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Chapter 26


Aman was confused that why Akhilesh mentioned Khushi here. Is she related to this case in any way? He asked He couldn’t hold his tongue.

Aman: How do you know Khushi Bhabi? Why are you unnecessarily talking about her?

Akhilesh: UNNECESSARILY? Not at all Inspector Aman. She is the key to this case… because of her, you are here… in front of me… if she had not interfered in this case you guys would never have reached me. Am I right AC sir?

Aman: What is he saying, sir? Is it true?

Akhilesh: Do you think I could lie about Mrs AC?

Aman looked at Arnav horrified. His silence told Aman something which frightened him like hell. Is Khushi involved in this case?

Akhilesh: Don’t think something through your police brain. She is not involved in this case. I said without her, you would not have guessed me. (Aman sighed.) At the same time, if she would not have involved in this case, AC sir would not have married her I suppose.

Now Aman was more confused.

Akhilesh: AC sir would have got the clue when I asked Eshwar’s son’s fingerprint to get his ADHAR card which is closely related to Khushi. Am I right sir?

Aman: What connection?

Akhilesh: Khushi’s fingerprint on the knife is what KEY of the case.

Aman(horrified): Knife? Fingerprint? What the hell?

Akhilesh: Relax Inspector. When I went to Kalpana’s house, I saw Khushi there. When I burnt Kalpana, she was behind the curtain hiding. She dropped the knife from her hand in fear and ran away from her house. I didn’t even see her face. The knife helped me to find her as I’m working in the ADHAR section; I scanned her fingerprints from the knife handle. After that, it was not hard for me to fetch her complete history. Until then I had no idea who she is. From her details, I got to know that she is Ankat's sister who had an extramarital affair with Kalpana and died with his wife a few days ago. And I connected the dots and got the point that why Khushi came there. She should have come there to threaten Kalpana for making her life miserable.

Arnav: No… she came to wound Kalpana to quench her anger as she was the reason for her Bhabi’s death.

Aman’s shock was undefined. He couldn’t believe that the case could contain many more things than he thought.

Akhilesh: Ohh… let it be anything… she must be a good girl who wanted to take revenge on Kalpana.

Arnav: When you know she is a good girl, why did you threaten her?

Akhilesh: Because she is your neighbour. she was the only one who has seen me. Even though I had been masked my face, I can’t risk it. And I got alert when I saw her with you in the shopping mall.

Arnav(gritting his teeth): For that, would you try to hit her by the truck?

Akhilesh: Trust me, it was a coincidence. I used it in my favour. You should thank me for that. Because of that incident, you took her to your flat. Didn’t you?

Aman was shocked. Were they living together?

Akhilesh: Khushi is a good girl, I’m happy she is in a safer hand and AC sir got married who never wanted to get married a few days ago.

Aman: Do you think, all your explanation will save you from the law?

Akhilesh: Not at all… I have my LAW. I don’t think I’m wrong.

Aman: You are… why are you partial? You should have killed the MEN also. Why didn’t you? Why only women? Are not men cheaters?

Akhilesh: Exactly, but… cheaters’ wives were very good. Why should they suffer for the deed which they never did? Men will come out of the mess in a few days even though they struggle… but women… that too, loyal women... They will never overcome the betrayal because they are so vulnerable. They won’t stand against the treachery. They may even kill themselves… like AC sir’s sister and Khushi’s Bhabi did… because they create an OWN world that includes only their family. It will be hellfire when they get to know that their husband is an undeserving person for their divine love. They will break down completely for the same undeserving person which I don’t want. That’s why I started threatening the men whoever involved in affairs. Do you know how it feels when they get phone calls from the KILLER? I want them to die every day in fear. They should feel afraid to face their deeds. Won’t it be a great punishment than death? And you know well, Manohar died as I killed him by hitting the truck. The man is behind bars who had affair with Megna(the second murderous) as his wife committed suicide. Ankit, I mean Khushi’s brother is also dead. Ratan Sinha is the only man who is alive. His wife is a very good woman who worships his husband as if he is a God. I’m sure: she will die if she gets to know about her husband’s real face. Do you want it to happen? Do you want another GOOD woman to die?

Aman: Can’t you do the same with women also? Why not you keep them in control by threatening?

Akhilesh: That’s what I’m doing right now. As I had given a few samples by killing a few women and Manohar, it works. In that phone (the point at the phone which was in Arnav’s hand) there is full of that KIND of men and women’s number. You will faint if you see the list. Society has been polluting… completely, sir. Good people are very rare nowadays.

He said wearily.

Aman: Do you know how many BIG HEADED men are waiting for you to get caught?

Akhilesh: I know very well what is going to happen. I’m expecting my death every second. I don’t care about it though. But… the lusty people will be carefree after my death. That’s what makes me feel bad.

Aman: Your death won’t be that easy like what you are thinking.

Akhilesh laughed. Aman and Arnav spared a confused glance.

Aranv: Why are you laughing?

Akhilesh: I’m not thinking but planning my death.

Arnav(horrified): What do you mean?

Akhilesh: I’m an engineer. Though I was not skilled in academics, I’m very much interested in hacking and inventions.

Arnav: So?

Akhilesh: I also worked as a helper of my Doctor friend for a few months. I can even do minor surgeries you know? I never used my engineering skills after joining Revenue as I didn’t get time for it. I hadn’t got time for my wife then how could I think of inventions?

He chuckled painfully. Arnav and Aman were looking at him, not understanding, why he is telling his life history.

Akhilesh: But after my wife’s death, I got enough time to do inventions. I wondered how I can still do these.

Arnav: What do you do?

He asked with unknown nervousness.

Akhilesh: the mobile… and a MICROCHIP…

Arnav: What chip?

Akhilesh: it’s kind of SUICIDE CHIP.

Arnav & Aman: What do you mean?

Akhilesh: As I’m expecting to get caught anytime, won’t I be ready for everything?

His eyes were sternly looking at Arnav.

As av (panicking): What are you going to do?

Akhilesh (laughing): What do you think? Why I’m reciting everything like a good student? Tell people… especially husbands to spend time with their wives. No doubt, work is important. At the same time family is also more important. Don’t give a chance to someone to take your place in your wife’s life. (he wiped the corner of his eyes) Convey my regard to Sister… Khushi. Goodbye.

He raised his hand to touch his neck where there was a small dollar hanging. Arnav was about to stream towards him to stop, but he was late. Akhilesh pressed the dollar and the SUICIDE CHIP which he had inserted inside his chest blasted. Aman pulled Arnav back and they fell on the ground, looking at Akhilesh who was lying on the floor lifelessly with an unvarnished smile on his face.

To be continued…

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