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Chapter 12


Aman was rolling the paperweight, thinking about how Arnav is related to the case. The city hospital receptionist said the woman who is admitted to ICU is his sister. But he lied that he came to see his friend. Why did he hide about his sister? What’s there to be hiding? He wanted to know about his sister. If he inquires about her, Arnav will get angry and he will get to know about it. How could he know about Arnav? Is suspecting Arnav right? There must be a valuable reason if he hides something. The much he knows about Arna,v, he is not a kind man who abuses his power. He could hide the matter until it remains his PERSONAL but when it related to the case, how could he be silent? Why not link the dots? Or did he already connect the dots? He is the one who brought a HACKER into the case, that too with personal interest. It seems, he wants to confirm something through Prince by checking the chatting of the murderous. The much Aman got to know about the case, all the murderers had extramarital affairs with married men. He had seen, Arnav losing his control when he talks about the kind of issues. He even pounced on Aspire Builders Ratan Sinha which was not a police officer’s duty. Until now, he didn’t submit the progress of the case to the commissioner. What’s there in his mind? If he keeps silent like this the killer will continue his job as usual. He sighed.


Prince was talking on the phone irritatingly.

Prince: Yes, sir…..

Arnav raised his eyebrows gesturing to him” What?”

Prince(on phone): Ok sir… I’m coming…

He disconnected the call.

Arnav: What happened?

Prince: My Boss needs me.

Arnav: For?

Prince: To steal someone’s detail… what else?

Arnav: It’s ok you go. I will call you if I need your help.

Prince(sighing): I’m going to miss the second important half of the thriller story yaar…

Arnav: Don’t worry… you will read the entire story in the newspaper in a few days.

Prince: Are you sure?

Arnav: Undoubtedly…

Prince: I have all the details about the case. If you want anything make a call… I will give you anything…

Arnav: Sure.

Prince: And especially the result of your proposal.

Arnav: yup…

They dashed their knuckles and hugged.


Khushi was cleaning Devi Maiya’s idol to do Moring Pooja. Whenever the phone rang, Khushi was scared to death, thinking that it’s from the killer. After Arnav’s proposal, she lost her peace of mind. But she didn’t get a call from the killer. Is not he tracing her? Or doesn’t he know about Arnav’s proposal? Who the killer is? Why does he kill women? He killed Kalpana… Khushi knew what kind of woman Kalpana was. Are all the three women also Kalpana’s type? Does he hate undisciplined women? He must get affected directly that’s why he is killing. Means… he is also like HER… Poor man…

Khushi lit the lamp and called Pooja. She came to her.

Khushi: Pooju… came and pray with me.

Pooja nodded no.

Khushi(frowning): Why?

Pooja: I don’t want to pray.

Khushi: But why?

Pooja: She takes all my beloved ones…. Mumma, papa and now, she is planning to take you.

Khushi gulped her tears.

Pooja: I like Arnav uncle… she stopped me to be friendly with him. I don’t like her. I don’t want to pray her…

Khushi hugged her crying, understanding, what she had done to this small heart. She did a blunter mistake of poisoning Pooja’s heart to solve her problem.

Pooja: Why she will kill you if I talk to uncle?

Khushi: no… she won’t… I was mistaken…

Pooja: Really?

Khushi: Yes… I mean… she said, you don't have to stop talking to him…

Pooja: Wow….

She hoped.

Pooja: I love you Devi Maiya….

Khushi: But, why do you want to talk to him?

Pooja: Because he listens to me, unlike pappa…

Khushi swallowed hard. Pooja was right. Ankat never liked to hear her talk. He lived on his mobile maximum of the time, some days, till midnight. Anisha always complained about him but they didn’t expect he had extramarital affair with someone’s wife.

Pooja: Shall I talk to uncle?

Khushi nodded yes.

At the same time, they heard a knock on the door. Khushi looked through the magic hole and got stuck seeing Arnav. She felt a kind of nervousness which she never felt before. Taking a long breath, she pulled the door. Before Arnav said anything, Pooja shouted.

Pooja: Uncle…….

She rushed to him and hugged his knee. Arnav looked at her awestruck. He raised his head with the same unbelievable expression and looked at Khushi. How Should he take this change? He kneeled in front of her.

Arnav: Will you talk to me?

Pooja: Haan… Devi Maiya permitted me to talk to you.

Arnav’s eyes shifted to Khushi who was looking at somewhere. He understood that Pooja’s change has not connected with his marriage proposal. Arnav lifted Pooja and stood up.

Arnav(looking at Kushi): Thank you…. Deva Matha…

Khushi: Pooju, you are getting late for school. Come…

Arnav: Go… we will meet in the evening. Ok?

Pooja: Okkkiiii

She got down from his arms and ran inside.

Arnav: What that means?

Khushi: I don’t want Pooja to hate God.

Arnav: Thank God you understand what you have done to the poor baby. I hope you will accept the reality.

Khushi: I need to talk to you.

Arnav amazed. Does she ready to talk about the killer or their marriage? Whatever…

Arnav: Waiting…

Khushi: I will come, dropping Pooja.

Arnav: Ok…

He said sternly.

Khushi sent Pooja to the school, after warning her that she shouldn’t talk about Arnav to anyone. Pooja agreed to her and went to the school happily.

When she got down from the elevator, she saw Arnav leaning on the wall of his flat. No doubt, he is waiting for her. She came and stood in front of him.

Arnav: You said you want to talk to me.

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav(extending his hand towards his flat): Let’s go…

Khushi stepped inside his flat. Closing the door, he went to the kitchen.

Arnav(while going): I will be back…

He came with coffee cups and stretched one to Khushi. Without denying him she took it.

Arnav: Tell me…

Khushi: Actually, I want to talk about the killer.

Arnav stopped sipping the coffee and looked at her.

Khushi: I don’t want you to punish him.

Arnav: Excuse me…

Khushi: He is killing undisciplined women…. What’s wrong with that? That kind of woman has to be killed.

Arnav: Ohh?

Khushi: You know, I wanted to kill that B*

She folded her lips, panting hard, not uttering the word. Arnav was gazing at her vulnerable state.

Arnav: He tried to kill you, remember?

Khushi: He warned me, that’s all. He could have killed me without warning. But he didn’t.

Arnav: Don’t you think this is too much?

Khushi: No, I believe he won’t kill a good girl like me.

Arnav (chuckling): I will decide about punishing him later. Tell me what happened?

At the same time, Arnav’s phone rang. He attend it hurriedly as it was from City hospital.

Arnav: Yes doctor…?

Doctor: Please come fast….

Arnav: Yeah, I’m coming… (disconnecting the call) I have to go….

Khushi: Shall I come with you?

Arnav nodded yes. They rushed out together.

To be continued…

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