Abnormal Cataclysm

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The Inferno

It was outside in the back of the police station. Several trucks were parked. The back of the SWAT truck was open. Another truck that was parked next to it was different. It belonged to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Several people were standing around near the trucks.

The chief was at the head talking to another man in an FBI uniform. He inquired with irritation, “What do you think you are doing?”

The chief was clearly upset. The man in black uniform responded, “Taking the abnormal you captured off your hands. We have better funds for this than you do. It is best that we take him with us.”

Steiner argued his point, “He needs to answer for what he has done! I need an answer to everything that happened since three days that we have been unconscious and he might have it. Every abnormal you take away from us, the further away we get to the truth, agent!”

Agent Kasidy, as it stated on his badge, responded with a wave of the hand, “You do not have the resources to take care of this. Yours is what it always has been the take-down of criminals from your streets. The Abnormal case rests upon the Federal Bureau of Investigations. We see this as a new threat and we must handle it so this is our jurisdiction now.”

Steiner spoke trying to cool himself, “Only if you promise to share everything! The people have a right to know! It’s already happening across the globe.”

Kasidy responded, “That is not up to me, but I will take it to my people. I will let you know what we have decided on. We will take the abnormal now.”

Steiner sighed giving up. He felt that at this point he would be screaming at a wall. FBI agents had a higher authority than he ever did. Kasidy nodded at his two agents. They walked toward the back of the SWAT truck. The only one seated was Kensen Shu. His blindfold was removed. He scowled at both agents with anger and hatred. The firestarter hated to be confined in a claustrophobic position.

One of them approached Kensen and grabbed his shoulder. Kensen had on the flame retarded jumpsuit and was chained in a handcuff. His hands were adjusted by the agents as they clasped in the front. A small tube was in his mouth. It had a coolant that stifled his power. The agent pulled him along out of the truck. Kensen turned his head toward the small group of law enforcement officials and scowled. He was mad and full of rage. The officers treated him like a criminal, savage and freak instead of a human.

The Asian was transported into the back of the FBI truck. Two of the agents entered through the back with him as Kasidy closed the door. After the loud clank of it being locked, he knocked the back door. The engine started up as the truck pulled away from the station. Kasidy turned to Steiner responding, “Thank you for your assistance and patience. I will let you what my bosses say.”

“Sure, no problem,” Steiner muttered watching the agent return to his black marked car and pull away. He added under his breath in an angry tone, “asshole.”

Turning to his officers, the irked chief spat angrily, “What are you all waiting for? GET TO WORK!”

His officers obeyed dispersing. The Swat team driver returned to the truck and started the engine. He parked it somewhere in the underground garage. Steiner stormed into the building fuming with anger. He never liked other agencies kicking at his door and stealing his stuff. It was very rude and unpleasant.

Both Agent Skylar and Lieutenant Parker sat in the briefing room of the station. They waited awhile for the chief to finish his brief meeting with the other agents outside. The men got in a while ago. A door was opened as Jake’s head popped in. He spoke, “Chief’s on his way! He isn’t happy.”

Parker shuffled in his seat for a moment as Jake left the doorway. Few moments later, Steiner walked in with a puzzled look. Touching the door frame, he inquired, “Wasn’t this just closed a while ago?”

Both Parker and Skye stood as the agent responded getting his attention, “Chief?”

The chief of police looked at them with a bleak stare and released a sigh nodding, “At ease. Be seated. So, we just lost our first abnormal. The FBI came in and swooped in. We need to discuss what happens next. My officers are always there on the scene, but it seems other departments are waking up as well. They are taking them or at least trying to. We need to keep up. Stay on track.”

He approached the table and pressed his finger on the cool, metal surface enforcing, “We need to form a new taskforce. It should be the one that will have the resources to bring in the abnormals the safe and quickest way. Doctor Kates is currently working with this department as his new files for all the recent Abnormals admitted to his hospital will be of help.”

Skye nodded adding his input, “I agree. I will be returning to Canada to report the situation. I will also request that they add their assistance to this new task force we are to create. We need a name for this.”

Parker listened being the observant one. The chief responded, “Abnormal Neutralization Tactics. ANT.”

Skye mused at the acronym and commented, “Sounds forceful. How about something like Abnormal Investigations and Neutralization Tactics? AINT.”

Steiner nodded agreeing, “That sounds like a good name for it. Parker, I would like for you to lead the task-force. Agent Cade will be the advisor.”

The lieutenant looked at him with a surprised look and exclaimed, “Sir? Are you sure?”

The chief of police shrugged as he responded point blankly, “Why the question? I promoted you. I can easily take that away from you, lieutenant.”

Immediately Parker collected himself and responded with haste while raising his hands, “Oh, no I mean thank you sir. It is an honor!”

Steiner responded taking the tablet and handed it to him, “Good. Pick your first task force. Here is the list of possible candidates. The resources of this police station are yours. Is there anything else? Cade?”

When both officers shook their head, Steiner was satisfied giving a brief nod, “Good. Now, Cade, you said you are returning to your agency? When will this be?”

Skylar responded, “Not right away. You need the resources. I can put in a request, but that means I need to go there soon as possible. I just need to get my travel things together.”

The chief responded, “Excellent! Dismissed you two!”

Skye stood and left the table. Adam watched him leave. Turning to the chief, he paused. Steiner looked at him and noticed he something to say. He inquired instantly, “Is there anything else, lieutenant?”

“Chief,” Parker replied standing up, “About the investigation of both Haas and Banks’ death and the death of the three officers in the waterworks explosion.”

Steiner responding raising his eyebrows, “Ah yes. The manner is being handled in a delicate way. Josef Stránský got this handled with his forensic team he is bringing in. They will handle all the evidence as we need to bring closure to their deaths and inform their family. They deserved the rest knowing their murderers will not get away. Why do you ask?”

The way the chief said it concerned him. Lieutenant Parker placed his hands behind his back and spaced his feet replying, “I would like to be involved in this investigation as well, sir. I believe I can be of help.”

Steiner stared at him not amused. He responded, “This isn’t proper. You were involved. Better that you avoid this situation and focus on your new task-force. Josef can handle this by himself.”

Parker responded with enforcement, “Sir, I can multitask. I only want to observe and make sure their evidence is ordered properly.”

The chief shook his head, “He won’t like it when you interfere. No lieutenant. Focus on your new task force because this is a big deal. Josef already has his hands full with his team.”

Parker paused. He could understand why. However, he was unwilling to let this go. The Lieutenant replied, “I understand sir. If you will give me the team Josef is going with, it might be easier for me to interact with them if they have any questions for me. I would like to be prepared, sir.”

Steiner sighed. Realizing that his lieutenant won’t let this go easily, he responded taking out the tablet from his table. Typing a few things, he uploaded specs onto Parker’s tablet and responded, “You got it, lieutenant. Now you are dismissed!”

Parker nodded clipping his heels and saluted, “Yes sir! Thank you.”

Without a beat, Steiner sat down and sorted his folders. Parker left the room with the tablet on hand. Closing the door, he paused to look over it. It had the list of the names of possible candidates for this task force. Most were police and there were several civilians on there as well. Flicking some screens on his tablet, he moved over to the Forensic team Steiner uploaded to him. He figured he had to somehow observe the forensic team with the evidence that could implicate him. Looking at the list of names, he picked one. Opening his mouth, he snarled as his fangs shifted. Saliva dripped from the tip.

After fifteen minutes of driving and stopping along the way, the FBI truck drove near the outskirts of Seattle. Agent Kasidy’s black sedan was ahead of them. Inside the back of the truck, two agents monitored Kensen. Kensen scowled at the two men in black with sunglasses. He was angry. His volatile rage inside slowly built up. His inner heat melted the plastic of the tube rendering the coolant useless. The liquid from the coolant tank dripped onto the floor as the puddle expanded.

It was slow and gradual as the heat made the ice melt and turn into liquid. The heated puddle steamed. Kensen’s breathing was slow and steady. His bulked average sized torso heaved outward as he exhaled and inhaled. His breathing was heavy. His growl was intermittent. With a sharp inhale, Kensen exhaled slowly. The plastic tube fell away. With a grunt, he pulled as his chains snapped off. The agents tensed. Kensen’s cheek twitched watching the agents. Touching their guns, they reacted.

Their reaction time was slow as the angry firestarter roared standing up. His melted chains fell away as he clenched his fists and erupted in flames. It rippled through his flame retardant jumpsuit as Kensen exploded fire from his body. The heat wave hit the agents as they screamed with burning agony feeling their bodies being torn. Kensen’s elbows was bent and his back was arched as he screamed toward the ceiling of the truck. His muscles expanded as the heat fed his rage. They never had a chance.

His torched body increased in a fire inferno as it expanded outwards. The agents were set on fire as the back of the truck exploded in a fiery mass. It flipped backwards while in transit as the other end exploded killing the driver. Kensen was thrown from the burning wreckage as his body was badly burned to the point of unrecognizable. His body smoked as flames enveloped him.

Flames shot everywhere hitting the grass, the road and the trees. Metal from the truck was contorted and melted beyond recognition. Ashes from the burning debris fell. There was black smoke everywhere. The smell of gasoline lingered. A trail of gasoline that leaked from the tank was set on fire. Among the fire, one agent was dead. However, the other was in burning agony as he rolled trying to douse the flames.

On the ground, the blackened and burnt Kensen Shu laid face flat. He was nearly unrecognizable and dead. Suddenly his eyes snapped open and contorted into a glare. A growl escaped his throat as he snarled. Flames from his body died down leaving behind the flame retardant suit despite his highly heated core temperatures. His self regeneration healed his body slowly as his burnt skin peeled off. Feeling anger and full of vengeance, he glared at the city before him. His desire was to kill them all.

The ashes and the burnt skin fell away from his body as Kensen slowly rose to his feet with his hands clenched into his fists. He burned with rage getting to his knee and stood. Turning to one of the agents that was moving, Kensen growled as a torrent of flames swirled his arm. He shot it toward the agent and watched him squirm in burning pain. Ignoring his cries of agony, the hateful Abnormal walked toward the city leaving behind his smoking destruction of the FBI transport as the flames burned

The convertible type midnight blue car pulled into the small underground garage. It was next to the police station. The man driving the open top vehicle was short in stature with dark curls, a shaven beard and sunglasses. He was wearing the uniform of the forensic team. His descent was Italian. The car he owned was a sport convertible Ferrari. After driving along the small road passing each parked cars, he found an empty spot. A man was leaning against the car next to the empty spot.

Parker leaned against trunk. When the Italian parked his car into the stop, he turned around to look at Parker while removing his sunglasses. His piercing blue eyes stared at the police lieutenant. Adam spoke with a question, “Ari Rizzoli?”

“Yes,” Ari inquired putting away his sunglasses. The engine of the car stopped when he removed his keys. Getting out of his vehicle, he pressed the button to allow the top cover his car. Closing the door tight, the beep of the lock was confirmed.

Ari walked around the car to face the lieutenant. Sitting up from his trunk, Adam offered his handshake responding, “I’m Lieutenant Adam Parker. I’m here to meet you.”

Ari accepted his handshake with a confused nod replying, “Sure. Uh, yes sir. I’m new here. I wasn’t notified. I was told to meet with Josef Stránský.”

Parker unclasped his hands as he stood upright speaking to him, “Yes, you do. I just only need to confirm a few things with you. Come this way.”

Ari was confused. He followed the Lieutenant across the garage. Parker extended his arm forward indicating for him to move. As they walked along the dark garage, the lieutenant stared at the Italian’s back. He sniffed. His eyes glowed yellow. He could smell and almost taste the man’s scent. It was there. Getting close to Ari, Parker placed his hand on the scientist’s shoulder offering his cool assurance keeping the scientist at ease that nothing was wrong.

The car of the chief of police pulled up near the hospital entrance. Officer Abbey placed the car on standby. The chief got out running toward the entrance through the doors. Seeing the doctor talking to a nurse at a station, he spoke approaching him, “Doctor Kates!”

Jeremy turned toward the man approaching him and responded dismissing the nurse, “Chief!”

The doctor placed his hand into the pockets of his white robe. Steiner inquired offering his hand, “Do you have the flash drive I requested?”

The man in the white smocks spoke, “The one with the detailed information of the Abnormals I scanned and saved into several files for your new task force?”

The chief spat impatiently, “Yes!”

Kates breathed and exhaled a sigh rubbing the side of his nose with his free hand. He responded, “I did for the last ten minutes ago.”

The chief of police stopped and stared at him. He spoke sharply, “What? What happened?”

Kates sighed and placed his hands into his white pockets. He explained, “Agent Kasidy beat you and took everything. Every. Single. File including the flash drive and even the backups as well as the copies I made. I had no choice. Sorry sir.”

Steiner groaned closing his eyes and slapped his forehead. A headache was growing in his head. Muttering a curse, he growled, “Dammit! I hate this guy. He got everything?”

The doctor nodded making air quotes, “Yes sir. He said ′they have resources to handle′ something ′this big′ and ′they have the jurisdiction’. If you want me to do this, I’m gonna have to start over from scratch.”

Steiner exhaled a sigh and shook his head responding to his friend, “Forget it Kates. I’ll figure something out. Keep up the good work.” He offered his hand.

Kates nodded accepting his handshake and responded, “Yes sir. Thank you. Good luck.”

As Steiner turned on his heel, his radio signaled. Activating it, he spat annoyed, “What is it, Abbey?”

Jake’s hasty reply responded, “Sir, something is happening. The firestarter is back and this time he is on the rampage. Civilians are being endangered.”

The chief’s eyes went wide with anger and he shouted, “What? The FBI lost their first abnormal? Call all units and every officer on and off duty to location. We need to contain this threat now and fast! Call Agent Cade to location, now!”

“Yes sir,” Jake responded as the radio call ended. Chief Steiner rushed out of the hospital and into the police car. Kates watched him leave and grew concerned by the recent events. As the chief entered the car, Jake turned on the sirens and peeled away from the hospital in full emergency power. Using the radio, he called for all officers on and off duty to come to the location.

Sirens blared everywhere. Police cars were packed and blocking each intersections of the city. Fires burned on the streets and buildings. Even terrified people ran while being burned alive. Blazing infernos were heated with surges of constant power. One police car pushed through the carnage with its sirens blaring. It headed toward a single inflamed Abnormal.

Kensen Shu walked along the street in the city. He fumed with rage as he scowled upon the people and the vehicles. With his body engulfed in flames, he punched with his fists. Flame torrents shot from his hands toward the oncoming police car. It exploded flipping the car over. The people screamed as they scattered from the blazing inferno and the thundering crash as the car went through a store window.

The air around him was getting hotter. The blazes were blasting hot air toward the scattering people and warming the metal to a melting point. Screams were in the air as people ran from him in fear. Kensen turned at the intersection. A semi truck blared its horn. The panicking driver hit the brakes. It failed as the truck picked up speed. The Asian braced standing his ground with his right shoulder and foot forward.

He felt abnormally strong as his muscles expanded when he tensed. The front of the semi truck impacted onto the single inflamed abnormal. It bent the steel frame of vehicle. The engine cut for a second as the truck slid backwards. The driver was knocked unconscious when his head hit his steering wheel. His airbags activated. Kensen was left unscathed. Scowling at the driver with rage, he growled.

Keeping his muscular arms pumped with his nineteen inch biceps covered with flames, Kensen grabbed the bent steel frame of the truck. With an enforced grunt gritting his teeth, he pulled with his strength. Slowly, the dazed driver regained conscious. He watched the firestarter pull at his semi truck. Gasping with fearful wide eyes, he watched Kensen pry the entire framework of the front of his truck off. The groan of metal scared him as he reacted turning his ignition on. The starter failed several times.

Kensen roared hoisting the bent steel frame over his head. Turning to his right, he thrust the metal object aside harshly as it went through a car. It stopped short of several meters into the car. Hunched over and breathing heavily, he turned back to the truck. With a snarl, he moved forward toward the exposed truck engine and grabbed it as the driver started it up.

With his back, he let out an enforced grunt pulling while the driver hit the gas and drove in reverse. Kensen’s abnormal muscles bristled while he kept his ground. The truck started smoking and burning tar. He was pulled several inches, but the Asian collected himself and enforced another yell. Letting go, he watched as the truck driver reversed in high speed and crash into a pole. The overheated engine of his semi quit and the driver turned to see Kensen exhale. He shifted his body as the flames engulfed him.

The flames increased in his body as he thrust both his hands forward shooting the flames toward the bus while yelling. The driver yelled covering his face. The flames entered the exposed engine and the explosion rippled across the truck killing the driver. The truck went up in flames. Kensen breathed with hot rage. Wiping his mouth, his hot sweat boiled down vaporized away in a steam.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of the city, the black marked sedan of Agent Kasidy pulled up in the crash area of his transport truck. The fire that remained was quickly extinguished by the foam as his agents dealt with it. They immediately canvassed the smoking wreakage looking for survivors. One of his agents turned to him and shook his head responding, “No survivors. The Abnormal isn’t among the dead either.”

Kasidy responded, “We have to assume he survived. What happened?”

The agent spoke, “No idea sir. We will have to investigate.”

The lead agent attempted to respond when he was startled by a huge explosion behind him. Turning around quickly, he responded noticing the huge flame becoming visible, “Shit. The Abnormal is in the city. All agents on the ground converge toward the city. We have to contain him.”

The agent inquired, “How, sir? We don’t-”

Kasidy turned to the agent and pointed toward the city responding, “With that kind of explosion, you would bet that all police units will be converging on one area. They will die one by one until they manage to contain the Abnormal. That’s when we will swoop in again and this time with backup. We will be ready and we will have to put it down at all costs. It will not endanger any more lives. Now go!”

The agent nodded as they rushed to the car, “Yes, sir!”

Kasidy exhaled another sigh and got into the car. The black marked sedan peeled off the road and headed back into the city toward the explosions and the sirens.

Back in the city away from the explosions and near the station in the underground garage, Parker led Ari across the parking lot. They toward the underground building passing the elevator. The Italian hesitated. He remarked, “Sir, are we-”

The lieutenant responded, “We are making a brief detour. As you are a civilian within the police station and new here, you have to sign some papers.”

Ari turned to him and inquired confused, “I thought I already sign-”

Parker spoke cutting him off, “Those were simple basic confidential agreements. Due to a new policy, the police chief requires you to sign another piece of paper. It’s nothing complicated and will be quick.”

Uncertain, he nodded responding carefully, “Yes, sir. Whatever you say. ”

Parker inquired, “Now, tell a few things about yourself. You just recently graduated?”

Ari responded approaching a small building with a single door, “Yes sir. Washington State University. I graduated with honors and was given the chance of working in the forensic department of Seattle. What’s with the question, sir? I was told Josef will be interviewing me.”

The lieutenant nodded approaching the door. He responded opening it, “He will. It’s just basic questions that will prepare him to interview the person he will be hiring. It’s normal for all the new interns.”

Walking through the darkened doorway and across the small room, Ari nodded and spoke, “Of course, sir. Anything else?”

He stopped before the wall in front of him and noticed the mirror beside him. A single dimmed light illuminated the dark closet and a sink was below the mirror. Reflecting from the mirror, he noticed the Janitor’s supplies behind him. Confused, he hesitated. Parker entered the doorway and inquired, “Where were you born?”

Closing his eyes, he uttered a quiet snarl. Fangs protruded from his teeth as he locked the door behind him. He listened when Ari spoke, “Sicily, Italy. I moved to Pullman Washington to attend,” he hesitated. Turning, he inquired, “Why?’

Ari turned to him and noticed the lieutenant locking the door behind him. He started to feel uncomfortable by his presence and hesitated. The Italian asked, “Sir? What are you doing?”

The creature shrugged responding with a new tone, “Do not be afraid. Just a few questions so I know who I am going to become.”

There was a creepy tone within the new voice of the former lieutenant as Ari started to feel the Goosebumps rising on his neck. He asked, “Who?”

Ari uttered a gasp as the creature opened his eyes. Parker’s normal pupils were replaced with the beast like yellow slits. He opened his mouth with a snarl licking his fangs and responded with a growl, “You.”

Ari yelled in fear with a recoil. He hit the wall the creature lunged forward extending his hands. With supernatural abnormal speed, he rushed with another snarl. Quickly, he covered Ari’s mouth to muffle his cries of distress and grabbed his neck. Flashing his fanged teeth, he bit into his neck. Ari struggled with failing strength to push him off, but the creature was strong. Ari sank to his knees as the creature pushed him down onto the floor. He fed on his neck within the dimmed janitor’s supply closet.

Kensen reached the last checkpoint. He found himself surrounded by officers including the chief of police and Agent Cade. Behind him, he left a large swath of destruction. Many civilians and officers were injured. Casualties were high. The firestarter become increasingly dangerous and volatile in a short period of time. Engulfed in a ring of fire, the powerful abnormal filled with rage scowled at the officers.

Chief Steiner shouted, “Stand down, Kensen Shu. You are surrounded by my officers. You will surrender peacefully or suffer the dire consequences!”

Kensen uttered a snarl as he increased his internal power. His core temperatures became heated as his body burned flames. The flames surrounding his hands and strong arms increased in inferno and speeding up. Before he could react, someone fired a shot from the crowd. It hit him on the chest.

The chief shouted, “Hold your fire, dammit!”

Kensen looked down to his chest and noticed a burning liquid trickling down. It wasn’t blood. It was a hot liquid orange red in color dripping down his wound. He felt nothing. With an angry growl, he turned to the officer that shot him and roared. His eyes changed color to orange red. A flaming torrent shot from his hands and contacted the police car. The officers scattered but were caught by the heated blast.

Changing his mind, the chief shouted, “Open fire!”

Obeying him blindly, his officers fired at the Abnormal. It was no effect as it served to make the man angrier and inflamed as the bullets hit his fire armor. Red hot orange like liquid seeped from his wounds and sizzled on the concrete below. Kensen let out a yell turning toward one group of officers. Bracing his feet, he crouched and let up his arms into the air before bashing down onto the ground. He released a fire quake as the flames turned the concrete into magma. It shot toward the officers. They scattered and the quake hit the fire hydrant. Water shot out from the broken pipes and cooled down the magma. The officers scattered and crouch in cover as Kensen continued his rampage.

A portal appeared before Kensen. It gave him pause as he watched. A white short haired girl with magenta colored eyes appeared. This girl appeared to be young. Raising her hand, she responded, “I am Avery Stone. I am an Abnormal just like you. Come with me and I will introduce you to my friends.”

Not wanting to listen, the angry Kensen yelled shooting another torrent of flames toward her. Avery closed her eyes and bowed her head. A portal appeared as she teleported. The flames rushed forward hitting a building. Another portal appeared as Avery teleported behind him. She shouted, “Mortar, now!”

The confused officers stood around. A group was pushed aside as a six feet and five inches man packing with muscles walked into the circle. He scowled at Kensen facing the man. His breathing was steady.

One of the officers shouted, “Hey! Who are you? Stand down!”

The man called Mortar turned to the officers and offered a snort inhaling through his nostrils. Ignoring them, he turned to Kensen and moved forward. One of the officers opened fire to injure him. However, the bullet hit harmlessly against his shoulder as his skin turned to sand. It deflected the bullet. Mortar barely felt it as he walked toward Kensen.

Kensen yelled shooting another inferno toward the strong man. Mortar’s entire body including his eyes hardened into clay as the flames enveloped into the rolling fury of a fire tornado. The officers gasped with fear jumping back at the searing heat. Seeing that his power was ineffective against Mortar’s hardened skin, Kensen yelled with rage increasing his power. As Mortar got close, he grabbed Kensen’s hands.

The sand like power came from Mortar’s fingertips as his ability extinguished Kensen’s flames and stifled his power. The officers watching the scene gaped with awe watching the powers that be in battle. Kensen was screaming not of anger, but of fear. He felt his power diminishing and stifled by Mortar’s awesome passive ability of sand and clay. The man’s determined expression remained. He never spoke as he obeyed the girl who looked to be in charge.

As the hardened clay reached Kensen’s face, he was completely covered and immobilized. Avery approached them and responded placing her hand on Kensen’s shoulder, “Good job Mortar. Kensen, you are in safe hands. You will have to be in holding for the time being until you will have control over your powers and anger. However, you will be safe with us, your newfound friends. You have nothing to fear.”

Kensen was immobilized and unable to speak. His power was stifled. Mortar kept his stance holding Kensen’s hands to keep it covered with his hardened clay like ability. However, the chief wasn’t pleased. He shouted, “Alright you lot! Show’s over! You three are arrested and will be in custody!”

“On what charge,” The white short haired girl with piercing magenta colored eyes muttered. Turning to him, she stared. Shaking her head, she retorted, “Or what? You’ll shoot us?”

The chief shouted, “If I have to! Officers!”

All the officers raised their weapons. Cade turned to the chief and rose his eyebrow. He seemed to question his order. With the weapons pointed at the three Abnormals. Avery smiled shaking her head. She shamed them, “Tsk. Pitiful mortals. Is this what we all have to face from now on? Shall I demonstrate my power on you all?”

Without thinking, Steiner shouted, “Open fire!”

Avery raised her free hand toward the sky and opened her palms. Kensen whimpered with fear. The fearless Mortar remained stationary trusting his female counterpart. The officers except Cade opened fire. As the bullets streaked toward them, a multitude of small portals opened catching every single one of the bullets. Seeing what was happening, the chief shouted, “Cease fire!”

As Avery grasped her hand, a portal shimmered around her hand. She kept it clenched. Feeling the warmth of the spent bullets in her hand, she stared back coolly toward the chief and tossed the handful toward him. Shaking her head, the white haired girl mocked him, “We are the new rising power that will turn this tide. You cannot hope to stop us as we grow in ranks. Until next time.”

The officers stared in shocked silence. Keeping her hand on Kensen’s shoulder, Avery grabbed Mortar’s arm, closed her eyes and bowed her head. Another portal enveloped them. They vanished.

Steiner approached where they were. The chief of police was shocked and shouted, “Dammit! They got away! Do we have eyes on them?”

One of the officers approached and shook his head, “No sir. They are gone. No traces of them.”

“Grr,” the chief growled and shouted again, “Disperse then! Go tend to your duties!”

The officer shouted, “Yes sir!” They all scattered to render aid or do their duty. As Skye approached the chief, a phone buzzed in his pocket.

Steiner turned his eyes toward him as Skye picked up the phone. After listening awhile, his eyes went wide. Looking at the chief and spoke, “Sara is awake.”

The chief nodded dismissing him, “Go! Keep me apprised. Take Abbey.”

Skye nodded and turned. Pointing, he spoke to one of the officers, “Jake, with me. To the hospital.”

Jake responded as they rushed toward the police car leaving the angry chief behind in his own thoughts. The police car engine started up as the sirens whooped. Jake drove toward the hospital to check on Sara.

Back in the Janitor’s supply closet in the police building in the underground parking, Parker was crouched on the floor hunched over. He was breathing heavily and cursing silently feeling extreme pain in his body. He yelled squinting his eyes and grabbing his head. The form before him was blackened and beyond recognition. The creature had taken everything it could and now it was in pain.

Feeling some kind of change going on in his body, he yelled tearing apart his uniform exposing his bare chest. Screaming, he stood and stumbled toward the sink. Looking at the mirror, Parker noted the tint of his yellow eyes and his dripping fangs. He yelled again in pain gripping his hands. His skin shifted as the ripples formed. With a snarl, the creature shook his head and felt his skin change form.

Opening his eyes, he watched through the mirror as his face changed from Adam Parker to Ari Rizzoli. Grabbing his face with one hand, he roared, gripping his fist and punched the mirror smashing it. He took the pain yelling. Shaking his head, he licked his fangs and felt them retract as his teeth took the shape and form of Ari’s own teeth.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Parker uttered a snarl. He did not recognize himself. Flashing an evil grin, he released the sink and turned toward the blackened, unrecognizable form. The creature needed to take the clothes of the dead Italian. As he made another step, a massive pain hit his head. A migraine took over. He groaned in pain holding his head. He became dizzy and fell backwards hitting the sink.

As he fell onto the ground, he moaned in pain. His eyes fluttered. He started receiving images not of his own, but of Ari’s entire life. It flashed before his mind. Parker fell unconscious and began to dream while receiving the knowledge of Ari Rizzoli as he sapped from the former body of the forensic scientist.

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