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Chapter 23

Jensen’s POV

The cold water splashed against my face as I heard a voice I knew all too well. “Wake up Mr. Daniels. It’s time for your close up.” I could barely open my eyes because they were swollen shut. I forced one open a little as I saw a flash from a few feet in front of me. “Perfect, let’s see if that little whore will come to save you.” Joseph’s voice rang in my ear and I tried to get to him, but I was tied down to a chair.

“She will never come to you. My man won’t let her.” I hissed at him. I knew Dillion would never bring her here or let her come, he feared me too much. I felt Joseph’s fist come against my face and felt the coldness of brass knuckles as it connected to my jaw. I laughed as I spit blood out my mouth. “You can do your worse to me. You will never get her now.” I heard him throw something against the wall behind me, but I didn’t even flinch.

“You are a stupid man Jensen. She will be mine and I will make her watch me kill you.”

I heard a door slam and knew that I was alone. I tried to pull at the ropes that held me to the chair, but they were tied good. I tried to remember what had happened and how I ended up here. I remembered Jacob finding Joseph at his own home. I had thought that he was either stupid or it was a trap, but I still decided that I needed to end this. So we made a plan and had gone there to attack. I made the mistake of only taking a few men including Mike and Trevor. We had taken out the guards on the outside easy enough so we continued into the house slowly. As soon as we entered the house all hell broke loose. Gunshots rang out all around us and we fired back at anything that moved. It was then that I had seen Joseph heading up the stairs and I took off after him. I could hear Mike yelling at me to stay close, but I didn’t care. I followed him up the stairs and into a big room. It looked like he used the room for storage maybe because it was full of all kinds of boxes.

The room was dark, but there was a little light so I could see Joseph in front of me. “Joseph, let’s handle this like men. You will never get Lynn she is well protected.” I shouted at him and he stopped and turned to me. He had a grin on his face.

“That’s where you’re wrong. My man probably has her already and is on his way back.” I laughed as I slowly walked towards him.

“Your man failed and is dead. She is safe.” I saw his face fill with anger as he lunged at me. I ducked away from him and threw a punch that connected with his right eye. We threw a few punches at each other then Joseph caught me with an uppercut. It knocked me down and he was on top of me. Pussy, I remember thinking to myself. I was able to land a good punch that knocked him off of me. We both stood and stared at each other. The last thing I remember was looking at Joseph as a huge grin came across his face. Then I got the feeling of what seemed like a thousand vaults of electricity going through my body.

So someone else had been in the room and had tased me. Joseph was believed to be this tough ass who killed anyone that looked at him wrong, but in reality, he just hid behind his men. They did all his dirty work for him. I had a few other memories of someone beating the shit out of me, but it wasn’t Joseph. At least I knew that Lynn was safely in Rome away from all this. Even if I died she would be safe. The door opened and I heard Joseph’s voice again. “Well, it looks like you are more valuable than you think. Your buddy, Mike, just agreed to bring me, Lynn.” He laughed as I once again tried to tear away from the chair. This time though I felt one of the ropes around my wrist snap. I didn’t let them know it though and listened as everyone left the room again. I freed my wrist then quickly freed myself from the ropes.

I had to get out of here. I knew there was no way Mike would betray me, but I couldn’t let him fight Joseph alone. I walked quietly to the door and tried it. It was locked, I figured it would be but it was worth a try. I tried to look around the room, but I couldn’t see much since my eyes were swollen. I spotted some light coming from the far wall so I slowly made my way over there. When I reached the wall I saw a window that was opened a little. I found a chair and pulled myself up to the window. I pushed at it, but it wouldn’t open anymore. Fuck this shit! I slammed my fist through the window shattering it into a million pieces. I heard the door open behind me and some men yelling as I tried to push myself threw the window. I was about halfway threw when I felt someone grab my legs and pull me back inside. They were on top of me before I could even fight back. I felt the taser again and then all I could see was Lynn’s face. I’m sorry Lynn I don’t know if I can keep my promise, I said to myself before the blackness took over.

Lynn’s POV

“Jensen,” I said as I sat up in bed. The room was dark and I was alone. I swear I had just heard him call to me, I must be going crazy. I looked at the clock and realized that I needed to get up anyway. We were leaving in two hours to go to New York. Cornelius was staying behind, but I had not only Felix and Dillion but about ten other guys going with me. I had been working with Felix and Dillion both to try and learn as much as I could about shooting and self-defense. Carter and my dad had taught me a few things, but I was rarely away from them so I never used it.

After I showered and got dressed I packed a small bag and went downstairs to meet with everyone. Dillion and Felix were waiting in the kitchen for me. I walked in and Felix handed me a travel mug of coffee. “Are you sure you want to do this Lynn?” I nodded at Felix.

“Yes. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. Is everything set for tomorrow night?” Dillion nodded at me.

“Yes. Mike knows everything and is grateful for the help. He just doesn’t like having you there, but I have my orders to get you out if I have to, so just remember that.” I nodded. I knew that Mike would say that and I had promised Dillion that I would stay close to him.

“Are you all set?” Cornelius’s voice boomed from behind me making me jump.

All the men started to laugh, but I didn’t find it funny. “Stop sneaking up on me. I swear I’m going to have a heart attack before anything else happens to me.” This just made them laugh harder which started to make me laugh too. When we all calmed down Dillion went over everything with Cornelius and then we headed out. It was a very long flight and we had to be ready to go the next night by eleven. Mike was due to meet Joseph at midnight. The plan was for me to go with Mike, Dillion, and Trevor to meet Joseph. Everyone else would be close, but out of sight. They all had instructions not to move until we had Jensen.

We all pulled up on the tarmac at the airport and boarded the jet. This one was bigger than the one Jensen and I had come over in, but I guess it had to be since it flew the mafia around. Felix took a seat next to me and Dillion and the other men took their seats. Once the plane was in the air I looked over at Felix who was watching me intensely. “What’s on your mind, Felix?” I asked him. He shook his head.

“Not much. I am just trying to figure out how you managed to hide for a year.” I shot him a confused look.

“What do you mean?” He smiled.

“I was the one that was watching you for the last few years. I just can’t believe that I lost track of you. I am usually very good at my job, but you managed to slip away.” I laughed.

“Well, at least I know that I can hide from you.” He laughed and then turned on the TV. I laid back in my seat and drifted off to sleep listening to the chatter of whatever show he was watching. I knew this was going to be a dangerous adventure, but I wouldn’t lose Jensen.

Jensen’s POV

This time when I came to I was handcuffed and gagged in the back of a car. They were moving me out. Had I been out long enough to where they were taking me to trade for Lynn? My heart sank at the thought, Mike wouldn’t do that to me, not after everything that happened with Catherine. We came to a stop finally at the same place that my guys and I had found Jordan. I guess Joseph figures it’s safe to go back now that he had me and we had already checked it. The men in the car with me opened the door and dragged me out of the car. When they pulled me out of the car one punched me in the stomach and all I did was smirk. These pussies don’t even phase me. They pulled me into the safe house and Joseph was waiting.

“Well Jensen, it seems that this will all be over with soon. You will be dead and Lynn will be with me where she belongs.” I tried to say something, but I was still gagged. Joseph nodded at one of the men next to me and he removed the gag. “Now what were you going to say.” Joseph smiled at me. I laughed.

“You know she will never love you. How could she?” His smile faded and blackness came across his face.

“You just shut the fuck up. She will learn to love me once you’re out of my way.” He really was delusional if he thought she would ever love him.

“Your crazy if you think that I am just going to let her go without a fight.” He smiled.

“I didn’t expect anything less. You can try, but I promise you I will win.” He waved his hand and the men that brought me took me to the basement and chained me to the wall. Please, Lynn, stay away, I thought to myself.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to one of the men unlocking me from the wall. As he unlocked the last chain my body fell to the ground. I had no feeling left in my legs and arms, but as I laid there for a second the blood started to flow and I started getting feeling again. The man kicked me in the side then pulled me up. “Let’s go, Boss is waiting for us.” He dragged me back upstairs and out to a car. It was late and I figured it was time to meet with Mike. My heart was racing as we drove to the meeting spot. I was ready to do whatever I had to to get out of these cuffs and kill Joseph. The car turned into the docks and I could see some other cars, but no Mike or Lynn. I started messing with the cuffs, I could feel what felt like a looseness to the left cuff. They hadn’t tightened it all the way. Dumb asses! I laughed silently as I started to work my left wrist out of the cuff. I was focusing so hard on getting lose I didn’t realize that Mike had shown up. One of the men opened my door and pulled me out. He pushed me down in front of the Joseph on my knees. That’s when I heard her gasp and my heart sank as I looked up and saw Lynn standing there. I’m going to kill Dillion, I thought to myself.

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