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Chapter 8

Joseph’s POV

I left the coffee shop with a smile on my face. This was a perfect way to test where his loyalties were. My men had collected information on Jensen after our first meeting. I knew everything about him and his connection with Michael Scott and The Lions. I also knew that he had separated himself from them shortly after the death of Mike’s sister at the hands of Lynn’s brother. What I didn’t know was why he had returned to Chicago on such short notice. I had decided to fly out and see if I could find out. Shortly after my arrival, I had seen him at Mike’s house with her. So he at least knows her, but why is he with her I had thought to myself. It was then that I had come up with the plan to have him bring her to me.

I climbed into the waiting car and drove back to the airport. I had to make him believe that I knew nothing about him or her being with him. However, it was upsetting me that she was even with him. She belongs to me. She just doesn’t know it yet. If Jensen followed through with our deal, then she would be with me soon. A smile spread across my face as a thought came into my mind. Her in a white dress standing next to me as someone from behind us announces “I now present Mr. and Mrs. King.” Hmmm, Lynn King has a nice ring to it. I looked at her picture on my phone, soon enough my love.

Jensen’s POV

I stayed at the coffee shop for another half hour after Joseph left just staring at the pictures. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t followed back to Mike’s house or to the safe house. Once I was sure that Joseph was gone I paid the bill and went to my car with the pictures. I started back to Mike’s place, driving around town for a few to lose any tails I might have. Once I got there I went in and found Mike in his office with his girlfriend. I hadn’t seen much of her since I had been here, I think her name is Rebecca or some shit. She actually seemed like she was giving Mike a run for his money. “When the hell are you going to let me and Nicole go out? I am tired of being stuck in this house.” Mike looked annoyed at her when he answered.

“I told you already woman when I feel it is safe for you guys to go out alone I will let you. For now, how about Trevor and I take you girls out for the night tomorrow.” Rebecca let out a little squeal and hugged Mike.

“Oh thank you, baby.”

I knocked on the door and pushed it open more. “Jensen, come in. Rebecca why don’t you go call Nicole and let her know our plans. I need to talk with Jensen.” Rebecca hugged him one more time then walked out of the office. Mike motioned for me to sit down and I did. “So what happened at the meeting this morning?” I pulled the envelope of pictures out of my jacket and threw it on his desk. As he opened it and started to look at the pictures his eyes widened.

“Joseph wants me to bring her back to him. He hired me to track her down and deliver her to him. We have a month to figure out what we are going to do.” Mike put the pictures down and laid his head back against his chair.

“Well, Jensen, what do you think we should do?”

I had no idea what we should do, but I knew that I needed to convince Mike that we can combine our groups and win this war. “I think it is time to combine our groups and gather as much Intel as we can on Joseph. We have a month to prepare and execute our plan or Joseph will send someone else to get Lynn.” Mike stared at me with tired eyes.

“Alright Jensen, since you know him better, I am going to let you take the lead on this one. But you still have to consult with me before you make any final decisions.” Shit, is Mike actually giving me control over this?

“I can do that. I will call my men and have the majority of them come here. I need to leave a few in New York to take care of business and make it look like everything is fine.” He nodded at me.

“Hey, why don’t you and Lynn join Trevor, me and the girls tomorrow night. She hasn’t had a night out of the house since she arrived.”

At first, I thought about saying no but I thought about it and decided that I could use a night to unwind. “Alright, but we go low key. I am not sure if Joseph went back to New York yet or not.” Mike nodded.

“Of course, I was just thinking about some dinner and maybe some dancing. The girls have been locked up since Lynn arrived because I was afraid that someone would come after them too.” We discussed the details for the next night then I went back to the house. I actually had a good feeling about this, maybe I can find I good fuck while I’m there. When I finally got back to the house I looked around the downstairs for Lynn but didn’t see her. I heard a loud bang come from upstairs so I pulled my gun and slowly crept the stairs.

I approached Lynn’s room and heard her crying. I burst open the door to find her laying on the floor under a step stool. I swear this woman was more accident-prone than anyone I have ever met. I walked over to her and helped her up. “What are you doing Lynn?” She looked down at her already swelling ankle.

“I was just trying to hang up that picture over there. I just wanted to brighten the room up a little.” I looked over and there was a picture of the ocean laying next to the step stool. It was a cheesy picture but it was her room. I walked over and placed it up on the wall for her. “Oh, thank you, Jensen.” She smiled over at me with that innocent smile of hers.

“It was no big deal. You know that there are other people in the house, you should have asked for help. Now how are you going to dance when we go out tomorrow night?” Her smile grew wider.

“Really? Who are we going out with?” She sounded like a little kid, it was kinda funny.

“Mike, Trevor, and their girls. It was Mike’s idea. So be ready by eight tomorrow night.”

I left the room as she squealed something about being excited. I don’t know really what she said and I didn’t care. I was only taking her because Mike had told me to and she better not cramp my style. I walked back downstairs to the kitchen and made me a sandwich and then walked down to the basement where we had set up the office and gym area. Jacob and Dillion were down there already waiting for me. “Dillion, stay upstairs for now. Jacob can fill you in later, I don’t want her alone upstairs.” He nodded and headed back upstairs. “So, here is the deal. I want all of our men here except for Jordan and a few other men. They will stay behind to keep things running while we take care of this shit.” Jacob looked at me in confusion.

“Okay, but what is going on? What happened at the meeting today?” I hate it when he questions me.

“That’s my business, but let’s just say that within a month we will probably be going to war with Joseph and we will need everyone we have.” He must have seen the look in my eyes because he didn’t ask any other questions. He just got on the phone and called Jordan. “Jacob, have Jordan ship me my bike.” He just nodded. Once he was done he walked back over to me.

“The men will be here on Saturday and your bike will be here tomorrow.” I nodded at him then went to work out.

Dream Sequence

I could see her smile as she ran towards me with her arms open. Then right before she reached me I heard a gunshot and saw her stop in front of me. She looked at me holding her abdomen. She pulled her hand up and it was covered in blood. She fell to the ground and I caught her just before her head hit the concrete. Her smile had faded and the only look now was fear. Then as I held her I felt her grow colder and then I looked down at her. Her face looked up at me in pain, but it wasn’t my Catherine. “Why Jensen, why did you let me die?” I tried to talk but nothing came out. “I loved you so much and you just let them kill me.” I could feel her skin as it turned cold under my hand. Finally, I managed to whisper.

“No, my love I’m sorry. I tried to stop them. Please come back to me.” When I looked down her eyes where closed and her body had turned into a rotting corpse. I started to pull away from her but a cold and boney hand grabbed my arm.

“You didn’t save me, Jensen.”

I woke up in a cold sweat. Fucking nightmares. I haven’t had them in over a year, must be because I am back here. I looked around and I was in my room alone. I threw the blanket off and went downstairs to get some water. As I approached the kitchen I could hear someone shuffling around. I slowly entered the kitchen without making a sound. The lights were all off except for the one coming from the refrigerator. I crept up to the person who was standing in front of the refrigerator and threw my arms around them. There was a small scream and then I felt the person bite my hand as I tried to cover their mouth. “Jensen, what the fuck are you doing?” The light came on and there stood Aliyah. How the fuck did she find me? I glared at her.

“What the fuck are you doing here Aliyah?” She walked back over to me slowly.

“I missed you baby. I just thought I would come surprise you.” She put her hand on my chest then reached up and slowly kissed my ear, then my neck. I was pissed though and didn’t want anything from her so I pushed her away. ”

How did you even find out where I was? You know what, I don’t want to know you, stupid bitch. Get out now!” She didn’t get mad but just smiled.

“I will leave but I am staying downtown.” She handed me a hotel room key. “Just in case you change your mind.” Then she walked past me and out the front door. Fuck, these women are driving me crazy and where the fuck was Dillion. I thought he was supposed to be on watch tonight.

I stormed out of the kitchen and out to the living room. The sight I saw pissed me off even more. The TV was on and laying on the couch was Dillion, snoring no less. I walked over and pushed the TV to the ground making a loud crash sound. Dillion jumped, pulling his gun from under the cushion of the couch. When he saw me his face went white. “What the fuck are you doing Dillion? You are supposed to be lookout tonight and you are asleep on the mother fucking job. What if I was Joseph or one of his men, you would be dead and they would probably have gotten what they came for.” He put his gun in his holster and sat up on the couch looking down.

“I’m sorry boss. I promise it won’t happen again. Please don’t kill me.” His eyes looked pathetic as he begged for his life. I should have killed his stupid ass but I didn’t, I just shook my head and walked away.

“If I catch you asleep on the job again you won’t even wake up. I don’t give second chances.” I walked back up to my room, I swear he is lucky I need him right now.

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