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Chapter 24

Part 24

Khushi: who is Akhilesh?

Aranv: The first murderess’s husband.

Khushi: Why are you suspecting him?

Arnav got stuck… he couldn’t say Khushi the reason… not until he gets confirmed.

Arnav: I will say you soon. Now I have to leave.

Khushi: Ok.

Arnav: I may be late today. I’m not sure whether I will be available to pick Pooja baby.

Khushi: I will get her back home, AC sir. You just carry on.

Arnav (leaning towards her): Would you call my name only on the BED? Does my name need that much effort or what?

Khushi closed her eyes biting her lip.

Arnav: By the way, I felt a KICK when you called my name.

Khushi couldn’t know how to conceal her blush.

Arnav: Wow… Does Mrs AC know to blush?

Khushi’s cheek rose into more rose.

Arnav: Take care…

Khushi nodded yes smiling.

Arnav: I’m leaving. Thank you for everything.

Arnav started to the commissioner office, leaving flushed Khushi. He wanted to get the case in his control. He didn’t want to reveal to the commissioner that Khushi was also involved in this case. He dialled NK. For that, he has to collect some particular information about Akhilesh that whether is it only Akhilesh or he is getting someone's help.

NK: Good morning AC sir.

Arnav: NK… what’s your designation?

NK: Me? I’m a graduate sir.

Arnav(showing disappointment in his tone): Ohh…

NK: Do you need anything, sir?

Arnav: I want someone who is an expert in handling Computers.

NK: Sir, I have a suggestion.

Arnav: Go ahead…

NK: Akhilesh could do that…

Arnav’s face radiated. What he guessed right then.

Arnav (not showing any involvement): Ohh really?

NK: Yes sir, he is BE computer science graduate.

Arnav: That’s great. But... Being a computer engineer, how he is working in Revenue?

NK: He cleared the UPS exam as he didn’t get any suitable job for his profile.

Arnav: interesting.

NK felt encouraged. He spilt more beans.

NK: Yes sir, he is multi-talented. He worked in a small clinic as a helper before joining Revenue. He practised medical terms too.

This made Arnav panic. This is not good for a killer to be so smart.

Arnav(not revealing it to NK): Ohh that’s fine. I will take his help then.

NK: But he is not at Delhi, sir. He went to his friend’s marriage.

Arnav: Yeah, I know. No problem. I will talk to him once he is back.

NK: ok sir.

Arnav disconnected the call. So Akhilesh is a computer engineer. Not bad…

He dialled Aman.

Aman: Good morning sir.

Arnav: Meet me in the commissioner office. Quick.

Before Aman said “yes sir” Arnav disconnected the call. Aman looked at the phone flinching.

Getting down from the jeep, in front of the commissioner office, Arnav rushed to the commissioner’s cabin. Commissioner was curious to get the case to unfold. Arnav saluted him. Not wasting time, the commissioner came to the point straight away.

Commissioer: What made you suspect Akhilesh? After all, he is a mere government worker who is expecting a promotion...

Arnav: that’s what sir. He is working in the ADHAR section. He can grab any details of anyone.

Commi: But we know the killer is a good hacker.

Arnav: Of course, sir. Akhilesh is a Computer Engineer. From the beginning, I’m suspecting that the killer must be related to the case… someone who got affected directly. Showing an extreme level of patience is Akhilesh's strength sir.

Commi: What could be his intention?

Arnav: I have no idea, sir. But please I want to interrogate him personally until I confirmed that he is the killer. I want it to be a secret mission.

Commi: Do you think this wise, Arnav? He is a killer after all.

Arnav: We haven’t confirmed it yet sir.

Commi: What if he is? You are risking.

Arnav: I can handle him, sir.

Commi: Ok, I’m providing you with permission to use weapons. You can even ENCOUNTER him if needed… if he is the killer.

Arnav: As you say, sir.

Though Arnav was not fine with his idea he didn’t want to argue further.

Taking a search warrant as well as a shooting order, Arnav came out of his cabin. He saw Aman waiting outside.

Aman: Sir…

Arnav: Let’s go.

Aman followed Arnav, not questioning him. Mohan opened the door for Arnav.

Arnav: Aman, you drive... Mohan, you just wait for us.

Not only Mohan but also Aman surprised. This is the first time, Arnav asked Mohan to stay back.

Aman started the engine and Arnav occupied the front seat as always. Aman looked at Arnav as he didn’t know the destination.

Arnav: Government worker’s quarters.

Aman geared the jeep up. Though Aman didn’t ask Arnav he wanted Aman to know what they are going to do.

Arnav: We are going to the killer’s place.

Aman instantly saw Arnav’s face when he said that. He could no longer hold himself from asking questions.

Aman: Killer’s place?

Arnav: Yes…

Aman: Who is the killer, sir?

Arnav: I’m not sure whether he is the killer…

Aman’s mind rushed faster. They are going to the Government quarters. That means the killer belongs to the place. His face lit proudly. Is it NK? So his guess is right then? His mind worked in haste. But… Arnav’s next stance made him stunned.

Arnav: I’m suspecting Akhilesh.

Aman’s shock was not estimated. Akhilesh? But how?

Aman: Sir… Akhilesh…? in which sense sir?

Arnav: In every sense. Do you remember, what he said when Eshwar asked for his son’s Adhar card?

Aman: He asked to send fingerprints.

Arnav: Yeah… he could trace anyone if he gets fingerprints.

Aman: Sir, the killer is frequent in hacking… but Akhilesh is a simple worker.

Arnav: he is a computer engineer.

It was another surprise for Aman.

Aman: Computer Engineer in Revenue...?

Arnav: It’s a curse of our country. Let’s not discuss it now.

Aman: Sir, Akhilesh is not in Delhi.

Arnav: Yeah… we have a search warrant. So we can search his house even in his absence.

They got down from the jeep, in front of Akhilesh's house. His quarter was on the ground floor. There were no symptoms of people’s existence in the house. Of course, it was locked down. Arnav gestured Aman towards the balcony which has been without any grill cover. (As that building consists of four floors. It’s obvious that the ground floor also has a balcony) the balcony door also does not seem strong. Aman got Arnav’s point and jumped inside the balcony followed by Arnav. They got ready and pushed the door together by their shoulder with full power. The door got opened in the same instance. And our copes got shocked seeing Akhilesh in the house who was supposed to be in Ghaziabad.

To be continued…

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