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Chapter 21

Jensen’s POV

“I don’t know Jensen. There hasn’t been much activity the whole time we have been here.” Trevor said. I looked at the phone and shook my head.

“Alright, Mike and I will be there in twenty minutes. We are going in, I can’t wait any longer. You guys keep watching for now don’t make any moves till we get there.” I hung up the phone and called Mike into the office. He came in and looked at me.

“What are we doing boss?” It was weird having him call me that, but I kinda liked it.

“Get the men ready, we are going in. Trevor said there hasn’t been much activity and I can’t wait any longer to see if Joseph shows up.” He nodded at me and left the office. I stood up and opened the cabinet behind me. It was full of guns, knives and anything you could think of to wipe out anyone who stood in my way.

I grabbed two handguns and placed them in my waistband and covered them with my shirt. I placed a knife in my back pocket and another smaller gun in a holster on my ankle. I wasn’t sure what we would walk into so I wanted to be ready. Once I was sure I had everything I needed I closed the cabinet and walked out to meet Mike. “You ready,” I said as I handed him a few guns. He took them and put them in his waistband then nodded.

“Yep. Let’s go get this over with.” We walked out and hopped into my car just like old times and headed to meet up with Trevor. The rest of the men followed behind us in the SUV.

When we arrived Trevor was out front waiting for us with Jacob and the other man they had with them. “Any change?” I asked as I walked up. Trevor shook his head.

“No, I don’t even know if anyone is there. The first night we were here there was some activity, but after that nothing.” I nodded and looked across the street at the safe house. He was right it looked totally abandoned, but I wasn’t going to chance Lynn’s life by not going in and checking it out.

“Alright let’s do this right. Trevor, you and Jacob up on each side of the roof with your rifles. Mike, you take half of the men and go in through the back. I will take the rest of the men and go in through the front. Everyone check your radios real quick and let’s go. If you find Joseph he is mine, so just restrain him and radio me.”

Everyone nodded and we all separated and headed into the house. My group entered the house first. As we walked through the house I could see that someone had been there, but from the looks of it were long gone. Mike’s voice cracked in my earpiece. “Jensen you need to come down to the basement.” I headed that way.

“I’m on my way.” Once I was down the stairs in the basement I immediately saw why Mike called me. Chained to the wall was the rotting body of Jordan. He looked like he had been tortured for hours then killed. “Damn it. Get him down.” We searched the rest of the house, but I knew no one was there. I also knew that if Jordan was dead then Joseph got the information he wanted. He knew where Lynn was and already had a few days jump on us. We made our way back down to the basement and watched as some of the men worked at getting Jordan down. I pulled my phone out to call Dillion.

The phone rang and rang, but he didn’t answer. Weird, I thought as I hung up the phone and tried again. After the third time, I started to get mad. “Jacob have you talked to Dillion today.” Jacob’s voice came through my earpiece.

“No, why what’s going on?” He said, sounding concerned.

“I can’t get him on the phone. Jordan is dead.” I heard Jacob cuss as I said the last part.

“Alright, Trevor and I are on our way down. Keep trying Dillion. I am sure he just miss placed his phone.” I dialed Dillion again and this time he answered.

“Where the hell have you been? I have been trying to call you. Joseph knows where she is.” I yelled into the phone. Dillion let me yell then started to answer me.

“I know Jensen. There was a kidnapping attempt today.”

My heart skipped a beat the moment he said that. “Where is Lynn? Is she okay?” Dillion took a deep breath and explained everything.

“Delphina asked to take Lynn out shopping. I agreed, but insisted that I go with even though she also has a guard that goes with her everywhere.” I stopped him.

“What do you mean? Why does she have a guard?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but there have been some things going on that don’t make sense around here. I don’t think they will hurt Lynn, but I think there is more to Cornelius and Delphina than we know. Anyway, we were all at the mall and I lost track of Lynn when she and Delphina ducked into a store.” I was starting to get mad already how stupid could he be, but then again the same thing happened to me just a few weeks ago. Dillion continued. “I heard a scream come from a little walkway between the stores. When I got over there I saw Delphina on the ground and a man trying to drag Lynn away. She was putting up a fight and when I had a clear shot I took it. Delphina’s guard took Lynn and Delphina back to the house and now I am cleaning up. It is one of Joseph’s men. I think it is his second in command.”

I was in full rage now. “Hurry up and get back to the house. I don’t want her alone now. I will be in touch, but no more leaving the house until I find Joseph.” He agreed and I hung up the phone. Jacob walked into the basement with Trevor.

“Shit, they did a real number on him.” He said as he looked over at the body of Jordan. I nodded.

“Yeah, from the look of it he held off as long as he could. He gave them what they wanted and then they killed him.” Jacob looked at me.

“How do you know Jordan talked?” I sighed.

“Lynn was almost taken today at the mall. She went shopping with Delphina and Dillion lost her for a second. When he found her some guy was trying to drag her off.” I saw the shock in Jacob’s face.

“Damn, I’m sorry boss. Is she okay?” I nodded.

“Yes, Dillion killed the guy. He says he thinks it is Joseph’s second in command. I am done playing. We need to find Joseph and we need to do it now.”

Lynn’s POV

It has been a week since Jensen left and I missed him. I hadn’t really been doing a lot the last week. When I was out of my room I had noticed several men coming and going from the house. They were kind of dangerous looking. None of them ever said anything to me and I just tried to stay out of the way, but I did think it was a little weird. I heard a knock at my bedroom door which made me jump a little. “Come in,” I said. Delphina opened the door and poked her head in.

“Hey, I was going to go some shopping at the mall do you want to go. I already cleared it with Dillion.” She said with a smile on her face. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course. I will be ready in an hour.” She nodded and closed the door as she ducked back out of my room. I could really use some time out I was already starting to go stir crazy. I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to hop in the shower.

I choose one of my favorite outfits. My black leather pants, with a blue button-up long sleeve shirt, a black tank top, and a black jacket. I also choose my black boots that had a combat look to them, but with heels. They were super cute. Then I did my makeup in a natural look and put my hair up into a messy, upbraid. Once I was ready I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs to find Delphina, Dillion and another man I had seen a few times since I had been here were talking. “Lynn dear, you look amazing. This is Louis, my bodyguard.” I looked at her with confusion in my eyes.

“Your bodyguard? Why do you need a bodyguard?” She laughed.

“Oh honey, Cornelius is a big businessman and naturally he has some enemies. He is just some extra protection. You won’t even notice him.” I shrugged.

“Okay, let’s go.”

We all headed out to the car and I made a mental note to ask her again about the bodyguard. The mall we went to was an outdoor place full of all kinds of amazing shops. Delphina was right I hardly noticed her bodyguard or Dillion the whole time. We shopped our little butts off for hours. I was having a blast with Delphina, she kind of reminded me of my mother. “Lynn, let’s get some food I am starving.” I nodded at her as my stomach growled a little.

“Me too.” We both laughed and headed to the food court. We got our food and found a quiet table in the corner and sat down to eat. Dillion and the other man stayed close but gave us our privacy.

“Delphina, I want to ask you something?” She looked at me and smiled.

“What is it, my dear?”

I had been dying to ask her about my mother and how they all knew each other, but I wasn’t sure if she would tell me. “How did you and Cornelius know my mother and father?” She looked up at me and the smile faded from her face.

“Oh Lynn, I don’t know if it is my place to tell you.” A look of disappointment came across my face and I saw her soften. “Okay, I will tell you Lynn, but only because your father and mother are gone. Your mother is Cornelius’s second cousin.” I was confused if we were family why did I stop seeing them until now.

“Did you have a falling out? I don’t understand why my father never brought me back after my mother died.” She sighed.

“It was what your father wanted. We wanted to keep you and your brother with us after her death, but your father wanted to raise you in the states. I am sorry that we weren’t around, but now we can reconnect. Now I saw a really cute jewelry store let’s go check it out.”

We stood and headed to the store with Dillion and the other man following behind us. Delphina grabbed my hand and we ducked into the store. It had some very beautiful jewelry in it. I stood there looking at all the jewelry while Delphina was speaking to the jeweler when I felt someone grab me from behind. I started to scream, but a hand came over my mouth as the person started to drag me out a side door. Where was Dillion? I thought to myself as I tried to pull away from the hands that held me. I was fighting so much that I knocked over a stand as I was dragged out into a walkway next to the store. I bit the hand over my mouth and the person holding me yelled out and pushed me to the ground. “You little bitch. Your lucky the boss wants you unharmed.”

I looked up at a man standing there. He was about six feet tall, with dark black hair slicked back, green eyes and a tattoo on his hand of a Suicide King. I knew the tattoo because I had seen it on Joseph the day he tried to take me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up to him. “Now behave and I won’t have to sedate you.” Just as he turned to start heading down the alley to his car someone grabbed my other arm. We turned and saw Delphina standing there trying to look tough.

“Let her go.” The man holding me didn’t hesitate to smack down Delphina hard. She let out a scream as she fell to the ground. The man pointed a gun at her and I felt my heart skip a beat.

“No, Delphina. Please don’t hurt her. I will go quietly.” He lowered his gun and started dragging me to his car.

I lied I was definitely not getting into that car without putting up a fight. I took my free arm and elbowed the man right in his chin. He let go of me and yelled in pain. He went to hit me, but I ducked down to the ground and he missed. I went to make a run for it, but he was quick. He grabbed me again and pulled me close to him. “I guess we are going to do this the hard way.” He brought a rag up towards my face. I struggled against him, but it was no use. I could smell the sweet smell of chloroform as the rag got closer to my face. Just before it came to my face I heard a gunshot and felt the man’s body drop behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned ready to fight.

“Lynn, it’s me your fine.” I looked up and saw Dillion standing in front of me and the other man was tending to Delphina.

After a few minutes, Delphina and I were in the car heading back to the house with her bodyguard and Dillion was cleaning up the mess. I looked over at Delphina who was now starting to show a bruise on her cheek. “Delphina I am so sorry that he hurt you.” She didn’t look at me, but I could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Lynn, I don’t know what is going on, but I do know that this could have been a lot worse than it was.” When we arrived at the house Cornelius was waiting for us. I saw anger in his face, but also concern the minute he saw Delphina’s face.

“What the hell happened?” He said as he took her into his arms. I looked down with guilt on my face. I had put her in danger and she had gotten hurt trying to protect me. I had to tell them the truth.

“It was my fault. Someone tried to kidnap me and Delphina tried to stop him.” Cornelius looked at me with a seriousness to him.

“Lynn, there is something I need to tell you. I can protect you, but only if you tell me everything.” I laughed.

“No offense, but I am being hunted by one of the most brutal gangsters in New York. No one can protect me. Maybe I should just go to him so no one else gets hurt.” Cornelius came and stood in front of me.

“Lynn, I am the Don of the Roman mafia. I will protect you. Now tell me everything.”

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