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Arnavv Singh Raizada was going through the case file. His face looked like crystal clear water. The file also looked the same. There was nothing in that. He kept the file aside and raised his head. Aman saluted him.

Aman: Aman Mathur reporting, Sir.

Arnav nodded yes.

Aman: Glad to be with you, sir.

Arnav: You may feel upside down soon.

Aman was bewildered.

Arnav (with stern expression): Working with me won’t be easy.

Aman: I heard it will be an awesome experience.

Arnav: Department is cheating on you guys. Don’t believe that.

Aman shrank his eyes thoughtfully.

Arnav: You are the one who was handling the case right?

Aman: Yes sir.

Arnav: I wonder, in the past three months, won’t you get any clues about the killer?

Aman: At first, we are not sure that those can be murder, sir.

Arnav: Why?

Aman: Because it is held in crowded areas only. No one entered the area suspiciously. And the person who got burnt didn’t shout, sir.

Arnav: Why not the person belongs to the same area?

Aman: No sir… all the three murders were held in different areas. If it was in one particular area then we can suspect, sir.

Arnav: Any CCTV camera footage?

Aman: No sir, at the time of the murders, the power supply got cut, sir.

Arnav: Was it happened all the three-time of the murder?

Aman(hesitatingly): Yes sir…

Arnav: then those must be murder. Someone should have cut the power supply before doing the murder.

Aman: You are right sir. But we didn’t find anyone entering the buildings. We checked the CCTV footage.

Arnav: Hmmm… any fingerprints?

Aman: No sir.

Arnav: What about the family members?

Aman: We inquired them, sir. We couldn’t get anything from them, sir.

Arnav: Let’s start from the beginning.

Aman: Sure sir.

Arnav: Who are the women?

Aman: Aradana Tiwari, Megna Dhata, Stella Mary.

Arnav: Tell me the details about them

Aman: It's all in the file sir.

Arnav: Won’t YOU (he stressed) tell me?

Aman: Sure sir…

Arnav: Shoot.

Aman: Ariadna was working in the Delhi high court as a clerk and resided in Indira Nagar. Megna was working in the revenue department and resided in the Government quarters of Sarojini Nagar. Stella Mary was a private-sector worker. Her house is in Laxmi Nagar.

Arnav: Any similarities?

Aman: All the three are working and married women sir. Their workplace, department, residence, and status everything is different. They studied in different schools, colleges, and most probably they have age differences too. So they couldn’t be the same batch.

Arnav: hmmm… What do you think? It will stop here on or….?

Aman: If the killer has enough knowledge about our department, he will stop knowing, who is handling the case, sir.

He tried to cherish Arnavv.

Arnav (plainly): So, you are the reason for the other two murders?

Aman(shockingly): Whaaat!

Arnav: Yeah… he would have stopped with the first murder if he had been scared about your skill. He continued because he knows you won’t get him right…?

It was a taunt but anyone needs very good talent to deliver it without a smile on his face like Arnav did. Aman didn’t expect his word can backfire him. He didn’t know how to react to it.

Arnav: I don’t like the person who prizes me in front of my face. Understood?

Aman nodded yes.

Arnav: I don’t think he will stop… he should have a motive behind this. He will continue… until he gets satisfied.


Arnav got down from the jeep and went to his flat. There was a death in his flats… on his floor… he never knew who was in the house. A couple committed suicide. Their four years daughter was calling them back miserably. Arnav gulped hard seeing the child. What dragged his attention was, a GIRL. She was screaming “Bhabiiiii…” Arnav amazed. A couple committed suicide. a girl was crying for her BHABI leaving her BHAI behind. How strange… She looked so pitiful. Her face became red. She should have cried continuously. Her fair completion showed her face more pitied. Her pinky face told him the story. The baby tried to wake her parents up. The girl hugged the child which made everyone around them sad. He heard people speaking about them.

Woman: Poor girl… don’t know how she is going to survive with the child all alone.

Woman2: Haan… her Bhabi pampered Khushi a lot like her own daughter….

Woman: It’s not easy for a girl to live in this society without a helping hand.

Woman2: Khushi doesn’t even know anything…

Arnav looked at the girl Khushi whom the women talked about. He went to his flat and closed the door. Don’t know why his mind wandered around the death sequence. After all, it was a typical police mind.

It was not hard for him to divert his mind. He easily does that with case files. But if he finds something weird, he faces a tough time with his mind.

Arnav didn’t have the habit of referring to the case file again and again. He just goes through it for once but thoroughly. He put the file down only when he gets clear of everything.

Taking one full hour, he charted the idea of how to take the case ahead and fell on the bed thinking about his tomorrow’s inquiry. He is having the very biggest task to handle. But in between that, he doesn’t know why his mind thinking about Khushi again and again. Her “crying face” was flashing even behind his closed eyes.

Next Morning

Arnav came out and locked his flat. His eyes fell on the opposite door which was being closed. He sharpened his ears and listen to whether he could hear anything from the house. But he didn’t… he left the place. When he came downstairs, he saw Aman waiting for him. Arnav liked his interest. They got in the jeep and the driver Mohan started the jeep.

Aman: What’s our first task, sir?

Arnav: We are going to meet, the first murdered, Aradana's husband.

Aman: He is working in the collector office, sir.

Arnavv: Go to the collector office and ask our team to reach there.

They travelled towards the collector office. Arnav gestured to Aman and he went to inquire. He came back in a few minutes.

Aman: His name is Akhilesh, working in the Adhar card department. But he was not at the office, sir. He became irregular after her death sir.

Arnav got down from the jeep and headed towards the Adhar card department and Aman followed him with a Sub Inspector. He saw a woman working on the PC. He introduced himself.

Arnav: I’m Assistant Commissioner Arnav Singh Raizada…

The woman got up from her seat.

Arnav: Please be seated. I just want a few answers.

Woman: Yes sir.

Arnav: Your good name?

Woman: Sita…

Arnav: Sita, tell me about Akhilesh and his relationship with his wife.

Arnav gestured to the sub-inspector and he started noting down her statement.

Sita: He is a very good man sir. He helps his co-worker without getting irritation…. is very sincere… very loyal. It’s very hard to find such a worker in a government office, sir. And about his marriage life, he had been married for ten years. He loves his wife very much. They shared very good bonding, sir… such a mutual couple. They were not blessed with a child but it never lessened the love for his wife. He was devastated after her death. He is not even coming to the office after that. He was never like this sir. He hardly takes leave before her death.

Arnav: Do you have his number?

Sita: Yes sir but… he is not attending any phone calls.

She gave them his number.

Arnav: Thank you for your information, Sita.

Sita: You welcome, sir.

They came out of the Adhar department. Aman was about to head towards the jeep but stopped seeing Arnav going towards the Election department. He followed him frowning. He saw the head of the Election department Tahsildar Hamid Ansari assigning work to his Zonal Deputy Tahsildar. He raised his eyebrows, seeing Arnav. Arnav introduced himself and Ansari shook hand with him. Arnav shot the same set of questions to Ansari and got the same set of answers. He thanked him and left his cabin.

Aman: Sir, he is working in the Adhar department and you are inquiring about him in the other department…?

Arnav: Sita said, Akilah is a loyal employee. If he is loyal, he must be popular in between the higher officials. Everyone knows him. And, we can’t close the file with one person because we don’t know what kind of relationship they share. In the workplace, no one could be good for everyone and bad for everyone. We will back to the collector office after meeting Akilah.

Aman: bravo sir…

Arnav: I told you I don’t like a person who prizes me.

He warned.

Aman: Sorry sir…

Arnav: We have to meet Akhilesh. Ask him where is he.

Aman: But sir, Sita told us that he is not attending any calls…

Arnav: Just try… however, we will go to his house.

Aman tried his number… as they expected he didn’t attend the call for the first time. He tried again and he attended… Aman told him the matter and he called them to his house. Aman disconnected the call.

Aman: It seems, his co-workers never called him for the second time.

He chuckled so did Arnav. They headed towards Akhilesh's house.

To be continued…

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