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Chapter 28


Khushi stopped Arnav who is dragging her to the bedroom.

Khushi: I don’t want to sleep, AC sir.

Arnav: Mmmm… ok. Let me make you call my name then.

Khushi: Let’s talk about something.

Arnav: Why not we talk laying down?

Lying down on the bed, he made her lay down beside him.

Arnav: Yeah tell me.

Khushi: why did you take a gap from the department?

Arnav turned towards her, keeping his hand under his head. It seems Khushi wants to know about him. She might have searched about him on the internet, it seems.

Arnav: Because of Di. I didn’t want to join the department again, after my sister’s accident. My mind didn’t get into anything. My Di is everything to me Khushi. I broke into pieces when I heard her message. Do you know how madly she was in love with her husband? Still, I can’t believe he could cheat on Di. You know, he casually presses her legs in front of everyone, without any EGO. He never said NO to Di’s wish. We never knew, those actions were only not to make him doubt him. How pathetic.

He gritted his teeth.

Arnav: Khushi, what will you do if I cheat on you?

Khushi was stunned at his question.

Khushi: You won’t cheat AC sir.

Arnav: Wait…

He removed a chloroform spray from the drawer.

Arnav: Keep it.

Khushi: What’s this?

Arnav: If you get to know that I’m cheating you, spray it on my face. I will faint. Then tie my hands and legs. Close my mouth with plaster. Cut a bit of flesh from my thigh and apply a chilly power on it. Torture me like hell. Don’t kill me just like that. Show me the hell…

Khushi was gazing at him who was giving her ideas to torture HIM. She cupped his face.

Khushi: AC sir…. please compose yourself.

Arnav: I hate such men Khushi…

Khushi hugged him tightly.

Khushi: I know… I know…

She caressed his back.

Khushi: You will never do such a cheap thing. I trust you.

Arnav (responding to her hug): I will never break your trust.

He kissed her cheek.

Khushi: you don’t have to promise. A man like you will never do that.

Arnav: Don’t trust me. Keep doubting me. Keep questioning me. Never give me freedom. Ok?

Khushi: Relax… what the hell is happening with you?

She felt a kind of trouble in him. This is how he was facing a tough time whenever he thinks of his DI? This is why he was away from everyone for many months? The great police officer has been disturbed by his Di’s condition? What kind of torture he is going through? Does anyone give ideas to torture himself?

Arnav: I liked you very much when you scolded me… shouted at me… I was impressed when you showed disinterest in me.

He clutched her upper hands tightly. Khushi felt her body’s blood circulation stop there. Khushi could not understand actually what’s happening with him and how to handle him.

Khushi: AC sir…

She flinched couldn’t stand his hold. Arnav looked at the place and saw his fingerprints there and he got his sense back.

Arnav: Khushi, I’m sorry… I just…

Keeping his fist on his forehead, he sat looking down.

Khushi(touching his shoulder): It’s ok… Relax.

Arnav: I never told my story to anyone before. I'm just out of control… I hurt you… but it’s not intentional.

Khushi: I know…

Arnav: Are you scared?

Khushi nodded NO.

Arnav: Don’t lie.

Khushi (touching his head): I’m not…

Arnav: Will you be scared if I kiss you right now?

Khushi nodded left and right but slowly.

Arnav: Won’t you be really scared if I make love?

Khushi looked at him bewildered.

Arnav: I will be gentle. Trust me.

Khushi(gulping): I... I trust you.

Arnav: I think you can make me cool down.

Khushi: I’m glad about it.

Arnav: Can’t we spend together for a while? I think we spoke enough.

Khushi nodded yes…

Arnav: I would like to hear my name from your mouth.

Saying, Arnav kisses the crook of her neck, enwinding her fingers. He was more passionate than the previous WORKOUT. But… Neither Khushi restricted him for anything nor did she give a stony expression. And… she didn’t miss to make him feel SPECIAL which Arnav liked very much. After making her scream his name, he fell on her with complete satisfaction.

Aranv didn’t feel to place his sweaty body away from Khushi even after finishing the session. He was lying on her, burying his face in the crook of her neck. His hot breath was fanning on her skin, making her sweat dry.

Arnav: Was I hard?

Khushi(caressing his hair): No…

Arnav: You are lying.

Khushi(biting her lip): Yes…

Arnav (raised his head ): I’m sorry… don’t talk about my story. I will become something other than human.

Khushi: What about Ansh? When will you bring him home?

Arnav: He is so weak. Doctors want him to be incubated for a few more days.

Khushi: Di?

Arnav nodded No pressing his lips.

Khushi: I hope you are alright now.

Arnav: you know you are so understanding…

Khushi: thanks.

Arnav: We have to pick Pooja… remember?

Khushi: We have time.

Arnav: Get ready.

Khushi: yeah…

She went to the washroom. Taking his mobile, Arnav turned the silent mode off. That’s when he saw a few missed calls from a number. He dialled the number and his call was responded to right away. It was Ratan Sinha’s number.

Ratan: AC sir… Ratan here…

Arnav: Yeah… tell me.

Ratan: I got a message from the killer, sir.

He almost cried. Arnav controlled his smile, after all, it’s him who sent the message. But Arnav’s expression changed, hearing him more.

Ratan: In that message, he said he is going to kill me.

KILL? But he didn’t send such a message. Arnav alerted.

Arnav: Was that message from the PRIVATE NUMBER?

Ratna: No sir. it was from MY number.

Arnav: What rubbish?

Ratna: I have lost my mobile yesterday sir.

Arnav: Didn’t you file a complaint?

Ratna: No sir… I can’t.

Arnav: But why?

Ratan: I have sent a lot of messages to Stella through that mobile sir. What if he reveals all the messages in open? I will lose my reputation in society, Sir. I have no one other than you, sir. Only you know about my contact with Stella. Please save me, sir. Please.

Arnav tapped his forehead by his index finger. What new problem is this? Who it could be?

To be continued…

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