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Chapter 1

A year after Catherine’s death...

I stood in my bar watching the woman dancing in front of me. She was an attractive brunette with curves and a killer ass. I took a drink of my whiskey and kept my eyes on her. I was waiting for my second in command, Jacob, to meet me so we could discuss the problem that needed to be dealt with. The woman walked up to me and pushed her body against mine as she whispered in my ear. “Do you want to go have some fun sexy?” I pushed her off of me.

“Can’t you see I’m busy. Go fuck with someone else.” She turned and walked away in a huff. Stupid bitch, I need to stay focused right now. I heard laughter from behind me and turned to see Jacob standing there.

“Man, you sure know how to piss a woman off. You’re a real ladies man.”

“Shut the fuck up Jacob. What took you so long?” I snapped.

“I was running down some leads on the Mendoza’s they should be easy to take down.” I nodded at him and went back to my whiskey. The Mendoza’s had moved into my territory about a month ago and started to sell drugs on my corners. That wasn’t enough at first, to make me want to mess with them, but then they attacked some of my men one night and that wasn’t going to fly with me.

“We will move on them tomorrow night. Dillion found where they are holding up at. It is a small place so we should be able to get in within a matter of minutes.” Jacob looked over at me and nodded. “In and out no one left alive. You don’t mess with me and live to tell about it.”

Jacob left me in the bar and I turned back to my whiskey. I was running through the plan for tomorrow night in my head when I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Hey, babe, what brings you here tonight?” I turned around and saw Aliyah, she was just one of the few women that I kept around on a normal base. She was five foot six, chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes and full lips. Her body moved perfectly to the rhythm of the music as she walked closer to me.

“Well Aliyah, I was here on business but now that you’re here why don’t we go back to my place.” She placed her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine. I placed my hand on the small of her back and pulled her down on my lap. She giggled at me. “Let’s go, babe, I have a problem that you can fix.” I pulled her up with me as I stood and headed to the door as she followed close behind me.

When we arrived at my penthouse I lead her to my room. Aliyah was sexy as hell, but she was starting to get a little clingy and I don’t do relationships. She knew this and for the most part, seemed to do as I told her. I had been trying to cut her loose but I always found myself going back to her when I needed to fuck. She walked over to the bed and turned her back to me. “Unzip my dress for me.” I pulled the zipper down and watched as her tiny black dress hit the ground. Fuck, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her against my chest as my lips found her neck.

I pushed her to the bed and unzipped my pants. I crawled on the bed and began to kiss her breast as I slid a finger in her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure and it turned me on more. I reached over to the nightstand and pulled a condom out. I ripped the silver packaging with my teeth and rolled it on. After it was on I grabbed Aliyah’s hands and placed them above her head and held them there. I positioned my self and slammed into her. I moved fast and hard feeling her tighten around me as I slide in and out. I let her hands go and she grabbed my back. I felt her nails as they dug into my skin and I growled at her.

I took her by the waist and flipped her over. I smacked her ass as I found her opening and slammed into it again. She moaned out and called my name. “Jensen, harder babe.” I placed my hand on her back pushing her chest against the bed as I moved in and out faster. I could feel her orgasm growing close as was mine. I pulled her back up to me and started to make her ride me faster and faster until I exploded inside her and she exploded around me. I pulled out of her and laid down on the bed next to her taking the condom off and throwing it in the trash can by the bed. Fuck I needed that.

I grabbed a cigarette and propped myself up against the headboard. I sat there smoking and messing with my phone not paying Aliyah any attention. She sat up and started to grab my shirt from the ground and put it on. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I glared at her and she stared back at me in shock.

“I was just putting your shirt on so I could go get something to drink.” I stood up and grabbed my shirt from her hand.

“Get out. You served your purpose now go. No one wears my shirt. Your not my bitch.” She stood there dumbfounded at first then that fiery attitude of hers came out.

“Fuck You, Jensen! I thought you might be coming around a little, but I guess I was wrong.” She stomped around the room grabbing her clothes in her hands.

“Aliyah, I fucking told you already I don’t do relationships. You are just a good fuck now go.” I pushed her out into the hall and slammed the door. Bitch!

I heard her voice as it drifted down the hall and down the stairs. I couldn’t make out what she was saying but I was sure it wasn’t nice and I didn’t give a fuck. I heard the slam of the front door and knew she was gone. I had told that bitch before that she was nothing to me and she just didn’t get the picture. I was fuming so I decided to go downstairs and have a drink. I pulled on some shorts and headed downstairs to the bar I had installed for the guys to hang at. It had a nice pool table. A poker table and the best selection of alcohol. It was small but it was perfect for the few guys that I even allowed in my house.

I poured myself a whiskey and took a seat in one of the chairs by the poker table. I laid my head back and started to think about what I had accomplished over the last year. I had built a pretty solid crew of trusted men and had started dealing with the gun trade. I had started gaining respect among the underground world of gangs and high powered corrupt businessmen which helped me open a legit bar and night club to launder my money. Everything was going well except for the Mendoza’s, who would be dealt with soon enough. I had a feeling that this battle would put me on top and show the other gangs in my area that I was not to be messed with. I had one other slight problem to deal with but I wasn’t worried about it.

I finished my drink and went back up to my room. I sat on the side of the bed and saw my phone light up. I looked at the time, it was three in the morning. Who the hell could that be? I grabbed the phone and it was a text from Dillion.

Jensen, the warehouse is under attack. I am sending some men to the house. Watch your back, I think it is the Mendoza’s and they are out for your blood."

Just then I heard the door open downstairs. I checked the time on the message to make sure that it wasn’t any of my men coming in. The message had just been sent so there was no way they had made it here that quick. I opened the nightstand drawer next to me and grabbed my gun. If the fuckers think they can come to my house and live, they have another thing coming.

I shut the light off in my room and slowly crept the door open. It was dark throughout the house and it took my eyes a minute to adjust. I listened and could hear voices coming up the stairs. ‘Amateurs’ I thought to myself. I bent down behind the small table that sat in the hall. I laid in wait for whoever was in my house to come up the stairs. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins as I saw the first man slowly approaching the top of the stairs. I jumped up from my hiding spot and fired the first bullet into his head. The shots rang out as I ducked back down and shot another man in the leg. I heard him yelp in pain as he hit the floor. I fired four more shots at the other men coming up the stairs and watched all but one drop. I tried to fire at him but I was out of bullets.

I lunged at the man and took him to the ground. I punched him in the face and felt his nose crack under my fist. The blood poured from his nose but it didn’t seem to phase him. He punched back making me fall back off of him. Before I could react he was on top of me with his gun to my head. “Pull the trigger you fuck. You better hope it kills me though because if it doesn’t I am coming after you and all your family.” I saw the man’s eyes widen and his hand started to shake giving me the opportunity to throw him off of me. He flew across the hall and his gun dropped next to me. I grabbed it and stood over him. “Who the fuck sent you?” I had the gun pointed right at his head.

“Mendoza. He found out you were planning an attack and wanted to hit you first.” That was all the confirmation I needed and I pulled the trigger and watched his brain splatter against the wall.

Fucking Mendoza, he has a little more guts than I thought. I end this shit tonight. I heard someone behind me when I turned I saw the man that I had shot in the leg with his gun pointed at me. Just as he was about to pull the trigger I heard a shot and the man fell to the ground. Jacob came up the stairs, gun drawn and looked around at the carnage. “Boss, you okay?” I nodded.

“Yes, get everyone grouped at the warehouse. We hit Mendoza now.” He pulled his phone out and sent a group text out, then he called Dillion. I stared at the bodies on the ground and one caught me off guard. He was just a kid, no more than sixteen. Then it hit me he was Mendoza’s son. Fucking chicken shit, send your son to do your dirty work.

“Everyone’s heading to the warehouse now. Let’s go.” I grabbed a shirt and we headed out the door. Mendoza was going to die tonight by my hand.

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