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Chapter 4

Mike’s POV

I sat in shock as the phone went dead in my ear. Jensen sounded different, harder, cold even. I never thought that he would tell me that he had to think about coming to help me. Up until two years ago, we have been inseparable since we were kids. We always had each other’s backs and we would have died for each other, in fact, we almost did. When my sister died two years ago, I knew that he had taking it bad but I guess I never imagined that he was that bad off. When he told me he was in New York and had started a chapter of the gang out there, I agreed because I knew that he needed to be away from Chicago. I never asked him for help or asked him to come back until now. After he left I had moved Trevor up to my second in command to replace Jensen. He was actually a great person for the job.

There was a knock on my office door. “Come in.” Trevor walked back into the room.

“I thought you were going home.” He smiled at me.

“I was but then I overheard you talking on the phone. Is Jensen going to come?” I frowned.

“I don’t know. He said he would think about it.” Trevor’s eyes got wide.

“Really? I thought you two were close, what changed?” I just looked at him and sighed.

“Catherine.” I didn’t need to say anything else because Trevor already knew what I meant. I sat thinking for a few minutes, he will come back he has to.

Jensen’s POV

Later that morning I decided to call Mike back and tell him I was coming. He answered the phone. “Jensen, is that you?” He sounded like he was still sleeping, I laughed a little to myself.

“Yes, it’s me. Mike I will come back to help you but I need a few days to sort some things here first. I should be there by the end of the week.” I could hear some relief in his voice when he spoke.

“Alright bro, thanks. I will fill you in when you get here.” I rolled my eyes, I didn’t care what the problem was but I knew that it had to be bad if he was asking for my help.

“Fine.” I hung up the phone then messaged Jacob.

I need you to meet me at the warehouse in ten minutes."

I grabbed my things and headed out the door to the warehouse.

When I arrived Jacob was waiting for me. “What’s up boss?” I motioned for him to follow me into my office. Once we were in the office I turned to him.

“Are we ready for the plan tonight? I need to deal with this fast.” He nodded.

“Everything is set. I have the men that are dealing with the shipment arrival outside waiting for you to fill them in on the plan. Everyone else is set and ready to go.” I nodded then headed into the warehouse to talk to the men. There were four of them that would be on the docks tonight and they were waiting for me.

“Alright men, this is the plan. If someone approaches you tonight I want you to do what they tell you. Jacob and I will be watching close by and when they make their move we will make ours, so be ready. No one walks away from this tonight alive. Do I make myself clear?” They all nodded at me then went about their business getting ready for tonight.

I looked at Jacob. “What time does the shipment get in?” He looked at his watch.

“It should be there at midnight.” I looked at the time, it was three in the afternoon already.

“Alright, I am going back to the house. Come get me at eleven. Don’t be late!” I walked out and headed back to the house. I started thinking that I needed to get laid. I always get pumped right before a fight and usually I would find some whore at the club to help me blow off some steam. This time though I decided to call Aliyah, who was all too eager to come over since I hadn’t spoken to her for a few months.

Aliyah showed up an hour later with a big grin on her face. “I knew you would come crawling back to me baby. You always do.” I glared at her.

“Cut the shit Aliyah, you know what this is. Don’t try to act like it is anything else or you can leave now.” I hissed at her. She stood there for a minute then shrugged her shoulders.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night babe. Let’s go to your room.” She took my hand and lead me up the stairs. Once in the room, she dropped her dress to the ground and walked over to the bed. At least she didn’t play around, she may have some stupid notion that we are a couple but she still knows her place, I think. I closed the door and walked over to her with a sinister grin on my face and pushed her to the bed.

A few hours later I was satisfied and calm. I watched as she put her clothes back on. “I am going to be gone for a little bit. So don’t come to my house until I call for you.” She stared at me with those fiery eyes of hers.

“Where are you going?” I shrugged at her.

“That’s my business. Now go I have to get dressed and take care of a few things.” She stormed out of the room and I heard the front door slam as I got up and headed to the shower. An hour later I heard a knock at my bedroom door. “Yeah.” Jacob opened the door.

“Ready boss. Shipment should be here in an hour.” I nodded and grabbed my gun and we headed out.

An hour later Jacob and I stood on the docks as the men unloaded the guns and ammunition from the truck. “Boss, I have a black SUV coming in from the west entrance. Should we intercept?” Dillion’s voice filled my ear.

“No, I want to see who these fuckers are and deal with this now. They aren’t expecting me here.” I looked at Jacob and nodded and we hid behind a container close by with our guns drawn and ready. We watched as the SUV approached the men and shut their lights off. Four men got out and approached one of the men. He was a newcomer to the group, and not someone I knew very well yet. But I didn’t think he would do anything stupid. My men did exactly what I told them to.

The four men drew their guns and ordered my men to load the guns and ammunition into the SUV. The men did exactly as they were told and started loading my shit into the SUV. I nodded at Jacob and he radioed to Dillion to be ready. We came out of the shadows guns blazing. I took the first two men down without even blinking and Jacob took the third man down. The fourth man took off running back to the SUV. When I took chase he turned and shot at me. I felt the bullet graze my arm but that didn’t stop me. I lunged at the man knocking him to the ground, we wrestled for a minute before I overpowered him and put my gun to his head. I pulled the trigger and felt his blood splatter on my face and clothes. I could hear Jacob and Dillion running up behind me as I stood and tore a piece of my sleeve off and wrapped it around my wound.

I looked around at the carnage then spotted Jacob standing over one of the bodies. “Boss I think we have a problem.” I walked over to where he was and looked at the tattoo on the man he was looking at. It was the tattoo of the Suicide Kings.

“Shit, what are they doing here?” I could feel the anger building inside me, we had an agreement and now this fucker was trying to double-cross me.

“Get rid of the bodies in the river. Jacob, make sure the bodies don’t come back up. When you guys are done here you and Dillion meet me back at the warehouse.” He nodded and I headed back to the warehouse. I was fuming and didn’t know what to do.

I really didn’t want to start a war with Joseph but he had crossed the lines that he had drawn up. I need to do something but I also needed to get back to Chicago and deal with whatever Mike’s problem was. I started to think about that a little bit more, in two years he had never called and asked for help. So whatever was wrong had to be some serious shit. A knock at the office door brought me back to reality, as Jacob and Dillion walked in. “Everything is done Jensen, no one will ever see those boys again.” I looked up at them.

“Good, now we have some things to discuss. We are going to Chicago in the morning. Jacob, I need you to find one man that you can trust to handle things here while we are gone. Dillion, make the arrangements for us. I want the first flight out.” Dillion nodded and walked back out to the warehouse already on the phone with the airline. Jacob stood in the office and stared at me.

“Not that it is any of my business but why are we going to Chicago?”

I glared at him. “Your right it is none of your business but since I need you to be on the same page as me. Mike called the other night and needs my help. I am assuming it is some messed up shit since he has never called for my help. Now go make your choice on who will be in charge. Jacob, choose wisely because your life depends on this man doing a good job while we are gone.” He nodded at me and left the office. I didn’t want to leave things undone but something was telling me to go to Mike first. I swear if this shit comes back to bite me in the ass, I will kill Mike myself.

Mike’s POV

It was the day that Jensen and his men were to be arriving so I called Lynn into the office. Lynn was Carter’s sister. She had helped all of us the night we lost Catherine. She had come to me over a week ago asking for help. She had been on the run from some guy named Joseph King. She hadn’t really been out of her room the past few days except to eat, but I am assuming that was because of Rebecca. I heard a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” Lynn entered the office looking like a lost puppy dog. I could see that she had been crying, man I hated it when women cry. “Have a seat, Lynn. We need to talk.” She took a seat in the chair in front of me. Just as I was about to start asking her some questions there was another knock. “Who is it?” I heard Trevor yell.

“Really dude, you called me.” He opened the door and walked in. “This better be good, we had finally got Tyler down for his nap and were about to have some alone time if you know what I mean.” He smiled up at me then noticed Lynn sitting there quietly. Trevor had gotten married last year to a beautiful woman named Nicole and had welcomed a son into this world about a month ago.

I laughed as he made a sheepish apology to Lynn. “Alright Lynn, I know that you thought you would be staying here but honestly I can’t put our families in danger.” Before I could finish she started crying.

“I understand. Thank you for letting me stay here this week. I will go pack my things.” She started to get up but I stopped her.

“Lynn you misunderstand me. I said you are not staying here, not that I wasn’t still going to help you. I have someone coming that is going to be staying with you in a safe house while we figure out what to do about Joseph King.” Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

“Really, thank you so much.” Just then my office door opened and I heard an angry voice.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” I looked up and Jensen stood in my doorway with a gun drawn and pointed at Lynn. Shit! This isn’t the Jensen I knew, the man standing in front of me was hard and cold and was about to shoot a woman.

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