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Chapter 10


Arnav went through Ankat’s chat history. He sighed… So, he is also connected to the case. The killer killed the woman Ankit had connected with. Khushi should have known about it. That’s why the killer had threatened her as the killer knows that HE is handling the case. So, if Khushi helps him then he could easily find out the killer. But it seems, it won’t happen that easily. she is in fear. He has to break her fear first. Don’t know she will give him a chance. She won’t give if he approaches her as a friend. He has to use his power… no choice…

Prince: Who is she dude? Is she one of the…

Arnav(cutting him): No…. she is not that kind of girl.

Prince: Ohh… is she beautiful?

Arnav glared at him.

Prince: Just for general knowledge….

He smiled greasily.


Khushi was stirring the gravy which she is making, learning from youtube. She put the stove on the SIM and headed to the door as she heard the calling bell sound. She got wedged seeing Arnav who was standing, folding his hands.

Arnav: I need to talk to you…

Khushi: I already told you I don’t want to talk to you. You shouldn’t be here.

She was supposed to close the door,

Arnav: Ms Kushi Gupta… ACP Arnav Singh Raizada… wants to talk to you. You can’t deny a police officer.

Khushi was thunderstruck, hearing his tone. It was a kind of WARNING. She stood, clutching the doorknob, swallowing down. FEAR was crystal clear on her face. Getting inside her flat, Arnav locked the door.

Arnav (leaning on the door): Do you think I can’t find the truth out?

Khushi was horrified. Which Truth he is talking about?

Khushi(stammering): T… truth…..?

Arnvv: You have forgotten that I’m a police officer.

Khushi: talk directly…

Arnav: Why? Don’t you know what I’m talking about?

Khushi: no…

She said looking down.

Arnav: Where were you that night? You concurred that you didn’t go to the movie. Then where did you go?

Khushi: I went to meet my friend.

Arnav: who is your friend? Give me her phone number and address.

Khushi: She left for Singapore, the day before yesterday.

Arnav: No problem. I will inquire with her family.

Khushi: She has no family.

Arnav: Then she should have stayed in the Hostel or Room. We will inquire there OR… our department will bring her here through Singapore police if needed.

Khushi: But why?

Arnav: I want to confirm that you are not lying.

Khushi: I’m not.

Arnav: Ohh… don’t you know Kalpana?

Khushi’s face drained. Kalpana is the girl who had contact with Ankat…. Khushi’s brother.

Arnav: What’s the connection between you two?

Khushi: I have no connection with her.

Arnav: Your Bhai had?

Khushi looked at him speechless.

Arnav: Look Khushi, everything to be revealed. I can’t help you if you hide the truth from me. Speak up…

Khushi: What do you want to know?

Arnav: Who spoke to you last night?

Khushi was shocked. Arnav hit the point directly. The killer is already threatening her and adding to it, Arnav...What should she do now? The killer will kill her if she says anything to Arnav. Arnav won’t hesitate to arrest her if she doesn’t say anything. What a critical situation is this?

Arnav: I know you know something about the killer. He had called you last night. Not only last night but also two times he had been calling you after Kalpana’s death. I have all your phone history.

Khushi: Who gave you the rights?

She sneered.

Arnav(calmly): Cyber Crime office… we can trace and inquire, anyone if we suspect.

He warned her indirectly. Khushi was silent.

Arnav: Tell me what happened that night? What do you know about the killer? Who is threatening you?

Khushi: Sir, please don’t ask me anything. Pooja has only me. Please don’t make her an orphan.

Arnav: Means?

Khushi: I can’t say anything about him. You are right I’m under the threat. But I can do nothing about it.

Arnav: what do you think of me? Don’t you know who I’m?

Khushi: Yes, I know you are an Assistant commissioner. You will give protection until the case gets over. What about after that? I don’t know whether it is HIM or a TEAM. What if they kill me? I don’t care about dying but about Pooja…

Arnav: Relax… I won’t let him near you.

Khushi: How? Do you know what happened yesterday? I and Pooja got escaped in fractions of seconds from a truck. I thought it was a coincidence but no. it was him who did that.

Arnav was thunderstruck.

Khushi: Sir, please… try to understand… it’s very hard to survive all alone in this society. I have to take care of Pooja. She has no one other than me. Please leave us…

She pleaded with joining hands.

If it was someone, Arnav won’t mind dragging her to the station for the inquiry. But… he didn’t even think of doing that to Khushi… he doesn’t know why. He doesn’t even understand why he is quietly, listening to her.

Arnav closed his eyes and thought for a while. He opened his eyes sternly.

Arnav: What if I give you protection forever?

Khushi(frowning): Please don’t try to manipulate me, sir… you know very well that it’s not at all possible.

Arnav: It is…

Khushi rolled her eyes sighing.

Arnav: MARRY ME…

Khushi’s shock was not estimated. She felt her throat lose its speaking ability. She hawked.

Khushi(stammering): Wh… whaaaat!

Arnav: You and Pooja will be in my protection… forever…

Khushi: Sir… please…. Please… stop it.

Arnav: Don’t you trust me?

Khushi turned opposite Arnav.

Arnav: You may think I’m just doing this to get the truth from you. You know very well that I can do it very simply… in many ways.

Khushi turned towards him shockingly.

Arnav: Can’t I? This is the turning point of OUR lives. Take the decision wisely… keeping Pooja in your mind. Because I don’t think she will get a better PHUPHA than me.

Khushi felt a few claps of thunder getting down into her body when he talked about the RELATIONSHIP.

Arnav: I don’t want to force you… for anything. Hope you understand.

He left her flat leaving stunning Kushi.

To be continued…

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