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Chapter 11


Seeing Arnav smiling, Prince widened his eyes.

Prince: Where did go you, Dude? Did you get vanished all of a sudden?

Arnav: Didn’t you ask about a girl?

Prince(excitedly): Haannnn…

Arnav: Just went to propose to her.

Prince: Whaaaaat! Propose? That’s why you didn’t say anything when I asked about her?

Arnav nodded yes folding his lips.

Prince: You should have told me if you love her.

Arnavv smiled at him.

Prince: Did she accept?

Arnav: She will…

Prince: How do you know? Does she love you?

Arnav: No…

Prince: Then? What are you going to do?

Arnav nodded NO.

Prince: Are you going to roam behind her? if yes… I have a lot of ideas…

Arnav(rolling his eyes): Keep your Romeo type ideas with you. She is not that kind.

Prince: All the girls are the same type when it comes to love. They like Romeos than gentlemen.

Arnav: I will surely take your help if needed. Now… let me concentrate on work.

Prince: Yup…

Arnav: Tell me, could you trace the killer?

Prince: it’s challenging me yaar… I couldn’t trace his location. I think he is using a satellite phone.

Arnav: Really? Isn’t it costly?

Prince: yes, if we buy… but not if we assemble.

Arnav: Could it be assembled?

Prince: School children are making matchbox size rockets for their science project these days buddy…

Arnav: Disgusting…

Prince: Yeah… such talents are used in the wrong route.

Arnav: Can’t we trace him in any way?

Prince: Maybe, with the help of a high-frequency tracking device…

Arnavv nodded yes.


Khushi’s mind was wavering in a storm. How easily does he ask for Marriage? Is he insane? Does he think marriage is a simple thing? Of course, Marriage is an unwritten protection agreement. But it shouldn’t be a scale of a mere CASE. Did he ask her just to give her protection or it was an excuse? He can’t ask all the victims the same but why only she? She bit her nail. At one point he was right. He will be the best Phupha to Pooja. In this insecure world, she couldn’t trust anyone though. Everyone is selfish here. She can’t expect the man who she marries will treat Pooja as Arnav does. What confusion is this….?

She looked at Pooja who is eating Khushi’s handmade food, making face.

Pooja: Bua… tomorrow, noodles is enough for me…

Khushi sighed. Cooking is the hardest task in the world. How easily she had teased her Bhabi’s food? She should have learnt cooking from her Bhabi. But she never allowed Khushi to do any work in the kitchen. How sweet her Bhabi was… she treated Khushi like her own sister. It’s very hard to get good company from a sister-in-law. Khushi was lucky in that but her brother Ankat didn’t value Anisha. How deeply did Anisha love Ankat? How happy they were… because of Ankat’s lusty mind, their family got demolished. Why women like Kalpana do not understand that they are destroying someone’s life? Just because they didn’t get a loving husband, how could they snatch someone’s husband? Unexpectedly, Kalpana eventually got her punishment. But who is doing these murders? Who is he? Why he is doing this? What does he want? What he is going to get doing these? What he will do if he gets to know about Arnav’s proposal? Will he do another attempt to threaten her like a truck incident? Will Arnav save her from him?

Khushi felt a tug in her shawl. She saw Pooja pulling her shawl.

Pooja: Bua, take me to the park.

Khushi: We will go tomorrow.

Pooja: No… now…

Khushi(sighing): Let’s go…

They reached the part and Pooja occupied the swing. Khushi was watching her, sitting on the cement bench. She felt relaxing when the evening breeze caressed her face pleasantly. Arnav and Prince were going out as Prince nagged Arnav to accompany him. Arnav’s legs slowed down, seeing his girl in the park. Khushi was sitting, facing her back to him. Prince who was talking with Arnav didn’t get any reply. He turned around and saw him gazing at the Park. He tapped on Arnav’s shoulder.

Arnav: Hannn…

Prince: This is not fair…

Arnav: What?

Prince: You just proposed a girl and saw another one?

Arnav: She is the girl.

Prince: You mean Bhabi…?

Arnav liked his decency in calling Khushi Bhabi. He nodded YES.

Prince: Let’s play…

Arnav: What? Don’t…

Prince: I will call your name, if she turns, she will say YES to your proposal. What say?

Arnav: I don’t have such a childish belief.

Prince: I have… you go and start the bike.

Arnav rolled his eyes and went to his bike. Though he said he doesn’t have faith his heart has been beating fast on the “result”.

Prince shouted from the building entrance.


Khushi’s head automatically rotated in the direction, making Arnav’s lips curve with a beautiful smile.

Prince rushed to his bike and sat behind him.

Prince: She saw you, dude….

Arnav started the bike and went off all the way looking at Khushi with the same smile.


Aman was a sincere police officer. He always does quality duty. He won’t wait to get his senior officer’s orders. He does always his best. According to this case, he wanted to lessen Arnav’s burden as he was handling the case from the beginning, he became so eager after Arun Prince gave them the knot of the case. He started squeezing his poor brain. Collecting all the contacts, he was checking them in order.

Taking the first murder, he was checking four phone chats.

Aradana - First murderous.

Akhilesh - Aradhna's husband.

Manohar - he was the one with whom Aradana had extramarital affaire. He was a lawyer.

Sadna - Manohar’s wife.

Aman was analyzing their phone calls. This case also had the same kind of chats as Stella’s case. Those were all capable of “A” certificate talks. He sighed… how a woman could talk such talks to a third person who is not her husband?

There were many contacts on Manohar’s phone as he was a lawyer. He had got a regular message from another woman also. she was his wife. They were all sad and heartbroken messages. it seems she got to know about Manohar's extra-marital affaire with Aradana. Poor woman. Something dragged Aman's attention. She had been stored two numbers on her FAVORITE contact list. He checked them.

Aman’s eyes went wide open seeing Arnav’s number in her favourite list, with another name. Chotte…

To be continued…

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