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Chapter 12

Jensen’s POV

I awoke to the intoxicating smell of coconut and vanilla filling my nose. As my eyes adjusted I realized that Lynn was laying next to me with her head near my chest and her hair was under my nose. I didn’t remember her coming into me last night, but I did vaguely remember having a nightmare last night and then it stopped and I just felt comfort. At this moment I couldn’t help but feel completely relaxed. It just felt right with her in my bed. I softly moved a piece of hair from her face and her eyes opened. “Good morning beautiful. Exactly how did you end up in my bed last night?” I said smiling at her. She shrugged her shoulders at me then bit her lower lip.

“I was walking by to go get some water and I heard you having a bad dream. I climbed into bed next to you and you seemed to calm down so I guess I just fell asleep to.”

She was so gorgeous laying there biting her lip. It was turning me on, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. I kissed her forehead then whispered in her ear. “You are making me want to bit that lip of yours.” I saw her eyes go wide and her body tense. I laughed a little and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, I am not going to do that yet. Why don’t you stay in bed for a little bit I have a few things to do.” She frowned a little bit at me. Well, it was more of a pout.

“How long are you going to be gone?” I had sat up and was pulling on my jeans.

“I should be back in a few hours. Go back to sleep.” I leaned over and kissed her cheek. “I will be back before you know it.” She rolled over and wrapped herself up in my sheets. I left her asleep in my bed and something inside of me knew that was where she belonged, but another part of me knew that I needed to stop this now before it got out of control.

I had some things to handle, but it didn’t take long. When I returned to the house I went up to my room only to see an empty bed. At first, I was upset, but then I figured it was for the best. I went and showered then headed downstairs. When I got to the end of the stairs I heard someone in the kitchen. I walked in and saw Lynn cooking. She was dancing around the kitchen in some short booty shorts and a tank top. Seeing her walking around the house in something so revealing made me mad. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arm around her and turned her to face me. She jumped when I grabbed her, but then smiled when I turned her around. I glared down at her and her smile faded. “What do you think you are doing walking around in that?” I hissed at her through my teeth.

“Excuse me. I will wear whatever I want. Now let me go you are hurting me.”

I realized that my grip had tightened around her as she tried to pull away from me. I let her go and she backed away from me. “Jensen, you are not my man so you have no right to tell me what to do or what to wear.” She was right, but I still didn’t want the men gawking at her.

“Well Lynn, that may be true, but you are here for me to protect and I don’t need my men distracted. Now, will you please go put some more clothes on.” She looked like she wanted to argue at first, but instead just walked past me and went to her room. When she came back downstairs I couldn’t believe my eyes. She walked back into the kitchen completely naked. This fucking woman is really trying to piss me off now. Before she could say anything I grabbed her and tossed her over my shoulder. She hit my back and screamed for me to put her down, but I didn’t listen. As soon as I got her upstairs in her room I tossed her on the bed. “When you can learn to do as your told I will let you out of here, but for now you can keep your naked ass in this room.”

I turned and stormed out of the room locking the door behind me. I stood in the hallway listening. She started to bang on the door. “Jensen open this fucking door. You are acting like a maniac.” I smiled to myself, she hasn’t seen me act like a maniac yet.

“Are you dressed and ready to behave yourself?” There was silence for a few minutes then I heard her open her dresser drawers. After another few minutes, I heard her voice on the other side of the door.

“Jensen please, I am dressed now and I promise I will behave.” I unlocked the door and opened it. Lynn stood in the middle of the room with her head down, but she was dressed. I walked up to her and took her chin in my hand and tilted her head up.

“Why do you want to upset me? I am only trying to keep you safe and I can’t do that if I am distracted let alone if my men are distracted.” She smiled up at me.

“Okay, I am sorry. I will behave for now.” She pressed her lips against mine for a brief minute then pulled away leaving me wanting to taste her lips more. Damn this woman, I said to myself as I left her room.

Two weeks later

I was sitting in the living room watching some TV when Lynn came bouncing in. She walked over and placed herself on my lap. “Jensen, can I go out with Nicole and Rebecca? They have been asking me to go out and I could really use a girls day.” I laughed as she stuck her bottom lip out at me. It was sexy as hell.

“Who is going with you girls? If I know Mike and Trevor they didn’t agree to you girls going out alone.” She smiled at me then kissed my neck.

“Well you see, I sorta told them that you would go with us.” I laughed as her lips continued kissing my neck. I stopped her and set her up on my lap.

“Is that so? Well, I guess it is a good thing that I feel like going out.” She smiled wide at me then threw her arms around me.

“Oh thank you, Jensen. I will go tell the girls.” She jumped off my lap and ran into the foyer where Rebecca and Nicole were waiting. I messaged Jacob to get the SUV ready then stood and walked into the foyer where the girls were. They all thanked me again as we walked out the front door and got in the SUV.

Lynn’s POV

Jensen sat in the front seat of the car with Jacob and Dillion sat in the back with us girls. Things between Jensen and me had calmed down the last few weeks. I tried to behave and yet there had still been a few nights of me sleeping in his bed or him in mine. We hadn’t made love yet, but the more time we spent together the more sexual tension built. I could see him continuously fighting off his urge to just have his way with me and honestly, I wished he would. However, I didn’t want to push him into something he didn’t want so I left it alone. Nicole brought my attention back to them. “So what do we want to do first?” We all looked at each other and said at the same time.

“Food!” We all laughed and I saw Dillion roll his eyes as he sat back and messed with his phone.

We spent the next two hours running all over the mall with the men following close behind us. They tried not to crowd us but still stayed close enough so they could get to us if we needed them. “Where to next girls?” I asked as we walked down the walkway of the mall. Rebecca squealed out as she stopped in front of a store.

“Victoria Secrets. We can all get something new to show off to our men tonight.” I laughed.

“Well you girls can go find something for your men, I don’t have one remember.” They both looked at me and laughed as they dragged me in the store. “What is so funny?” Nicole stopped and turned to me.

“Please girl. We see how Jensen watches you.” Now it was my turn to laugh.

“Come on guys. He is just doing his job.” They both laughed and then grabbed a few things to go try on.

He was just doing his job, right? I looked up and saw Jensen standing outside the store staring at me. His eyes were fixed on me as I was watching him. He flashed me a grin as I started to walk around out of his sight. I stopped in front of the lingerie section and started looking. Maybe I will find something nice for him. I mean it wasn’t like there was no attraction there, maybe I just need to push a little. My hand stopped on the perfect outfit. It was a red bra, with a red thong that connected to white knee-high stockings. The entire thing was see-thru. Perfect, I thought to myself.

Just then I felt someone place their hand around my mouth and hold me close to them. I could feel something hard and metal in my back. “If you scream or draw attention to us I will kill whoever comes to your aid. Do you understand?” I nodded my head and the man removed his hand from my mouth. I felt his breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear. “I think that would look sexy as hell on you, but I think I should be the one who sees you in it since your mine.” He turned me around and my eyes grew wide as I saw Joseph King standing in front of me.

“What do you want with me? Why do you say that I am yours? I belong to no man now.” He smiled at me.

“See you are wrong about that. You belong to me, your brother gave you to me so that I would make an alliance with him.” What the fuck was he talking about? Carter wouldn’t do that to me, would he?

I looked up and saw Jensen, but he couldn’t see me. “I know your not alone Lynn. I see your protection over there. It is not my plan to take you now, but for Jensen to bring you to me. You see Jensen works for me.” My eyes grew big with shock.

“Your lying. Jensen would never work for someone like you.” He laughed and pulled me close to him.

“Are you sure? Think about it why would he agree to protect the woman who is responsible for his Fiance’s death.” I could hear Nicole and Rebecca coming and so did Joseph. I saw something in his eyes that made me kick into action. He was going to hurt them and I couldn’t allow that. I kneed him in the balls and then ran to Nicole and Rebecca. I grabbed their hands and pulled them to the door.

“Lynn, what the hell?” Rebecca said as I neared the door. I didn’t say anything I just kept dragging them out of the store. Once out of the store I almost fell into Jensen’s arms.

I let go of Rebecca and Nicole as Jensen held onto me. “Lynn, what is wrong?” I looked up at him and Joseph’s word played in my mind.

“I saw Joseph in the store. He said that I was his.” I said to Jensen in between gasping for air. Jensen’s eyes grew dark with anger as he looked at Jacob and Dillion.

“Dillion stay here with the girls. Jacob let’s go.” He passed me over to Nicole who held on to me as I watched Jacob and Jensen go into the store. A few minutes passed and there were no gunshots or fighting. Jensen and Jacob reappeared and Jensen took me back in his arms. “Well, he is gone now. Let’s get you girls home. I need to talk with Mike and Trevor.” We all nodded and walked back to the car.

The whole drive home I stayed silent. Joseph’s words were running through my mind. He had to be lying, I thought to myself. Then it occurred to me that he might not be lying. It did make sense, why would Jensen protect me? It was my fault that Catherine was dead, or at least I blamed myself and I knew that he blamed me as well. When we got back to the house Jensen dropped me off with Dillion then took the girls back to their house. I went up to my room and grabbed my duffel bag. I needed to leave. If Jensen was working for Joseph then it was only a matter of time before he took me to him. I quickly packed my things then carefully made my way down to the garage. I looked on the wall and the keys for the other SUV hung on the wall. I grabbed them then hopped into the car.

I timed my escape just right and was able to make it out of the garage and gates before anyone could stop me. I knew I had to make it to the airport and then I would go to Rome where my father’s friends were. I knew they would help me. I somehow made a wrong turn and was in a rough-looking neighborhood when the SUV just turned off. I was able to pull it off to the side of the road. I tried to get the car to turn over, but it wouldn’t do anything. I heard a knock on my window. I looked up and saw a man standing there. “Hey, are you okay?” I nodded but kept the door locked. The man tried to open the door, but when it didn’t open he gave up and walked away. I needed to get out of here. I grabbed my things and started to walk down the street. I heard someone behind me so I started walking faster. It was no use, I felt someone grab me and drag me down an alley. When I looked up I saw three men pushing me against the wall. The one in front was the same man who was at the car window. “Where did you think you were going, momma? I think we should have some fun.” He hissed at me and his breath made me gag. I knew that I was probably going to die or at the very least be raped and all I could think about was Jensen.

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