The Gemini Effect

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From the outside looking in, Wyatt Witcher was a walking cliche-- Captain of the high school football team, loaded parents and the brightest future money had to offer. With the successes of his families business, Witcher was a household name. But on the night of his eighteenth birthday when his parents are both killed in an unruly mannor and all evidence falls to his guilt, Wyatt's world is completely turned upside down. While trying to uncover the cause of their mysterious death, Wyatt discovers the dark truth behind the family business and the evil lineage of his blood.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Gem·​i·​ni| \ ˈje-mə-(ˌ)nē , -ˌnī; ˈge-mə-ˌnē\

1 : the third zodiacal constellation that is pictorially represented as the twins Castor and Pollux sitting together, that is visible in the sky on the opposite side of the Milky Way from Taurus and Orion, and that is located between Cancer and Taurus in the zodiac

"So it was written in the stars, that one day, the gods would walk the earth among us-- taking our form. They would meddle in the fires of their creation, giving birth to the life that was meant to save us from the darkness to come."


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