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Chapter 2

Jacob and I arrived at the warehouse where everyone was already gearing up. I got out of the car and approached the men. “What’s the damage?” I looked over at Dillion. He looked up at me and flashed a grin.

“Not too much. They destroyed one of our surveillance vans but nothing we can’t replace. They were amateurs.” I nodded and headed into the warehouse and to my office. I always kept a change of clothes for such occasions. Once I was changed I grabbed my weapons and headed back out to my crew. The men were all gathered around Jacob who was already explaining our attack plan.

“Alright men, let’s finish this tonight. Everyone watch your backs.” I heard Jacob saying as I walked up. I looked up at all the men, as they started to head to the cars I yelled out.

“Mendoza is mine. No one touches him. Do I make myself clear?” They all nodded, they knew not to cross me. They all had seen me in action and knew that I took no prisoners and would not hesitate to kill anyone who double-crossed me. We all loaded into the SUVs and headed to the compound that Dillion said was where the Mendoza’s were held up at.

The building was dark and looked abandoned. “Are you sure this is the place, Dillion?” I hissed into my mouthpiece. Before he could respond I saw a few men walk out the front door and started patrolling the area. They were definitely Mendoza’s men. “Let’s move.” I drew my weapon and slowly moved towards the building with Jacob and three other men by my side. I heard the first gunshot on the other side of the building and watched as the two men in front of us ran in that direction. POP! POP! Two more shots as we closed in on the front door.

“Clear on this side. Heading in now.” Came across my earpiece and I nodded at Jacob as we threw open the front door and started firing.

I saw my men spread out and started taken every man down that they came across. I felt bullets fly past me as I fired at everything that wasn’t my men. I approached the staircase to the second floor when I was grabbed from behind. The man threw me to the ground but made the mistake of letting me get back up. He stood there and motioned for me to come at him. ‘Big mistake’ I thought to myself as we slowly started to circle like two animals about to pounce. I kept my eye on him and studied his movements. He was favoring his left leg and I saw blood trickling down his pants. I smiled at him, I knew how to take him down, I winked and that sent him into a rage. He came at me in a full charge, rage in his eyes. I ducked his first punch and kicked him in the left leg, he instantly hit the floor. I picked my gun up and fired one shot into his head then headed up to the second floor.

I could still hear the gun battle going on downstairs as I reached the top of the stairs. I saw a huge double door at the end of the hallway and knew that what I was looking for was in there. I slowly approached the door when two men came out and started firing at me. I ducked into one of the open doorways taking cover. I slowly peeked my head around the corner and fired two shots hitting the first man in the chest. My clip was empty so I dropped the empty clip out of the gun and loaded another one. I took a deep breath and came out from the doorway and emptied the clip into the other man’s body. I dumped my empty gun on the ground next to the man and pulled my other gun from my waistline.

I pushed through the double doors, gun drawn, to see Mendoza sitting at his desk with his back turned to me. I slowly approached him watching his every move. “Mendoza, turn and face me, you coward.” He slowly turned his chair with a smirk on his face.

“Jensen, I presume. It took you long enough to come after me. I thought maybe you weren’t as tough as everyone claimed.” I laughed a sinister laugh but kept my gun pointed at him.

“You have no idea who you are dealing with. You never should have come after me.” Mendoza messed with some papers on his desk then looked up at me.

“Maybe we can work something out. You know that I have a big drug trafficking ring. Maybe we can be partners, I like your ambition.”

I slowly dropped my gun to my side, a partnership. The thought crossed my mind briefly. There was silence now in the building except for some distant voices of my men starting to clean up. “Jensen, where are you? The building is clear.” I pulled the earpiece out and let it hang on my shirt.

“Alright Mendoza, I will partner with you. But if you double-cross me I will kill you.” He clapped his hands together and a smile crossed his face.

“Excellent my boy. I will be in touch.” I turned to head out the door but stopped. Fuck this, he tried to have me killed. I turned back to him with my gun up.

“You know what Mendoza I changed my mind. I think I will just take your place.” Before he could react I fired two shots, one in his chest and the other in between his eyes. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell from the chair.

I heard Mendoza’s phone ringing so I walked over and answered it. “Hello.” The voice on the other side responded.

“Who is this? Where is Mendoza?” I laughed.

“Mendoza is dead. If I were you I would look for a better partner.” I hung the phone up and put it in my pocket. I heard footsteps running up behind me, I turned quickly with my gun ready to fire.

“Whoa boss, it’s just me.” Jacob stood in front of me with his eyes wide. I dropped my gun to my side and pushed past him.

“Clean this shit up. Jacob, I want all his files and contacts brought to the warehouse. I think we just might have got into the drug trafficking business.” He nodded and I left the room and headed back to the cars.

I walked out of the building and saw a Kawasaki zz-r1400 in all black sitting there with the keys in it. Nice, I was thinking of buying one of these. I grabbed the helmet off the bike and put it on. I started the bike and made the gravel fly as I sped out the driveway and back to the warehouse. This was one of the fastest bikes on the market and it definitely was true to its rating. The engine purred under my body as I flew down the street. I pulled into the warehouse parking lot and parked the bike next to the front door. I walked in and headed straight to my office and grabbed the whiskey bottle from the desk. I poured a glass and pulled out Mendoza’s phone. There was a text on it so I opened the message.

"I don’t know who you are but I like your attitude. Mendoza was an idiot, I need someone who knows what they are doing. Call me and let’s talk business."

Hmmm, drug trafficking. I had been thinking of expanding into that area and now I had my way of doing it. I pulled my phone out and typed a message back to the number.

"I am the one who runs this part of town. Mendoza crossed the line so now he is dead. If you double-cross me you will die too. Do we have an understanding?"

I pressed send and there was an immediate response.

I understand, you had to do what you had to. May I know the name of the man I am dealing with now."

I typed my reply.

Jensen, Jensen Daniels. I will be in contact."

I put the phone away and sat at my desk and sipped on my drink. I took a deep breath and laid my head back, what a day.

A few hours passed and I could hear the men starting to arrive back at the warehouse. I stood and walked to my door. “Jacob, Dillion my office now.” They entered my office and shut the door behind them. Jacob and Dillion were brothers and probably my most trusted men. Jacob was the muscle of the two and Dillion was the brains and he was an excellent shot. They worked well as a team and as individuals, but I always preferred for them to be together. They were both about six feet tall with black hair and an average build. Dillion wore glasses but it didn’t seem to affect his shooting abilities. “I want a report. Any casualties?” Jacob spoke first.

“No, we had a few men injured but the doctor is dealing with them now.” Dillion chimed in.

“We brought all the files and contacts we could find and blew the place. No one was left alive that we could find.” I nodded at them.

“Alright, I’m going home finish up here, get some sleep and meet me back here tonight at seven. We need to discuss our new business.”

I walked out into the warehouse and glanced around. Some of the men were unloading the files from Mendoza’s warehouse and the rest were tending to wounds or just bullshitting in the corner. “Get to work,” I yelled as I walked past them all and out of the warehouse. I hoped on my newly acquired bike and drove to the penthouse. Once there I parked the bike in the underground garage, making a mental note to have Dillion get it registered in my name. I took the elevator up and went into the house. It was dark and quiet, the cleaning crew had already been in and dealt with the mess from earlier. I made my way up to my room and collapsed on the bed. It was six in the morning and I was exhausted. I passed out before I even changed out of my clothes. I slept most the day, and when I finally got up I had several missed calls.

I checked the messages, one was from Aliyah and the others were from Jacob and Mike. Mike sounded pissed but I didn’t want to deal with him right now. I called Jacob back. “What’s going on Jacob?” He paused for a minute then sighed.

“Dillion was going through the files we brought from Mendoza’s compound and found out who his dealer is.” I waited for him to tell me.

“Well, who the fuck is it?” He took a deep breath.

“It is Joseph King, the leader of the Suicide Kings.” I inhaled deeply and then let it out slowly. The Suicide Kings were the only gang in New York that was bigger than ours. Joseph King was a badass and I realized that I may have just made a deal with the devil.

“I want you to set up a meeting with Joseph King. I think it is time to discuss our business partnership in person.” I hung up the phone and thought about what I was about to do. This was a good move, I had thought about striking up a partnership with Joseph for a few months and now I had something he wanted, me.

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