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Chapter 26

Jensen’s POV
Dream sequence (while in a coma)

When I opened my eyes the pain was gone but I was alone in a dark room. “Lynn,” I called out into the darkness, but there was no answer. My mind started to race frantically as I thought the worse. I must have failed again I thought to myself. I placed my head in my hands and sat there crying. I haven’t cried like this since I lost my Catherine. I felt a hand on my shoulder but I didn’t feel threatened, I felt comfort. When I looked up I saw the beautiful face of Catherine. She held her hand out to me and I took it as I stood up. “Catherine where are we? Why are you here? Wait, am I dead?” I asked in a panic as I started to remember everything that had happened. Catherine looked into my eyes and placed her hand on my cheek.

“You’re not dead my love, but you are very badly injured. I am here just to keep you calm and to guide you back.”

I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness as she wrapped her arms around me. “Now come on I have something to show you.” She took my hand again and started to walk with me. The room changed to a brighter room, it was a nursery. She walked over to the crib in the room and bent down. When she came back up and turned around she held a pink blanket with the prettiest baby girl in it I have ever seen. Catherine handed her to me with a big smile. “Jensen this is your daughter.” I looked down at this small precious little thing in my hand and had to smile. When I looked back up at Catherine she had changed. It was no longer Catherine standing there with me, it was now Lynn. She turned to me with a smile and a very big belly. I stared at her in shock.

“But, How is this possible? You haven’t said anything to me about being pregnant.”

Then out of nowhere someone took her out of my sight. I tried to run to her but I immediately hit the ground and couldn’t feel my legs anymore. “Lynn, no,” I screamed out. Catherine reappeared in front of me. “Catherine I am done. I am tired of losing everything and everyone I care about. Please just take me with you.” She touched my cheek and shook her head at me.

“Jensen it’s not your time. Lynn needs you now more than ever. You need to fight for her.” I shook my head.

“I don’t want to fight anymore.” Then I felt something next to me. It felt almost like someone hitting something near me. Then I heard her soft voice in my ear.

“Damn it, Jensen, you promised me you would come back to me. Please baby, please I need you, we need you.” She needs me, I have to fight.

I tried to stand up, but my legs wouldn’t move. Catherine watched and then she started to encourage me. “Get up Jensen, you can do it. Go back to Lynn.” I felt my muscles starting to move as I slowly pulled myself up. I finally stood up and looked at Catherine, who was now holding our baby again.

“Thank you, Catherine. I will always remember you.” She smiled at me.

“You know Aubrey is a beautiful name for a girl.” As she said this I felt something tugging at me, pulling me to the soft crying I now heard.

“I love you Catherine,” I said just as the room became lighter.

End dream sequence

When I opened my eyes I immediately heard her soft cries next to me. It took me a second to realize that I was in a hospital bed. Then I looked at her, her face was in her hands and she was crying uncontrollably. Dillion was standing beside her watching over her. He noticed that I was awake, but I motioned for him to be quite. I reached out to her and touched her head. “Hey beautiful, why are you crying?” She quickly jerked her head up and looked into my eyes. Then she jumped up and ran to my side. As she bent down to hug me I felt a little pain and I flinched. She pulled away from me and I saw the tears still falling. “It’s ok babe. I’m here now. I promised I would make it back to you.” She carefully bent down and hugged me again. I wrapped my arm around her and just held her for a minute. Her smell was intoxicating to me and I knew that I was addicted to her.

After a minute I heard someone clear their throat. When we looked up I saw the doctor and Dillion standing there. “Mr. Daniels it is nice to see you awake.” I looked at him then back at Lynn.

“I’m glad to be awake. Now when can I go home?” He stared at me with a confused look at first.

“We need to do several tests before we can decide that. Do you remember anything about the shooting?” I shook my head yes at him.

“Yes I do, and I remember that I couldn’t feel anything right before I blacked out. But doc, I can move my legs just fine.” I leaned down and pulled the sheet up and started to wiggle my toes. The doctor looked dumbfounded.

“Well, Mr. Daniels you are a very lucky man. If you give me a few hours to just run some routine test I think that we may be able to get you out of here tomorrow.” I nodded at the doctor and he left the room with Dillion right behind him.

I looked at Lynn for a long time it seemed until she finally asked me, “what are you staring at weirdo?” She said with a smile.

“Just the most beautiful person I have ever known. I am sorry if I scared you.” She walked over and sat next to me on the bed.

“I was very scared Jensen. There were a few days that no one knew if you would pull through.” I could see the tears in her eyes and I took my finger and whipped them away.

“Hush now love. I am ok and I don’t plan on going anywhere.” She smiled at me then laid back so her head was carefully placed on my chest. I placed my good arm around her and just laid there holding her. She must have been exhausted because within minutes I could hear her soft snoring.

About an hour later the nurse and doctor walked back into the room. The nurse was about to wake Lynn up but I stopped her. “She is fine where she is. Let her sleep. Now, what do we think doc?” The doctor looked at Lynn then back at me.

“Well, I do need to do one thing before we can let you go. It has been a week since you have had the surgery to remove the bullets and I need you to stand up and try to walk. You may be able to move, but you may need physical therapy to help you walk again.” I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of me not being able to walk right away.

“Ok, but can we let her sleep for a while longer?” He nodded at me.

“We will come back in a few hours.” He gave the nurse a stern look as he ushered her out the door. She looked like she wanted to say something but decided against it.

As I laid holding Lynn I thought about the dream I had. Was she pregnant or was it something to come? I decided not to say anything, for now, it was probably just a dream. Then my mind went to Joseph. Did they kill him? I looked at the window to the room and saw Mike and Dillion outside the door. Something must be up if they feel the need to keep guard outside my room. I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to wake up Lynn either so I would wait until she was awake and I could talk to Mike alone. I finally let my mind relax and fell back asleep with Lynn in my arms.

When I did wake back up it was starting to get dark out and I was alone. “Lynn.” I hollered out. The door opened and she came back in the room with Mike and the doctor.

“I’m right here Jensen. I was just talking with the doctor.” I nodded at her and looked at the doctor.

“Are you ready to try and walk?” He asked me. I nodded at him and he helped me to sit up on the side of the bed. Mike came to my side to help me stand. The floor was cold and I could feel a tingling sensation down my legs. Once I steadied myself I looked at Mike and nodded. He let me go but stayed close to me. I looked up and saw Lynn watching me with hope in her eyes. I tried to move my right leg first, but I couldn’t lift it. I tried my left leg and was able to lift it enough to take a step, but because my other leg wouldn’t move I immediately started to fall forward. Mike caught me and moved me back to the bed.

I could feel the frustration building as the doctor stood in front of me and did some reflex tests on my legs. My right leg wouldn’t react to the test. The only thing was that I did have feeling in it. “This is a good thing, Mr. Daniels.” The doctor said to me as he could see the anger in my face.

“How is this good? I can’t walk!” I lashed out at him. He backed away from me a little.

“You have feeling in your legs which means that with some physical therapy and time you will be able to walk again. The only thing that can stop you is you.” I shut him out and just looked out the window at the darkness. The others were talking, but I didn’t listen to anything they were saying.

I heard the door open to my room and then silence. I assumed everyone had left until I felt her arm around me. I tried to pull away from her, but she wasn’t letting go. “Jensen, please don’t shut me out.” I turned over and looked at her.

“Just go, Lynn. You are free now to do whatever you want. Just leave me alone.” I said in a harsh tone. I didn’t want her to waste her life aiding a crippled man. She stared at me in shock and then with a heartbroken look on her face.

“How can you say that to me? I love you Jensen and I know you love me too.” She tried to kiss me, but I turned away from her. I heard the frustration in her voice as she started to stand up to leave. “Fine Jensen, be a stubborn asshole. However, know this I am not going anywhere. We will...” Her voice trailed off and when I turned to look at her she fell to the floor.

“Mike! Mike! Get the doctor.” I yelled out. I felt helpless because I couldn’t get to her and I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Mike was in the room with the doctor and nurse within seconds and they picked her up and placed her on the bed next to me. I tried to see what was going on, but they pulled the curtain between us.

“Lynn, Lynn can you hear me.” I could hear the doctor as he was trying to wake her. Damn it, Jensen, why are you being stubborn. I thought to myself. Then I heard her voice very softly.

“What, what happened?” She asked in confusion.

“You fainted. I am going to run a few tests to see why. How do you feel?” I heard the doctor ask and I was starting to get angry that they wouldn’t open the curtain so I could see her.

“I feel a little tired. Where is Jensen? I want to be with him.” The curtain opened and I saw her eyes on me.

I immediately felt sorry that I had acted the way I did. “I’m sorry Lynn. I don’t want you to go anywhere. I love you.” She smiled at me.

“Jensen, you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” We both laughed as the nurse took some blood from her arm. Mike eyeballed me and I motioned for him to come to me.

“Why are you guys staying here standing guard? Is Joseph still alive?” I asked him as he came to my side. He shook his head.

“No, but there has been a rumor that someone is trying to take his place. So until we know for sure we wanted to keep guards here, especially since Lynn wouldn’t leave your side.” I nodded.

“Thank you for that. Have you found out anything yet?” He shook his head.

“No, Felix and Cornelius have been working on it.” I looked at him confused.

“Why are they working on it?” He looked over at Lynn and she nodded at him.

“Jensen, Cornelius is the Don of the Roman mafia. He is the reason why we were able to save you.”

Just then the doctor came back into the room. “Well Lynn, I think I know why you fainted. It seems that you are pregnant and because you haven’t eaten your blood sugar was very low. I have ordered some food for you and I want to run an IV for a little bit. Otherwise, you should be fine. Congratulations.” As he left the room my eyes caught Lynn’s and I saw concern in her face as she looked at me. I smiled at her.

“Lynn I love you and I am going to take care of you and our child. I will walk again and I will be there for you.” She had a huge smile on her face as the nurse came in with a tray of food and an IV set up.

“I love you to Jensen.” She said as the nurse got the IV going. Then it hit me more, I was going to be a father. I knew then that I would do everything in my power to walk again before this child was born. I wanted to be able to stand next to Lynn and hold our child.

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