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Chapter 29

Two months later...

Lynn’s POV

I opened my eyes and reached for Jensen, but he was already up and in the shower. After we had returned from our honeymoon and settled into the new home, Cornelius had come out and offered Jensen and Mike a position in the family. He offered them the chance to run a chapter of the family in New York and in Chicago. So now Jensen was the head of the chapter here in New York and right now I wasn’t liking it. He was always busy and I seemed to wake up alone most of the time. I tried to sit up in bed but it was very difficult since I was now the size of a house. Our baby boy was do anytime and Delphina and Nicole had arrived yesterday to help me out. I was starting to get nervous about delivering the baby.

I tied again to sit up but failed, I didn’t want to holler for help. I must have looked funny because as I tried to roll myself out of bed I heard a laugh behind me. “Babe, What are you doing?” Jensen’s voice was amused as he approached me.

“I was just trying to get out of bed but I am too big to do anything.” I could feel the tears starting to sting my eyes. Damn hormones, this shouldn’t be so upsetting. Jensen took me in his arms and helped me up then he just held me while I cried in his chest.

“Shh shh love soon our baby will be here and everything will be better.” He always knew how to calm me down but I was also feeling alone.

“Jensen I want you home with me until after the baby comes. I feel alone. I know that you have been busy getting the chapter going, but I need you.” He smiled at me.

“I know love. I have a major thing to do tonight and then I will be home with you. Jacob is going to take charge for a little bit while we welcome our baby home.”

This made me smile and feel better immediately. “Okay, just be careful.” He laughed and hugged me again.

“I always am. Besides, you won’t be able to worry too much today. Your baby shower is today, remember.” I had completely forgotten about the shower. Delphina and Nicole had insisted on having one even though I had everything you could think of for the baby. They said I would regret not having one so of course, I gave in.

“I forgot honestly, but that doesn’t mean I won’t worry about you.” He bent down and placed his lips on my forehead.

“I know you will, but I promise you that I am fine. I will have Jacob with me and Dillion will be here with you girls.” I nodded and was about to kiss him when there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Who is it?” Jensen moaned in frustration. The door opened and Delphina stood in the door with her hand over her eyes.

“Are you decent?” I laughed out loud and so did Jensen at the sight of her.

“Yes, Delphina. You can look.”

She removed her hand from her eyes and smiled. “Good. Now Lynn the guest will be arriving in a few hours are you hungry?” I smiled at her, she had become more like a mother to me than I could have ever imagined and I loved it. I nodded at her and she smiled back. “Okay, I will make you breakfast while you get dressed. There is a present in the closet for you from Nicole and I. Jensen, Jacob is waiting for you downstairs.” Jensen nodded and then she left the room closing the door behind her. Jensen gave me one last kiss.

“I will be home before dinner. I love you.” I kissed him back and he rubbed my belly, making me laugh then left the room. I walked to the closet and saw a beautiful dress for me hanging by the door. It was a simple blue dress with a brown belt around the front and there was also a pair of gold sandals to go with it. I loved it.

I got in the shower and then got dressed. I decided to just do some light makeup and to put my hair in a side braid. Once I was ready I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I could smell the bacon and eggs cooking as I approached the kitchen door and my mouth watered. I was starving, then again I was always hungry. I walked in and Delphina and Nicole were walking around dishing up plates of food for us. “Hello, Lynn. You look absolutely beautiful.” Nicole said as she handed my plate to me.

“Thank you. I am so ready for the pregnancy to be over.” Delphina and Nicole both laughed.

“Trust me we both know how you feel, but it will be over soon. Then you will have a precious baby to love and protect.” I smiled. I couldn’t wait to meet my littlest man. I dug into my food and finished every bit of it.

A few hours later the guest started to arrive. Everything had been set up out in the backyard it was done wonderfully. They had set up a huge canopy and filled it with blue, gold and white lanterns and balloons. Then there were tables and chairs for about thirty people, even though I didn’t even know that many people. Everyone gathered outside and I was introduced to some of the new women that had joined the family and then was introduced to some of the family I never knew. I actually had several cousins and other family I had never met. I started to feel a little overwhelmed so Nicole had me sit down at the head table. The party started and everything was going very smoothly. I received so many gifts that I had no idea where everything was going to go.

About two hours into the party I started having pain going through my back. It was very settle so I figured it was just from the excitement of the day. I was having a great time and I didn’t really want to spoil it. So I brushed off the pain and tried to enjoy the rest of the party. At about five o’clock the party had died down and the guest had all left. I was grateful because the pains had become worst. Now they were going through my back and up to the front of my belly. I sat in the chair and started to have a really sharp pain again. This time I couldn’t hold the scream of pain that came out. Everyone turned to me and Delphina immediately rushed to my side. “What is it, my dear?” I breathed slowly through the pain then looked at her.

“I think the baby is coming.” She called for Dillion to get the car and then she and Nicole helped me up. The second I stood up I felt a rush of liquid come down my legs. Nicole and Delphina looked at each other and got a little too giddy for me.

“Dillion you better hurry. This baby is ready to come now.” Nicole yelled out and Dillion took off in a run.

“Someone call Jensen, please. He can’t miss this.” I said between breaths.

Jensen’s POV

We arrived at the warehouse and the new recruits were already waiting for us. They looked like a good group and looked ready to start training. Today would be their first day dealing with the shipments. Jacob and I approached the men. “Alright, gentlemen today you will learn the ropes and learn how to deal with shipments when they come in. So follow us and we will get started.” Jacob and I took the men in the warehouse and went over all the details and showed them around the warehouse. After a few hours, I was convinced they were all ready for tonight’s shipment. It was five o’clock and we would be headed out to the docks in about thirty minutes. That’s when my phone went off.

I looked down at it and it was Dillion. “Hey Dillion, is everything okay?” There was panic in his voice.

“No. Jensen, it’s time. Lynn’s having the baby now. You have to get to the hospital.” He said.

“Alright, are you on the way to the hospital now?” He took a breath.

“Yes, I am getting the car now. We will be there in five minutes.” I looked over at Jacob who was now by my side.

“Okay, I am on my way.” I hung up and turned to Jacob. “I got to go can you handle this alone.” He laughed at me.

“Go, boss man. I got this. I will come to the hospital after we are done. Go become a daddy.” I ran to the car and hopped in then took off to the hospital. I must have driven eighty the whole way and it still took me twenty minutes to get to the hospital.

I ran into the emergency and they directed me to the maternity ward. The whole ride up in the elevator my heart was racing and I was hoping I wasn’t too late. Lynn would never let me live it down if I missed the birth of our child. The doors opened and I hurried to the nurse’s station. “Lynn Daniels, please. She was brought in a little bit ago.” The nurse started typing in her computer which seemed to take forever.

“She is in room 322, down the hall on the left. But sir...“I didn’t wait for her to say anything else I took off down the hall to my wife. Dillion was standing at the door as I approached.

“Did I make it?” He nodded at me and opened the door. Lynn’s screams were music to my ears, as I hurried in one of the nurses handed me a hospital gown and pointed me over to Lynn’s head so I was out of the way.

Her eyes grew big the minute she saw me. “You made it. I was trying so hard to wait, but your son is stubborn.” I took her hand as she let out another cry of pain.

“Okay, Mrs. Daniels it’s time to push.” The doctor said. Lynn started squeezing my hand tightly and pushed with all her might. She had a good grip on my hand. If I didn’t know any better, I would think she was trying to break it.

“Breath baby, breath,” I said in a calm voice to her. She flashed a mean look at me.

“Don’t tell me to breathe. It’s your fault you jerk.” I laughed I would definitely not miss the hormones. After about ten minutes of screaming and pushing, I heard the most beautiful sound in my life. The baby’s cries were loud and strong as the nurse took him from the doctor and placed him on Lynn’s chest.

“Congratulations daddy and mommy.” Lynn finally let go of my hand and held our son close to her.

“He is perfect. He looks just like you Jensen.”

The nurse came back and took the baby from Lynn to clean him and make sure everything was okay. The doctor finished cleaning up Lynn and then left the room so we could have some privacy. After about twenty minutes the nurse brought our son back and handed him to me so she could help Lynn change. I looked down at the little bundle in my arms. I was amazed at how much I was already in love with this tiny person. My son, my pride and joy. No one would ever hurt him and one day I knew that he would be a great leader. “So what is this little man’s name?” The nurse asked, bringing me back to reality. I looked over at Lynn who had a huge smile on her face.

“Go ahead daddy tell her his name.” I looked down at him, we had discussed names and had narrowed it down to two. Lynn told me that I could make the final decision.

“Elijah Jacob Daniels,” I said to the nurse with a big smile. She nodded and left the room. I looked down at Lynn and she smiled back up at me. “You did a wonderful job baby. He is perfect.” She nodded.

“We did a good job, daddy.” I smiled. My little Elijah, he was going to be strong and do great things, I would make sure of it.

The End...

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