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Chapter 15


Khushi had been thinking about what she doing is right. She is sitting in someone’s house who she knows for a few days. She couldn’t understand how she agreed to marry him just like that. He said he likes her and she believed him without any second thought. How? It’s because of the circumstance? Is the killer’s threat the reason?

Arnav looked at her who was making bread toast and omelettes. He kept them on the plate and forwarded them to her.

Arnav: Eat and ask me what you doubt.

Khushi looked at him amazed.

Arnav: You are thinking about how you agreed to me, right?

Khushi: ohh… I just…

Arnav: Do you think I could cheat on you?

Khushi: Honestly, I really can’t trust anyone other than me. Current happenings are not letting me think positively. No one is trustworthy here, neither men nor women….

Arnav: What can I do to make you feel secure?

Khushi: I don’t know.

She said helplessly.

Arnav: What’s the source of your income?

Khushi: Nothing… My brother bought this flat putting all our savings. He wanted to be near to his office. So we sold our house to buy this flat.

Arnav: Ok… make it as your income.

Khushi: How?

Arnav: Give it on rental and save it in your account.

Khushi: But…

Arnav: Every month, when you see the amount debiting in the account, it will give you confidence.

Khushi: you mean, is money everything?

Arnav: Not at all, but a girl indeed needs money to stand for herself. She should not be depending on anyone.

Khushi: Actually, I’m talking about…

Arnav: Trusting me… you don’t have to trust me. Be relaxed, making yourself confident. Enjoy the present. Don’t think about what will happen tomorrow. Go with the flow. Instead of getting upset, thinking about the past, that’s what you have to learn from your PAST. Ok?

Arnav is teaching her not to trust anyone. But his talks themselves made her TRUST him. She liked him “Don’t trust me” concept. What a girl needs more than a man who makes her confident? Who tells her to be an individual? Who shows the path to be happy?

Arnav: Until we get married, you will be insecure. Think about it…

Khushi: Won’t you allow me to do JOB?

Arnav: Unfortunately, NO…. until my sister’s son goes to school. But you can do any job from home, taking care of Pooja and the baby. I will give my contribution to our family as much as I can.

Khushi was surprised. This is a five years plan. It seems, he is well planned about not only hers but also about the children's future.

Arnav: And it depends on you….if you ready for OUR child or not.

OWN CHILD? She bit her nail. Damn this man…

Arnav (smilingly): Yeah… you may get fed-up with bringing up two children….

Khushi could no longer hold her blush. How could she not believe this man, who has LONG-TERM plans for their lives…? Including her niece?

Khushi: After this case, we will think about the marriage.

Arnav: What if it takes more than a year?

Khushi: One year?

Arnav: Yeah… how could we say when will the killer get caught?

Khushi: Why? Don’t you have hope?

Arnav(sighing): of course… but I don’t want you to drag the case in between us.

Khushi: Then? When do you want us to get married?

Arnav: Tomorrow?

Khushi: Why are you hurrying?

Arnav: I don’t know what to answer. However, we will get married… why not tomorrow?

Khushi sighed.

Khushi: What about your sister?

Arnav: It will be better if we don’t consider her. I will be happy if she gets cured. But I’m not ready to get disappointed, expecting about her. I thought she would be out of a coma at the time of her delivery. But it didn’t happen….

Khushi: Ok… We will get married but not tomorrow. We have to do it on an Auspicious.

Arnav: Well… go ahead…

Finally… they were ready to get married.


Not only Delhi but also the whole nation talked about the case. As per Arnav’s request, the commissioner declared the reason for the case in the media. It started spreading like fire. People discussed it on social media. Channels argued about it in the talk shows to raise their TRP. Facebook up hoard the likes. It showed how much people hated those cheap characters people.

At the same time, a set of HIGH-LEVEL people wanted to suppress the case. Undoubtedly, they were “Extramarital affaire” parties. They started to pressurize to find the killer.

But our HERO seems, not bothering about the pressure. He looked cool, doing his job cool. His office phone got many calls, regarding taking action to find the killer. Aman and Eshwar were tired of attending the calls. Eshwar was on such a call, giving answers. Arnav snatched the phone.

Arnav: Who is speaking?

Caller: It’s me Swaraj….

Arnav knew who is he… he is one of the grandees of Delhi. Arnav removed his phone. He sent Prince a message, typing Swaraj’s number.

Arnav: Yes sir…

Swaraj: When will you get the killer?

Arnav: We are working on it, Sir.

Swaraj: How long will you work on it?

Arnav: Why sir? Why are you suddenly bothering about him? The much I know, you never called us to know about any case?

Swaraj: Ohh… I just want people to be safe…

Arnav: Did you get a threat from him?

Swaraj: Whattt….. no …. No….

Arnav: Then cool sir… we will take care of him…

Swaraj: Actually, my friend got a threat…

Arnav: Ohh… then ask him to come to the station and give a written complaint.

Swaraj: How could he?

Arnav: Why not?

Swaraj: He is a reputed man….

Arnav: A reputed man could have extramarital affaire… but can’t give a complaint?

Arnav was talking, looking at the fax machine. As he expected, he got a fax from Prince. Arnav gestured Eshwar to bring it. Eshwar gave it to him. It was the chatting details of SWARAJ.

Swaraj: You don’t have to talk unnecessarily… you know who I’m? I can change you from the case if I want….

Arnav: I will gladly get out of the case, revealing all the chatting details of whoever related to this case. And for your kind information, I have just got all your chatting details… By the way, who is Bapitha? You have chatted with her so so romantically?

Swaraj (stammering): How…. How… could you….? I will complain about you…

Arnav: Do it… I will say the world what I got from your chat.

Swaraj: No… please…

Arnav: Are you scared….? Then be a good husband to your wife….

He disconnected the call. Swaraj called again but Arnav refused to speak to him.

Aman was confused and surprised. Why Arnav is doing this? Why he makes the killer popular? What he is trying to prove from this, that the killer has people support? Is that right? Won’t the killer take it in his favour? Aman was not wrong.

“Extra Marital Affaire” Parties started getting the message for the PRIVATE NUMBER.


The message made them shiver but none of them complain. How could they… after all, it’s a matter of their reputation. Many of them stopped their dishonest moves, of course, in fear…

To be continued…

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