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Chapter 27

Lynn’s POV

When the doctor told me I was pregnant, I felt the blood drain from my face. I looked over and Jensen’s eyes locked onto mine. There was no disappointment or distance in his stare anymore only love. His anger had almost completely disappeared and his stare was soft as he reassured me. “Lynn, I love you and I am going to take care of you and our child. I will walk again and I will be there for you.” All my worry faded away as he said these words to me and a huge smile spread across my face. The nurse walked in with a huge tray of food and an IV set up. As she set my IV up I looked at Jensen and smiled.

“I love you to Jensen.” He smiled back at me as I stared at the food in front of me.

“You better eat everything on that plate. You are eating for two now and I know you haven’t been eating.” He said with his serious face, which just made me laugh. I actually was starving so I dug right into my plate.

After a few hours, the doctor cleared me to be released and gave me a referral to an OBGYN. Once the nurse had unhooked me from the IV, I went and sat by Jensen again. He looked over at me as I started to yawn. “Lynn, go back to my house and get some sleep. I am fine, plus I have twenty-four-hour guards here with me.” I really did want to just go and soak in a very hot bath and get some good sleep.

“Okay Jensen, I will go but I will be back in the morning.” He nodded at me and yelled for Mike. Mike came in and so did the doctor.

“Mike, will you please take Lynn back to the penthouse? Are the girls there?” Mike shook his head.

“No. Trevor and I sent them back to Chicago with a few men. The only ones here now are Felix, the men he came with, Dillion, Jacob and me.” Jensen looked at him.

“Well take her to the house and have Dillion and Jacob stay with her.” Mike nodded.

“Lynn I will be in the hall when you’re ready.” He said and then went into the hall.

Once he was gone the doctor started to explain to Jensen and me his plan for Jensen’s therapy. “Mr. Daniels I believe that, if you are willing to put the work in, we can have you back to normal within three to four months. I think that an aggressive therapy treatment to build up your muscles again is what we need to do.” I listened as the doctor talked and watched Jensen as he agreed with him. “My plan is to send you home in the morning. I will arrange for a physical therapist to come to your house in about two days so that you can get started.” Then he turned to me. “I expect you to keep him in line and help him through this. I also expect you to make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.” I nodded.

“I intend on calling the doctor tomorrow morning. I also intend on pushing his stubborn ass as much as possible.” I said as I playfully pushed Jensen a little in the shoulder. The doctor laughed a little then left us. I turned and gave Jensen a hug. “I love you and I can’t wait for you to get back home.” He held me for a few minutes then finally let me go.

Mike and Felix were in the hall waiting for me when I walked out. After spending so much time with him the last few days, it felt weird to be going to his house without him. Felix and Mike were in deep conversation as I came up to them. “Felix, thank you again for all your help. Are you sure you can stay?” Mike was asking Felix.

“Your welcome and yes I can stay. In fact, Cornelius insisted that I stay as long as you need me. Lynn, Cornelius asked that you call him as soon as you get settled at the house.” Felix said to me and I just nodded at him.

“Mike I am ready.” Mike looked at me and saw that I was exhausted.

“Ok Lynn, let’s get you home. You really need a good night’s sleep.” I just nodded and walked past him and towards the elevator.

We arrived at the penthouse and Dillion and Jacob were already waiting for us. Dillion had a huge smile on his face when I walked in. “Welcome to your home Lynn. Your room is upstairs and first door on the right.” I thanked him and walked up to what I thought was my room. When I walked in I saw that it was Jensen’s room, but all my stuff was now here.

“Cornelius sent what you left there and I brought the rest when we came from Chicago.” I heard from behind me. When I turned around Mike was standing in the doorway.

“Thank you, but I think it is all in the wrong room. This is Jensen’s room right.” He laughed.

“Do you really think that he doesn’t want you with him at all times now? It was his orders to put you in here with him. He loves you Lynn and now he is never going to leave your side.” He said as he pointed to my tummy. I thanked him again and then shut the door and headed to the bathroom.

I started the water and let the tub fill up. As I waited I grabbed my phone and plugged it in. I was relieved that Joseph was dealt with, and even though there might still be a small threat, I felt secure in this place. I scrolled through my playlist and found the song I wanted to listen to. It started to play as I undressed and sank into the hot bathtub. The water felt amazing as I let myself sink down to where only my head was above the water. I tried to relax and let the stress from the last few days melt off of me. My mind had other ideas though, as I laid there my mind wondered immediately to how hard the physical therapy was going to be for Jensen. Then to top everything off I was pregnant and needed to keep myself healthy and take care of him, but honestly, I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it. He saved me, saved us from certain death and I knew then that I would give anything to take care of him. I stayed in the tub until it turned cold, then I got out and put on a pair of comfy pajama bottoms and a tank top. I brushed my hair out then crawled into the big comfy bed. I was out within a few minutes.

Three months later

Jensen’s POV

“Come on Jensen, we have an appointment with Dr. Swan in twenty minutes.” Lynn’s voice echoed down the hall. I pulled my shoes on and stood up off the bed. I walked to the bedroom door and then stopped for a minute, as I remembered everything from the last three months. The therapy had been intense and I had turned into a complete asshole a few times, but Lynn never gave up on me. She pushed me harder than anyone and I loved every minute of it, even when I got mad. I knew that she was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I had a big surprise planned out for her tonight and I couldn’t wait.

Jacob and Felix had taken out the remaining members of the Suicide Kings so there was no more threat against Lynn or me. Slowly everyone had drifted back to their homes till it was just Lynn and I left in the house. I made my way down the stairs to where Lynn was waiting for me. “I swear you take longer than a woman does to get ready Jensen Daniels.” She smiled, as I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her. She had a small baby bump starting to show and I loved it. She had finally made it past the morning sickness and now we were headed to the doctor for our first ultrasound. We walked out and I held the car door for her as she climbed in. She was absolutely beautiful and glowing.

“Mr. Daniels, Miss. Wilson, there is your beautiful baby.” Dr. Swan said as she pointed out the tiny little image on the screen. I couldn’t believe that this tiny little thing was our child. I stared at the picture while the doctor finished her exam on Lynn. “Well, everything looks just wonderful. The baby is right where it should be and I want to schedule an ultrasound in another two months to find out the sex of the baby if you want to know.” I looked over at the woman after the doctor said this.

“I definitely want to know. Lynn, how do you feel about it?” She looked over at me and smiled.

“Yes, I want to know as well. I hate surprises.” She giggled, as I helped her off the exam table.

A few hours later I stood in the doorway to the bathroom watching her get dressed. “What are you doing Jensen?” She said to me, as her cheeks started to turn bright red.

“Just watching the most beautiful woman I know getting ready for our dinner date,” I said, as I walked up behind her and held her. She pushed away from her laughing.

“Well if you don’t leave me alone I will never be ready and we will be late.” I smiled into her neck as I tried to kiss it.

“That’s fine with me.” She finally chased me out of the room so I walked down to the kitchen where I found Dillion and Jacob.

“Hey boss man, you ready for tonight,” Dillion said. I hushed him.

“Are you trying to ruin it? Is everything set at the restaurant?” They both nodded.

“Yes, sir. The whole place is set and everyone will be there.” I smiled and then walked out into the foyer just as Lynn came down the stairs.

She came down the stairs in a very tight-fitting red velvet dress that showed all her curves off. Her blond hair was down and had just a slight wave to it. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as she walked up to me. “Are you ready?” She asked in her sweet voice and I nodded, as I held the door open for her. We drove to our favorite restaurant. The maître d’ was already expecting us.

“Mr. Daniels, right this way your table is all set.” He said to me, as we approached him. I nodded to him and took Lynn by the hand and lead her to a private booth in the corner. There were only a few tables around us, but they were all full. The waiter brought out some cider for Lynn since she couldn’t drink and a whiskey for me. The night went just as planned. After our meals, I motioned for the waiter and he brought out the red roses and champagne that I had brought earlier.

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