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One of None

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Do you see what it’s like? Fear? Torture? Murder? Taunted. Ridiculed. And lastly dead. Follow this being of darkness into the path. Can she be swayed to the light? Could this angel of death grow wings? Does her destiny contain only death? Watch her fight.

Thriller / Other
Hanako Iwata
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He laughed.

The damn man laughed. They all did. Not a single one of them marched to me and wiped my tears. I wasn’t crying, of course, but I could’ve been. The jerks laughed. Laughed until tears rolled down their damn cheeks and their stomachs cramped from the pressure.

Look at me!!! I wanted to scream. To tear into their flesh and watch their eyes go wide! I wanted the strength of feeling their eyes on me while they held their stomachs in laughter.

“Get out of my sight!” A growl was an earthquake within my chest and erupted on my tongue. The bark sent out across the crowd. “Get out!!”

How many years would they taunt me? Of course it all verbal. No one had the balls to do any physical damage. They wouldn’t have stood a chance against what was boiling up inside my breast.

“Settle down now, no one is laughing at you.”

Do you see how wrong he is? How cruel he is to even suggest such a thing? How dare he try to relate to my emotions!!

“Do you find me funny, sir, because I do.” I snarled, “I will find the humor when you wake up one morning believing there will be another one after it. I will giggle a joyous chuckle when you gurgle on your blood and remember when you have thought I was being funny.”

In any reality this man would’ve backed up startled if he had actually taken my words seriously. Sadly, that only happens when there is moments when he could feel fear. Not to worry, you can find it best when the fear hits them last and it is all anyone will remember in the end.

And I would learn this concept very soon. To this I believe I have forgotten to introduce myself. I’m No One.

No that is not my birth name. I cannot say what it is but you’ll find out why just as soon as I do. Please do not forget this man. He couldn’t be more important to my story.

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