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Chapter 22


Arnav sat on the couch, jerking. He looked at Khushi, who woke him up, tapping his feet.

Arnav: What happened, Khushi?

Khushi: I’m going to wake up Pooja.

Arnav: Ohh…

He got down from the couch and went to bed. Before Khushi stopped him, he lay on the bed.

Khushi: Actually, I want you to go to your room.

Arnav: Why? Pooja asked me to be here.

Khushi: If she sees you on the bed, she will expect you to be here every day.

Arnav: Really?

He tapped Pooja, making Khushi drop her jaw. Pooja opened her eyes slowly and smiled brightly, seeing Arnav.

Pooja: Good morning phupa…

Arnav: Good morning baby…

Pooja: Did you sleep here?

Arnav: Of course, how won’t I sleep here when you want it?

He said looking at Khushi who was glaring at him.

Arnav: Get ready for school. You have to go to Nani’s house in the evening.

Pooja: Ohh yes…

She got down from the bed and went to the washroom.

Khushi: What have you done?

Arnav: What I have done?

Khushi: pooja questions a lot…

Arnav: So?

Khushi: She questions you if you sleep on the couch.

Anrav: Don’t worry… I won’t give her a chance to question.

Khushi: Means?

Arnav: I will sleep on the bed… simple…

He left the room smilingly, leaving sighing to Khushi.


Khushi was preparing rotties. No matter how she tried… she couldn’t make a ROUND shape. She made not only Australia but also a few countries’ maps.

Khushi: Ohh God… don’t know how Amma and Bhahi made it perfectly…

She blabbered.

“It’s because they were experienced”

She turned her head towards the entrance, hearing the sentence. Arnav was smiling at her.

Arnav: Practice makes not only a man but also a woman perfect.

Khushi: But Bhabi never let me cook.

She said wearily.

Arnav: Ok fine… I will teach you…

As Kushi didn’t expect, he came and stood behind her. Taking a dough ball, he kept it on the chapatti pin. Clutching her hands from behind, he taught her how to roll the dough into a round shape.

Arnav: Keep your left-hand stable and rotate the roller slowly by the right hand. The dough will get a round shape automatically.

What do you guys think? Would Khushi have learnt rotti making? Think of her state, her husband who never hugged her is teaching her rotti making, hugging her from behind. He should be the only one who taught rotti making in this WAY… And Khushi must be the only girl who got arrested in between a man’s arms while learning making rotti.

Arnav: Will you do it?

Khushi nodded yes looking at the dough.

Arnav kept his hands on her shoulders.

Arnav: Try one…

He said, standing behind her.

Is he casual or he is pretending to be…? Does he know what he is doing? Yes, he knows very well what he is doing.

Taking a dough ball, she drenched it on the floor and did what he taught. Poor girl, she couldn’t make it though.

Arnav took a tiffin box and pressed the dough. Khushi opened her mouth delightfully, seeing an extreme round shape.

Arnav: Until you learn round shaped roti, follow this technique.

He left the place.

Khushi hopped happily… finally, she found a way to make round shaped rotties.


When Arnav came to the office, Eshwar was talking to Aman irritatingly.

Eshwar: Don’t know how many days I have to go to the Collector office…?

Arnav: What happened?

Aman: His son missed his Adhar card…

Arnav: Don’t you have the Xerox copy?

Eshwar: No sir, he missed it when he went to take Xerox copies…

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Eshwar: You know that he is studying in Bengaluru. He needs it urgently to apply for exams.

He said sadly.

Arnav: Aman, call Akhilesh and ask him the solution.

Aman(excitedly): Ohh yeah… he is in the Adhar section only…

Eshwar: Who…?

Aman: The one who went to Ghaziabad, submitting a statement.

Eshwar: Ohh… will he help?

Aman: Of course…

Aman removed his mobile and dialled Akhilesh.

Akhilesh: Good morning sir…

Aman: Reached Ghaziabad?

Akhilesh: Last night itself, sir.

Aman: I need your help.

Akhilesh: Anything, sir…

Aman(feeling proud): my friend’s son missed his Adhar card… what should be done to get it again?

Akhilesh: A Xerox copy is enough, sir…

Aman: No… he has no Xerox copies…

Akhilesh: ok, ask him to come to the office, I will give it in a day.

Aman: He is in Bengaluru. He wants it urgently for his exams.

Akhilesh(thinking): Mmmm… ok fine… ask him to send his thumbprint through WhatsApp.

Aman: Is it enough?

Akhilesh: Yeah… I will scan his thumbprint and will get his Adhar details.

Aman: Cool… I will send his thumbprint.

Akhilesh: I will come to Delhi tomorrow and I will give you his Adhar card the day after tomorrow.

Aman: Thank you…

They disconnected the call.

Amann(to Eshwar): Problem solved.

Arnav: Over?

Eshwar: Yes sir… thank you so much.

Arnav: You should thank Akhilesh…

Arnav went to his cabin.


Pooja was ready to go with her Nani.

Khushi: When are you going to Mumbai aunty?

Nani: Tomorrow night…

Khushi: I will pick Pooja from your home tomorrow morning.

Nani: Tomorrow is Saturday… Pooja’s school is a holiday. Let her be with me until evening.

Khushi: Please call me anytime, if she wants to come here.

Nani: sure… (pause) When will your husband come?

Khushi: He will come in the evening.

Nani: I thought I can meet him.

Khushi removed her mobile and showed the pic which Arnav captured with her yesterday.

Khushi: He is my husband.

Nani: He….? Isn’t he the one who is handling Anisha’s case?

Khushi: Yes…

Nani: Does he know about your brother?

Khushi: He knows everything. Not only that. His sister is the first victim of the case.

Nani: What do you mean?

Khushi: Her husband also like my brother. So, his sister tried to commit suicide and went into a coma.

Nani: Good women always get affected by someone’s deeds.

Khushi: He knows that Aunty. As he is also directly affected, I believe he won’t deceive me.

Nani: Hopefully… (hesitatingly) I will take Pooja to Mumbai if you have no problem.

Before Khushi Answered, Nani heard,

“We have”

They saw Arnav standing.

Arnav: We have…

Nani(hesitatingly): I just…

Arnav: I can understand what you are thinking. You don’t have to bother about Pooja. She is our child. We will take care of her.

Nani: I didn’t mean it… you are a newly married couple… you also need privacy…

Arnav: Apart from Pooja, we don’t need privacy. She is also one of us. She needs us… so do we.

If Pooja Nani was so much happy about Arnav's statement then is it necessary to say about Khushi? She felt so delighted.

Nani: I’m taking Pooja with me… take care.

Khushi: jee…

Arnav: We will come tomorrow to bring Pooja.

Nani nodded yes.

Arnav: Pooju, call me if you want anything.

Pooja: Ok Phupa… bye…

Arnav: Bye…

Pooja left, waving at them.

Khushi: I thought you will be late.

Arnav: How would I be late when Pooja is leaving?

Khushi: Hmmm…

Arnav: And how could I leave my wife to be alone?

She closed the door as if she didn't hear him.

Khushi (closing the door): want coffee?

Arnav: Badly…

Khushi went to the kitchen…

Arnav: Will you prepare on your own OR do you want me to help as I did in the morning?

Khushi looked at him widening her eyes. Did he do that knowingly? His smirk answered her YES…

To be continued…

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