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Chapter 14

Part 14

Aman got amazed, hearing their talks. They are connected to the case… Arnav openly admitted it to the girl… who is she? Why he is reciting everything about his sister to the girl, which Arnav hasn’t even shared with him? And for his shock, Arnav asked her to marry him….of course, Arnav wants someone to look after his sister’s baby. But he could get many options if he wants. Why should he marry a girl who doesn’t even know cooking? Does he really love her or he is doing this for the case?

Khushi: I have to go home. Pooja will come.

Arnav: Yeah… I will drop you

khushi: It’s ok... I will take a cab.

Arnav: Are you sure?

Khushi: Yes.

Khushi went from the Hospital whereas Arnav went to meet the commissioner. He sat straight, seeing Arnavv. Arnavv saluted him.

Comm: Any progress?

Arnav: Yes sir… I got the reason behind the murders.

Comm: Good… what’s that?

Arnav: Extra Marital affaire sir…. All the murderous had connected with another man.

Comm: Do you have proof?

Arnav: Yes sir, their chatting histories are the proofs, sir.

Comm: Ok… what next.

Arnav: I want you to declare it in media, Sir.

Comm: But…

Arnav: Then only this case will go to the next step, sir. as of now, I can’t say anything, Sir.

Comm(sighing): Ok fine… I will do it…

Arnav: Thank you, sir.

Arnav left his office with a satisfactory smile on his face.


Arnav got a parcel from Arun Prince. He opened it. It looked like a kind of electric device. Arnav saw a letter in it.

Hi Buddi, It's a COUNTER EMP device.

(Arnav Surprised. (in mind) Electro-Magnetic Pulse?)

It’s an not usual EMP device but Counter EMP…I think whenever the killer attempted the murders he is using EMP to make the entire electric device, around him go struck. If he tries to attack you in your home, he will try to stop all the cameras and phones from working. He can’t do it if you fix the device on your house door. This device will keep your devices working as usual. So, you can be relaxed and you may get a chance to catch him. I’m not sure whether he will come but I want you to be safe. That’s all. Why risk? Don't ask anything through the phone. We are being traced. if he got to know about the device then there won't be any use for it.... what about your proposal?

(Arnavv(self-talk): We are getting married…)

Convey my regards to Bhabi…

(Arnavv smiled)

Prince: See you.

Arnavv(folding the letter): interesting guy.


Kushi was applying the jam on the bread to give it to Pooja. Her phone started ringing and Khushi’s face drained. Taking a deep breath she attended the call which was from the “Private Number”. She started moving towards Arnav’s flat while talking.

“Are you going to marry Him?”

Khushi entered Arnav’s flat as his flat door was open. She saw Arnav on call. He lowered his hand, seeing her.

Khushi gestured for I'm to see her mobile and she turned on the speaker.

Khushi: Hello…

They heard a beep sound.

Khushi: He disconnected the call.

Arnav: What he says

Khushi: He asked about our marriage.

Arnav: How did he know? We didn’t talk about it on the phone…?

Khushi: I think he is stalking us.

Arnav thought for a while and marched to Khushi’s flat. Khushi followed him. Pooja smiled seeing him. He lifted her in his arms.

Arnav: Pack your and pooja’s stuff.

Khushi(confused): Why?

Arnav: You don’t have to be here alone. Come with me.

Khushi: Where are you sending me?

Arnav: Not anywhere, to my flat.

Khushi: It won’t be good. How could I stay with you?

Arnav: So what if you stay with me? What if the killer tries to harm you? Who will protect you from the killer?

Khushi: no… I just can’t…

Arnav: Ok fine… you stay here. I’m taking Pooja with me.

He walked to his flat with Pooja. Khushi blocked his way, spreading her hands.

Khushi: Just stop it.

Arnav: Are you coming or not?

Khushi: no….Try to understand this is not done.

Arnav: This is your decision?

Khushi: Yes.

She snatched Pooja from him.

Arnav: Ok fine…

He locked the door and sat on the couch.

Arnav: You don’t have to come to my flat. I will be here.

Pooja hopped.

Pooja: Heyyyy jolly….

Khushi: until we get married, we shouldn’t stay together.

Arnav: ok then. Let’s go…

Khushi: Where?

Arnav: To get married.

Khushi: Whaaaaat!

Arnav: Haannnn… you won’t stay with me until we get married, right? Then let’s get married.

Khushi: Have you gone mad?

Arnav: Nope…. You are making me mad.

Khushi: you are behaving childish who doesn’t know about marriage.

Arnav: Ohh really… nowadays I’m getting fed up, seeing people, betraying one another in the name of marriage.

Khushi: That doesn’t mean we could change the social setup.

Arnav: Who asked you to change it? I said I’m ready to marry you. You are the one who is not ready.

Khushi: It’s because marriage is not a matter to be decided in haste.

Arnav: Don’t you believe me?

Khushi got stuck.

Khushi: no… not like that.

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: Actually… I…


v: Even my co-workers don’t know about my sister and her story but you… only you… I told you everything because I trust you. Why not you? I’m calling you to my flat just to protect you. Why not you understand?

Khushi was silent.

Arnav: Ok fine… your wish.

He left her flat. Khushi shouted.

Khushi: sir….

Taking a back step, Arnav leaned backwards and looked at her.

Khushi: Wait… we will come.

She said making face.

Arnav: Finally…

He sighed and again came to her flat.

Pooja: Are we going to be together?

Arnav nodded yes.

Pooja: Woooohooo… Let’s go…

Arnav: We should take your Bua or else her mind may change.

Khushi: Actually…

Arnav: Just stop talking and come.

Taking all the required things, Khushi locked the house. Arnav’s flat welcomed them who are going to become permanent members of the flat.

To be continued…

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