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Chapter 18


Khushi sensed he is taking her to Pooja’s room when Arnav took the right-side turn. He kept her on the bed beside Pooja. Khushi felt relief but it was not lasting for even a while. She jerked hearing Arnav’s stance.

Arnav(in her ear): I know you haven’t slept yet…

Khushi opened her eyes and gulped.

Arnav: Relax… good night.

He left the room, switching off the light.

Khushi sat on the bed, hitting her head.

Khushi(self-talk): what have you done, Khushi….? First day itself you got caught… Ohhh God… don't know what ACP is thinking….

She continued blabbering…

Arnav was on the bed smiling. His wife should have forgotten that he is a police officer. She looked cuter than Pooja while sleeping. He chuckled. Let’s have fun with Khushi Singh Raizada…

He closed his eyes…

Next morning

Khushi was preparing coffee for herself. Without coffee, her morning won’t be refreshing. And she badly wanted one as the headache is killing her as she didn’t get proper sleep last night in the fear of how to face Arnav.

When she poured the coffee into the cup, she felt a hot breath on her neck. She heard…

“Good morning”

No need to say who it was. She closed her eyes tightly, folding her lips.

Arnav: Hope you had a good sleep…

He looked at her face tilting his head.

Arnav: What happened?

Khushi nodded No…

Taking the coffee cup, Arnav sipped it.

Arnav: Not bad. You are not adding excess sugar.

Kushi(hesitatingly): oh…. Last night… I was…

Arnav: Yeah… how could you leave Pooja alone in the room?

Khushi smiled awkwardly nodding yes.

Arnav: I can understand. We can’t be together, leaving Pooja baby alone.

Khushi’s face became pleasing little by little.

Arnav: I don’t think it’s necessary to have the First night.

Khushi looked at him like “are you this much good?”

Arnav smiled and left the kitchen with the coffee cup. Khushi was on cloud nine. She looked at Arnav when he knocked on the door.

Arnav: Everything can be changed, according to our comfort. We will arrange FIRST DAY… sending Pooja to school. What say?

Khushi looked at him like “he was a ghost”

Arnav: Don’t widen your eyes a lot… your eye balls may fall.

He left the place controlling his laugh.

Khushi was hesitating to make Pooja ready for the school. She prepared bread toast, boiled eggs, and orange juice.

Arnav came to the dining, talking on the phone.

Arnav: I will be there in half an hour.

Khushi’s eyes smiled more than her lips.

Arnav: Yeah… sure…

He disconnected the call.

Arnav: I have to go… maybe, will be late… Be safe. Don’t open the door unless the person is familiar to you.

Khushi nodded ok.

After stuffing a few pieces of bread in hin mouth with orange juice, he stood.

Arnav: Call me if you want anything. Ok?

Khushi: Sure.

Arnav: Anything means Anything….

He smirked.

Arnav: Bye…

Khushi sat on the chair… frowning.


When Arnav got into the office, Akhilesh was waiting for him.

Akhilesh: Good morning, sir.

Arnav: You here?

Akhilesh: I came here yesterday to meet you sir but Aman sir, said you just left.

Arnav: Yeah… Tell me.

Akhilesh: I have to go to Ghaziabad for my friend’s marriage. So I’m here to get your permission.

Arnav: Ok, write a brief statement and give it to Eshwar, signing it.

Akhilesh: Sure sir.

Arnav: When are you going?

Akhilesh: Tonight, sir.

Arnav: Call me, once you returned.

Akhilesh: Sure sir.

Akhilesh submitted the statement to Eshwar and came out. Aman pulled him aside.

Akhilesh: Sir, you? What happened, sir?

Aman: I want to know something.

Akhilesh: About what, sir?

Aman: Find out, why NK got the district to transfer to Delhi.

Akhilesh: He is in the Taluk office… I’m in Collector office… how could I, sir?

Aman: NK told me, everyone knows about everyone….?

Akhilesh was silent.

Aman: Could you?

Akhilesh nodded yes.

Aman: Thank you.

Akhilesh: I will be back to Delhi the day after tomorrow. I will try to gather information about NK.

Aman: Ok…


Arnav was sitting on the table, rolling the paperweight. Something hit his mind. He took the last murder case file and went through it. He checked it again and again. Didn’t Khushi say, she went to Kalpana’s house with a knife? But there was no record of any KNIFE in the report. He frowned. Khushi said, she dropped the knife in Kalpana’s house and the killer looked at her hearing the knife sound. Would she come, taking the knife? No… Khushi didn’t say so. Police also didn’t find such a knife in Kalpana’s house. Then where is the knife? What if the knife is with the killer? Khushi’s fingerprints are there on the knife… what if he traps Khushi in some other case?

He took the phone to dial Khushi. But he stopped. It won’t be wise to talk to Khushi from the office. He left the office hurriedly.

To be continued…

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