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Chapter 9

I was super excited to go out tonight. It has been a long time since I was able to relax a little bit. I wasn’t excited about being around Mike’s girlfriend, Rebecca, she hasn’t exactly been friendly with me since I arrived. I was hoping that she would be nicer since I wasn’t living with them anymore, but either way, I was not going to let her ruin my night out. I was just glad that I had kept one decent outfit for going out in. It was a white skin tight strapless dress that shaped to my body just right. I also had silver and black heels with zippers on the back, super cute and hey a girl needs to look good when she hits the town, even if she is on the run.

After my shower, I did my hair and makeup and got dressed. I took one last look in the mirror, my hair was down and I had straightened it out with just a little bit of a wave at the ends I looked hot. I grabbed my handbag and headed down the stairs. I could hear Jensen talking with Mike as I approached the bottom of the stairs. They were all standing in the living room area waiting for me. I walked in and everyone looked up and stared. “Wow Lynn, you look good,” Mike said staring at me. Rebecca hit him in the arm hard and then stormed past me to the front door with Mike close behind her. Trevor and his wife Nicole walked out behind them and Nicole gave me a smile as she walked past. She was a sweet woman, I didn’t get much interaction with her but she had come by after I first got to Mike’s to introduce herself.

When I looked back up Jensen was still staring at me with such intensity that you would think he was going to attack me right then and there. Secretly, I wished he would. I had such an overwhelming feeling down in the pit of my stomach every time he looked at me and now was no different. All of this was very new to me because no man has ever caught my attention the way he has. I didn’t know what it was, but I was having a harder and harder time fighting off my feelings. He cleared his throat and walked over to me taking me by the hand and leading me out to the car. He helped me in then climbed in the driver’s side. We all took our own cars in case someone needed to leave, Trevor and Nicole had just had a baby a few months ago and this was the first time leaving him with a sitter. Well, she was one of the gang members, but it was still hard on Nicole to leave him. Jensen looked over at me and flashed a little smile. “You really do look good enough to eat.” Oh my, I felt a little wetness down in between my thighs.

“Thank you,” I said as he started the car and we followed behind Mike and Trevor.

After a nice dinner, we headed to the night club that Mike owned. When we pulled up out front there was a line of people waiting to get in behind a velvet rope. The valet ran up to my side and opened the door. He was just a young man, maybe twenty with a scrawny build. He held his hand out and helped me out of the car, as he did so his hand slipped down my back to my ass. I went to smack it away, but before I could the man was pulled away from me. I turned to see Jensen holding him by his neck against the car. “You need to learn some manners boy.” I could see the man struggle against Jensen’s hold, but it was no use. I walked up to Jensen and touched his shoulder lightly. He looked over at me and the anger in his eyes faded away and he dropped the young man leaving him gasping for air. He put his arm around my waist and we walked into the club as Mike had the young man escorted from the premises and fired.

Jensen’s POV

Mike, Trevor and I were all standing in the living room with the girls waiting for Lynn to come downstairs. I swear women take forever to get ready. I had told her eight and it was already ten after. We were discussing where we were taking the girls when she walked into the room. Everyone stared including me, then Mike said something about her looking good. Rebecca’s eyes filled with anger and she smacked him in the arm then stormed out with Mike chasing her. I wondered how long he would keep her around for. Then Trevor and Nicole walked out leaving us alone. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was sexy as hell in her short white dress and black heels. Her hair flowed down and her eyes popped. I watched her intently as she stared back at me. Maybe I will get lucky tonight, I just didn’t think it would be with her. I cleared my throat than walked over and took her hand and lead her out to my car. As I helped her in I couldn’t help but look at her perfect ass in that short dress.

We followed Mike and Trevor to the restaurant and it was hard to keep my eyes on the road. I flashed her a smile. “You do look good enough to eat.” She started to blush a little and she smiled back at me.

“Thank you.” She almost whispered it, but it was sexy. We ate dinner and it seemed like Rebecca had changed her mood. She was actually being nice to Lynn and they were laughing together. After dinner, we drove to the night club that Mike had acquired after killing the guy who ran it. The man had been using it as a strip joint but was forcing girls to work for him. Mike doesn’t like that shit and since he was in Mike’s territory he dealt with it. The place was actually not bad and became a very popular place.

When we pulled up a scrawny looking kid ran up to Lynn’s side and opened her door. I got out and turned to see him helping her out of the car. Then I saw his hand slip down her back to her ass and I lost it. She may not be my bitch, but you have no right to just touch a woman like that. I stormed over and snatched him up by his neck just as Lynn was about to smack his hand away. He was light as fuck and his eyes grew wide as I held him against the car. “You need to learn some manners boy.” I knew I was choking him out but I didn’t care, all I saw was red. Then I felt her soft touch on my shoulder and when I turned and looked at her I felt my anger started to go away. I didn’t understand it, but I also didn’t want to cause a scene so I let the boy go. Mike was at my side already grabbing the man up so I let him deal with it. I turned and took Lynn by the waist and walked in with her.

After Mike rejoined us, he lead us to a VIP booth in the middle of the club. Of course, the girls all got excited. They stood all together squealing like school girls. We all slid into the booth, Lynn next to me and the other girls next to their men. We sat and had a few drinks, well the others did I was trying to keep my shit together because I didn’t know if we were safe here. After about an hour the girls stood up. Nicole and Rebecca looked over at Lynn and smiled. “Come on guys, let’s get our groove on,” Nicole said as the three girls grabbed our hands and pulled us up. I looked at Lynn and she smiled at me a devilish grin so I let her lead me to the dance floor. I didn’t really dance but I wanted to feel her body against mine.

We all stood in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by all the other people in the club. As the music played Lynn started to slowly move her hips in a sexy seductive sway. She stood close to me and put her ass against my waist as she started to grind on me. I put my hands on her hips as we moved together. My eyes were on her as she dipped her head down and showed me that perfect ass. I grabbed it as she bent down and gave it a light smack. She jumped back up and turned to face me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me and started to dance with her. I could feel her heart racing and so was mine. Fuck, I want this woman now. I placed my lips against her ear and whispered to her. “You shouldn’t dance like that with me or I might just fuck you right here.” Her eyes widened then she pulled me down to her and whispered back.

“Then why don’t you.” I made a low growl and grabbed her hand and lead her off the dance floor.

I lead her to a back room that had been used for private dances in the past. Now it was more of an office area, but it was private and had a couch in it so it would work. I closed and locked the door behind me as Lynn stood there watching me. I walked over and kissed her hard. Our tongues fought for dominance, but then they worked together in unison. She placed her hands on my back and let her nails dig into my back slightly as I pushed her against the wall. I kissed her neck and started to massage her breast through her dress. She let out a moan which just fueled me more. She was so fucking sexy and I needed to feel her now. I pushed her down to the couch and took my shirt off. I saw her eyes full of lust as she watched me.

I came to her and placed my body on top of her as my lips crashed into hers. She kissed me back with just as much intensity as I kissed her. I could feel her want for me which just turned me on more. I took my hand and reached under her dress to her find her wearing a thong. I could feel her wetness as I started to massage her clit on the outside of her panties. She moaned again in my mouth as she placed her hand in my hair and pulled. My lust for her grew more so I reached up her dress and pulled her thong off. I had a thought and stood up and walked to the desk. I knew Mike always kept condoms in the drawer so I found one and walked back over to her. I leaned back down and kissed her. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, you dirty girl.” She looked up at me then took a breath. She pulled me close to her.

“Please go easy on me Jensen. I have never done this before.” I stopped dead in my tracks when she said this.

I pulled away from her. “What do you mean you have never done this before?” She looked up at me a little sheepishly.

“I am still a virgin Jensen. I have never been with a man.” Fuck, I thought to myself. I was fucked up. How could I take this girl’s innocence when I don’t even want more than a good fuck. Then the thought occurred to me, the last girl’s virginity I took died in my arms. I can’t do this shit. “Jensen, are you okay?” She was sitting up now staring at me.

“We are going home. Fix yourself up and let’s go.” I threw the condom in my back pocket and put my shirt back on. I stormed out of the office and left her sitting there with a hurt look on her face as she put her thong back on. I stood against the wall outside the office door and lit a cigarette. I pushed my head back and started to get a little frustrated. Why would she not tell me that before we even started fucking around? This bitch has got me fucked up. Just then she walked out of the office with her head down. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the front of the building. While we waited for my car I text Mike and told him we were going home.

We drove in silence the whole way home. I could see her trying to fight back tears, but I didn’t say anything. Once we were back at the house she quickly ran up to her room and slammed the door. I walked into the kitchen and made a drink. Damn fucking women, they should tell someone they are a virgin before they lead a mother fucker on like that. Now here I am horny as hell and frustrated. I saw the hotel key that Aliyah gave me the night before sitting on the counter in the kitchen. I thought about it for a minute. Fuck it, I said to myself. I took my phone out and called her. She answered in two rings and got to the house in five minutes.

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