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Chapter 29


Arnav was thinking about Ratan’s phone call. Who is threatening him? Why? He knew very well that Akhilesh was the ONLY killer. Then who is this a new Killer? Or is someone using the KILLER’s name to take revenge on Ratan? He threw the phone on the bed seeing Khushi is out of the washroom. He rushed to the washroom to get ready. Pooja baby would be waiting for them. Now, that’s what to be taken care of.


Khushi and Arnav stopped, a little away, seeing Pooja is interestingly talking to Nakul childishly. Nakul was showing her some pics on his tab.

Nakul: See, I got first prize in a running race. This pic is captured at our school’s parent’s day celebration.

Pooja: We will also celebrate Parent’s day in our school.

Nakul: But you don’t have parents.

He said not thinking of the complexity of the word.

Pooja’s face hung. Her lips quivered. She was about to cry, Arnav called her.

Arnav: Poojuuuu…

Pooja turned around and smiled seeing her Bua and Phupa. She rushed towards him. Arnav lifted her. In no time, Pooja hugged his neck.

Nakul smiled at Khushi innocently. He uttered those harmful words not knowing the depth of it. Chiding him won’t be wiser at all. He is a small kid after all.

Arnav caressed her hair in a consoling manner.

Arnav: I and Khushi will come to your school on Parent’s day.

He said lovingly. Pooja lifted her head and looked at him sadly.

Pooja: but you are not my parents.

Arnav: Who said? You are our baby. We are going to adopt you as our daughter.

Pooja(excitedly): That means, you are my Dad?

Arnav: Yeah… and Khushi will become your Mom.

Pooja: Is it Bua?

She asked Khushi who was in an extreme level of shock as she didn’t expect Arnav’s sudden decision. She was gazing at him couldn’t understand anything.

Arnav: Call her Mumma.

Pooja was looking at Khushi who was not answering.

Arnav(tapping Khushi’s shoulder): Pooja is waiting for your reply.

Khushi nodded YES hurriedly.

Pooja got down from Arnav and ran towards Nakul, shouting…

Pooja: Nakulllll…. I got parents…

Nakul frowned at her not understanding anything. Pooja’s Nani came out hearing Pooja’s shaking statement.

Without wasting time, Arnav reached pooja. He will answer if anyone asks her anything.

Nani: Parents?

Arnav: Yeah… we adopt her legally.

Nakul: Congratulations Pooja.

Pooja: I will go to my school with my new parents.

She hoped, clapping her hands.

Pooja’s Nani couldn’t take her eyes from Arnav who is admiring Pooja’s antics smilingly.

Nani: you should be a good girl ok? Listen to them. Don’t make them angry.

Pooja: Nani…. He is so good you know. He won’t get angry at me.

Nani touched her head smilingly.

Khushi: Aunty, we are leaving.

Nani: Yeah… keep in touch.

Khushi: Sure.

Pooja: Bye Nani…

Nani: Bye.

Taking a leave from Pooja’s Nani, they left with Pooja. Khushi observed something. Pooja was so happy than ever before.

As usual, Arnav took pooja to the ice cream parlour. As usual, he bought a variety of flavours in small size packs. Pooja sat on the chair and started relishing them one by one.

Arnav sensed Khushi’s strong and stunning gaze on him who is paying money for the ice creams. He turned around and saw Khushi standing.

Khushi: When did you make the decision?

Arnav: I was thinking about it for a few days. Ansh will start calling us Mom and Dad because we are going to enter his life like Mom and Dad. What about Pooja? Won’t she feel different? She is a small girl, if we are lucky enough; she may forget her parents in the mere future and will start believing us as her parents.

Khushi: What about Di?

Arnav: I’m not going to declare the truth about Ansh if she gets her consciousness back.

Khushi(shockingly): What do you mean?

Arnav: I don’t want her to spend her life, thinking of an undeserving person of her life. She should move on. If she gets to know that Ansh is her son, she won’t do that. So, Pooja and Ansh will be our children even if she gets out of the coma.

Khushi: What if she is not ready for a second life?

Arnav: She will be a good BUA to Pooja and also Ansh. I don’t want any difference between them.

Khushi: It’s not good to hide the truth.

Arnav: Let it be. There won’t be any harm in hiding the truth because we are not going to show a difference between Ansh and Pooja… will you?

Khushi nodded NO.

Arnav: Ansh will get love from his parents… that’s we. won’t he?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: Then, what’s necessary for him to get another mother?

Khushi: But, you can’t decide your Di’s life.

Arnav: I will… we don’t know when she will get her consciousness back. Till then what do you say to Ansh? “Your mother is alive but she is unconscious, she won’t talk to you, she won’t see you?” how long will you say so? He will get fed up….like me. And…..what if she…. (he gulped, couldn’t utter that “what if she dies not coming out of the coma?”) would he accept us as his parents then? Instead of longing for a mother’s love, he is going to get Dad, Mom, and a cute sister’s love. Won’t it be better?

Khushi: But…

Arnav(stopping her showing his hand): Let me be a BAD brother… but this is my decision.

He said rigidly. Though Arnav’s THIS decision has few HOLES, there is no better option than this. Of course, Pooja and Ansh need parents.

Arnav: I hope there won’t be any conflicts between us.

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: Good.

He smirked.

Pooja: I finished… Dad...

Arnav felt something in his heart for this small girl, hearing DAD from her mouth for the first time. He spread his hand and Pooja jumped on him.

Arnav: Anything else?

Pooja: When will you bring Ansh home?

Arnav: Next week.

Pooja: Joly….

She kissed his cheek. Khushi’s eyes didn’t listen to her who is adoring them to not spill tears as they were in public.

Pooja was sitting on the petrol tank of the bike, continuously chitchatting about whatever she sees on the way. But Khushi’s mind was not into her talks. She was sincerely watching her husband through the mirror who was sincerely replying to Pooja’s questions. she leaned on his shoulder without taking her eyes from his face. Arnav saw her looking at him; he asked her raising his eyebrows like ”what?” through the mirror. Khushi nodded NO.

When they reached the flats, Arnav saw Ratan waiting for him. He frowned seeing him. He rushed towards Arnav.

Ratan: Sir…. please save me.

Arnav: What the hell… why do you come here? I don’t’ like people coming to my home.

Ratan: Sir, this is my life problem, sir.

Arnav gestured for Khushi to go inside. She nodded yes and went with Pooja.

Arnav: what’s your problem?

Ratan: Sir, everyone knew about the killer team. They will do what they say. Now, I’m under their threat, sir.

Arnav: Where did you miss your phone?

Ratna: Someone stole it, sir. it was with me when I started from home. It was not in my pocket when I reached the office.

Arnav: Who do you meet in between?

Ratan: None, sir.

Arnav: Try to remember.

Ratan: Someone banged me when I was about to enter the elevator, sir.

Arnav: Who is that?

Ratan: I didn’t see his face, sir.

Arnav: ok. I will inquire. Now you go.

Ratna(pleadingly): Sir…. my wife will spit on my face if the truth is out.

Arnav: So?

Ratan: Please catch the killer soon sir.

Arnav: Hmm.

Arnav waited until Ratan leaves. He dialled Aman.

Aman: Good evening, Sir.

Arnav: Aman, the case hasn’t ended yet.

Aman(shockingly): What do you mean, sir?

Arnav narrated to him about the new issue. Aman silently listened to him.

Aman: What do you think, Sir?

Arnav: there is nothing to think about. I can surely say who it could be.

Aman(chuckled): You also got it, sir?

Arnav: It’s so simple after all….

They laughed.

To be continued…

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