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Chapter 13


Arnav came to the City Hospital with Khushi. Arnav rushed to the ICU ward where his sister was being admitted. He saw the doctor waiting for him.

Arnav: What happened Doctor?

Doctor: There is a complication in Baby’s position. The umbilical cord is around the baby’s neck.

Arnav: What we should do to protect them, Doctor?

Doctor: cesarean… We have to do it immediately to save the child.

Arnav: What about Di?

Doctor: We can say anything about her condition only after the operation. And I have already told you that we have no other choice than the operation as she is in a coma.

Arnav (nodded yes): Ok… go ahead…

Doctor: Yeah… sign the papers.

Arnav signed the papers and sat on the chair outside the OT. Khushi sat beside him.

Khushi: Don’t worry… she will be alright.

Arnav: She won’t be alright… ever…

Khushi: Why are you talking like that?

Arnav: Because she is broken down, no one can imagine. She won’t be normal even if she comes out of the Coma.

Khushi: Why? What happened to her?

Arnav: Betrayal… She had a love marriage. She was like she is the luckiest person in the world. She loved her husband madly. She enjoyed every moment of her life. She runs out like a small girl, hearing her husband’s bike sound. You know, she went to the temple only to thank God for giving such a husband. She never prayed for her betterment but only for her husband. But…Her husband was not like her. He had another woman in his life. When she got to know, she was broken down. He consoled my sister by lying. He made her believe that he left the woman but he didn’t. When my sister left her hope in him, she tried to commit suicide. She intentionally banded the car on a tree. But fate’s plan was something, she fell into a coma. She was with five months baby at that time.

Khushi: Didn’t you ask your Jeejaji anything?

Arnav: She said nothing to me. She knew I will kill him in anger. So she hid the truth. She sent me a voice message only before she tried committing suicide. then only I got to know the truth.

Khushi: Where is her husband?

Arnav: He died in an accident.

Khushi: He got what he deserved… this kind of man should not be alive.

Arnav: Do you know with whom he had extramarital affaire?

Khushi: Who?

Arnav: Aradana… the first murderous of the case.

Khushi: Whaaaat! (pause) I think the killer should have killed him….

Arnav: Maybe…

Khushi: But why he didn’t kill my Bhai?

Arnav: How did they die?

Khushi: My Bhabi’s case is also as same as your sister’s. She not only loved him but also was very possessive of him. Your sister tried to kill herself but my Bhabi wanted her husband to also die with her. She was not ready to leave him for someone. She poisoned the food and ate with him. I love my Bhabi very much. But she didn’t think about me and Pooja. She left us alone. Because of that Kalpana, we became orphans.

Arnav: That’s why you went to her home that night?

Khushi knew he would have connected the dots.

Khushi: no… I just went to wound her…. I wanted to wound her at least… to make my Bhabi’s soul rest in peace…

Arnav: Why did you go in the night?

Khushi: I got to know that her husband went to Surat. That’s why.

Arnav: Did you wound her?

Khushi: no… before I did that, the killer came there.

Arnav: Did you see him?

Khushi: Yes, he was a masked man. He had been covering his feet, palm, and face.

Arnav: What happened there?

Khushi: I went to her house. Fortunately, the door was not locked. I got inside and searched for Kalpana, taking the knife. But I didn’t find Kalpana in the living room. I heard a footsteps sound and hid behind the curtain, which was next to the door. I thought her husband is back. I stood, catching my breath. I heard Kalpana asking “Who are you?” I slowly peeped from the curtain. The masked man sprayed something on her face. Kalpana fell losing her consciousness. The next second he spill petrol on her body and fired her. I dropped the knife getting horrified. He looked at me, hearing the sound. Opening the door, I came running. I got into the bus which crossed the way. But it was not our route bus. But I was not in the condition to think about it. So, I returned to our flat at midnight. But I couldn’t expect the killer will call me. I don’t know how he got my phone number. He even said my name…

Arnav: Do you suspect anyone?

Khushi (nodding no): No… Didn’t you get any clue?

Arnav: It seems, he is planning very cautiously. We haven’t got a single clue yet.

Khushi: I think he is also one of the victims.

Arnav: I too have the same doubt.

Khushi: Mmmm…

The doctor came out of the OT…

Arnav and Khushi stood curiously.

Doctor: Baby is safe. Your sister’s condition is also fine. Her pulse was not normal… but we bring it back.

Arnav: Thank you, Doctor.

He smiled.

Khushi: Can we see the baby?

Doctor: Sure… but he needs to be incubated for a few days.

A nurse came with a cute bundle. She extended the baby to Arnav. Arnav’s eyes tear up instantly. He had the baby in his arms and stood like a statue, looking at him. Khushi took the child from him smilingly.

Khushi: Pooja would have hopped if she had seen him.

Arnav: We will bring her…

Khushi: yes, she won’t be quiet if she got to know about him.

The baby started crying.

Khushi: Ohhh… I think he is hungry.

She rushed to the nurse and she went inside, taking the baby. Arnav sat on the chair holding his head.

Khushi: What happen?

Arnav: I don’t know how I’m going to raise him…

Khushi: Yes… it’s very tough to raise a child… especially for a man…

Arnav: What about you? Won’t you be with me?

Khushi got thunderstruck. She didn’t expect this.

Arnav: You haven’t answered my question yet…

Khushi: I can’t marry you…

Arnav(feeling upset): Why?

Khushi: You want to give me protection right?

Arnav: Of course…

Khushi: What if another girl also needs protection in your upcoming cases? You may think of giving her protection…

Arnav bit his lips smilingly.

Arnav: Do you think I didn’t deal with such a case before? I had sent many protection seekers to the HOME.

Khushi: Then why for me?

Arnav: I asked you to marry me not that you need protection. It’s because I couldn’t protect my Heart from getting stolen. So I thought to arrest the thief of my heart.

Khushi couldn’t hold her smile.

Arnav: I liked you… That’s why I proposed to you. And honestly, I need someone to look after my sister’s son. You want someone to take care of Pooja… am I right?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: Let’s get married.

Khushi: but I don’t know cooking…

Arnav: We will manage.

Khushi: Rethink… you should not complain later.

Arnav: I already did that when Pooja talked about the Australia map…

Khushi laughed at him Arnav joined her.

They have no idea that their talks were heard by someone…. Aman…

To be continued….

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