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Chapter 25


Arnav and Aman were stunned seeing Akhilesh and Akhilesh was shocked as well. Who could expect that copes will jump into his house through the balcony door? He stood… looking at the mobile which was on the tea table which was not gone unnoticed by Arnav.

Arnav and Aman raised their guns towards him. Undoubtedly it made Akhilesh shattered. Akhilesh composed himself.

Arnav looked at the BAND-AID which is on his chest, very close to his heart.

Akhilesh: Sir, What’s all this?

Arnav: What are you doing inside the locked house? Aren’t you supposed to be in Ghaziabad?

If Arnav would have expected him to stammer to answer, nope… he didn’t. Akhilesh answered him coolly which made Arnav suspect him more. How could anyone be so cool when he is in the GUNPOINT?

Akhilesh(pointing at his wound): I got hurt… so I cancelled the plan.

Arnav: then what’s necessary to be in the house, locking from outside?

Akhilesh: Sir… I’m wounded… people would have disturbed me… I don’t want disturbance. So I locked it from outside and stayed at home.

Arnav: What happened to you?

Akhilesh: I fell and a stone pricked into my chest.

Arnav ran his eyes into the room. The windows and the door were being covered by thick black curtains. Outsiders couldn’t see the light from the house for sure.

Akhilesh: But Sir, why did you break my house door? It was already weak sir. It won’t get repaired so soon.

He said worriedly.

Arnav: We got the information that you didn’t go to Ghaziabad. So we suspect you.

Akhilesh: Suspect? And me? But why sir? what do I do?

Before Arnav answered him, Arnav got a call on his mobile. It was from Arun Prince. Arnav attended it immediately after gesturing Aman to be careful. Aman took a step ahead, pointing his gun at him.

Arnav(not taking his eyes from Akhilesh): Yeah…

Prince: Buddy, where are you?

Arnav: Why?

Prince: I have traced the KILLER. You are very close to him, yaar… look at your surroundings… he is just a few steps away from you.

Arnav: Are you sure?

Prince: Yeah…

Arnav: ok…

He dropped the call, looking at Akhilesh. Arnav’s sight fell on the phone which is in front of Akhilesh and Akhilesh noted it. He tried to bend down,

Aman: Don’t move…

Akhilesh: Sir, I just…

He tried to touch the phone; Aman pushed him down on the floor and loaded the gun, extending it towards him.

Aman: Don’t you dare…

Arnav took the phone in his hands and dialled his number. Akhilesh leaned on the wall in a relaxing manner which made Aman surprise.

Arnav’s eyes widened seeing the PRIVATE NUMBER on his mobile screen. Akhilesh understood that he couldn’t escape anymore.

Arnav: So, you are the killer…?

Akhilesh was silent.

Arnav: You killed your wife… and many more… you pretended well but no use. Still, I can’t believe this… a Computer Engineer, a medical Helper, a sincere worker of Revenue could be a serial killer.

Akhilesh: Sometimes, we have to believe such things AC sir. We have to… because this world is not what we think. It’s full of fake… no respect for true love… no use in being loyal.

Arnav: it’s a silly excuse everyone gives….

Akhilesh: ohh really? What about you AC sir?

Arnav(frowned): What!

Akhilesh: Didn’t you search for your jeejaji, after hearing your sister’s voice message? “He betrayed me chotte? He cheated on me for some other woman. I don’t want to live anymore”

Arnav was stunned.

Akhilesh: I know very well you didn’t search for your Jeejaji to appreciate him. You would have killed him if I didn’t hit him by the truck.

He smirked.

Arnav(unbelievably): Was that you?

Akhilesh: Undoubtedly it was me. Do you think, I would leave that B**** who snatched my happy life? (composing himself) your sister is alive…she had given birth to a boy baby… be happy for that.

Arnav: So you are tracking us…

Akhilesh: Not only you but whoever related to this case…

Arnav: So you killed your wife for having extramarital affair with Manohar…?

Aman: Sir, he pretended to repent as if he was the reason for his wife’s deed. And he made me doubt NK.

Akhilesh: No… I was not pretending, Inspector Aman… that’s what I feel. And about NK, he never liked such women. I have witnessed many times him shouting at such a woman. I know Aman sir is sincerely interrogating in this case. So, I decided to divert him through NK. As I expected, Aman sir started following NK and I used it in my favour.

Arnav: How did you know about your wife and Manohar?

Akhilesh: my wife was a nice woman... until Manohar entered into her life. She likes me very much. She cares for me very much. But I sensed her keeping distance from me. I couldn’t make time for her as I was busy with my work. In that gap, Manohar trapped my wife with very few dialogues. (pause) do you know what are they? HAVE YOU EATEN BABY? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? WHY YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE LOOKS DRY? That’s all. Are women that weak? (he asked miserably) I didn’t know with the help of these dialogues, a man can make a woman forget her reputation and also even her husband. (he hit his forehead) When I doubt her, I changed her phone settings into auto recording, without her knowledge. When I heard what she and Manohar spoke… I died… do you know how does it feel when some B*** talk to our wife in THAT manner? I’m a mere human… what would I do at the time? I slapped her hard and she was gone… forever…

Aman: You said you love her so much?

Akhilesh: That’s why I slapped her. (pause) Do you want me to kill myself? Why should I? What wrong do I do except love her truly? I want to kill such women and I’m not feeling bad about it. Just the previous day, the woman committed suicide who hit Megna for having an extramarital affair with her husband. What was her mistake, except loving her husband truly? (pause…. He tapped his hand on the floor) What about your sister Sadna? (he asked looking at Arnav) What happened to her for loving her husband madly?

Aman: But why didn’t you kill men? Are not they culprits?

Akhilesh: Aradana's husband… I mean me, became a killer. Megna’s husband is going to marry a woman in the gulf. Stella mary’s husband also recovering from the betrayal. Compared to men, women are so naïve, sir. They love a lot or cheat a lot. I don’t care about a cheater woman but a loyal woman. They are to be celebrated. Because of such cheaters, loyal women are the ultimate losers. They kill themselves for their husband’s deeds. I can’t allow that. Do you know how it pains when the person betrays us who we loved from the bottom of our heart? (he gulped. ) you can’t understand AC sir… because you got a good girl as your wife, who hates such a woman… am I right?

Aman looked at Arnav with shocking as well as confused expression, couldn’t understand why Akhilesh is talking about Khushi unwantedly.

To be continued….

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