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Chapter 13

Jensen’s POV

I sat in Mike’s office discussing what we should do. Time was running out and Joseph showing himself again had me worried. “Maybe we should use her as bait. He wants her, right. Let’s give him what he wants. You will take her to him, but on our terms.” My anger rose.

“We are not using her as bait Mike. What if something goes wrong? I won’t risk that.” Before Mike could say something else my phone rang. It was Dillion. “What do you want Dillion I am busy.” I heard him take a deep breath.

“Boss, Lynn is gone.” Now my anger was at full rage.

“What do you mean she is gone? How the fuck did someone get to her?”

“No boss, she left on her own. I was in the basement doing some work when I heard the garage open. By the time I got upstairs and outside she had already made it out the gates.” Why the hell would she leave like that?

“Well, where the hell are the men at. There are at least twenty of you there and she still got past you.” I was pissed, what the fuck were they all doing over there playing footsies.

“I’m sorry boss, I don’t know how she managed to get out the gates. I will be talking with the men that were on guard at the gates.” I had to find her and fast.

“Alright, I am on my way. Start tracking the car and send me the location.” He agreed then hung up. I stood up and headed to the door. “Jacob let’s go. Mike, we will continue this conversation when I get back. I have to go bring back our little runaway.” Mike started to laugh but thought twice about it when I glared at him. I turned and went to the waiting car. “Where are we headed?” I said and Dillion’s voice came across the speakers in the car.

“She is down on Second and King. Boss, do you want me to disable the car?” We were only about ten minutes away.

“Wait for five minutes then disable it,” I said.

“Got it, boss.”

Why did you run Lynn? What did Joseph say to you? Five minutes later Dillion’s voice came across the speaker again. “Car is disabled boss. She is on King and twenty-eighth. You are about two minutes from her.” I looked at Jacob.

“Step on it.” He speed up as we closed in on her. We spotted the car and pulled over behind it. I got out and walked over to the car, but no one was in it. I looked around and realized that this was a bad neighborhood for her to be in. Where the hell did she go? Just then I heard a scream coming from an alley down the street. I looked at Jacob and we both headed in that direction, guns drawn ready for whatever was waiting for us.

As we approached the alley I heard her voice and my blood started to boil. “Please, stop. Get off of me. Please.” Then she screamed in pain. As I turned the corner to the alley I saw her lying on the ground with one man on top of her ripping at her clothes and two other men holding her down. I lost all control and only saw her face in pain. I took out one of the men holding her down and Jacob took out the other. The man on top of her jumped up and pulled Lynn with him. He turned towards us holding a gun against her head.

“Back the fuck off or I will kill this bitch.” The man hissed at Jacob and I. This mother fucker thought he was going to hurt what was mine. I saw the fear in her eyes and I could feel myself starting to lose control. I would not let this punk asshole take her from me, not again. Lynn looked up at me with an intent look in her eye. Then she elbowed the man in the stomach and tried to run. He grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. “You little whore. I will deal with you ....” Before he could even touch her again I shot him in the leg making him drop, then I shot him in the arm and he dropped the gun. I jumped at him and started unleashing all my anger. I punched and felt his bones breaking under my fist. I didn’t even see him anymore there was only blackness.

All the sounds around me had faded and all I could hear was the voices in my head. They kept telling me to kill him. “Kill him, he hurt her just like Seth hurt Catherine.” I looked down and the blackness faded and I saw her lying underneath me. No, not again. Now my dreams were happening during the day, fuck my life. There Catherine lays except this time she was bloody and beaten. Her eyes were fixed on me begging for me to help her, but I couldn’t. Then Catherine’s face faded and now there was Seth under me. I started punching harder.

“You killed her you piece of shit. Now I will kill you.” Then I felt her presence as I looked up and saw her face in front of me. She touched my arm softly bringing me back to reality.

“Jensen, enough he is dead. I am alive, I am right here. Come back.” I quickly looked down and didn’t see Seth anymore only blood and what looked like a different man’s face. I was covered in blood from head to toe and I was pretty sure I had broken a knuckle or two.

I looked up at Lynn and saw the blood on her lips and a bruise starting to show on her cheek. I quickly stood up and grabbed her by the arm. I nodded at Jacob who immediately called for someone to come clean up as I walked Lynn back to the car. I was trying hard to control myself. She didn’t speak, maybe because she could see the anger in my eyes. I was now mad at her for putting herself in danger like that, even though I knew I was partly to blame. I had told Dillion to disable the car not realizing where she was. I stayed silent the whole way back to the house. My mind was racing trying to figure out why she had run. “I’m sorry.” I heard her mumble under her breath at me. I grunted but still didn’t say a word. She looked down and started to shake. Her clothes were ripped so I took off my leather jacket and put it over her. She looked grateful, but I just looked away from her.

Once we got to the house Lynn immediately jumped out of the car and took off inside. I calmly followed her, but immediately went to my room and stripped off my bloody clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror as I slowly cleaned the blood off my body. What the fuck is this woman doing to me? I should be pissed at her for putting herself in danger, but instead, I found myself wanting to know why. After I cleaned up I sat on my bed in just my jeans and no shirt. I looked down at my hand, which was now swelling. Fuck this shit, I just beat a man to death for her and now she was going to explain herself. If she thinks she can just take off like that and not have to pay the consequences, she has another thing coming. I stormed out of my room and headed to her room. When I reached her room the door was closed, but I pushed it open and walked in. She was standing there looking out the window but turned around quickly to stare at me. “What do you want Jensen?” She said with an attitude. This bitch has got me fucked up if she thinks she can talk like that to me. I closed the door and locked it then walked over to her.

“Don’t give me attitude. Why the fuck did you run like that? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” I growled at her as I closed the gap between us. She backed away from me each time I got closer until she had nowhere else to go.

She glared up at me. “Oh, I am sorry. Did me running away fuck up your plans?” She hissed at me through her teeth. What the fuck did she mean by that?

“What did you just say to me?” We were now so close that I could feel every breath that she took.

“You heard me. Did me running away fuck up your plans to turn me over to Joseph? How could you stand there and lie to me like that? I trusted you.” She said as the tears started to form in her eyes. She thought I was going to turn her over to Joseph? That fucker told her I was working for him, no wonder she ran.

“Lynn, I have no intention of turning you over to Joseph. Yes, he hired me to, but he didn’t know that I was already protecting you.” I softly caressed her cheek, but she turned away from me.

“I want to believe you Jensen, but it makes no sense. Why would you agree to protect me when I was responsible for Catherine’s death?” She looked down and my heart tugged in my chest.

“Lynn, you are not responsible for her death. Why would you think that? You did what you could to save us.”

She looked up at me, the look on her face was one of defeat. “You said it was my fault the night you pointed a gun at me. I just think I should have done more to save her. I know I could have done more.” The tears in her eyes started to fall and I felt my heart start to race. Damn it, why do I break everything I touch.

“Lynn, I am sorry I ever said that. It isn’t your fault. It was Seth’s and your brother’s fault. That was why I had let you go that night and that is why I agreed to protect you.” She seemed to relax a little. I touched her cheek and watched her start to bit her lip and I lost all self-control. “What did I tell you about biting that lip.” I pushed her against the wall and I felt her breath catch as she tried to control herself. I leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I will never let anyone hurt you, let alone take you from me. I need you.”

Lynn’s POV

Oh my god, why was I so turned on right now? His body was pushed against mine as he whispered in my ear. My breath caught in my chest as he spoke these words to me. I didn’t even realize that I was biting my lip at first. My body was turning to jello as my legs started to shake. I wanted his hands on my body. I was trying to control myself, but my hormones took over. His smell was intoxicating and I just couldn’t stop myself. I was mad at first, but now I believed him. I crashed my lips into his and he welcomed them. He lifted me bridal style against the wall as our kiss intensified. His lips hungrily claimed mine as he tore my shirt open and exposed my breast. “You sure this is what you want?” He whispered softly in my ear. I nodded my head and he moved me to the bed. He laid me down and stared at me. At first, he looked like he might leave again and I didn’t want that.

“Please Jensen, don’t leave me. I want you to touch me.” That was all it took. He let out a low growl and came back down to me kissing my neck.

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