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Chapter 16

I flew out of the bed and rushed to the window. “Jensen, what’s wrong?” Lynn’s voice was nervous and shaky and I turned to face her.

“I have to deal with this. Lynn, I need you to pack some things just in case I need to send you somewhere. Is there anywhere you can go to?” She looked at me and I could see a teardrop starting to fall as she shook her head.

“Yes, well my dad has friends in Rome. I haven’t talked to them or seen them since I was a child, but I know they will help. My father always told me to go to them if I needed help.” I nodded and went to the nightstand. I grabbed her phone, I knew that it could be bugged so I also grabbed the burn phone that I had for emergencies. I tossed them on the bed.

“Ok, you are going to turn your phone on and get the number for your friends. Once you have it turn the phone back off then call them. Make sure your phone is off before you call anyone. It could be bugged.”

I kissed her and grabbed my shirt and headed downstairs. I saw Dillion standing by the front door. “I want the grounds searched now. Someone was close enough to take a picture of Lynn and I want to know how.” I said with authority in my voice as I hurried past him. I jumped on my bike and flew back to Mike’s house. The plan we had was never going to work if Joseph thinks that Lynn and I are sleeping together. The picture that was sent to me was just of me holding Lynn, but it didn’t look like I had feelings for her. All I knew was that we needed to come up with a different plan. I never liked the idea of using Lynn as bait anyway. As I pulled into the driveway I saw Trevor’s truck parked in front of the house. At least I wouldn’t have to wait for him to get here. Although it did make me wonder what was going on. Usually, Trevor was at home with his wife and the new baby unless Mike needed him, at least until Nicole was ready to let him go back to work.

I parked the bike and headed up to the front door. As I walked in I saw Trevor and Mike standing in the foyer by the front door talking. Mike saw the frustration on my face and immediately pointed to his office. I nodded and we all headed into the office. Trevor closed the door and stood next to Mike. “What’s wrong Jensen?” Mike said. I pulled my phone out and showed him the message.

“Mike, I don’t like this. He knows that I have her and I don’t know if our plan will work if he thinks that I will fight for her.” Mike sat back in his chair and I could see the wheels turning in his head.

“Maybe we could still do this. He wants Lynn right, I don’t think he will hurt her. We just need to buy some more time.”

I threw my hands up in frustration and started pacing the room. “Look, Mike, I know that I was the one who pushed you to go through with helping Lynn, but I didn’t think I would ever have feelings for her either. I am telling you that I don’t like this plan. I am sending her to Rome with friends and we will find another way.” Mike and Trevor both looked at me with shock and confusion in their eyes.

“You have feelings for her?” Mike said. I nodded and then sat down in a chair. “Alright Jensen, we won’t actually use her as bait. This is my idea, I think you should message Joseph back and tell him you need more time.” I looked at Mike for a minute.

“Did you read the message? What am I suppose to say to him to get more time?” I watched Mike’s eyes as he started to think then I saw his expression change when he had it.

“Tell him she ran. Say that she saw the message before you did and took off, so you need more time to find her.”

My mind started to race as I thought about this. It might actually work for now, if Joseph doesn’t think that I have betrayed him already. I took my phone from the desk and hit reply. I typed my message and hit send. I placed the phone back down on the desk and looked at Mike and Trevor. “Done. Now we wait for his response. I just hope he buys it.” As if he knew I was talking about him, my phone started to ring, it was Joseph. “Hello.” His voice hissed back at me with frustration.

“You let her escape. I thought you were the best. Maybe I need to find someone else.” I kept calm but came back at him with a cold response.

“Well if you hadn’t been spying on me I would still have her. This is your fault for not letting me do my job. If you trusted me in the first place she would be with you. Now are you going to let me finish this or are you going to pay someone else to do it? I already know where she is headed and I won’t tell anyone else so what’s your decision?”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone, then finally I heard the sound of defeat. “Alright Mr. Daniels, I will give you until the end of the month. That is two weeks. If she is not in my arms by that time then you will pay the price. Do I make myself clear?” I laughed out loud.

“Are you threatening me? I don’t scare easy Joseph, you should know that. I will deliver her in time.” I hung the phone up and let out the breath I wasn’t aware I was holding. Mike and Trevor were staring at me. “We have two weeks, so we need to get our shit together.” Mike took a deep breath and shook his head.

“No Jensen, I have two weeks. You need to go with Lynn to Rome. Once Joseph finds out you betrayed him he will gun you down and you know I am right.” I stared up at Mike. I knew he was right, but I didn’t care this was my fight and I wouldn’t hide.

“I will go and get her settled, but I will not hide. We do this together or we forget the whole thing.” Mike knew I wouldn’t change my mind.

“Okay, I will get things ready here. You go and get her safe and then hurry back.” I nodded and headed back to the house. This was going to happen and now I needed to get Lynn safe. I won’t lose her like I lost Catherine.

Lynn’s POV

“Yes, Delphina. I know it is a lot to ask, but I promise it won’t be for long. Plus I miss you guys.” I heard the smile in her voice as she answered me.

“Okay, of course, Cornelius and I would love to have you here. It has been far too long.” A smile came across my face as I remembered my last visit with Delphina and Cornelius. I was maybe five or six, but I could remember every detail about it because it was the last time I saw my mother also. It was around Christmas time, I remember the snow and how much fun I had building a snowman with Cornelius and my dad as my mom and Delphina watched us. It was a good time and very relaxing. I also remember feeling very safe there. The only reason why I didn’t go to them, in the beginning, was because I didn’t want to put them in danger.

“Okay Delphina, I will call you once we are in the air.” I heard curiosity in her voice.

“We? Who is the other person, my dear?”

“It is just a friend of mine. I am not sure who just yet, but I will let you know.” We said our goodbyes and I hung up. I grabbed my duffel bag from my closet. I had not unpacked it yet so most of my things were still in it. I grabbed a few more personal things and threw them in the bag. Once I had everything packed I headed down to the kitchen to make something to eat. As I made a sandwich for myself I wondered if Jensen would go with me. He had made it seem like I was going without him, but I hoped that he would come. I finished making my sandwich and was putting the stuff back in the refrigerator when I felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me against a solid body.

I felt his breath against my ear as one of his hands traveled down to my ass. I didn’t try to stop him as he grabbed my ass then whispered into my ear. “Why aren’t you scared? I could be a kidnapper.” I shook my head at him as I felt one of his hands travel around to the front of my shorts and then under them. My breath caught in my chest as his lips started to kiss my neck. Would I ever get over this lust for him, because right now all I wanted to do was take him back to the room? His fingers slid past my panties to my already wet opening. I let out a moan.

“Do you think that I don’t know your scent and touch by now?” I managed to get out in between gasp as his fingers continued to slowly torture my clit. He growled in my ear then started to pump his fingers in and out of my sex faster, making my orgasm start to blossom deep in the pit of my stomach. “Oh Jensen.” I moaned as I felt myself climax all over his fingers. He removed them and licked them clean. Then he turned me around to face him.

His eyes were full of the same lust and hunger that they had last night. “You are an amazing woman Lynn. I want you now.” He said as he pressed his lips to mine. I could get lost in his kisses and I definitely wanted him to, but I knew that we needed to talk. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him away slightly.

“I spoke to my father’s friends.” He looked at me and sighed.

“What did they say?” I looked at him.

“They said that I can come and stay as long as I need to.” He just nodded at me, but I could tell that he didn’t want to think about me leaving. I wanted to ask if he was going with me, but I was afraid to know the answer. As if he could already read my emotions he lifted my chin and brought my lips to his.

“What’s wrong gorgeous?” I looked up at him and decided to just come out and ask.

“Are you going to stay with me in Rome?” He sighed then turned from me.

“No, I am not going to stay with you. I have to be here with Mike and Trevor to deal with Joseph. I will be taking you there and helping you get settled. Then I will come back.” Well, it’s not what I was hoping for, but at least he was taken me there.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and immediately could feel his tension. “Well, at least we will get to spend some time together there. Maybe we can go and see the sights before you come back.” I felt his body start to relax as I kissed his back. He took a deep breath and turned to me.

“Lynn, I would love that, but for now I want to take you back to the room. We will leave in the morning.” I looked at him and bit my lip slightly, I knew this drove him crazy and I loved it. He let out a low growl as he took my hand and practically ran up the stairs with me in tow. We were just about to the top when I tripped on one of the stairs. I immediately felt Jensen’s arms as he caught me before I hit the stairs. I started to laugh and his eyes looked amused. “What is so funny? You just almost hit your head and you are laughing like a madwoman.” I calmed myself a little bit.

“I’m sorry I just thought it was funny because I am a complete klutz.” He eyed me for a second then swooped me up over his shoulder.

“Well, I guess I will just have to make sure you never fall. I will just carry you all the time.” He said with humor in his voice as he smacked my ass. I giggled as he walked with me over his shoulder into his room. This was a Jensen that was new to me. He was laughing and playful instead of cold and distant. Maybe, just maybe he really was coming out of his shell. He threw me to the bed and climbed over me with a huge smile on his face, but there was a darkness to his lust-filled eyes as he pulled my shorts off and dipped his head between my thighs.

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