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Chapter 20


NK was looking at Arnavv and Kushi’s retiring figures. They got married? When he met Kushi in the Taluk office, Arnavv didn’t even want her to know that he is helping her. But today, they are a couple. How? How did Arnavv made Kushi agree to the marriage?

NK felt a touch on his shoulder. He saw Akilesh standing with a gift pack.

NK: Hi, what are you doing here?

Akilesh: I came to buy a gift for my friend’s wedding.

NK: Hope you alright…

Akilesh nodded yes sighing.

NK: I’m sorry…

Akilesh: It’s ok…

NK: She shouldn’t have done like that…

Akilesh: It’s not good to blame only her…

NK (frowning): What do you mean?

Akilesh: Mistake was mine too… I should have given my time to her. I stayed busy, concentrating on my work. She got slipped in the gap of my busy schedule.

NK: I can’t understand how you could put blame on yourself.

Akilesh: What can I do? Everything is over… I made my wife do mistake… I failed to make her feel special, giving her my time.

NK (angrily): I can’t accept what you say. Marriage means, mutual understanding… Husband and Wife should understand one another’s situation instead of giving an excuse for their dirty acts. (pause) How could she easily slip? How deeply you loved her?

Akilesh: That’s why I couldn’t hate her.

NK(controlling his anger): Your wife must be a stupid. She had been collecting stones leaving a diamond behind.

Akilesh: Husbands should think one thing… we shouldn’t give excuses not to be with them.

NK was looking at him who was chocking.

Akilesh: Because we may busy… but not all the men in the world are… While we are giving excuses… other men will be ready to spend enough time to trap someone’s wife…

He said sadly.

NK: What about the case progress?

Akilesh: It’s moving in TORTOISE speed. I was so happy when Arnavv sir taken over the case but he alerted the killer by revealing the reason.

NK(hesitatingly): Do you have any idea… who could be the killer?

Akilesh: Arnavv sir also asked the same… but I don’t know…

NK: I think, Manohar apart, there could be someone in her life…

Akilesh: What do you mean?

NK: I mean, she might have been related to another one too… because if she could cheat on her own husband, she could cheat on Manohar too…

He said gritting his teeth.

NK: This kind of woman should be killed….

Akilesh(painfully): I should leave. See you…

Akilesh left the place, leaving angry NK.


Arnavv unlocked the door.

Kushi: Was that you?

Arnavv: What?

Kushi: Was that you who asked NK to help me?

Arnavv: What do you think?

Kushi: I though he is helping me by mistake… thinking me some other Kushi…

Arnavv: Ohh…

Kushi: Why?

Anavv: Means?

Kushi: Why did you help me?

Arnavv: I just felt to…

He went inside.

Kushi: That’s all?

Arnavv stopped moving smiling.

Kushi: Why did you help me when I didn’t ask you to help me?

Arnavv: I felt pity on you, seeing you struggling with Pooja. So I helped you to get the certificates. Or else you couldn’t have got the certificate in one day.

Kushi: I know…

Arnavv (controlling his smile): Don’t think I would help all the girls who I meet.

Kushi (seriously): NO… I won’t think… but…why only for me?

Arnavv: Mmmm… That was the plan to trap you…

He bit his lip.

Kushi: You are lying.

Arnavv: Really?

Kushi: If you had done that to trap me, you should have let me know that. You should not hide it from me.

Arnavv: Mmmm… not bad… it seems, you are a typical police officer’s wife… in fact, every wife is… when it comes to catch their husband.

He laughed…

Kushi: You have changed the topic, ACPsir…

Arnavv: ACPsir? Like really? We got married, remember?

Kushi: So?

Arnavv: You can call me Arnavv…

Kushi: Arnavv?

Arnavv: Why?

Kushi: Don’t know why. I can’t …

Arnavv: You have to…

Kushi: Ok, I will… when I feel to…

She went to the kitchen to keep the health drink bottle. When she turned to come out of the kitchen, Arnavv stood blocking the entrance.

Kushi looked at him raising her eyebrows.

Arnavv: Stop calling me ACP sir like others.

Kushi: I said I will call your name when I feel to call you.

Arnavv: Do you need my “contribution” to make you call my name?

Kushi nodded no…

Arnavv: What’s the scale?

Kushi: Nothing… Do you know, people believe that ACP Arnavv is a very strict officer…?

Arnavv(frowning): Really? Who asked them to believe that? It’s not my mistake though.

Kushi: Step aside from the path and let me go.

Arnavv: But our paths are the same I suppose.

Kushi(rolling her eyes): I’m not talking about those paths. Let me go.

Arnavv: No…

Pooja saw them arguing.

Pooja: Bua… do what you always do with me.

Arnavv(frowning): What she does?

Pooja: If I block her way, she kisses me to get me away from the path.

Kushi’s eyes became extra-large in size whereas Arnavv suppressed his smile at her expression. She looked at him at the corner of her eyes.

Arnavv touched his inner cheek by his tongue smiling. Pushing him, Kushi came out of the kitchen.

Arnavv: This is cheating… Rules should be the same for everyone. Am I right Pooju?

Pooja: Right…

Kushi: Shhhhh…

Arnavv: Don’t dominate weaker like us…

Kushi: Weaker and you?

She nodded NO rolling her eyes.

Arnavv: What else your Bua does?

Pooja: She kicks a lot while sleeping…

She giggled.

Arnavv(chuckling): Really? Ohh God… it seems, I got cheated a lot… your Bua married to me, hiding many truths from me.

Kushi dropped her jaw.

Arnavv: But I don’t have to worry about it…

Kushi waited to hear “why” expecting him to say. But Arnavv left the sentence incomplete and intended to go to his room, Kushi stopped him asking…

Kushi: Why?

Arnavv(looking at her): What?

Kushi: Why won’t you bother?

Arnavv leaned towards her ear.

Arnavv: how could you kick me, if you will be under or above me?

Kushi’s face emitted extreme shock. He stroked her nose by his index finger.

Pooja: Phupa…

Arnavv: Yes baby…

Pooja: You got married to Bua right?

Arnavv: Hann…

Pooja: Then why are you sleeping alone? Dad and Mom always sleep together…

Arnavv(smilingly): Really?

Pooja: Haan… hai na Bua?

Arnavv: Is it Bua?

He teased Kushi, calling her BUA like Pooja does.

Kushi: I will bring you something to eat.

She escaped from them, leaving smirking Arnavv.

To be continued…..

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