the body himself and inform his family of his passing.

The door opened as he looked up. Putting the picture into the drawer and closing it, Steiner spoke waving him in, “Thank you officer. Come in Agent. Thank you for coming so quickly. How is your sister?”Skye nodded at Jake as the officer closed the door. He approached the chair responding, “The same, chief. She is still comatose. I am growing concerned.”

Steiner nodded organizing the folder of reports to one side of his desk. He replied, “Well Jeremiah Kates is the best doctor in the city. Your sister is in good hands. Do not lose hope. Right now, however, there is much more of concerning reports to what is happening. Do you know what that is?”

Skye shifted in his seat before responding, “I heard mostly on the radio. Three days had passed? Hard to believe, but whatever happened it changed the whole events dramatically. I’m still catching up.”

Steiner continued, “We’re still getting reports. Look at this desk. I mean, I am chief of police in Seattle and I’ve even been this busy. Now I’m hearing strange reports of people with abilities across the globe. It’s happening everywhere. Even the ongoing war stopped. The fighting stopped. I don’t know for sure how long, but I hope this is the end of the war. It looks like from the day after tomorrow, things around here will be a lot different. Hell, I even have a few officers of mines investigate this strange firestarter that happened just today. Even a few flyers flew across the sky and a person who mysteriously vanished from one street and to the next. What is going on?”

Skye responded, “I don’t know chief. If you require my help, I will investigate this. Walk around the city and listen to reports. The people are scared. We may need to render aid and calm the public. The last thing we need is rioting on the streets and massive angry mobs.”

Steiner replied, “I agree, agent. Thank you. I do need your help with that.”

Skye shifted again in his seat and inquired, “One other thing, chief. About Crowe and the girl.”

The chief of police sighed and groaned. He responded rubbing his temples, “I haven’t forgotten them Cade. I have been so busy with other stuff, but I inquired and asked for reports. They are gone, agent. We can’t find the boat anymore. So right now we need to focus on what must do right now. Calming the general population and avoid a war in our streets. Take Officer Abbey. All my other officers are already on assignment and I must stay here to sort through this mess. He will take you where you need to go.”

Skye nodded standing up, “Yes Chief. I will keep you apprised.”

As he turned and headed back toward the door, the chief released a sigh pulling out another folder. He searched through it. A phone chimed. Steiner pressed the phone as the agent closed the door. The holo image of the doctor appeared on the desk. The chief spoke, “Ah Doctor Kates. How is Sergeant Parker?”

Skye closed the door gently not wanting to interrupt his meeting with the doctor. He turned seeing Jake waiting and spoke, “Jake. I’m about to head out. Steiner asked me to take you.”

Jake responded approaching him, “Yeah. The chief asked me to take you anywhere. This way.”

Both men took the back exit through the doorway. They took the nearest police car. Jake took the driver’s side as Skye entered the front passenger seat. The engine vibrated as the officer started it. Turning to Skye as the agent brought up the map from the driver assistant device on the front, he inquired, “Where to sir?”

Skylar tapped a few buttons on the screen and pondered. He spoke, “Take me to where the firestarter is. I need to see this for myself.”

Jake nodded as the siren flicked on. He backed out of the parking space and picked the radio. Pushing the gas, he sped off while speaking to the SWAT team in location. The car headed toward the center of downtown Seattle as its sirens blared.

Adam Parker stood in the front of his bed. He was pacing back and forth impatiently. The door opened. Doctor Kates entered seeing Parker on his feet. He responded closing the door behind him, “Sorry for making you wait, Sergeant. I just talked with the chief.”

Parker nodded assuming the standby position, “Am I good to go doc? I feel good.”

Kates responded offering a concerned look, “Yeah see, I can’t let you go yet. I am still reviewing the blood tests and your MRI scans.”

The sergeant exhaled responding, “You need more blood tests? Is that it? At this rate we go, I won’t have any blood left. I mean, just last night I was on the ground bleeding to death.”

“Three days ago,” the doctor lightly reminded him and responded unhappy, “And no, you don’t need any more blood tests. There is however of some concern that comes up in my scans.”

With enthusiasm, Parker blurted out impatiently, “What? Spit it out doc!”

The doctor responded bluntly, “In my scans, you seem to have some sort of extra chromosomes. So do some other people that scan them as well. In the MRI scans, I have also discovered increased activity in the hippocampus area. It is the part of the brain that controls emotion, memory and the nervous system. Tell me this again. How do you feel? Can you describe it?”

Parker shrugged attempting to explain, “I don’t know. I feel new. Exhilarated. Like I shouldn’t be here anymore. I feel fine. When can I go doc?”

Kates shook his head responding, “Not yet. What is even more concerning is the fact that you seem to heal at a spontaneous regenerating rate. You seem to not have the reported broken bones or bruises anywhere in your body. I am seeing the same thing among other patients. Some are exhibiting strange abnormal abilities. What about you? Are you experiencing those same symptoms?”

Parker paused thinking back. He remembered seeing his eyes glow yellow and his teeth showing fangs. Shaking his head, he dismissed it with a response, “None. So, what? Do you think I’m gonna start sprouting wings and fly off?”

Kates shook his head with a shrug and responded, “No. Just let me know when you start experiencing something. You are the only abnormal patient in this hospital coherent enough and I need a better profile. I would like to hold you for several more hours until I get enough information to craft a complete picture of the new abnormals. You will be the start of a new filing system I want to start creating.”

Parker responded, “Understood. Of course doctor. Experiment away. I really have nothing else to do because I’m sure the chief has other things on his hands. Three days huh?”

He nodded pushing up his glasses a bit, “Yes. Oh. Your chief is on his way here. He wanted to talk to you. Thought I would mention so you can prepare yourself.”

“Thanks doc. Appreciate it,” Adam responded enthusiastically as the doctor turned to leave. The sergeant remembered and inquired, “Oh! Wait doc. How is the driver? Adrian?”

Doctor Kates turned to him and nodded, “He is fine. Got to him just in time. I was just about to check on him. Sergeant, he is one of the few patients of mine that is exhibiting those same strange symptoms. I need to investigate this further. Excuse me.”

Adam nodded watching him leave the room. The sergeant mused to himself about his condition. He wonder what was going on. Turning to his left, he approached the bathroom next to his bed and entered. The faucet squeaked as he twisted it. Placing his hand under the water, warm water splashed over his soft skin. Placing his other hand under the sink, he allowed the water flow dampening his hands with warmth.

Splashing the warm water across his face, he looked up at the mirror. Suddenly, he felt the skin around his eye shift. His cheek muscle twitched. Looking closely, he watched his face. His hazelnut eyes shifted transforming into beast like yellow slits. His pupils compressed. With fear, he yelled jumping from the window. His fangs flashed when he opened his mouth.

Closing his eyes, he rubbed it. Opening them, the sergeant came close to the mirror to look at his eyes. His face was normal. Exhaling a sigh, he turned off the faucet and left the bathroom. Adam decided a rest would be best. As he pondered on the last few days, he hoped what he saw was a nightmare. He wanted to say something. As the sergeant sat on his bed, he finally decided to keep it himself because if anyone found out his checkered past, there will be an investigation.

Resting his head against the pillow, Parker exhaled closing his eyes and laid his arms on his chest. As he pondered, the last thing he wanted was someone finding out about it.

The police car stopped before a large building. Its siren still blared. The building was a large auditorium. Several other police cars and a large SWAT team truck were parked. Jake and Skye exited their vehicle and approached several officers surrounding the place. One of them watched the two approach.

The SWAT team leader spoke, “Agent. I got your hail. The person in question inside this building is Kensen Shu. No criminal records and belongs to a family name overseas. He set himself on fire somehow without matches and didn’t get burned. Several places got set on fire and he endangered civilians. We were about to call it in. He recently broke into a gun shop and stole a gun. We thought he was going to use it on others. However, as we just discovered, he just became suicidal. Proceed with caution, sir.”

Skye responded taking out his weapon, “Stay here and guard the door. Wait for my signal. Jake, on me.”

The Englishman replied taking out his weapon, “On your six, sir.”

With the cold metallic weapon on hand, both men entered the large open doorway side by side. They walked along the empty carpeted room toward the chained closed door into the audience chamber. Turning to Jake, Skye moved his finger to his mouth and motioned him to stay back. Taking the door, he opened it gently and peered inside.

Across the large auditorium, a lone man in his mid twenties was pacing back and forth across the stage. He was Asian and athletically built with a medium sized body frame. A gun pointed close to his temple. Beads of sweat were dripping down his features. Some were boiling. It started steaming when it dripped down his neck. His other hand was in a grasping position. The man breathed heavily. A spark came on his hand as flames erupted. He let out a yell of fear thrusting his hand forward. A flame ball was tossed at a random empty chair. The chair exploded in a blazing inferno before it dissipated. Other chairs were burnt.

Skye closed the door gently. Looking at the officer, he moved his hand up and made a few signals indicating he should go around the hallway and get him from behind while Skye goes the opposite direction from the right. Jake nodded. Lowering his gun, he turned and walked opposite of him.

Skye took the other direction and lightly crept around the hallway. Another explosion was heard from within. Taking position at another door, he opened it. It creaked. Skye held his breath stopping. Kensen turned to the door and shouted, “Who’s there? Come out and face me!”

With his Beretta pointed in front of him, he gently opened the door and faced Kensen. The man scowled at him and yelled as he pointed his gun at his head, “Don’t come any closer! I will shoot!”

With a hand on his weapon, he offered his other hand offering his fine diplomacy, “Alright. No one will shoot anyone. I just want to talk.”

Kensen went through the motions of pointing the weapon at Skye and then himself before pointing at the agent again. He spat angrily, “Stay right there! Who are you? Tell me or I will shoot!”

“Skylar Cade,” the agent responded calmly making eye contact with the suicidal firestarter, “but call me Skye. I am here to talk. What is your name?”

Kensen breathed heavily. He was unsure of the agent, but responded gripping his gun, “K-Ken, Kensen Shu. I was just walking along, you see? Minding my own business. My father owns the Kensen Skiritas. My father runs a paper company. Paper! As if we don’t use them anymore cause most people use tablets for writing. I was here for a business meeting when all of a sudden this shock-wave hits me and I fall unconscious. Someone woke me up, but when. When I. When we touched.”

Kensen started sobbing shaking his head kneeling down. Both his weapon and his hand were covering his head as he responded with grief, “When she touched me, she burst in flames. I killed her! My god I killed her! I didn’t mean to. I was only here on a business meeting for my father. For the paper! Should have been tablets. Then I wouldn’t even been here the first place!”

Skye looked closely and could see his tears. He was crying. His tears vaporized into steam. The door was opened behind him. Jake entered. Raising his hand, he motioned him to stand by. Speaking, he got his attention, “Kensen, I am here for you. I want to help, but first I want you to put down the gun slowly.”

Skye moved forward. Kensen saw that as a threat. Letting out a low, angry growl he burst in flames as his body was torched. Skye exclaimed jumping back. Kensen spat back in anger, “You’re not here to help me! You’re here to put me down. Well, I will make it easy for you. I’m pulling the trigger!”

Kensen stood back up and pointed his weapon again against his temple. Skye shouted toward him, “No wait! There is no need for that, Kensen. Let me help you! You’re not lost.”

The Asian spat back angrily, “Liar! I am a danger to everyone and it’s best I pull the trigger on myself to save others from me! I can’t control this! I can’t!”

The door behind Jake made a sound as he moved forward. Kensen heard it and yelled turning around. He thrust with his hand. The flames on his arms increased speed and rushed across. It jetted from his arm toward the officer and shot out like an huge fiery inferno. Skye yelled out, “Jake! Take cover!”

Reacting, Jake jumped into a roll out of cover barely missing Kensen’s flamethrower. It caught a part of his BDU on fire. He yelled out. Skye noticed Kensen distracted. Acting quickly, he moved his thumb on the weapon and switched the trigger. The weapon charged sparking with electricity. With Kensen distracted, Skye opened fire on the man’s back.

As the bullet separated into five smaller projectiles, they hit Kensen’s back and sent off a massive spark. Electricity arced gripping Kenson in one big shock. He recoiled with a yell as his entire body seized up. It paralyzed him. The bullet acted like a taser. Kensen dropped the weapon and collapsed onto the ground.

Pointing the weapon toward Kensen, Skye approached making sure he was down. Taking the pistol with his foot, he kicked it away. Behind the chairs, Jake rolled on the floor smacking away the flames from his uniform. He got up and pointed the weapon toward the fallen man. Skye beckoned him, “I got him. He’s in no danger. I’ll get the others.”

Jake nodded lowering his weapon. He muttered lightly to himself, “I’m fine thanks for asking mate.”

Skye touched the radio speaking, “Threat neutralized. You may move in for retrieval. Do it fast.”

“Yes sir,” the swat team member responded.

Keeping his weapon trained, Skye watched for any movement from Kensen himself. When he fell unconscious, it eradicated any remaining flames from his body. He continued to flinch as the electricity kept him stunned and paralyzed.

Adam Parker remained in his bed in the hospital. He felt bored of waiting for the doctor. Keeping the sheets off his torso, he turned to his side to bury his head into the pillow. The door opened. Adam jerked his head toward the door with a snarl opening his mouth. The police chief entered and inquired, “Parker?”

Immediately, Adam got up. Touching his hair and adjusting his gown, he approached the end of the bed and saluted, “Sir!”

The chief approached waving his hand before placing both behind his back. He responded, “At ease. You doing alright?”

Adam replied, “Doing just fine sir! When can I get out?”

“Soon,” Steiner replied waving his hand, “soon. The doctor told me of what he wants you to do. I agree so you should remain for as long as he requires you. I only want you to rest and relax.”

“Yes sir,” Parker responded moving to a stand by position. Spacing his feet and placing his hands behind his back, he kept eye contact with his chief.

Steiner stopped before him and spoke, “You have done well. Even if they got away, you still came out injured in the line of duty. You survived and still you deserve something for it. When you come back to the station, you will report to my office to discuss your future in the station. Maybe even a promotion down the line.”

“Sir,” he inquired.

Steiner took out a small soft square container from his vest pocket. Opening it, it revealed the new lieutenant pips. Parker’s eyes went wide examining the metal pins. The chief placed it on the table near him and replied with pride in his voice, “Yes, Lieutenant. Your future just got brighter. When you are ready, I want your report by my desk ASAP. I need to know what happened in the tunnels and to both Amery Crowe and the woman he escaped with.”

Parker smiled and stood tall proudly enforcing, “Yes sir!”

“Good. Now give me your brief summary of what happened in the tunnel to the point of encountering both criminals. Have you even determined the woman’s identity,” he inquired.

The newly promoted Lieutenant responded carefully wording his prepared summary, “Well, sir, during our exploration of the tunnels, we came upon the fork that split in two. I took Haas and Banks with me while Cade took the rest of the squad with them. We went up along the tunnel until we came upon the waterway. We stopped for a brief moment while I directed Cade to a shortcut where he would meet with us. Finishing that, we continued on across the tunnel for the five minutes until we heard an explosion.”

The chief stopped for a moment asking him, “An explosion? How did this happen? What happened?”

Parker replied with a half truth, “I have no idea sir. It was a big explosion. I believe it was triggered the moment Cade and his group entered the waterway. I saw in my eyewear, sir, of their location. I believe Cade would be the one to ask. May I continue, sir?”

The chief nodded. The Lieutenant cleared his throat and resumed, “As soon as we got out of the tunnel, both Haas and Banks were ambushed by the entrance. They had no chance sir. Crowe and the woman murdered them right before my eyes. I had not a chance to react when they pulled me. The woman abused and tortured me for information. She-”

Parker hesitated. A flashback of a bad memory from his real encounter entered his mind. He shuddered seeing his former commander and feeling her real abuse. The chief hung on every word he said and bent over motioning his hands forward grasped. He moved as if drawing in his energy. He pushed, “Yes? What did she do? Did you catch the woman’s name?”

The lieutenant stared at his chief. He pondered for a moment to figure out what to say. Should he expose the woman’s identity to his chief? Clearing his throat, he responded, “She broke every bone in my body. The man, Amery Crowe, referred to her as Marina “Fury” Kasperski.”

The chief crossed his arms and mused. Tapping his chin with his finger, he inquired curiously, “Kasperski? Where have I heard that name? Russian?”

Parker nodded responding, “That’s right sir. Kasperski. Marina’s father is the head CEO of Kasperski Corporation overseas.”

Steiner pondered on his words and asked another question, “Mmhmm. Marina? Fury? Isn’t she Navy Seal? Where have I heard? From Crowe’s bio?”

Parker stamped his foot in attention. He responded with a nod, “Yes sir! Lieutenant and Crowe’s own right hand. They fought in the war together. She was known as the strongest and most furious woman of the Navy Seals. She killed the most men in her career than anyone else.”

The chief responded finishing his breakdown of the events, “Well, Lieutenant, you may consider yourself lucky to have escaped death. It’s a shame about Haas and Banks. They will be remembered with honor. Their deaths will never be in vain as we hunt for the killers and bring them to justice. You have done well! Now rest. That’s an order. I want my officers at their best ability.”

Steiner nodded and did a hundred and eighty spin around, before leaving the room. Parker stood tall and proud. He eyed the small open container on the table. Musing to himself, he realized that after all his accomplishments, he still came through. He remembered his encounter of Amery and Fury. A frown crept across his features. To them, he was still Sergeant Sedgwick. He wanted to make a decision based on where he stood with them. The man stood at the precipice between betraying Fury’s trust in him and betraying the people he served.

The back of the SWAT truck door clanged loudly shut. The officer locked it and turned to the agent. He responded, “We got this handled. Thanks for the assist.”

Skye responded, “No problem. Watch him closely.”

The swat officer walked around the truck. The rumbling engine turned as the truck pulled away. Turning to Jake, Skye inquired, “You alright? You got burned back there when Kensen torched with his flames.”

Jake spoke returning to the police car, “I’m good sir. Were to?”

Skye paused before responding, “Let’s check out that vanishing abnormal. Was it south of Seattle and around Olympia?”

“Yes. On it,” Jake replied pulling the car into the street.

Meanwhile, inside the back of the SWAT truck, several officers were seated around Kensen. He was unconscious and chained to his seat. Several metal chains were thick with double links. He was wrapped in an orange jumpsuit. A single tube hung from his mouth. The plastic was cold. A blindfold covered his eyes. One officer stared. He was nervous.

Without taking his eye off Kensen, he pondered, “Are you sure it’s going to hold?”

One of the officers looked at his friend and responded, “Sure, if you count sixteen inches worth of steel, a flame retarded straitjacket and frozen nitrogen, this freak will be frozen solid by the time we throw him in holding. If we are able to hold him, we will be able hold the other new mutants.”

The officer kept his eye on Kensen. He kept quiet. Kensen remained stoic. His body continued to get hot. A low growl suddenly uttered as he arose to consciousness. He breathed slowly. The hands that were tied behind him were getting hotter. Smoke was barely noticeable as it floated from behind. The truck rumbled hitting the pothole. The occupants inside rocked side by side. Kensen’s inner temperature rose slowly melting the plastic end that was keeping him sane.

Three hours passed on the hospital clock. Swift clicking of heels on the waxed floor echoed as Adam Parker walked. He adjusted the cuffs of his police uniform and straightened his new pips on his shoulder collar. His expression was neutral turning the corner of the hallway. Several nurses greeted him and he simply nodded at them. Stopping before his target destination, he studied the tablet on the door.

The name Adrian Parker scrolled across the top of the tablet and his image was below. Below the image were several stats that he looked over. It read, “Adrian Parker. Nationality is African American. Age 34 Height is 5’6”. Weight is 156. He was born in Tulsa Oklahoma.”

“Parker?” Adam murmured musing at the last name. He had to remind himself that he was Ian Sedgwick before joining the Navy Seals under Fury and before he even became a new persona under the name Adam Parker. Ian created a fictional name and the bio for Adam Parker.

Raising his fist, he rapped the door lightly with his knuckles. Grabbing the knob, he twisted and opened the door as Adrian responded, “Come in!”

“Ah,” Adrian exclaimed sitting up. Recognizing him, he spoke cheerfully, “Adam Parker! The one with the same last name as I do! Come on in. I thought you had left already.”

Adam/Sedge offered a half smile approaching Adrian offering his handshake. He replied, “I couldn’t leave without seeing you first. I wanted to offer my thanks for saving my life and my condolences to your friend, Tom Aster. He saved my life as well. I only wish he was here as well so I can offer my thanks.”

Adrian nodded accepting his handshake. His expression turned to sadness when he spoke, “Thank you Sergeant. He was a good friend of mines and a good intern. He had a good future ahead of him.”

Adam responded grasping his hand, “Yeah. Though it’s Lieutenant now, but it never a good day when a friend passes away unexpectedly. Life is too precious.”

Adrian looked at his fresh pips and exclaimed withdrawing his hand, “Ah! Forgive me lieutenant. So, forgive my questions, but what happened back there with Tom? I don’t remember exactly. They wouldn’t tell me. I guess they wanted to spare me the details.”

Adam studied the man’s face a bit. Adrian looked perplexed as if he was struggling to remember. The lieutenant only remembered a little of what happened. Something inside of him came out like a beast out of darkness. It was something he couldn’t understand. The officer remembered what the doctor told him about his body saying that he was different. Adam struggled to remember but it was as if his brain was keeping the truth from him.

Finding his words, Adam responded, “You know as much as I do. I’m sorry sir. I only woke up at the aftermath of the accident.”

Adrian shrugged and huffed, “A pity. Well, hopefully the forensic guys will figure it out. I’m sure they will have the answers for us by then. Oh and, call me Adrian, Lieutenant. We’re friends.”

Adam nodded responding, “Very well. Adrian. I should go. You should rest as much as you can because I fear tomorrow you will be working overtime.”

The lieutenant made an hundred eighty degree and headed out through the door. He cleared his throat and adjusted his tunic. Taking the knob, he closed the door. His face shifted as he opened his mouth. Fangs pushed out. A subconscious growl exited out from the bellows of his throat and his hazel colored eyes shifted to a yellow glow. It returned to normal as a nurse passed him. Watching her, Adam’s exhaled as his fangs withdrew returning to the normal dull flat sided teeth.

Jake drove the police car up the hospital drive. The car parked on the side and the engine was switched off. Skye responded with irritation, “Can’t find her anywhere. What was she again?”

Tapping a few commands on the tablet in the front of them, Jake brought up the image of the abnormal they were hunting, “Avery Stone. We keep trying to track her, but every time she teleports we are losing our pinpointing accuracy with her. It is as if she is everywhere at once. We can’t keep up like this.”

Skye nodded opening the door, “Agreed, Jake. Wait here. I need to check on my sister.”

“Yes sir,” Jake responded and laid his back against the seat. Closing his eyes, he rested for a moment.

The passenger side door made a metallic thud as Skye got out and closed it. Running across the sidewalk, he entered the hospital. Approaching the doors on his right, he took out his badge and ran it across the scanner. The scanner beeped allowing. His footsteps echoed on the floor as he rushed toward the room Sara was staying in.

When he turned to his right, he noticed the door ajar. The tablet on the front said Sara Cade. Curious, he pushed the door open and saw an officer. Recognizing the person next to Sara, he inquired, “Parker?”

Lieutenant Parker was standing over the bed. He was looking down at Sara’s body. His nostrils flared when he sniffed. He could smell her. Adam felt a growing darkness inside of him. It was screaming to get out. His pupils contracted and shifted to a yellow glow. He opened his mouth and licked his lips. The fangs cut his tongue when he licked his canines. The creature growled lightly with hunger.

A voice behind him startled him. Adam’s features returned to normal as he turned to Skye responding, “Sir! I’m sorry. I had to see her before I left the hospital. I heard-”

Skye shook his head. He entered the room and waved him over, “Don’t worry Ser, umm, lieutenant?”

Adam nodded approaching him, “Yes sir. The chief was here hours ago. He felt it deserved, but I don’t know. It feels like a rip off, like I don’t deserve it. There are others who can do a better job than I can.”

Skye responded giving his opinion, “Don’t sell yourself short, lieutenant. If the chief gave you the promotion, it just means that he is expecting great things.”

The lieutenant stood before the agent and spoke, “Thank you. I’m heading back to the station. I just had to check on her. The doctor said she is still in coma. Her brain activity showed some abnormality in her dreaming area.”

Skylar gave his concerned expression as he inquired, “Anything else from the doctor?”

Adam kept his hands behind his back and responded, “Yes sir. I don’t know how much you have heard from the reports, but people are showing some traces of being abnormal. Extra chromosomes. Unusual brain activity. I have some, but I don’t know exactly what it is. All I know is that I feel a hell lot better than I ever was all my entire life. I feel like I should run a marathon.”

The agent nodded confirming Adam’s reasoning, “I heard as much from the reports. Tell me this though. What happened back there in the tunnels?”

Adam shrugged giving his response, “I know as much as you do sir. It will be in my report when I see the chief. I told him the summary but I would rather write it into a report first anyways. I will give you the draft to review first before giving it to him.”

“Sounds good,” Skye let out a sigh and replied, “Why don’t you stick around a bit? Officer Abbey is outside with the vehicle. He is parked just near the main section of the hospital wing. I need a few minutes with my sister and then afterwards, we are going back to the station.”

The Lieutenant nodded satisfied with the request, “That will be fine, sir. I could use a ride back.”

They shook hands for a brief moment. Adam inhaled once sniffing Skye’s aroma. He had a different unique smell. Adam turned to leave. Skylar watched him. Pondering to himself, he realized that he was a fine officer. Skye closed the door and turned his attention to his sister. Approaching her side, he took her hand and inquired, “Sara, what are you dreaming right now?”

Sara remained comatose on the bed with a breathing apparatus attached to her mouth. The machine scanned and monitoring her changes. Skye was deeply concerned for his sister. It also concerned him that she was still in coma even after three days. She was injured and Skye suspected her injuries might have something to do with her coma. Both Crowe and the girl almost killed her.

From the window, Adam watched Skye. His hazelnut eyes turned a glow yellow for a moment. He was hungry. Moving his hand up, he sniffed Skye’s aroma left behind on there. He licked his palm with his tongue. His face remained stoic as he turned away suddenly. There was nothing within the agent that enticed him to feed. He needed a certain smell or a certain mark.

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