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chapter 21


Aman was sitting at the balcony of the police quarters… he wondered… Arnav married Khushi… Why did Arnav marry her secretly? What’s necessary? And more to his surprise; NK’s anger. He knew NK for years… he had never seen NK getting angry like that….

Yes, he was there in the shopping centre when Arnav came with Khushi and met NK. Undoubtedly, he doubted NK. He was following NK to get clarity. The much he know, NK is a comedian of his circle. He never takes anything serious even though people tease him. This is the first time; he is seeing him getting angry. He decided to dig more about NK.


Pooja brought Arnav to her room, clutching his finger. Khushi who was folding clothes got stuck.

Pooja: You too sleep with us. You will feel scared if you sleep alone.

She said childishly.

Arnav: You are so good you know? Your Bua doesn’t care about me as you do.

He said looking at Khushi… which made pooja delighted.

Pooja: I will take care of you.

Arnav: Thank you…

Khushi: She is a child… she knows nothing…

Arnav: What about you? Don’t you know anything?

Khushi: You also know everything. Situations… circumstance… everything…

Arnav: Yeah… that’s why I’m JUST (he stressed) talking…

Before Khushi replied, her phone rang… Khushi sighed seeing the name.

Arnav: What…? Whose call is that?

Khushi(keeping her index finger on her lips): Shhhhh…

Arnav flinched, widening his eyes.

Khushi: Pooja’s Nani…

Arnav: Ohh…

Khushi attended the call.

Khushi: Jee aunty… how are you…

Nani: Fine beta… how is pooja?

Khushi: She is also a fine aunty.

Nani: Actually, Anisha’s(Khushi’s Bhabi) sister is coming from Mumbai tomorrow. She wants me to be with her in Mumbai. I think I will shift to Mumbai.

Khushi: That will be a good idea, aunty.

Nani: I will leave Delhi the day after tomorrow. I will be happy if Pooja stays with me for one day.

Khushi: ohh… but I don’t think Pooja will stay with you.

Nani: She will… she likes to play with my grandson Nakul. I mean, Anisha’s sister’s son.

Khushi: Ohh… Ok, aunty…. I want to tell you something.

Arnav understood what she wants to say. Her hesitation proved that.

Khushi: I got married….

Nani(shockingly): Whaaaat? When?

Khushi: Two days ago.

Nani: Who is he? Do you love him? Why didn’t you invite me?

Khushi: It was not planned…

Nani: Please, declare you married as soon as possible, beta. It’s not recommended to keep the marriage secret because you have none…

Khushi: He is a police officer… he is busy in an important case…. We will declare our marriage after the case.

Nani: Police officer? Ok… I will come tomorrow to take Pooja with me.

Khushi: Jee.

They disconnected the call.

Khushi looked at Arnav who was gazing at her.

Arnav: What did she say?

Khushi nodded NO.

Arnav: She’s not wrong.

He removed his phone.

Arnav: Do you have a Facebook account?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: Accept my friend request.

He sent a friend request to Khushi and she accepted it. Circling her shoulder, he captured a selfie with Khushi. Khushi looked at him surprisingly. The next minute, Khushi got a notification. Arnav had changed his marital statue “Got Married to Khushi Gupta” with the pic which he captured with Khushi.

Arnav: Our marriage reached out to our friends…Happy?

Khushi: Are you always like this?

Arnav: Like…? What?

Khushi: Deciding in seconds…?

Arnav: But it never goes wrong. That’s what matters.

Khushi: Hopefully…

Messages started fulfilling their inboxes. People kept wishing them “happy married life”, “congratulations” “God bless you”

And a few friends got angry for not inviting them for the marriage. Khushi started answering whereas Arnav lay down on the bed with Pooja.

Khushi: Pooju, Nani will come tomorrow…

Pooja: I won’t go with her.

Khushi: Nakul is coming to meet you…

Pooja(excitedly): Is Nakul coming?

Khushi: Yes… he wants to be with you. that’s why Nani wants to take you to her house.

Pooja: Hey… jolly…

Arnav: Who is Nakul?

Pooja: He is also my brother like Ansh.

Arnav’s lips curved into a smile. Pooja is a sweet girl. There is no space for envy in her mind.

Pooja: He plays with me.

Arnav: So, you will be happy with him then?

Pooja: Haannn…

Arnav: Ok… tomorrow, you can play with him the whole day. Now, sleep.

Pooja: You will be here, right?

Arnav(looking at Khushi): Yeah…

Pooja laid down on the bed. He waited until pooja sleeps. Arnav got down from the bed and stood in front of Khushi.

Arnav: I’m sorry I hurried our marriage. Because of me, you are suffocating.

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: But I have no choice… I have had to do it…

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: Who could miss such a beautiful girl?

He said with his lopsided smile.

Khushi: Stop joking…

Arnav: Joking…? My reason? Or my answer?

Khushi: Both…

Arnav: Why? Are not you beautiful?

Khushi: You would have seen many beautiful girls in your life…

Arnav: But I had never seen such a girl who is on the same wavelength as mine.

Khushi (confusingly): What wavelength?

Arnav(getting serious): After my sister’s accident, I never wanted to get married because I was not ready to trust anyone. Everything is fake here. There is no respect for the relationship. Disgusting disguises… no one is loyal here… Everyone is hiding their real faces behind the masks.

Khushi nodded yes…

Khushi: Even I felt the same.

Arnav: I know… you are feeling the same… even now…

Khushi gulped.

Arnav: I got to know how much you hate such women when you went to Kalpana’s house to wound her. There… I got hope that good girls still exist… because the girl who hates such a woman must be a good girl. That day I had fallen for you. You assured me of loyalty. I started loving you…

Khushi had been gazing at him…

Arnav: I hope, you understand what I want to say. You don’t have to be scared of me and our relationship. I won’t say I will be loyal to you… because hope can’t be given by words… but only by action… it may take throughout our lifetime… right?

Khushi nodded yes smilingly. It seems she had gotten hope on him. And Arnav understands that.

Arnav: Go to sleep… Tell pooja, that I left to my room in the morning only…

Khushi nodded Ok.

Arnav(sighing): Such a coldblooded woman you are…

Khushi looked at him frowning.

Arnav: How emotionally I have spoken? Still, you are sending me to my room? All my effort is wasted…

Khushi (sighing): Please stop making me nervous with your conflictive statements…

Arnav smiled…

Arnav: Are you getting confused…? In trusting me?

Khushi turned without answering… Arnav clutched her hand.

Arnav: I am also equally affected like you. I know how betrayal pains… I’m making fun doesn’t mean it is fun.

He left her hand and about to go to his room,

Khushi: You… you can stay here…

Arnav: Don’t trust me easily. I may ruin your trust…

Taking a paperweight from the table, Khushi raised her hand to throw it on him. Arnav flinched widening his eyes and chuckled at her so did Khushi.

Arnavv: May I…?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: I will be on the couch…

Khushi nodded ok.

Arnav: But I’m not sure if I stay on the couch for the whole night…. Leave a little space for me beside you…

Khushi(switching the light off): Good night.

She lied down not giving him an answer because he will counter for sure.


A man; who was on the bed suffocating… thinking about a few dialogues…

“He cheated on me Chotte… I don’t want to live anymore. I can’t tolerate this betrayal Chotte”

“You will pay for snatching my husband from me. I curse you… you will surely pay back”

The first sentence was said by Sadna… Arnav’s sister…

The second sentence was said by a woman who killed herself, because of her husband’s extramarital affair. She cursed Megna, the second murderous.

The man closed his eyes thinking about them while caressing the place where he just got operated on.

To be continued…

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