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Chapter 23


After completing dinner, Khushi sat on the couch, switching on the TV. Aranv casually came and sat beside her. Khushi looked at him stunned. Arnav put his hand circled her shoulders, looking at the TV not giving heed to her look making her wriggle awkwardly. Arnav pressed her shoulder, looking at her intensively.

Arnav: Relax… Why are you panicking?

Khushi: What’s the progress?

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi: It seems, you have forgotten about the case?

Arnav(chuckling): Nope… not at all…

Khushi: you are spending time at home… it seems you don’t want to trap the killer...

Arnav: I want to… undoubtedly, I want to…

Khushi: Do you think about it…?

Arnav: What?

Khushi: He threatened me a lot before our marriage but he didn’t call me after our marriage.

Arnav: Yeah… I thought about it…

Khushi: I think he doesn’t want to mess with a police officer’s wife.

Arnav(smiling): Maybe… but we can’t be so carefree though.

Khushi: Didn’t you get any clues?

Arnav(with a lopsided smile): my mind is not working nowadays… especially, after our marriage.

Khushi: Stop staying at home… it will work properly.

Arnav: I will try it from tomorrow…

Khushi: I’m sleepy…

Arnav: So soon?

Khushi: yeah…

Arnavlv: Lie… Don’t try to escape from me.

Khushi: why should I? Am I a thief?

Arnav: yeah… thief of my heart.

Khushi got up from the couch to go to her room. she stopped sensing a tug in her nightdress. She saw Arnav clutching the rope of the dress.

Khushi: AC sir…

Arnav pulled the rope and she fell on him.

Arnav(cuddling her): I said, stop calling me AC. You may get punished…

He said looking at her lips.

Khushi(panting hard): Ohh…I…

Arnav: Are you sleepy?

Khushi gulped meeting his eyes where there was an unknown expectation.

Arnav: I don’t think so.

He loosened the grip. Khushi got down from him and rushed to Pooja’s room. Before she locked the door, Arnav entered in. He arrested her in between him and the wall.

Arnav(tucking her hair): You haven’t answered me yet…

Khushi: You said your mind is not working… it seems, it’s curving with dirty thoughts.

She said looking down.

Arnav: Dirty thoughts? What’s that?

Khushi sucked her lips, closing her eyes.

Arnav: you are raising my dirty thoughts by sucking your lips.

Khushi: Flatten your curved thoughts….

Arnav: You are the KEY to flatten the curve of all my dirty thoughts.

He said pressing himself on her.

Khushi closed her eyes suffocating.

Arnav: Tell me one thing…

Khushi was still closing her eyes.

Arnav: Do you like me?

She looked at him opening her eyes.

Arnav: YES or NO… if NO I won’t disturb you…

Would she say NO? How could she? She got married to him after all…

Arnav: No?

Khushi: no… I mean…

Arnav: Yes?

Khushi: Actually…

Arnavv: Ok… I will take it as NO…

Khushi: No no…

Arnav (smirking): So is it yes?

Khushi (sighing): YES…

Arnav: If it is YES, you can’t stop me from disturbing you.

Khushi (stammering): What… what will you do?

Arnav: I think it will be better to explain it by action.

As Khushi didn’t expect, he lifted her in his arms.

Arnavlv: What say?

Khushi: Ac…. Action?

Arnavlv: We don’t have to change the custom.

Khushi: What custom?

Arnav(moving towards the bed): we thought to have the first day instead of the first night, right? It’s not necessary now…

Arnav kept her on the bed.

Arnav: Help me to remove all the blocks from my mind. Make my mind refresh.

Khushi: Howwww?

Arnav(in her ear): Let me have you…

His hot breath went inside her ear and made her whole body heat up.

Arnav: Is something happening?

Khushi(stumbling): What?

Arnav: Something is happening with me…do you know your effect on me?

Khushi: What do you want me to do?

Arnav(huskily): Nothing… just don’t stop me…

He attacked her lips devotedly, putting the first step to reach the next level. Khushi felt something is bubbling inside her. The heat of those bubbles made her melt from in and out. She clutched the shoulders of the man who was already melting. What will happen if two bodies started melting together? They will get mixed up, right? That’s what happens here. They were getting into another one completely. There was no barrier between them.

In a few minutes, Khushi lost herself completely. Arnav started ruling her by his adorable touches. Her hormones started releasing chemicals inside her body making her experience a new pleasure. She bit her quivering lips. Her parted lips and heaving chest were inviting him to the feast. He removed his shirt and threw it on the floor. Taking Khushi’s palm, he made her caress his chest. He relished her touch, closing his eyes. He pressed himself on her while taking her lips into his mouth. He entwined his fingers with her fingers and legs with legs.

He circled her in his arms while drenching her face with wet kisses. There is no reason to wait for Arnav. He had provoked every EVIL cell of his body which were pricking him to go forward.

Without wasting time, he got inside her, making her flinch.

Arnav(whispering): Relax…. it will be over in a few seconds.

Khushi nodded yes. Though he said “in a few minutes” he didn’t want to complete it soon. He just wanted to be in the pleasure as long as possible. Khushi was suffocating by the sweet suffering. She pressed his sweaty shoulders. Arnav’s rhythmic intimacy created havoc inside her. She couldn’t stop herself from uttering Arnav….

His name from her mouth instead of “AC sir”, at the right peak screwed his nerves. He gritted his teeth, closed his eyes tightly and made fast moves, moving towards the climax. Arnav felt a shiver in his legs as he is nearing the climax. He pressed his toes on the bed strongly and increased the speed as he was getting mad to taste the peak of pleasure. At last… he tasted…feeding the same pleasure to Khushi at the same time.

Arnav(breathing hard): How are you feeling now?

Khushi: What…

Arnav: after getting adored by your husband…?

Khushi: I can’t believe, I had submitted myself to the man who just entered into my life a few days ago.

Arnav(chuckled): I too can’t believe that I got addicted to a girl like mad.

Khushi: Addicted?

Arnav: Yes… madly…

Khushi: Hope all the blocks from your mind got removed?

Arnav: Hopefully…

Khushi tried to grab her nightdress; Arnav snatched it from her hand and threw it away from her reach.

Khushi: What are you doing?

Arnav: From tomorrow, Pooja baby will be with us. So sleep inside the quilt…

Khushi(shocking): Like this?

Arnav: What so big deal? We have seen everything…

He laughed.

Khushi punched his bicep.

Arnav: Don’t punch me… you will be arrested for hitting a police officer.

Khushi: Then you will be arrested for raping me…

Arnav: Rape? You are my wife… damn it…

Khushi: Like the same, you are my husband… I will punch you if I want…

Arnav: Ohh… poor me… I thought you are a silent bairn…

He said making face.

Khushi: Who asked you to think so?

Arnav: Yeah… Didn’t I say, my mind is not working?

Khushi: What about now?

Arnav: Feeling refreshing…

He dragged her on his chest, covering themselves by the quilt.


Next morning

Khushi has been spilling tears… continuously. She couldn’t stop it no matter how much she tried. she always cries while cutting onions. She jerked when Arnav hugged her from behind. The knife slipped from her hand.

Arnav: Hey relax…

Bending down, he took the knife.

Arnav: Is it your hobby to drop the knife or what?

Khushi snatched the knife from his hand and continued chopping. But Arnav got stuck on the statement he just uttered. Dropping knife… something hit his mind. His eyes popped out…

Arnav: Khushi….

He shouted. Khushi again dropped the knife.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: I got it….

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Clue….

Khushi(surprisingly): Means, your blocks got removed?

she asked unbelievably. Cupping her face, he pulled towards her.

Arnav: yeahhh…

He pecked her lips strongly.

Arnav: I have to go…

Khushi: Have breakfast and go…

Arnav: Feed me… come on…

He went to his room. Khushi rushed behind him, taking the bread toast. She fed him while he dressing up.

Arnav called the commissioner.

Comment: Tell me Arnavlv…

Arnav: Sir, I want you to issue a search warrant…

Comment: Search warrant?

Arnav: Yes sir, I’m strongly suspecting someone.

Comment: Ok fine... you can do it but who you are suspecting?

Arnav: Akhilesh… (pause) yes sir…(pause) ok sir…(pause) I’m coming, sir…

He disconnected the call.

Khushi: who is Akhilesh?

Aranv: First murderous’s husband.

Khushi: Why are you suspecting him?

Arnav got stuck… he couldn’t say Khushi the reason… not until he gets confirmed.

To be continued…

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