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Chapter 17


Khushi was shocked to see the marriage arrangements. Is this what the meaning of “precious day” is?

Khushi: Marriage…?

Arnav: Didn’t I say, this is the precious day of my life?

Khushi: I thought something…

Arnvv: You promised me that you will give what I want…

Khushi: but I didn’t expect this…

Arnav: What’s your decision?

Khushi: Decision?

Arnav: When you are ready to marry me, why should we delay? You wanted it to happen on an auspicious day right? (to Panditji) Panditji… is this a good day?

Pandit: Yeah…. This is indeed an auspicious day…

Arnav: Now, tell me…

Khushi rushed from the place without saying anything.

Arnav(shouting): Khushiiii…

Khushi didn’t stop but Arnav followed her. He saw her standing in front of Devi Maiya’s idol… closing her eyes...with joining hands. He slowed down his steps, letting her pray.

Khushi(in mind): Hey Devi Ma… my life had taken an unexpected turn already. From here on, I’m submitting my life to your feet. My life is your responsibility… please, lead me.

Khushi opened her eyes and saw Pooja happily roaming around the temple. She looked at Devi Ma’s idol. Is this what she wants her to do? Of course, Pooja also is one of the reasons she decided to marry Arnav. Turning around, she saw Arnav who was waiting for her, YES and she nodded yes. Arnav sighed in relief.

Arnav showed his hand towards the holy fire, like, “shall we?” Khushi went with Arnav and sat in front of it. Arnav knew Khushi is nervous. Her face looked restless. She will be alright he supposed. Seeing them sitting together, Pooja ran to them and sat beside Arnav happily.

Pooja: What are you doing?

Arnav: I’m getting married to your Bua.

Pooja: Really?

Arnav nodded yes.

Pooja: Heyyyy… Ansh will be with me….

She hopped.

Arnav tied the mangal sutra around Khushi’s neck and filled the patrician. Panditji asked them to take pheras. They took pheras joining fingers… the first-ever touch….

Panditji announced them as a couple.

Lifting Pooja in one hand, Arnav clutched Khushi’s hand in another. He walked off the Temple, taking Khushi's responsibilities on his shoulders.

Taluk Office

NK became excited, seeing Aman in the office.

NK: Hi… jeejaji…

Aman: How are you?

NK was stuck as Aman didn’t oppose him calling him Jeejaji.

NK: I’m great… why are you here? Do you want to know anything about Megna?

Aman: Not about Megna but about Aradana…

NK (frowning): Aradana? Who is she?

Aman: The first murderous…

NK: But she worked in Delhi high court… her husband was my colleague. Poor man… he loved his wife very much…

Aman: Do you know everyone who is working in the revenue department?

NK: Almost… people share all the information about co-workers while doing their job. It makes them brisk you know?

Aman: Is gossiping about someone’s personal life your time pass?

NK: Everyone does…

Aman: How are your mother and sister?

NK wondered. Aman never talks about his sister.

NK: Yeah… they are fine…

For more to NK’s surprise,

Aman: Where is your house? Won’t you invite me?

NK: Ohh actually, they are not here…

Aman: What do you mean?

NK: They are still in Ghaziabad.

Aman: you said you came here only to meet me often… because your sister wants to meet me?

NK: Actually, I’m a bit busy here… I didn’t get time to shift our house.

Aman: What’s the necessary for you to do that on your own? There are many parcel services available in Delhi. They will pack your whole house in Ghaziabad and arrange them in Delhi…

NK: It won’t come into my budget… So, I’m waiting for my leave…

Aman: Ohh… when will go to Ghaziabad usually?

NK: Every weekend.

Aman: Okk fine… I’m leaving.

NK nodded Ok. He sensed the difference in Aman’s approach. Is Aman suspecting him? NK suspected Aman…


Arnav and Khushi came to THEIR flat with Pooja.

Arnav(unlocking the door): Sorry, I have no one to welcome you by circling thali and all…

Khushi: understood…

Pooja ran inside before them. Khushi was about to enter, she got rooted at the same place. She felt her legs paralyzed. Arnav entwined his fingers with hers. She looked at their hands and then Arnav who was smiling at her.

Arnav(pressing her hand gently): Now, you can step in.

Though Khushi felt a kind of skittishness they stepped in… together… joining hands…

Ordered food arrived for dinner. They had silently. Pooja was the only one who talked non-stop.

Arnav looked so cool whereas there was a restlessness in Khushi’s heart. After all, that was their FIRST NIGHT. She has no idea about how Arnav is going to take the next step. Should she stay with Arnav? Until yesterday, she stayed with pooja. What now? Pooja will question if she stays with Arnav. Arnav will question if she stays with Pooja. What should she do now? Pooja won’t understand… she is a kid. But, Arnav will understand... Would he understand?

Though Arnav looked cool he also thought the same. He wanted to see what Khushi is going to do.

After cleaning the dining, Khushi switched on the TV and kept Pooja’s favourite Cartoon channel. Pooja watched it lying on her lap. Khushi knew Pooja will sleep soon. She also leaned on the couch, closing her eyes. Though she didn’t get the sleep she had no choice other than to be pretending. Arnav smirked seeing her.

Arnav(murmuring): Smart move.

After a while, Pooja dozed off. He lifted pooja in his arms and took her to their room. Keeping her on the bed, he came to the living room and tried to wake Khushi up.

Arnavv(tapping her cheek gently): Khushi…

Nope… there is no response from Khushi.

Arnav(sighing): No choice…

He scooped her in his arms making Khushi’s heart beat faster. She faced a tough time pretending to be sleeping. More than that, she was scared that Arnav may hear her rushing heartbeat as it was drumming like ever before. Arnav started walking and Khushi was nervous about, whose room he is taking her.

To be continued…

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