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Chapter 30


Arun Prince’s face brightened, seeing his friend’s number flashing on his phone screen.

Prince: Wow… still you remember me?

Arnav: Shut up.

Prince: I thought you won’t call me once the case got over.

Arnav: Yeah… you are right. But the case hasn’t got over yet.

Prince(shockingly): Whaaat! But the killer is dead…

Arnav: But the problem is different. Didn’t you see the news? There is a killer team.

Arnav maintained the same with Prince too. He didn’t reveal it to him.

Prince: yeah... Tell me what’s the matter?

Arnav: Someone is threatening Ratan.

Prince(thinking): Ratan… Ratan… ohhh… Aspire builders Manager… right?

Arnav: Yeah… do you remember him?

Prince: I couldn’t forget his CHATS yaar. Being a HALF-OLD man, what romantic dialogues does he use….? “you stole my sleep baby….”

Prince laughed.

Arnav: Now he is paying back… not getting sleep.

He said gritting his teeth.

Prince: It’s getting thrilling, yaar.

Arnav: Of course… I have guessed the person too.

Prince: Wow… interesting… whom you are suspecting?

Arnav: I will tell you. but there is a complexity.

Prince: There is nothing called complexity in Prince’s history. I could give you the number in a few minutes. Don’t you know me?

Arnav: But, this time, I don’t want NUMBER.

Prince: Then what do you want?

Arnav: I will give you the number, you just locate him.

Prince: Ohh… sure.

Arnav told him Ratan’s number.

Arnav: It’s Ratan’s number.

Prince: Whaaaat! Ratan’s number? You are confusing me.

Arnav: Yeah… he is threatening Ratan, through Ratan’s mobile.

Prince: Did he steal it?

Arnav: Yeah…

Prince: Brilliant…

Arnav: Maybe…

Prince(teasingly): Typical police… try to appreciate a talented person.

Arnav chuckled.

Arnav: I will surely do it in person when I meet him.

Prince: Ok fine. Who do you are suspect?

Arnav told him his name.

Prince: Ohh yeah… excellent guess yaar.

Arnav: There is nothing to be proud of. He is the ONLY man who could do that.

Prince: Yeah…

Arnav: Let me know about him after tracing him thoroughly.

Prince: Sure.

They disconnected the call.


Arnav was lying on the bed, thinking about Ratan. Pooja was sleeping, next to him, a comic book in her hand.

Khushi: Did she sleep?

Arnav: Yeah… before I complete a storytelling session…

Khushi: That’s good.

Arnav tried to get up from the bed so that she could sleep beside Pooja.

Khushi: Wait…

Sitting on the bed, she came close to him, clutching his shoulders. Before Arnav concludes, she went to Pooja, crossing him, making him disappointed. She laid beside Pooja controlling her smile, seeing Arnav’s expression. Arnav turned her towards him, to face him.

Arnav: This is not fair.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: You disappointed me.

Khushi: What do I do?

Arnav: Why did you cross me?

Khushi: Because you were on the bed. How could I go to Pooja then? So I just came to Pooja, crossing you.

Arnav: You should take permission before crossing the border.

Khushi: I have not crossed the border. I’m at the border only.

Arnav: It seems someone became casual?

Khushi: Do you have any problems?

Arnav: I have no problem but it may backfire on you.

He said putting his leg on her.

Khushi: Backfire? I don’t think my husband’s GUN is a CIRCUS gun. it won't backfire.

Arnav: What made my wife turn opposite, suddenly?

Khushi: It’s because you are not that bad…

Arnav(raising his eyebrows): Ohh…

Khushi: I thought you married me to take care of your niece.

Arnav: Hmmm?

Khushi: I was so satisfied when you open up your heart to me.

Arnav: When?

Khushi: Evening… before going to pick Pooja…

Arnav: …before I made love….?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav: I thought I made you scare.

Khushi: That’s true…

Arnav(chuckled): Really? Still, you get satisfied?

Khushi: I was scared, seeing your new side and I got satisfied that I can make you cool down.

Arnav: Only you.

Khushi held his face and pecked his forehead.

Arnav(in husky tone): Hey… we just had a session in the evening. Don’t tempt me.

Khushi: yeah… I could remember it was something like, sitting inside the pressure cooker.

Arnav laughed out loudly. Khushi closed his mouth.

Khushi: Shhh…. Pooja is sleeping.

Arnav(removing her hand from his mouth): Let me make a session like sitting on the iceberg.

Khushi: I said about pressure cooker doesn’t mean I need iceberg.

Arnav: then what’s the meaning of this nearness?

He showed the gap between them with his index finger.

Khushi: It’s a matter of husband and wife. Don’t you know that?

Arnav: No. because this is my first marriage…

He chuckled. As he didn’t expect, Khushi clutched his hair.

Khushi: Dare you… don’t forget there is a killer who kills such persons. And I won’t think twice to kill you if you do so.

Arnav: When did you get this possessiveness?

Khushi: It is there… always.

Arnav: But you were like you have nothing in your heart for me?

He stroked her lower lip.

Khushi(stammering): Poo…pooja…

Arnav: She is sleeping.

Khushi: Let me sleep.

Arnav: Do you think I will?

Khushi: yup…

She turned towards Pooja’s side.

Arnav(murmuring in her eras): you think wrong.

Khushi: Really?

She turned towards him to only brush his lips. Arnav’s eyes fell on Pooja, he tried to get apart, Khushi locked his lips by hers. Arnav pulled his lips from hers.

Arnav: Pooja may wake up.

Khushi: She never wakes up in the mid.

Arnav: But…

Khushi: I know her.

Arnav pecked her forehead.

Arnav: Go to sleep. this is not right.

Khushi snuggled into his chest.

Arnav: Let me stay in my decision. Don’t make me collapse.

Khushi (chuckling): Is AC that weak?

Arnav: What say, a cynic girl made me weaker.

Khushi: ohh…

Arnav: She forced me to force her for marriage.

Khushi (with fake concern): Poor you… If I would have been in your place I had not seen her face.

Arnav(making face): It’s not that easy.

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: I can do nothing... she looks so beautiful.

He said pinching her nose making her smile. He laid on the bed, covering themselves by the quilt.

To be continued...

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