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Chapter 22

Lynn’s POV

I looked at Cornelius in complete shock. What did he mean he was the Don of the Roman mafia? None of this was making any sense. If he was mafia, then why did my brother or me never know? I felt sick and the room started to spin. I could feel my legs starting to give out, but before I hit the ground someone caught me. The last thing I remember was seeing Cornelius yelling at whoever caught me. “Take her to my office and lay her on the couch.” I wasn’t out too long, but when I came to Dillion was standing by me and Cornelius was talking with Felix. I started to sit up and Dillion immediately turned to me.

“Lynn are you okay?” He knelt down next to me and I nodded at him.

“I am fine Dillion. Can you give us a minute please?” I asked him. He seemed to hesitate, but nodded and left the room.

Cornelius and Felix stood next to the desk across from me and watched me. I completely sat up on the couch and stared at them. I was still trying to process everything that had happened and what Cornelius has told me. After a moment Cornelius spoke first. “Lynn, I know that you must have a lot of questions and I will answer any of them for you, but I need you to tell me what is going on. My family is in danger now and I need to know what I am dealing with.” I put my face in my hands and took a deep breath. Somehow, something told me that I could trust him and after the events of the day I knew that I needed to tell him everything. I looked back up at both of the men standing in front of me and started my story.

“Okay, I will tell you everything. About a year ago I went to visit Carter’s grave. When I walked up to his grave there was a man standing there. I approached him and when I asked him who he was he turned around and had a gun. He said something about Carter owing him a debt and that I belonged to him. I was confused and scared and somehow was able to get away from him that day. I went on the run that day and have been since then.” Cornelius stopped me.

“Why didn’t you come to me then?” I shook my head.

“I thought about it, but I never wanted to put you and your family in danger.” He seemed satisfied with that answer so I continued. “I eventually was out of options so I went to someone I thought could help me. I went to Michael Scott. He was responsible for Carter’s death, but he also had a good reason for it. The night Carter died one of Mike’s men had let me go, so I felt they might be able to help. Mike called Jensen to come from New York to help. Jensen was the one that let me go that night, but at first, he hated me because Carter was responsible for his fiance’s death.”

I watched Cornelius and Felix taking everything in. “So who is this man that is after you and why?” Cornelius asked. I nodded and continued my story.

“I found out that the man that is after me is Joseph King. Apparently he is a very big gangster in New York. He had found me one day while I was out shopping with Jensen and some friends. He told me that Carter had promised me to him as a way to join the two gangs together. I was supposed to be his wife. He also tried to tell me that Jensen was working for him and was going to bring me to him. I believed him at first about Jensen and tried to run again, but Jensen came after me and explained everything. Jensen and I have started a relationship and Joseph knows about it. That is why I finally called you and Delphina, but I never thought that Joseph would find me here. I am so sorry that I put you and your family in danger.”

“Don’t be sorry, I just wish that you had come to me sooner. I have heard of Joseph King, but I can promise you that he is no match for me and my family. So is that why Jensen went back to New York?” I nodded.

“Yes, he has been trying to deal with Joseph with the help of Mike and his gang. Cornelius, I don’t think he can handle this alone. I have had a bad feeling since he left.” Cornelius looked at me then at Felix. Cornelius didn’t say anything to him, but it was like Felix knew what he was going to say. He nodded at Cornelius then left the office. After he was gone Cornelius turned back to me.

“Lynn, I will not let Jensen handle this alone. You are family and I protect my family.” The look in his eyes was one I knew too well. Every man in my life got that same intense look in their eyes when they meant what they were saying. I knew he would do everything in his power to help.

“I have a question. If you are mafia, why did you allow my father to keep us so far from you? I thought that the mafia was into keeping the family close because of the danger.” He sat down next to me and took my hand in his.

“Your mother had never wanted this life, so it shocked us all when she married your father. He might not have been mafia, but he was still the leader of a gang and it was still a dangerous life. I remember when she got sick, she asked me to keep an eye on you and your brother, but she didn’t want me to take you away from your father. So I respected her wishes and stayed away, but Lynn I always had eyes on you until about a year ago. Now I know why I lost track of you.” It was all starting to make sense now. I always remember my father telling us that if we ever got into trouble to call Cornelius, but I never knew why until now.

I felt more secure after my talk with Cornelius, but I wanted to tell Dillion so he would know what was going on. “Can I tell Dillion about you? I think he is concerned that you might be a threat to me.” Cornelius laughed then hollered for Dillion to come in the office. Dillion walked in with Felix with a goofy grin on his face.

“So, your mafia. That explains a lot.” He said sarcastically at Cornelius. Then turned to me. “Jensen is going to love this.” I shook my head no at him.

“I don’t want you to tell him yet. I want to be the one to tell him.” Dillion nodded.

“Okay, I can do that for you, but if something major happens I will have to tell him.” I nodded at him. I understood that if there was any danger he would have to tell Jensen or face the consequences and I would never live it down if Jensen went off on him.

The next few days were quiet, too quiet. I hadn’t heard from Jensen since the night of the kidnapping attempt. I had tried to call him a few times, but it always went to voicemail. Dillion had been working with Cornelius and Felix to come up with some sort of attack plan against Joseph so I hadn’t seen much of him. I finally caught him in the kitchen and cornered him. “Alright Dillion, What is going on? I can’t get a hold of Jensen and I am starting to freak out.” He must have seen the worry and frustration in my face because he immediately told me everything. He was such a wimp when it came to me.

“I don’t know everything yet. I just know that after the kidnapping attempt on you Jensen said he was going to find Joseph and end it. He had got a hold of Joseph and was suppose to meet him last night. I haven’t heard from him since and I can’t get a hold of him or anyone else.”

Before I could say anything Dillion’s phone went off. He looked at the number and smiled. “Maybe I can get some answers for you. It is Jacob.” He answered the phone. “Hey bro, what the hell is going on I have been...” He stopped mid-sentence and listened to the voice on the other side of the phone. His facial expression changed to worry and then to frustration. “Look tell Mike not to do anything yet. I have a plan.” He continued his conversation in the other room. I didn’t like the way he sounded, something was wrong. Just then the burn phone Jensen gave me to use went off. At first, I felt relief, but that quickly changed to panic as I looked at the phone. It was a picture message. I opened it and there was a picture of Jensen tied up and beaten. The message read.

"If you want to see him again then you will bring your pretty little ass back to me. You are mine! You have three days to get here. Joseph"

I read the text and looked at the picture over and over. I could feel the anger building inside me. I had to do something. I was tired of being the weak little woman that these men treated me like. I was the daughter of a gang leader and now I had the Roman mafia to back me. When Dillion walked back into the kitchen he immediately knew that I was pissed. He came to my side. “Lynn, what is wrong?” I handed him the phone as he started to look at the picture and text I walked out of the kitchen to find Cornelius. As I searched for him I could hear Dillion running up behind me. I felt his hand on my shoulder as he caught up to me. He turned me to face him. “Where do you think you’re going? I can’t let you do this.” I pulled away from him and stared up at him. He was a loyal man to Jensen, but I knew that he would help me.

“Look, Dillion. This has always been about me. I refuse to let the man I am falling in love with suffer because of me. So either you can help me find Cornelius and we come up with a plan or get out of my way.”

I could see him processing what I had just said. Although I didn’t find anything confusing about it. He was taking to long to answer me so I started to walk to Cornelius’s office. “Wait, Lynn.” He ran up to me as I stopped to face him. “You love Jensen?” So that’s what had him confused.

“Yes, Dillion. I think I just realized it myself. So are you going to help me or not?” A devilish grin came across Dillion’s face.

“Okay, let’s do this, but I swear to god Lynn if I feel you are in any danger this is over. I want to save Jensen too, but I want to live if we do save him.” I knew what he meant, Jensen would probably kill him if anything happened to me.

“Don’t worry Dillion, I won’t let Jensen kill you. Besides now we have the mafia on our side. Joseph doesn’t stand a chance.”

We both walked to the office and found Cornelius and Felix in there. I closed the door behind us and they looked up from the desk. “We have a problem and I need your help,” I said to Cornelius. He looked at me and smiled.

“What is going on?” I took the phone from Dillion and tossed it on the desk. Cornelius and Felix looked at the message then back at me.

“I can’t let them hurt him because of me. I love him.” I saw Felix laugh and Cornelius smiled at me.

“You are just like your mother. Okay, I will help what is the plan?” Dillion spoke up.

“Surprise attack. I was just speaking with my brother. Mike is planning to meet Joseph in two days. He is going to tell Joseph that he has Lynn and will make the trade. I know where and when I think we don’t tell anyone and just show up and take Joseph and his men out.” I could see the men forming the plan and I loved the idea, but I was going.

“I am going to be there. Joseph wants me and he will get me and all my family.” I smiled proudly. The men looked at me then Felix spoke up.

“Hell yes. She would give us an advantage. Joseph won’t attack if he thinks she is there to turn herself over to him.” I looked at Dillion and Cornelius who were both staring at me. Then they both nodded and Dillion spoke.

“Okay, but I want to work with you a little bit before we get there. I want you to know how to get away and how to shoot if you need to.” I nodded.

“Let’s do this.”

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