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Chapter 14

Jensen’s POV

“Please Jensen, don’t leave me. I want you to touch me. I need you.” Lynn’s eyes were staring up at me and her body was fully ready for me. She was lying there in only her bra and a pair of jeans. I couldn’t control my urge to make her mine anymore. I came back to her on the bed, making a low growl as I started to kiss her neck. My hand reached over and started to massage her breast through her bra. She let out a slight moan and it drove me wild. I moved my lips down her neck and to her chest as I undid her bra. I grabbed the strap of her bra with my teeth and slid it down her arm exposing her breast to me. I softly began to kiss her exposed breast and pull and massage her other nipple. She moaned again against my ear. “Oh, Jensen please don’t stop.”

This woman was incredible, I had been such a dick to her and yet her she was giving herself to me and it was driving me crazy. I sat up and pulled her pants off leaving her completely exposed to me because she didn’t have any panties on. I placed my lips on the inside of her thighs and started kissing up them slowly making my way to her wet opening. She moaned out my name as I brought my tongue to her clit and started to slowly lick and suck on it. Her hips bucked as I placed one finger inside her all while my tongue did tricks on her clit. I was going to take my time with her. I continued my slow torture on her clit as I entered another finger and started to push them in and out. I could feel her walls tighten around my fingers as she reached her climax and released her sweet juices all over my face.

I licked her clean and brought my lips up to hers. “You are so beautiful.” I whispered as I claimed her lips again. She truly was the only thing that was keeping me sane. Her hands traveled down my back digging into my skin until they reached my pants. As our tongues moved together she started to undo my pants and then reached in and took a hold of me. “Ohhh, Lynn.” I moaned in her ear. She slowly started to stroke my hard dick as she used her other hand to pull my pants and boxers down further. Her touch felt incredible and I could feel myself getting lost in her every move. She placed her hands on my chest and rolled me over giving her more freedom to caress my body. She finished pulling my pants off and tossed them to the floor. She softly caressed my chest as she placed kisses on each and every scar I had. Then she started kissing a path down my chest and across my abs, as she placed herself in between my legs. She placed her lips on the tip of my cock and then slowly took me fully in her mouth. Damn, I thought to myself as she slowly started to suck. She may have been innocent, but she felt as if she knew exactly what she was doing. Her lips were soft and gentle as they went up and down on my shaft. She felt incredible and I could feel myself getting close to my peak. I placed my hands in her hair as her head bobbed up and down and I pulled on her hair softly. She moaned against my dick and started to suck harder. My hands moved with her as she brought me to my climax, and I screamed her name. “Ohhhh, Lynn. That was amazing. Are you sure you are a virgin?” I asked as I lifted one of my eyebrows and she giggled a little as she lifted her head up and fixated on my eyes.

Her laugh was sexy and it turned me on even more. I pulled her down beside me and softly caressed her cheek as she turned her head towards me. I lifted up over her and started to kiss every inch of her body. I could feel her body heat rise the more I kissed and messaged her body. I stopped and placed my lips on her breast. I twirled my tongue on her nipple as it became hard under my tongue. I played with her other nipple rolling it between my fingers and tugging softly, making her gasp out loud. I slowly moved my mouth from her breast to her lips taking in every moment of this. I wanted to be inside her and feel her arousal as I claimed her. I placed myself in between her legs and she moaned in pleasure as I placed the tip of my cock at her opening and started to circle it. “Oh Jensen, I want you inside me please.” She begged and I growled as I gently pushed myself inside her. She was so tight and I almost lost it, but I stopped and regained my composure. I felt her stretch as her body accepted me and then I pushed further and felt her innocence become mine. She gasped a little and I quickly looked down at her.

“Are you okay?” I asked. Her eyes were closed, but then she opened them and nodded.

“Yes, please don’t stop.”

Lynn’s POV

I felt a slight pressure and then my body adjusting to accept him as he entered me slowly. It felt amazing, I didn’t even realize that I had closed my eyes and gasped until I heard his concerned voice. “Are you okay?” I opened my eyes and looked passionately into his and nodded. I was on cloud nine and I didn’t want him to stop.

“Yes, please don’t stop,” I said as I caressed his cheek. He dipped his face down to mine and kissed me as he slowly started to move inside me. He wasn’t rough, but gentle and he was taking his time. His smell surrounded me and I forgot about everything else, but us at this moment. I have never wanted anyone like I wanted him, and now he was mine and I was his. He moved his lips up my neck to my earlobe and nibbled softly. I could feel my orgasm in the pit of my stomach as he continued to pump in and out of my sex. “Oh Jensen, I am going to cum.”

He slowed and whispered in my ear. “Not yet beautiful. I want us to cum together.” I pouted a little and stuck my lip out.

“Please Jensen, I don’t think I can hold back.” He let out a low moan as he took my bottom lip and sucked on it. Now I definitely couldn’t hold back. I felt myself tighten around him again as I exploded, my juices running down my leg over both of us. He slowly rocked back pulling me with him so that now I was straddling him. He pushed deeper inside me as I started to ride him. Oh my god, I never knew that this would feel so good. His hands fell to my hips as he held me up while I slowly started riding him. He was filling me so much that I already could feel the pressure of my orgasm again. “Oh.” I moaned and threw my head back as I placed my hands on his chest. The muscles under my hands tightened every time he moved with my body. He was a god and I bent my head down and started to kiss every muscle as he started to pump in and out of me. I lifted my head and looked back at him as I could feel my orgasm slowly building again and I knew that he felt it too. His eyes grew wide with excitement as he grabbed me and rolled me off of him, pushing me back to the bed chest first making my ass push up in front of him. He kissed my back and slowly entered my sex from behind. Oh my, this position had me feeling more full than me riding him. I knew that I was going to lose it again, but I also could feel him starting to shake as he pumped faster. I felt my orgasm deep inside me as I felt his climax, I did as well screaming out his name. “Ohhh, Jensen.”

Jensen’s POV

I laid next to her holding her in my arms, caressing her hair as she placed her head on my chest. She wrapped her arm around me and sighed. I looked down at her. “What are you thinking about beautiful?” She looked up at me with those big green eyes.

“I am just worried, Jensen. What are you going to do about Joseph?” I pulled her closer to me and kissed the top of her head.

“Don’t worry about that now, I won’t let him touch you. You are perfectly safe with me Lynn, I promise. I would die before I let anything happen to you.” She seemed to accept my answer and soon I felt her breathing slow as she fell asleep. This felt right, but I couldn’t get the thought of losing her out of my mind. I kept her in my arms as I to drifted off to sleep. I would not lose her, no matter what I had to do I would keep her safe.

Jensen’s Dream Sequence

I was lying there with her in my bed, her hair flowing down her body as she curled up close to me. “You are safe with me. I promise.” I whispered in her ear. She looked up at me and my eyes grew wide as I saw Catherine instead of Lynn.

“Am I safe with you Jensen?” As she said this her clothes became bright with red and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“No, no, please don’t leave me, Catherine. I am sorry.” I could feel her breathing slowing rapidly.

“Jensen, I love you, but it is time to move on.” Then suddenly we were standing in our spot. The light still in the trees just like the night I asked her to marry me. She took my hand and walked me over to the water’s edge.

“Catherine, I don’t think I can move on. I can’t go through that pain again.” She placed her finger against my lips.

“Shhh, now Jensen. You have to move on so I can be at peace. It is time for her to love you now.” She turned us around and there Lynn stood in a white dress looking absolutely amazing. “Go, Jensen, be happy. I know you will keep her safe and I will keep you safe. Now go I love you.” She kissed my lips as I pulled away from her and walked over to Lynn. I looked back at Catherine as Lynn took my hand she smiled at me. “Goodbye Jensen.” She said then she disappeared.

I awoke to the sun shining in on my face. Then I felt her body still lying against mine. I rolled over and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to me. I knew then that I wasn’t going to let anyone get near her. She made me feel more complete than I have felt in the last two years. I started to run my hands down her still naked body and felt her start to wake. She rolled and faced me and I immediately claimed her lips. “Good morning beautiful.” I said as I smiled down at her. She smiled back at me.

“Well someone is in a good mood. Did you sleep well?” I grinned at her then rolled over on top of her using my arms to hold myself over her. She giggled and I got lost in her smile.

“I slept very well thanks to you. Now I am going to show you how thankful I am.” Then I dipped my head down between her legs and claimed what was mine with my tongue yet again.

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