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A Good looking guy with a fair complexion, dark black hair, and chocolate brown eyes were looking inside the ICU through the mirror attached to the door. We can see mixed expressions on his face. Though he looked sad his eyes were spitting something unknown. He sat on the steel chair and waited for the doctor outside the ICU ward. This is his regular routine of visiting the hospital twice a day to know about his sister’s condition.

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Chapter 1

Hi Guys, I'm writing this Story for Inkitt Contest. Actually, this is not my KIND but I want to give a try.

To win this contest, I need your full support... your valuable comments... shares... and likes... I hope you will be there for me always. Thank you.


It was a rainy night. Darkness swallowed the capital (Delhi) completely as that was the very next day of “No moon day”. Adding to it, it was raining continuously but those obstacles didn’t stop Delhi cops from doing their duty. They were working under the downpour, wearing raincoats.

Police jeeps surrounded the particular building which was located in the main city. They had been gathered to investigate a murder. Even though they were not sure of it that it was a murder.

A woman was being burnt into ashes… her neighbors didn’t know about it as they didn’t hear her scream… in fact she didn’t scream.

Inspector Aman singh came to the conclusion that it couldn’t be suicide because he believed that NO WOMAN ON THE EARTH COULD HAVE THAT MUCH BRAVE NOT TO SCREAM WHEN SHE WAS ON FIRE. Of course, he was not wrong. How could a woman be not screaming when she was getting burnt? He thought logically. This is not the first case but the third case he is handling which happened in the same style. In the past three months, Delhi city faced this kind of death three times. But there was no clue about whether those are suicide or murder. The areas in which those deaths happened are the main and crowded areas. As same as the third case, the previous cases also held in the same style. No one heard the scream of the dead person, no one entered into the areas suspiciously, nor had the area people seen strangers.

One common similarity of the cases is that all the three expired people are MARRIED and WORKING WOMAN.

Inspector Aman Singh tapped his forehead by the pen tip, closing his eyes. This case won’t come under suicide. If those are murders… who is doing…? Why….? Most probably… How…? Without leaving any clues…? Not even a fingerprint. HE must be intelligent to plot these murders. What could the motive be?

Aman Singh understood the challenge which was silently growing in front of him. What bothered him was… if those were murders, will HE stop here on or will he continue? If YES then it is going to be the biggest task for him.



A Good looking guy with a fair complexion... dark black hair...and chocolate brown eyes... looking inside the ICU through the mirror attached to the door. We can see mixed expressions on his face. Though he looked sad his eyes were spitting something unknown. He sat on the steel chair and waited for the doctor outside the ICU ward. He stood seeing the doctor.

Guy: How is my sister?

Doctor: She is still the same. No improvement. I already told you, she is in coma stage. We can’t say when she will get out of it.

He nodded yes sadly.

Doctor: Don’t lose hope Mr. Arnav. We will do our best.

Guy: Thank you, Doctor…

The doctor went inside the ICU to check his sister Sadana. The guy was Arnav Singh Rahuja. His sister was admitted to the hospital. She was in the coma stage. This is his regular routine of visiting the hospital twice a day to know about his sister’s condition. Though he hears the same answer from the doctor he keeps asking that never getting tired to ask the same question. He left the hospital disappointedly.


Aman was standing in front of the commissioner.

Commissioner: We decided to hand over the case to the special team.

Obviously Aman was upset knowing that. In the past three months, he couldn’t find anything about the killer. What could he do? There was no clue about the killer. And it took three months to get confirmed that those where murder not suicide.

Commissioner: I want you to be in the team because you are the one who handles the case from the beginning.

Aman nodded yes.

Commissioner: Hope you will give your best to find the killer.

Aman: Gladly sir. Who is going to lead the team, sir?

Aman got delighted knowing the person under whom he is going to work.

Commissioner: Arnav Singh Rahuja. We have appointed him for the special case. I hope you will make a good team.

Aman: Sure sir. But the much I know, he was on OFF duty for many days.

Commi: Yes… he was not ready to rejoin. It’s me who forced him to take this case. He was not interested in the beginning and asked for time to decide. Finally… he is IN.

Aman huffed in relief. The whole department knows about Arnav’s skills. He will not give up until he succeeded. He has the capacity to get inside the place where even air couldn’t… and come out from the place where even a fire couldn’t…

And more to it, Arnav was a friendly co-worker anyone likes to work with. He handles everything casually without getting anger which was liked by all. Don’t know why he got out of the department for many days. He heard how brisk and enthusiastic person Arnav was. But by God’s grace, he is back. That’s what the department wanted.

Aman was so happy as he doesn’t want to be in UNIFORM as special team allowed to be in MUFTI. He was eager to meet Arnav as soon as possible.

To be continued…..

Note: I'm writing this story for Inkitt Horror Contest. They asked me to change the fanfiction factors. So I changed their SIR names. Please spare me. Thank you

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