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Chapter 24

Lynn’s POV

“Lynn, are you ready to do this?” Mike’s voice brought me out of my daydream. I nodded my head.

“Yeah. Let’s just get this over with.” Mike put his arm around me.

“We will get him back and end this. Now that we have the mafias help this should be a cakewalk. Just stay close to us.”

“Thanks, Mike.” I smiled up at him. He removed his arm from around me and started to talk with all the men.

“Alright guys, this is where we are meeting Joseph. I want men at all entry points. Trevor, you and Dillion are with me. Jacob, I want you on the top of the building here.” Everyone nodded. “No one makes a move until I give the signal.”

My mind was racing as we drove to the docks. I was worried that we may be too late and that Jensen was dead already, but would Joseph do that before he got me. I shook my head, no Joseph would want me to see Jensen so I would go with him. I rode with Mike, Trevor, and Dillion to the docks and everyone was silent. I assumed that this was their way of staying calm and preparing for the fight. I had seen it with my brother and father whenever they were going to a fight or to have a meeting, they didn’t want to be distracted. Mike turned the headlights off as we approached a group of cars. I took a deep breath as we exited the car. Here we go, I thought.

We approached the men standing in front of the cars. There were five men and then I saw him. Joseph moved forward and had a huge smile on his face. “Well, well I see that you don’t disappoint Mr. Scott. Now hand her over.” I stared at Mike then started to walk forward, but he stopped me.

“Where is Jensen first?” Mike said with an intensity in his voice. Joseph laughed and nodded at one of the men who walked back to one of the cars. When he came back he pushed a man down in front of Joseph. He was badly beaten and almost unrecognizable, but I knew it was Jensen. I let out a sharp gasp and he immediately looked up at me. His eyes were swollen, but I could still see the fear in them the minute he saw me.

“Now, Lynn start walking to me and Jensen will start walking to you. We will leave and everyone can get back to their lives.” He pulled Jensen up and pushed him forward. “Walk pretty boy.” I looked at Mike and he nodded. I slowly started to walk towards Joseph as Jensen walked towards Mike. His eyes were on me the whole time. I could see his mind working trying to figure out what to do. As we got closer to each other I noticed his arm moving slightly behind him. When we were right next to each other I stopped and stood in front of him. I had a secret hidden just for him and when he looked at me I knew he understood what I was doing. “Keep walking or I will put a bullet in his head right now,” Joseph yelled at us. Jensen flashed me a grin and I knew he was ready.

“Please I just want one last hug,” I said to Joseph.

Joseph’s eyes locked on to mine and his harden expression softened. “Fine. You have two minutes to say your goodbyes.” Big mistake, I thought to myself as I reached my arms up and wrapped them around Jensen’s neck. He placed his face in my neck and whispered in my ear.

“I love you, Lynn. I want you to run and don’t look back. Do you understand me?” I nodded my head then whispered back to him.

“You better come back to me, Jensen Daniels. I love you too.” I felt him smiling in my neck as he freed his hands and grabbed the gun hidden in my waistline. He pushed me behind him as he turned back to Joseph.

“I told you that she would never be yours.” Jensen hissed out at Joseph. Joseph’s eyes grew wide with anger. Everything happened so fast it was a blur. I felt someone grab me from behind as shots rang out. I realized it was Dillion that had grabbed me and knew that the plan was in motion. I turned my head and saw Jensen take chase after Joseph just as Dillion ducked us behind one of the storage containers.

Dillion and I watched from our hiding spot as the battle started. I tried to see Jensen, but I had lost track of him in all the commotion. There were gunshots and yelling all around us. Joseph had also brought more people than we had seen so this was turning into an all-out war. Dillion pushed me back as two men ran past us. When we looked back out I saw Mike being held down and kicked and punched. I gasped and Dillion saw what I did. He handed me a small handgun. “Stay here. I have to go help, Mike. If you get in trouble run that way.” He pointed behind us. “Jacob is up on that building and he will keep an eye on you.” I nodded and he took off to help Mike. I watched him tackle one of the men off of Mike and start fighting with him. As I watched I felt the coldness of something hard and steel against my skull.

“Turn around slowly beautiful. I don’t want to hurt you.” As I turned I saw who I feared it was, Joseph stood in front of me with a gun pointed at me.

“You really think you can run from me still? No matter where you go I will find you. Now just come with me peacefully and I will call off my men.” Joseph said as he moved closer to me. I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but I couldn’t just go with him. After everything that everyone had done for me, I had to try and fight. As Joseph closed in on me I pulled the gun out that Dillion gave me and fired. I didn’t know if I hit him and I didn’t stay around to find out. I took off running in the direction that Jacob was when I heard Jensen’s voice call to me.

“Lynn.” My name rolling off his tongue sounded like music to my ears. I turned and ran to him. He caught me in his arms as I jumped to him and started to kiss him. For just one moment everything around us ceased and there was just us. Then a gunshot rang out right next to us and one of Joseph’s men fell to the ground with a bullet in his head. I looked up and saw Jacob reloading his rifle as he nodded at us.

Jensen’s POV

After I left Lynn with Dillion I spotted Joseph and started to chase him. I was right on his tail when someone blindsided me. Stupid Jensen, I was so focused on catching Joseph I didn’t watch my surroundings. When I looked up the man was coming at me. I quickly rolled to the side before the man could hit me, then pointed my gun at him and pulled the trigger. He fell beside me and I quickly got up to chase Joseph again, but I didn’t see him. Damn it, I thought to myself, but I started back to Lynn. I needed to get her out of here.

I was almost back to the spot I saw Dillion take Lynn when I saw Trevor in trouble. Three men had him pinned against a container and were punching the shit out of him. I ran over and pulled one of the men off of him and threw him to the ground. That gave Trevor the chance to stab one of the other men in the chest and knock the other man to the ground. We both shot at our victims and then turned and smiled at each other. “Just like old times, huh buddy,” Trevor said as he grabbed his knife and wiped the blood from it on his shirt. I laughed but stopped when I heard a gunshot come from behind the container. I looked up in time to see Lynn running away and I yelled for her.

“Lynn.” She stopped immediately and came running back to me.

I caught her in my arms as she leaped at me then started kissing me. I was completely lost in her touch and smell. I had missed her so much and now all I wanted was to take her home. I brought her lips to mine and devoured them enjoying this moment. Then we were brought back to reality as a gunshot rang out right next to us. One of Joseph’s men dropped beside us with a bullet in his head. I placed Lynn down and saw Jacob on top of the building next to us. He nodded at us as he reloaded his rifle and headed down from the roof. I grabbed Lynn’s hand and started to run with her to the waiting cars. As we got closer to the cars another shot rang out, but this time I felt the sting and hotness of the bullet passing through my shoulder.

I yelled out and pushed Lynn behind me as I turned to see who it was. Joseph stood a few feet from us holding a gun. He had blood dripping from his leg, but that didn’t seem to slow him down as he started towards us. “Run Lynn. Get to the cars.” I yelled at Lynn as I pushed her away. Joseph hit me like a ton of bricks knocking me back. I rolled as he tried to stomp on me making him miss. When he knocked me back, my gun had dropped but I didn’t need it. I took my leg and kicked Joseph’s knees knocking him down. I leaped onto him and started pounding on him with my good arm. All I could think was that I couldn’t let him get away this time as I continued my assault. I felt his nose break then something caught my eye making me lose my concentration, which gave Joseph the time to push me off of him.

He quickly got up grabbing his gun and pointed it at me. “You should have just given her to me Jensen. She is mine. Now, you’re going to die and for what? Love?” He laughed as he pointed the gun right at my head. I closed my eyes and waited for the gunshot, but it didn’t come. Then I heard her voice.

“I am not yours Joseph. Now slowly back your ass away from my man before I put a bullet in your head.” I looked up and saw Lynn standing right behind Joseph with a gun to his head. That’s my girl, I thought to myself, even though I was mad she didn’t listen to me. Joseph slowly dropped his gun and backed up while Lynn made her way around him to me. “Are you okay Jensen?” She asked as she continued to hold the gun at Joseph.

“Yes, my love. Now, why don’t you give me the gun.” I said to her as I stood up and walked up to her. She turned to me and handed me the gun. As I took it from her I looked up and saw Joseph grab his gun and fire. I quickly turned our bodies so the bullet hit me.

Her eyes grew wide as I fell to my knees in front of her. “No, Jensen.” I heard her scream as she came down next to me. Everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion. I tried to tell her to run, but I couldn’t get the words out. It was weird, I had been shot before and there was usually pain, but I didn’t feel anything this time. In fact, I couldn’t even feel my legs now. I stared up into Lynn’s eyes as she held me in her arms and saw tears starting to fall. I was able to reach up and touch her cheek before she was ripped away from me. “Stop, get off of me.” She yelled out, but I couldn’t get to her. Then I heard a gunshot and then the blackness took over. The last thought I had was that I had failed again.

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